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In-line and fitting drilling machineSecond hand machineBuilt: 1984Condition: Function testedTechnical data:Fully automatic pneumatic control with foot valveDrilling unit 1,1 kWSpeed 2800 rpmDrilling stroke 0 -55 mmDrilling ruler crosswise adjustable from 0 - 140 mmWorking height 850 mmPlace required without extension rail 1000 x 750 mmCompressed air connection 6 barWeight approx. 70 kgIncl. various stops, drill heads and drillsLocation: RöllbachAvailability: Immediately Blxjhcfmln
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17893 km
cleaned, function tested, test run used, good condition manufactured by Grass type BBM-R built in 1991 Masch.-No. 9106063 Vertical drill head 1. fitting 2. fitting 3. fitting Turret for selecting the drill head Iwgsx9n hole line drill head with locking pins mechanical number of spindles in a row 5 piece with press matrix 1 piece desk model guide fences 4 piece 1000 mm pendulum fence 10 piece located in 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked sale in current condition as seen
300269 Grip olives and corner bearing drilling machine Götzinger type OBM Plus, machine for drilling of corner bearings or for drilling of grip olives, as good as new/unused, Consisting of: Machine OBM Plus, Drill head corner bearing, To7xn73g 2 x drill corner bearing, Drill head grip olives, 2 x drill bit handle olives, Roller conveyor R/L 1,5 m, Stop system for central drilling
HoleTronic CNC cabinet door drilling and fitting system with loading device INCL COMMISSIONING / SERVICEPARTNER For cabinet doors, drawer panels, pull-out panels and revolving doors for kitchen furniture Workpiece dimensions: Length min. 200 mm max. 1300 mm Width min. 75 mm max. 560 mm Thickness min. 16 mm max. 26 mm Transport system consisting of conveyor belts in station 1 and the Unigripper vacuum transport system in stations 2 and 3. Width positioning via one ...
Manufacturer: Hettich Type: Blue Max Mini Type 3 Bkkxjklgkz Motor voltage: 400 V (50Hz) Engine power: 1 PS (0.8 kW)
Multi-spindle head, multi-spindle drill head, dowel drill head, fitting drill head -Dimensions: 190/85/75 mm -Bore distance: 26 mm -Middle drill: 5 mm offset -Number: 2x drill heads available Qlaywhztj -Price: per piece -Weight: 2 kg/piece
Used machine Year of manufacture 1992 Ikvayxmic Condition: maintained Drilling and press-in machine for all Variants of furniture fittings Hole line drilling machine in System 32 hole line drilling head with 7 spindles with patented integral pin 4-spindle drilling head for Hettich hinge system Quick change system pneumatic drill stroke availability: short term Location: Hochheim
used, cleaned, test run, manufactured by Scheer type DB 37 built in 1984 Ok7ex mach.-No. 83175 horizontal drilling head 1 piece number of spindles 4 piece drilling feed pneumatic underframe foot-operated total connected power  2.2 kW located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition - free on truck -
pneumatic hold-down devices, Foot control Oitwn ----- Technical data ----- Number of spindles: 21
Number of drilling agregates 4 Stk. Fb7i29dj Automatic Fitting-press in nein ja/nein Pot volume drill nein ja/nein
CNC drilling - milling machine type BF2 / BD for the insertion of hardware millings and dowel holes on window and front door components. Space requirement: approx. 8500x1800mm (3800mm in the area of the cross table for coping wood) X-axis: 5250mm Y-axis: infinitely variable via screen Z-axis 180mm X axis: 25 m/min Machining mass max: -longitudinal wood: 4550x180mm (LXB) -head wood: 200x180mm (WxH) Longitudinal wood processing: 6 pcs. clamping cylinder Head wood processing: 6 pcs. clamping cylind...
Bushing drilling machine, row drilling machine -Support table: 2200 mm -mobile Bzsjwxz -Stops: adjustable -Dimensions: 2300/600/H1350 mm -Weight: 240 kg
Hardware drilling machineBrand: GrassType: EcoflexYear: 2009 Power: 380V, 50Hz, 3P Ready to plug in Note:The specifications and descriptions are a copy of the order confirmation at that time. Datas are for information and are not binding. Bnrqlg33hb
used, good condition manufactured by Ayen type SAE 1 built in 1984 mach.-No. 842218 Cim9oioo number of spindles 1 piece / sprocket chuck workpiece clamping device 1 downholder drilling feed pneumatic underframe foot-operated drill chuck sprocket chuck required space ca. l x w x h mm 2000 x 800 x 1800 weight ca. 110 kg located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as seen - free on truck -
Type DB 37 - Condition: function tested, very good, well maintained - 4 spindle drilling gear - speed 2980 rpm. - motor 1,1 kW / 400 V Bmn970j9j2
Motor output 0,75 kW Overall size 850x420 mm Weight 75 kg Number of boring spindles 3+7 St. Bmaugqipcu
Oberkochen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17948 km
Number of boring motors 1 St boring of corner bearing 1=yes, 0=no 1ja boring of olive 1=yes, 0=no 1ja Cxpbch7
Neuhofen i. Innkreis, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
17725 km
reconditioned (used)
Gebr. hardware drilling machine Manufacturer: Grass Type: Uni Press Vario Year of construction: 1996 Machine no.: 96011149 Fitting - Drilling and pressing in Ihjxgit Row hole drilling unit with 11 drills Stop rail left and right each 2m Cleaned and function tested Power supply 380V Compressed air max.: 6 bar Weight: approx. 90 kg
Lautenschläger type Meplamat 4000 Qhoviexa Drilling and press-in machine Machine Maschn.-No. 562, Y.O.M. SKUW_G190614 Description Hole row 8 spindles Pitch 32 mm Hinge pot 48 / 9 mm Connection fitting 32 mm Power 400 / 50 Hz 1.5 kW Speed 2800 rpm Holder 2 Compressed air 6 bar Extraction 50 mm Weight approx. 85 kg Installation dimension (BTH) 3.00 x 1.07 x 0.74 m State / work performed • Machine cleaned • Machine functionally tested • Age-appropriate and usage-related signs of use • Availab...
- NEW - Bn0iydghd7 Manufacturer Ganner Gannomat RED BARON-type P (model
Hardware drill Hettich -Type Blue-Max-mini -Spindle number 6 9zhjum03b -Table model -Engine 0.8 KW 400V 50 Hz - Masch. No. 04416 -Pneumatic drill feed - fence -without stand option: G & 2574-M3I2J
Number of drilling agregates 3 Stk. Ce2xixxs Automatic Fitting-press in nein ja/nein Pot volume drill nein ja/nein
Oberkochen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17948 km
Number of boring motors 1 St. boring of corner bearing 1=yes, 0=no 1 boring of olive 1=yes, 0=no 0 Götzinger drilling machine type OBM Vertical drilling unit with Drill head quick-change device 1 drill head Hpqdgqeuo Pneumatic feed via foot valve 1 machine stand complete with storage 220/400 V, 50 Hz., 1.1 KW 1 roller conveyor right / left 1.5 m (Technical data according to manufacturer - without guarantee!)
C.N.C. WORKING CENTER 3 axes (X-Y-Z) Safety enclosure on the working head and of the working area in the machine Numerical Control (BIESSE software bSolid) Vertical positioning of the panels/workpieces to be processed, No. 2 clamps for the panel locking and positioning Infeeding of the panel (X-axis direction, moving on a bottom support with rubber wheels) by means the displacement of workpiece clamping device traveling in X-axe Bmreubs2lx Laser reading system to detect the beginning and end ...
Bad Sooden-Allendorf Germany
17859 km
ready for operation (used)
Motor 380 V / 0.75 kW Bl88fmcnfk Support table 2 x fence 2000 mm with 3 flip stops 2 pneum. Pressure pads 1 basic ruler 800 mm with 2 folding stops
- NEW - Manufacturer Ganner Gannomat Type BASICA Variable 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz / 1.1 kW completely standard with: - Electro-pneumatic control with pneumatic brake and Start button 1 drilling from above, with pulse operation Start button 2-pressing, impulse control (Motor automatically shuts off) - 1 vertical drilling unit with motor 1.1 kW adjustable in the Y-axis max. (+) 200 mm, adjustable via handwheel with digital counter, stop ruler adjustable in the Y-axis (-) 100 mm, row of ho...
Hardware drill Hettich -Type Blue-Max-mini -Spindle number 4 -Table model -Motor 0.75 KW 400V 50 Hz - Masch. No. 01395 -Manual drill feed -without stand option: G & 2827-M3I2J 9y7egi2j7
1.05 Kw, 230 V, 50 Hz, 2760 rpm, 6-fold drill chuck, Drilling depth 13 mm, Suction connection 50 mm, Accessories: 1 drill 35 mm, 2 drills 10 mm, various tools, Bh92ldvw
Material from traditional carpentry Immediate availability Blqc7iaxsu
Drill head with 7 drill spindles in line, +1 drill spindle 90° Blhlqrwmje with stop ruler 2500 mm length and 2 folding stops 2 stops for row hole drilling right/left each 500 mm length
Fittings drilling machine, cup hinge drilling machine, dowel drilling machine Herstller: Stirs Type: Prebomat II Year of construction: 1991 Drilling head for cup hinges and row hole drilling Muvuw0 Number of drilling spindles 9 pcs Pitch 32 mm Drill holder, drill shaft 10 mm Engine 0,75 kW
cleaned, function checked, test run Drill stop cleaned and lubricated partly new Pneutmatics hoses laid used manufactured by Grass type BBM/G built in 1992 Masch.-No. 9203538 Horizontal drilling head 1. 3 spindles 2. 6 spindles / special drill head Vertikalbohrkopf 1 piece - 19 spindles drill head tiltable grid 32 mm with press matrix 1 piece drilling feed pneumatic drilling unit underframe foot-operated required space ca. l x w x h mm 1000 x 1300 x 1600 weight ca. 240 kg located in 97447 Gerol...
Hardware drill Hettich -Type BLUEMAX YYB-800 -Spindle number 6 (2-3-1) -Table model -1 KW 230V -. No. 09411 -Manual drill feed -without stand option: 9zhp3vraw G & 2569-M3F6N
C.N.C. WORKING CENTER 3 axes (X-Y-Z) Safety enclosure on the working head Numerical Control (Software Windows) Vertical positioning of the panels/workpieces to be processed, Panels feeding by motorized chain/track Feeding speed (m/min) max 108 Rubber-coated vertical rollers as fence and feeders during workpieces process In-feeding table (with motorized belts). Out-feeding table (with motorized belts) Minimum workpieces dimensions (X - Y - Z) mm 260 x 40 x 10 Maximum workpieces dimensions (X ...
Fitting drill GRASS type BBM/ST, Jccoguf Engine: 1.1 kW, Air pressure: 6 bar.
Fitting drill Blum Minipress M51.1000 year of manufacture 1985 Manufacturer Julius Blum Austria Motor 0,75 Kw pneumatic drill feed for drilling and pressing in of cup hinges. Npz0v Press in fittings Fitting drill unit incl. stop rulers 400 V / 50 Hz Weight 37 Kg
UniPress grass for pot hinge drilling and injection is in good condition Weight 95 kg Year of manufacture approx. 1993 Attacks left and right 88gx07b2c Mobile base operating instructions the machine is in good condition, ready to use. Location: 54634 Bitburg's stock changes, errors, prior sale reserved.
CNC FLEXIBLE DRILLING LINE with automatic handling equipment. Composed of the following machines: V03035) LOADER "TOMASSINI" Mod. Rapid with motorized rollers table. V03036) TRANSFER at 90° "TOMASSINI" (Connecting Rollers Table with 90° conveyoring belts) V03037) Gantry CNC-FLEXIBLE through-feed DRILLING MACHINE "MORBIDELLI" Author 660 It can simultaneously process 2 panels together (Max workpieces lenght-depth: mm 600 each) V03038) BRUSHING Machine "SIRIO" for the panels cleaning Bbq0...
Bad Sooden-Allendorf Germany
17859 km
unexamined (used)
Drilling and inserting machine for all types of furniture fittings, hole lines in System 32. Motor 400 V/0,75 kW Spindle speed 2800 rpm Stop ruler 960 mm 2 x swivel stop workpiece thickness max. 40 mm 1 x 4-spindle drilling head for hinges with press-in bracket 1 x 7-spindle drilling head for hole line pitch 32 mm with integrated dowel pins Dwj3lqtpk Manual operation
Barntrup, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17877 km
Hinge band boring machine Wuerth type: Prebomat II hinge band drills for bands from producer Haefele and Wuerth Bgz3is0tc
Bore and hinge insertion machine with magazine feeding for the automatic processing of hinges and hinge mounting plates. Robustness, durability and ease of use distinguish our automatic drilling and insertion machines. Ibj0nlx Short introduction: • Single and multi hinge boring and inserter for high capacity • Massive and robust drilling units • Inserting die made of steel for a long life time use • Solid wood drilling with standard 1,5 kW motor • Safety-control with metal-detector (option...
Beschlagbohrmaschine RUCHSER RU-BES Wkazj7kd0 Bj. 1995, guter Zustand 2 Spindeln mit Werkzeug bestueckt Bohrkopf fuer Beschlagsystem GU Jet 3 Fusspedale: Unten-Rueckstellung-Bohren pneumatische Spann- und Anschlag Vorrichtung Maschine fahrbar auf Rollen Gebrauchte Maschinen und Anlagen ohne weitere Gewaehrleistung.
Hardware drilling machine Manufacturer: Ganner S7c3lx Type: 191 Year of construction: 1986 Power: 0,75 kw