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x-travel:500 mm y-travel:380 mm z-travel:300 mm distance between table/spindle:540 mm Iyvxqdphw table surface area:650 x 380 mm table load:200 Kg tool taper:SK 30 spindle turning speed range:60 - 6000 U/min feed speeds:1-5000 mm/min rapid traverse X,Y:20 m/min rapid traverse Z-axis:20 m/min spindle throat:345 mm spindle drive:5,5 kW Tool changer:10 Stationen diameter of tools max.:80 mm tool length - max.:200 mm weight of tools max.:18 kg tool changing time:7 sec total power requirement:13,5... more
x-travel:0410 mm y-travel:350 mm Jibr20j z-travel:450 mm table-size:650x375 mm tool adaptor:SK 40 more
Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC155 X-axis: 700 mm Y-axis: 550 mm Bewmihpvwn Z axis: 500 mm Clamping area of ​​the table: 1,000 x 490 mm Spindle speed range: 25- 3,150 rpm Space required (LxWxH) approx .: 3,500 x 2,800 x 2,100 mm Weight of the machine: 3.300 kg more
CNC milling machine, Heidenhain machining center Manufacturer: Alzmetall BAZ 15 year of production: 1997 Software: HEIDENHAIN TNC 410PA Table dimensions: 750x450 Bn2syv2m Machine serviced, fully functional technically, the ability to check during work. The milling machine has a tool magazine on the wheel, cycles for measuring probes, the spindle works very well, quietly more
DECKEL | FP2 A CNC-tool milling machine Ketxa9vh Control: Contour 3 Built: 1988 Kistner ID: 12332 Machine number: 2819-0514 Trades: X – 300 mm/Y – 300 mm/Z – 400 mm Facilities: About 10 tool recordings Electronic hand wheel Coolant device Helikal Interpolation Contur pocket milling cycle Spray protection booth, foldable Wrinkle balg Z-axis Machine lighting Machine order elements Instruction and declines/documentation For more technical data, see PDF in Appendix The ma... more
Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-i530 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 2800 x 900 mm Number of T slots: 5 T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis Btlnl9b0 X axis traverse (mm): 2500 Y axis traverse (mm): 1000 Z axis traverse (mm): 1000 Milling head Head type: ... more
x-travel:700 mm y-travel:450 mm z-travel:500 mm control:Philips 432 CNC tool taper:SK 40 speeds:20 - 3150 U/min feed:1 - 3000 mm/min rapid travel x/y/z:6000 mm/min table load:0,6 t Bdvams27ti table-size:900 x 500 mm total power requirement:36 kVA weight of the machine ca.:3 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3,3 x 3,0 x 2,6 m more
General Data Measurements width 5000 mm Measurements depth 3000 mm Measurements height 3000 mm Control Unit Brand Siemens Model Sinumerik CNC main language German CNC language customizable Yes Main Drive Number of spindles 1 Spindle speed range 4000 rpm Movement X-Axis Movement 3000 mm Y-Axis Movement 1100 mm Z-Axis Movement 800 mm Table Outer length 3600 mm Berx9m9sq3 Outer width 1000 mm Tslots size 7 Distance between 22 mm Tools Type of tool holder ISO 50 Media Main electronic connecti... more
Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC415 Bewl3kauvf X-axis: 3,000 mm Y-axis: 1,000 mm Z axis: 1,000 mm Clamping area of ​​the table: 3,000 x 920 mm Max. Table load: 7,500 kg Spindle speed range: 18-2500 rpm Spindle mount: ISO 50 more
Bewdyxqqn8 METAL MACHINE TOOL - SERON 2030 STANDARD CNC MILLING MACHINE Type of technical measure: CNC milling plotter Manufacturer: SERON Model: 2030 STANDARD Production year: 2016 Spindle power: 4.5 kW Max device power: 14 kW Type of work: S3 The size of the tables: 2.10 x 3.10 m Equipment: - vacuum table 2,10x3,10m - The control cabinet - side channel blower (vacuum), capacity 500m3 / h, power 7.5 kW - electrospindle set - brush extraction rate - flexible ducting pipes - ADAI... more
DECKEL | FP2 NC CNC-tool milling machine Control: DIALOG 3 Built: 1985 Kistner ID: 12323 Machine number: 2801-1399 Trades: X – 300 mm/Y – 220 mm/Z – 400 mm Bewjo0o77b Table: 277 x 632 mm Facilities: Electronic hand wheel Spray protection booth, foldable Machine lighting Coolant device A set of machine element Instruction and declines/documentation For more technical data, see PDF in Appendix Delivery from location D-95349 Thurnau/FREI VERLADEN truck Delivery time immedi... more
Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 12240 x 1000 mm Number of T slots: 6 T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis X axis traverse: 10450 mm Y axis traverse: 1200 mm Z axis traverse: 2500 mm Milling head Head type: Universal Auto... more
x-travel:700 mm y-travel:550 mm z-travel:500 mm feed speeds:1 - 2000 mm/min Table area:800 x 500 mm rapid traverse:5 m/min spindle turning speed range:25 - 3150 U/min spindle taper ISO:40 spindle diameter in front bearing:70 mm spindle motor:7 kW quill stroke:100 mm total power requirement:12 kW weight of the machine ca.:3,3 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3,5 x 2,8 x 2,1 m Uwwj7xe3s HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 CNC control for 4 axis NC table [...] swivelling Heidenhain touch probe coolant device, mot... more
x-travel:620 mm y-travel:430 mm z-travel:400 mm spindle taper::DIN 2079 Sx0jxftv spindle taper:SK 40 quill stroke:80 mm head swivability:360 ° spindle speed::12 turning speed range - spindle:45 - 2000 U/min feeds -stepless-:4-4500 mm/min table-size:1000 x 315 mm total power requirement:4 kW weight of the machine ca.:1,3 t dimensions of the machine ca.:1,5 x 1,2 x 2 m more
x-travel 711 mm y-travel 280 mm z-travel 127 mm Nloxd Control Heidenhain 370 weight of the machine ca. 1600 kg more
General Data Measurements width 3860 mm Measurements depth 5210 mm Measurements height 2100 mm Machine weight 5260 kg Control Unit Brand HEIDENHAIN Model TNC 410 MA CNC main language Czech CNC language customizable Yes Main Drive Number of spindles 1 Spindle speed range 4000 Spindle motor power 10 kW Movement X-Axis Movement 1100 mm Y-Axis Movement 600 mm Z-Axis Movement 500 mm Workpiece Workpiece weight 600 kg Table Outer length 1250 mm Outer width 500 mm Bd3wosb8 Number of tslots 5 Tool... more
x-travel:2000 mm y-travel:800 mm z-travel:800 mm table clamping surface::2.100 x 750 mm control:HEIDENHAIN TNC 426 turning speeds:40 - 2.500 1/min tool taper:SK 50 spindle:15 kW total power requirement:30 kW weight of the machine ca.:10 t dimensions of the machine ca.:5 x 3 x 3 m 2rbyc3 CNC universal bed milling machine, direct measuring system, coolant device, machine dimension for transport 5,6 x 2,7 x 2,5m approx. 60.000 hours "machine on", approx. 14.500 hours "spindle on" more
Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-415 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 11000 x 1000 mm Number of T slots: 7 Bduba2dzka T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis X axis traverse: 9300 mm Y axis traverse: 1010 mm Z axis traverse: 2000 mm Milling head Head type: Aut... more
x-travel:18000 mm y-travel:2500 mm z-travel:1250 mm spindle motor:31 kW spindle turning speed range:10 - 10000 U/min spindle taper::HSK A 80 number of tools:104 :A-Achse +100/-90 c-axis:+/- 200 ° feeds:1 - 16000 mm/min M27qp rapid traverse::16 m/min weight of the machine ca.:72 t total power requirement:65 kW dimensions of the machine ca.:25,5 x 10,0 x 5,2 m Machine equiped with SIEMENS 840 D control for 5 axis - NC 2-axis fork type milling head - BALLUF tool identification system - MARPOSS ... more
x-travel:1400/1450 mm y-travel:750/800 mm z-travel:750/800 mm spindle diameter:128,57 mm number of spindle speeds:30 - 2000 U/min spindle taper ISO:50 table surface area:1820 x 650 mm T-slot - width:18 mm weight of the machine ca.:7,5 t 2vxtytdb dimensions of the machine ca.:3110 x 2200 x 2450 mm total power requirement: kW more
Manufacturer: Deckel Maho type: DMU 70 evolution year: 2002 control: HEIDENHAIN mill plus: 60 specialist tool changer, x way 750 mm y-way 600 mm z-way 520 mm Machine is in very good condition available from June 2019 can be seen under power Jvaxda more
TECHNICAL DATA Table size 1067 x 416 mm 864 x 318 mm clamping surface Longitudinal travel (x axis) 457 mm Cross travel (y axis) 305 mm Vsdgma Quill ver travel (z axis) 127 mm EQUIPMENT/accessories  Numerical control HEIDENHAIN TNC 155  div. toolholders  Machine light  Documentation more

Fräsmaschine Fritz Werner UF 1.5

Bruchsal-Büchenau, GermanyGermany
18046 km
good (used)
Fritz Werner UF 1.5 07-07-113 Bacqmpne Lieferzeit: sofort Nummer: 07-07-113 Maschinendaten Baujahr: ca. 1975 L x B x H: ca. 2300 x 1600 x 1800 mm Gewicht: ca. 1700 kg Guter Allgemeinzustand Technische Daten Verfahrwege: X – Achse: ca. 700 mm Y – Achse: ca. 250 mm Z – Achse: ca. 400 mm Tischaufspannfläche: ca. 1000 x 310 mm Spindelanzahl: 3 Stück Drehzahl – Spindel: ca. 45-2000 U/min Zubehör -Dokumentation Weiteres Zubehör auf Anfrage Preis und weiter... more
Retrofitted: 2019 Numerical control: HEIDENHAIN TNC-426 Technical features Dimensions Table dimensions: 6000 x 2500 mm Number of T slots: 10 T slots dimensions: 22 mm Traverses of axis X axis traverse: 6000 mm Y axis traverse: 3800 mm Distance between columns: 3370 mm Z axis traverse: 1000 mm Milling head ... more
table diameter:1400 mm S3tz8h x-travel:2200 mm y-travel:1200 mm z-travel:1100 mm c-axis:360.000 x 0,001 b-axis:+/- 60 ° w-axis:350 mm distance spindle center to column::1100 mm table load:6 t spindle drive:15 kW Torque:4600 nM spindle turning speed range:10 - 1600 U/min spindle taper ISO:50 no. of tools in the magazine:20 Stück total power requirement:45 kW weight of the machine ca.:30 t dimensions of the machine ca.:5,8 x 5,8 x 4,9 m Machine complete overhould and retrofit in 2001 with SIEM... more
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