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Elect./Voltage: 440 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Juwtye FELL LDF Dowel Milling Machine; Through Feed Dowel Milling [...] & Features: -- Milling capacity of 1/2" to 2-1/4" dowels. -- Adjustable cutting head with 7/8", 1", 1-1/2",1-5/8", 1-3/4" and 2" sleeves. -- Heavy duty cast iron machine. -- 20 HP motor. -- Approx. weight 950 Lbs. more
MACHINE DATA Weeke Feed-Through Vertical Boring machine BST Serial# : 0-251-17-0806 Year of Mfg. : 2006 Condition : Very Good few working hours Was installed in the USA, Plant stopped working in late 2008-2009, low working hours! Purchased and packed in 2009, stored in a try Warehouse Facility in the US till now! DESCRIPTION Weeke Feed-Through Boring Machine Multi-profile guide ways are supplied by THK o... more

Slot boring machine Maka TRC-N

Dörpen, GermanyGermany
6349 km
reconditioned (used)
Motor 1,5 kW 1-lever operation Table 600 x 300 mm Williams lined 3-20 mm N09sym2n (from a school facility) more
Slot boring, mortising machine Drive kW Dyxr0b098 Speed RPM -Exzenter clamp X axis 250 mm -Y axis 205 mm Z axis 200 mm Carver consumption max 20 mm Dimensions 1250/900/H1200 mm Weight 470 kg more
Used internal machine number lines - and fastener driving machine: m2600 manufacturer Gannomat type 280 Ma. Number 174 472 year 1994 speed 2,800 RPM. Bccuio7xn2 Power 1.5 kW operating pressure of 6 bar max 6 Dowel driving stations dowel diameter 6,8,10 or 12 mm dowel length 20-50 mm weight approx. 630 kg cycle time per operation approx. 6 sec. Glue container 5 to 8 kg with manual item location: 58730 Fröndenberg/Ruhr The machine can be visited like to see power and tried out. We... more
The frame anchor and long drilling machine for drilling in two levels through pneumatic lifting and lowering of the drill motor in one workpiece clamping. -Drilling head gear with 8 bit images • Motor 1,5 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz • Spindle speed 2800 RPM. • Digital counter position adjustment • position adjustment for 2-tier, pneumatic 0-100 mm • Hole depth 0-150 mm Bwzvyts3 • Precision grid rail with 12 mm - pitch with: • Middle clipping and transverse adjustment 320 mm • 2 pneumatic safet... more
Elect./Voltage: 208/230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Bbu7q3onjw ACCU-SYSTEMS HVPP ... Horizontal/Vertical CNC Drill/Glue/Dowel Inserter (4) Working zones, overall 78" max. width capacity; 1-9/16" (40 mm) max. dowel length, setup for 6 or 8 mm dowel [...]: -- (1) CNC controlled head assembly: (1) vertical & (1) horizontal drill spindle with rapid side-to-side traverse. -- (1) Glueing & insertion unit, 2 HP - 3,500 RPM drill [...] With: -- (10) Vertical pneumatic hold-down clamps. -- Function select... more
MACHINE DATA Koch Model BD-60-A Double sided Boring & Dowel Inserting Machine with vertical Hopper Feed Make: Koch Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG Model: Koch Model BD-60-A Serial#: A0705/7617 Year of Mfg.: 2007 Condition: Very Good few working hours Was installed in the USA, Plant stopped working in late 2008-2009, low working hours! Purchased and packed in 2009, stored in a try Warehouse Facility in the US till now! DESCRIPTION ... more
Slot boring machine from the company FROMMIA, type 271 very good condition, with laughter damage, technically is the machine in great condition Bcct9q0ou7 can be milled slots and holes drilled Year of construction: 1962 380V, 1500W Speed: 2820 U/min Right rotation cuts and drill very well and clean the machine is delivered by us personally throughout Germany for 100,00 euro and presented, thus have no risk when purchasing, delivery in the EU is also possible on request ideal for the pr... more
Dowel boring machine, Dübelbohrautomat, drilling and dowel station, rows of holes-dowel boring machine drive 1,5/2,0 kW Drill speed 2200/4400 R/min pneumatic workpiece clamping -15 drill from the bottom grid 32 mm drill head swiveling X38m0kqh3 Foot switch Max drilling depth 185 mm Height max mm -Max Einspannen height 110 mm Dimensions 950/1100/H1350 mm Weight 616 kg more

CNC Bohranlage KOCH BL 51 NC für Türenzargen

Ellwanger Str. 17, 73433 Aalen, DEGermany
6717 km
good (used)
CNC boring plant KOCH BL 51 NC Used Machine was overhauled and modified in 2013, new HEIDENHEIN control system was installed in 2013 Machine was used in door manufacturing, for processing of block frames. Workpiece length max. ca. 4800 mm workpiece thickness max 100 mm Bbpluuune0 4 drills horizontally 1 drill fixed, 3 drills 7 – 9 ° adjustable 3 milling cutter horizontal 3 milling cutter vertical 1 key aggregate Left hand rotation – right hand rotation Operati... more
-NEW- Make Ganner Gannomat Type SELEKTA 253 Bbyexi3i 220 V, 1 pH, 50 Hz in standard version with: -fully automatic electronic control with program selector Flushing adhesives GLUES/driving -Anchors drawer via electronic vibration conveyor with potentiometer to the continuous adjustment of the anchor support performance -Automatic Duebelldurchmesser and dowel length control with Auto-DL select System (automatic ejection of incorrect dowel lengths +/-5 mm in the Auffangbehaelnis) -Clos... more
Elect./Voltage: 220 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Gzow3ruts GANNOMAT INDEX 130 TREND CNC BORE, GLUE & DOWEL INSERTER: -- Specifications:CNC Controlled Point-To-Point Drilling/Gluing/Dowel Insertion Machine with "optional" vertical drilling capability for variable programming of boring patterns.(1) single spindle horizontal boring unit with 0.87 HP (.65 kW) motor; 3,000, 5,000, 8,000 RPM spindle speed selectable from the control software(1) gluing, dowel inserting unit currently set up for 8 mm dowel dia, ... more

Slot boring machine SIPA

Schwarzach, AustriaAustria
6766 km
good (used)
Table size 560 x 300 mm Route x 220 mm Route Y: 150 mm Bcbpa9a0y7 more
Dowel boring machine drill fully GAD RB automatically very good condition, the machine was little used to plug holes and things like that can be drilled the machine has a drilling head type BKF 8-5 with 8 bit images with M10 female thread, drill shots horizontal distance between 35 and 28 mm, there are vertical 25 mm and 28 mm It can be used also a normal 2-jaw Chuck the machine table is 1100 mm wide and 250 mm deep, in front there is a fence which can be sunk if necessary for the manufac... more
100_3046 100_3046 100_3047 100_3047 100_3048 100_3048 Rahmenduebler Fabr. Scheer Gxgxfqt0a Model. DB 12 B 1979 more
Gannomat dowel inserting device Selekta 252 complete standard version with: -Anchors drawer via electronic vibrating conveyor -Automatic length of dowel and anchor diameter control -Fully automatic electronic control with program selector switch FLUSHING adhesives GLUES/driving -stage glue quantity selector - closed glue system with pressure 6 bar glue glue nozzle for glues with a viscosity of 150-350 mPas -Selector switch glue/water to wash the glue system -Glue remaining amounts display... more
Elect./Voltage: 208/230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Cibkh0gx BIESSE ELIX . . . CNC BORE, GLUE & DOWEL INSERTER -- Drill Dowel Inserter - Features:A single-spindle for drilling, dowel insertion unit, and glue injecting unit installed on a carriage moving in the "X" [...] position for drilling dowel insertion is provided through simple programs through the NC control or third party software. The Numerical Control interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and very easy to use. -- Specifications: Max. parts l... more
Table size 660 x 330 mm Rpm: 3000/6000 RPM Motor power kW 0,37/0,55 Bcbo8jgieu Cross traverse 300 mm Depth 150 mm Height 170 mm Table height 880 mm Weight 280 kg Get Zein tensioner Chassis Stop flap extension div. drill more
Beschlagbohr - and press-fit machine GRASS Ecoflex BJ. 2009 Incl. extension attacks 1600 mm Base cabinet on wheels Vertical drilling unit with 1.5 kW Gearbox changeable without tools Short set-up time Drill chucks with quick-change system of bayonet catch Prepared for extraction Odux77ap Lockable main switch Ruler adjustment via hand wheel with display Quick set Scale for TA level and row of holes Margins via step switch Stable tubes-round table of PP, antistatic There remain no ... more
Dowel boring machine, Dübelbohrautomat, drilling and dowel station, rows of holes-dowel boring machine drive 2,2 kW pneumatic workpiece clamping -21 drill from the bottom grid 32 mm drill head swiveling Hi2phyz7a Foot switch Max depth 80 mm Max height 80 mm Dimensions 1300/1200/H1400 mm Weight 450 kg more
Manufacturer: Biesse Bohrgetriebe 11 Spindeln, Stück Bohrgetriebe : 2, Number of drilling spindles: 11, Grid 32 mm: 9/2, Sonderteillung Y mm: 2, Befestigungschrauben: yes, Winkelgetriebe: yes, Aluausführung: yes, angetrieben mittig: yes, Schnellwechselfutter: yes, Anschlusspindel mm: 16, Preis pro Stück Euro: 900, Ypzkns more
Slot boring machine MCN type CM 104 Built in 2005 One touch Grid for dowel holes available Motor 1,5 kW Dust nozzle 100 mm Gymrewni3 Weight: 300 kg Location: Off the shelf 54634 Bitburg more
Elect./Voltage: 380 V, 50 Cy, 3 Ph. Crpb7fr KOCH DL-80 FEED THRUGH DOWEL INSERTER: -- Specifications:(8) Glue & dowel driving heads (type 24) and (2) vibrator hoppers on each side, motorized opening 180 mm - 3,000 mm (7" - 118") max. Min. distance between injector heads 32 mm, max. 736 mm (29"), dowels parts with an edge length from 100 - 800 mm (3-7/8" - 31-1/2") using 8 mm dia. and 30 to 40 mm long dowels, dowel projection 7 - 14 mm; up to (30) cycles/Min. -- Complete with: PLC control; ... more
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