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Slot boring machines for sale

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Dowel and slot mortising machine HOFFMANN HR 150 very good condition, like new, the machine comes from an educational institution, it has hardly any signs of use with it, oblong holes can be milled and dowel holes drilled in 2 planes without clamping with description 380V, 1500W 2840 rpm Year of manufacture 1996 with the machine you can mill long holes for e.g. lock cases and similar things, all kinds of frame- dowel connections at right angles, butt joints and mitre joints Bm9gl3p9m0 ideal for ... more
Used machine Year of construction: 1985 condition: well preserved machine table 920 x 440 mm Three-phase motor 1.5 kW (2.0 PS); 3000 rpm, 400 V, 50 Hz Bmn2f0skb7 Main switch EMERGENCY STOP as operating switch Travel distance in the width 230 mm with stops Travel path in the depth 150 mm with stop Travel distance in height 150 mm with position indicator Clamping width of the drill chuck 1 - 20 mm Two-lever operation Dowel drilling device pitch 16, 22, 25 and 32 mm Eccentric clamp with cross piec... more
Code: 0037 Brand: MASTERWOOD Model: EPM 90 Automatic louver doors slotting machine Technical data: Simultaneous slot execution on two opposite doors stiles I7ta7zxj Spindle diameter mm 10 Drill speed 12000 rpm Slot inclination from 90° to 0°. Drill Motor Hp 1.5 Working pressure 6 bar Overall dimensions: mm 1300 x 1000 x 1300 h Weight kg 525 more
Bobingen Germany
17912 km
ready for operation (used)
Another 13 days
year 2006 condition: used Item number: 000018260 Bugitmve Object location: Workshop Location: Edisonstr. 1, 86399 Bobingen more
workpiece support 550 mm x 300 mm with table extension left/right with caulking device and angle stop Suaalo movable left/right rotation drill chuck 0-20 mm 1.2/1.5 KW more
used manufactured by Rex motor 1,8 kW table size 400 x 220 mm drill chuck 2-Backenfutter motor rev 2880 U/min required space ca. l x w x h mm 7ai3yb90 900 x 700 x 1200 located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as seen on fotos - free on truck - more
Dowel and slot mortising machine HOFFMANN DÜBELFIX DBL Bm8vsrx9yp very good condition, like new, the machine comes from a small village carpentry and has been used very little, the last 12 years the machine has only been standing, the former owner had health problems, everything is in original condition, the machine has only been cleaned with it, oblong holes can be milled and dowel holes drilled in 2 planes without clamping 380V, 1500W 2840 rpm Year of manufacture 1987 the machine has a chassis... more
Technische Daten: - Wescottbohrfutter 0-20 mm - Verfahrweg quer 250 mm - Verfahrweg in die Tiefe 215 mm - Höhenverstellung 165 mm - schwenkbares Bohraggregat 45C-90C-45C - Absauganschluss 100 mm - Tischgröße 600 x 320 mm - Arbeitshöhe 870 mm - Motor 2,2 kW (3,0 PS) / 400 V - Drehzahl 2840 Upm - Einhebelbedienung - beidseitiges schwenken des Bohraggregates - Dübelbohreinrichtung mit 4 Rasterebenen 16-22-25-32 mm Yudimce - Höheneinstellung über Handrad - Exzenterspanner - ausziehbar... more
Zweihandbedienung zwei Drehzahlen Bohreraufnahme : Zweibackenfutter max. Bohrerdurchmesser : 20 mm Bohrhub : 145 mm Rasterbohreinrichtung : Ja Teilung Rasterbohrung : 16-22-25-32 mm Betätigung der Höhenverstellung : manuell Ablesen der Höhenverstellung : Skala Spannzylinder : 1 Stk Spannzylinderbetätigung : Handexzenter Bk7zdjjaa9 Gehrungsanschlag : 45° beidseitig Bauformen : verfahbarer Bohrkopf Tischbreite : 510 mm Tischtiefe : 290 mm Arbeitshöhe bzw. Aufgabetischhöhe : 910 mm Motor :... more
Number of spindles:1 St. Nyehb Boring depth max.:0-150 mm Motor output:1,5 kW Overall size: 1200x1000 mm Weight:270 kg more
Slot drilling machine, slot milling machine 8x93m9 -Drive: 1.1 kW -Speed: 2810 rpm -Eccentric clamping -quill stroke: 140 mm -X axis: 300 mm -Z axis: 200 mm -Weight: 340 kg more
with quick lift system - NEW - Drilling width 240 mm Drilling depth 180 mm Drilling stroke 160 mm Motor power 2.2 kW Blfflawk Engine speed 2800 rpm Drill chuck holder 20 mm Table size 600 mm x 320 mm Handle system 1 eccentric Weight 246 kg Article No. 300015 including accessories 1 piece 2-stage motor 1400/2800 rpm instead of 2.2 kW No. A250070 1 piece plug stop 90 ° No. A350128 1 piece Hor. Drilling grid system with 4 rows of holes 16, 20, 22, 26 mm Bowden cable control No. A300255 1 piece... more
Used machine Year of construction: 1995 Condition: Maintained/ ready for demonstration Technical data: drilling stroke: 130 mm Slot length: max. 240 mm incl. dowel device Drill diameter max. 20 mm table length: 520 mm Engine: 1,5 kW One-hand operation Vtkwhy incl. workpiece clamp Location:Thuringia availability: short term upon consultation more
Technische Daten: -Bohrtischgröße 500 x 210 mm -Bohrtischhöhe 760 - 900 mm -Max. Bohrtiefe bei 90C 150 mm -Bohrbreite 300 mm -Höhenverstellung 140 mm -Drehzahl 2800 U/min -Westcott-Bohrfutter 0 - 16 mm -Absaugstutzendurchmesser 100 mm -Motor-Leistung S1 100% 2,2 kW -Spannung 400 V -Abmessung (B x T x H) 720 x 900 x 1160 mm -Gewicht 120 kg komplett mit: -präzise und sehr leichtgängige Tischbewegung durch mehrfache Lagerung C09u7lfb3 -einfache Tischhöhenverstellung mittels Schwalbensc... more
Code: 0191 Brand: OMG Model: EPM 70 Automatic slotting machine for blinds Technical data: Spindle connection 10 mm Drill speed 12000 rpm Working pressure 6-7 atm N°18 possible pitches Slot depth up to 25 mm Hzh7awkkw Max slot length mm 100 Simultaneous machining of 2 sections Drill motor 1,5 Hp Overall dimensions: mm 1200 x 800 x 1100 h Weight kg 480 more
boring depht: 120 mm boring length: 210 mm Nszov height adjustment: 120 mm motor power: 1,5kW speed: 2800 U/min machine length: 1280 mm machine width: 960 mm weight: 200 kg more
-Easy operation and one-hand lever adjustment for fast and precise drilling -Drill head mounted on double guide -Height adjustment of the drill head via hand wheel -Eccentric tensioner as standard -Stable cast steel grey cast iron construction -Powerful motor -Dowel drilling device with grid spacing in the standard equipment -Wescott drill chuck - incl. aluminium angular stop Ogkvfme more
used, good condition manufactured by Panhans type 116 built in 1980 ca. Masch.-No. 500 Fb0myro70 2-lever operated table size 520 x 290 mm drill chuck 2 jaw workpiece clamp manual required space ca. l x w x h mm 1000 x 800 x 1200 located in  97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as seen without technical examination without repair work - free on truck - more
Used machine Year of construction: 2009 Drill diameter 1-20 mm Bmw27ew0sx Drilling depth 245 mm height adjustment 150 mm with dowel drilling device Weight 180 kg more
Technische Daten: - mit drehbarem Tisch +/- 60C - Tischabmessungen 660 x 330 mm - max. Bohrtiefe 180 mm - max. Bohrlänge 300 mm - Höhenverstellung 200 mm - Motorleistung 2,2 kW Dvvu2tn2 - Spannung 400 V / 50 Hz - Drehzahl 2800 U/min - Werkzeugaufnahme Spannzange ER 32 - Zweihebel-Bedienung - Exzenterspanner - CE Konformität - Gewicht 300 kg more
Frame and hole line drilling machine from Hoffmann Dübelfix 2 motor speeds Especially for dowel hole drilling on two levels in one clamping Drilling level pneumatically switchable Drive motor with 2 speeds 1.4k / 1.8W (1400 and 2800 rpm) Engine start with practical handle switch Quick drill head change device BKF-1 with two-jaw chuck 2 to 20mm maximum height adjustment approx. 100mm above table height Maximum drilling stroke approx. 130mm cross adjustment approx. 320mm stepless 2 pneumatic workp... more
Dowel hole drilling device: pitch 16, 22 25, 32 Drilling depth: 145 mm slotted hole length: 240 mm Height adjustment range: 135 mm Bidfqxlypt Engine power: 1,5kW Speed: 2800 rpm Suction connection: 100 mm machine length: 1280 mm machine width: 960 mm Weight: 250 kg more
- Dowel drilling with 4 different Raster planes (16-20-22-25mm) - 2 end stops for series production standard - Left and right run - easy and comfortable one-hand operation - table extension front optional: 600x300mm, Cglmnl8c laterally 595x260mm - Dimensions of machines: 800x900x1500mm - Dimensions with extension: 2600x1530x1500mm with drill bits Delivery: - 1 drill 10mm, 4 drill bits (19mm, 20mm, 28mm, 30mm), 1 open-end wrench, 3x6 square wrench, dowel boring device, miter stop, Excenter... more
Number of spindles:1 St. Muyk2c Boring depth max.:120 mm Motor output:1,2 kW more
Technische Daten: - max. Schlitzbreite 120 mm - max. Nuttiefe 50 mm - Oszillation 6,6 - 400 hübe/min. - Drehzahl 9500 Upm. - Motor 2 PS - Motor mit Oszillation 0,5 PS - Druckluftanschluss 6 bar - Nettogewicht 700 kg - Abmessungen 1300 x 1200 x 1200 mm - kompl. mit 2 Pneumatikspanner Yxcueko more
Beschreibung: •LLB 16 H - die kleine Langlochbohrmaschine mit überragendem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis •Bohrkopf auf doppelter Führung •Bohrkopf höhenverstellbar über Handrad und Skala •Einhandhebelverstellung für schnelles und präzises Bohren •Inkl. Dübeleinrichtung mit Rasterteilung Exzenterspanner •Stabile Stahl-Graugusskonstruktion Techn. Daten: Arbeitstischabmessung: 500x200 mm Bohrbreite: 200 mm Bohrtiefe: 150mm Bohrkopfhöhenverstellung: 150 mm Wescottbohrfutter: 0-16 mm Drehzahl: 3.000 1/... more
with quick lift system - NEW - Drilling width 240 mm B2rwu3w0 Drilling depth 180 mm Drilling stroke 160 mm Motor power 2.2 kW Engine speed 2800 rpm Drill chuck holder 20 mm Table size 600 mm x 320 mm Handle system 1 eccentric Weight 246 kg Article No. 300015 including accessories 1 piece 2-stage motor 1400/2800 rpm instead of 2.2 kW No. A250070 1 piece plug stop 90 ° No. A350128 1 piece Hor. Drilling grid system with 4 rows of holes 16, 20, 22, 26 mm Bowden cable control No. A300255 1 piec... more
Rhysode long hole boring machine Crpk8hr Type 320 Built in 1992 Motor output 1,5 kW 2800 RPM. Means stop Guide fence pneumatic workpiece clamping checked from school operating - very good condition more
- NEW - - Easy operation and single lever adjustment For fast and precise drilling - Drilling head mounted on double guide - height adjustable drill head via hand wheel - Sturdy steel gray cast construction - Powerful engine - Wescott drill chuck Delivery: - Dusting device with grid graduation - Eccentric tensioner - 5-piece long hole drill set, right turning Technical specifications: - Working table dimensions 500 x 200 mm - Drilling width / transverse work Maximum of 200 mm - drilling ... more
Technische Daten: - Motorleistung S1 in W 750 - Motorleistung S6 in W 1050 - Spannung 230V - Abmessungen max. Höhe in mm 1870 - Tischgröße in mm 540x230 - Werkstückmaße max. Werkstückdicke in mm 210 - Fräsen und Bohren Bohrspindeldrehzahl in min-1 1400 - Meißelgröße min/max in mm 6-26 - Bohren Holz max. Bohrtiefe in mm 76 - Bruttogewicht in kg 130 - Nettogewicht in kg 110 kg - Untergestell im Lieferumfang enthalten - präzise einstellbare Schwalbenschwanzführungen zum Stemmen von Rechteckslöcher... more
Drilling depth 140 mm, drilling path 200 mm, 2-jaw drill chuck 0-16 mm, table support 500 x 210 mm, one-hand lever operation, motor 3x400 V, 3 HP, incl. several slotted hole drills. Shipping weight 90 kg, shipping dimensions 60 x 80 x 110 cm. year of manufacture 2001 Cqblkzts Other accessories: many slotted hole drills more
Cutter West Germany Model: SL 1 Machine no.: 7997 Year of built: 07/1980 Electr. Characteristics: Nominal current 3,5 A Bbklshcr2w Voltage 380 V 50 Hz Secure cable with 4 A Chuck of max. 14 mm shaft Drilling depth 125 mm Max drill bit length 210 mm more
-New- Row drilling by dowel drilling device with grid division 16/20/22/32 mm possible -Wescott Drill Chuck 0 - 16 mm as standard - Powerful engine -Easy one-hand lever operation of the Work tables for fast and precise Drill Roller guide allows the precise Procedure of the work table -Come, exact table height adjustment over a handwheel with numeric display -Installed height of the work table additionally readable via scale - An eccentric tensioner for secure Workpiece fixing included A... more
BACCI MOA oscillating drill Jvreji Working table dimension 495 x 230 mm 2.2 kw engine table adjustable in 20-0-20 degrees regulation of oscillation with indicator installation of drill bits with shank fi 16 mm the weight of the machine: 315 kg Machine dimensions: 900x800x1200 mm more
Slot mortising machine wood power LLB 16 H Year of manufacture 2010 with dowel drilling device with grid division Technical data: Work table dimensions 500x200 mm Drilling width 200 mm Drilling depth 150 mm drill head height adjustment 150 mm Bjt0qrze3a Wescott drill chuck 0-16 mm Speed 3000 rpm Motor power 1.1 kw, 400 V / 50 Hz Weight 140 kg Dimensions 560x740x1320 mm more
worktable dimensions 320 x 600 longitudinal stroke 245 vertical stroke 165 transversal stroke 205 tool spindle diameter 1-20 mm spindle speed 2840 rpm Crpfhtz 4-size rotor group with fixed positions at 16-22-25-32 mm more
Types L 2 ,Machines nr:2729 Jg:1990 ,stnd.zeler 1316 , Bjcy2vpqrd current:380V/50Hz 3,2 Amp. rpm :1500/300 min more
Cleaned, function checked, test run Concentricity max. 5/100 mm used, good condition Manufacturer Hoffmann Type HR 150HF GS-tested for wood dust Table size 1100 mm x 230 mm Workpiece auxiliary support can be swiveled left Drill bit MKS Pyisujob Adjustment with hand wheel for height, width, depth Engine speed rpm. infinitely variable Digital displays height, depth, width Workpiece clamp pneumatic 2 x line laser Suction connection D 100 mm Space required approx. 1600 mm x 1300 mm x 1400 mm Storage... more
Motor power 2,2 kW Max. mortise width 250 mm Max. mortise depth 200 mm Chain width 8 mm M3oev Rotation of mortising head 180 Made in Germany Transport dimensions 1000х1200х2050mm Weight 300 kg more
2 drilling speeds (1,400 /2,800 1/min) Motor 400 V / 50 Hz Linear guide Cmndwo9m Single lever operation Dowel drilling device with lever gear (16, 22, 25, 32 mm pitch 2 eccentric clamps Mitre fence Driving equipment Engine power 1,5 / 2,2 KW more
worktable dimensions 287 x 550 longitudinal storke 200 vertical stroke 160 trasversal stroke 125 tool spindle diameter 1-16 spindle speed 3000 rpm Nfnub more
Brown slotted hole drilling machine CMT Year of construction: 1996 Machines No. 15271 2 hand operation Bijxgec0de Table travel left - right 220 mm depth drilling: 200 mm Engine: 1,5 kW Weight approx.: 240 kg condition: used more
Langlochbohrmaschine Bohrkopf verstellbar vor und zurück um 200 mm Tisch verstellbar links – rechts Dqe0gan0c Tisch Höhenverstellbar 1 Stempel auf dem Tisch Motorstärke 1,1 kW more
Number of spindles: 1 pc. Drilling depth max.: 0-150 mm Engine power: 1,5 kW machine dimensions: 1200x1000 mm Weight: 270 kg Frame dowel and slot mortising machine two-jaw chuck for tools up to 20 mm shank diameter Engine 1.5 kW, 3000 rpm Wsjkmlpt Position adjustment for 2 levels, pneumatic (0-100 mm) Nyehb Drilling depth max. 150 mm Precision grid rail with 12 mm grid with central locking and transverse adjustment 320 mm 2 pneumatic safety clamping cylinders Operating pressure 6 bar Long hole d... more
Type KF-30 In good condition Manual Motor 1,7 kW Tiltable Ba7gdyzrrr Chain width 18 mm Made in Denmark Transport dimensions 700х700х1800 mm more

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