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Pelletizing presses for sale

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Complete device for producing pellets from biomass demonstrating machine, hardly operating hours used manufactured by Ecoworxx type PM 22 E Standard equipment: - Compact, modular construction - With integrated euro pallet feet usable 4-sided for truck or fork - - Area about 0.80 m x 0.8 m - Height 1.4 m - Weight 380 kg dep. of equipment - Incl. Tools - Total electric power about 4.0 kW - Connection value 16A at 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz - Seperate main drives with high quality German gearmotors ... more
We are selling 2 pcs of wood pellet mills General Dies Alpha 56 160kW each. They are like new. With touchscreen control center and in realy good condition. They have work only with debarked pine material. Heyxcx83i more
The complete pellet line for biomass (sawmill, straw, other biomaterials), manufacturer: Amandus Kahl, year of construction 2011, in operation about 4 years, capacity: 150 tons / 1 day. The line is made of: 1 / Material used: Conveyor for packets / Mühle, 2 / Dry room 3 / Boiler system 500 kW 4 / Hacker / Múhle 200 kW 5 / Pellet presses 2 pieces 2x 250 kW 6 / Silos 3x 200 tons (Poland) 7 / Complete air technology, pipes, filters, fans. 8 / Complete electrical switchgear Power requirements: 1 meg... more
For sale we have a CPM granulator model 7722 matrix diameter 572 mm engine 200kW Pvgilxyx Capacity on sawdust 2-2.5 t / h, straw 2 t / h more
We sell an automatic pelletizing line for wood pellets with a capacity of 950-1000kg / hour, expandable to 2000kg / hour for wood raw materials. Dosing container, crusher, transport routes, intermediate hoppers with level and quantity control, pellet hoppers, pellet sorter from dust and abrasion, reinforced TL700 press, BS6 dryer without boiler. Functional connected, so far occasionally operated line for dried materials. High efficiency - 1-person operation (for drying -2 person operation), dece... more
Technical Details : Bhy2xfn Capacity - 4t/h Power - 500 kw Press power - 160 Kw Line Consits : - Input tilting trasporter for clover - Screw conveyor to the dryer - Dryer - Natural gas boiler - Cyclone conveyor for large silo - Mill - Pellet press CMS - Refrigerator - 0utput conveyor and tanks NOTE - The line is designed for the production of biomass pellets (clover) more
used, as new Manufacturer Ecoworx Type PM 75 E All-in-One Pellet Maker 75 E Technical specifications: - Compact, modular design - Can be transported with a pallet truck or forklift - Required stand space: approx. 1.20 m x 0.8 m - Height: approx. 1.85 m - Weight: approx. 890 kg - Total electrical power: approx. 14.5 kW - Power consumption: 32 A at 3 x 400V, 50 Hz - Separate main drives with high-quality German geared motors - press 7,5 kW including speed adjustment - Grinding drum 5,5 kW includ... more
Wood pellets production line for sale. Complete factory/line for producing 30 000 – 40 000 ton pellets per year. The plant has used sawdust with 50% moisture content from spruce wood as raw material. There has also been added an aditional section for the use of dry waste wood as raw material. K8kjds8p The plant consist of the following large elements. Intake with steel conveyor Hammer mill for dry waste wood, Maier, Germany Drum dryer, make Van den Brock, The Nederland’s, capacity 5 ton/wat... more
Refurbished press C38-600 (version in stainless steel) Wave with new grooves and grooves stones newly stored (all bearings and shaft seals new) Revised hydraulic nut revised 4-Kant head Hhx90wab8 Positive-drive new Koller Redesigned vertical shaft new knife holder and knife Revised matrix seat sandblasted and powder-coated new oil system with oil pump, filters, flow meters, thermometers, strainers and lines 75-110kW motor on request including Worm shaft and worm wheel in very good condition Mat... more
Granulator CPM 7122 200kW engine Bhdxhkfjxb 572 mm matrix diameter Sawdust capacity up to 2-2.5 t / h more
Pellet mill Manufactured by Andritz/ Sprout Matador It is of the type XW withs means that the track width is 240mm. The diameter of the di is Ø700mm The Pellet mills comes with: Bjso00otbo Rolls and dies complete set up. Foundation. Hydraulic pump more
New (Each unit tested individually). Productivity up to 1 tonne per hour. Production line adapted for the production of straw pellets. Possible to produce: wood pellets, straw pellets, hay pellets, husk and more. The production line consists of: raw material conveyor, 1st material shredder, 2nd material shredder, material storage bunker, granulator, feeder conveyor, steam generator, cooler of granules, scale, Control panels, full electricity. calculations show that the payback period of the tech... more
Pellet line, wood pellets Pellet diameter: Ø6 / Ø8 mm Capacity Pellet press up to : 3 t / h Eaj0xn Capacity dryer up to : 2 t / h Included Acceptance bunker Shredder Magnetic tape slug Hammer mill Tubular magnet cyclone Drum dryer Hydraulically moving floor with 200 m screw discharge Trough snail Maturing container with agitator Dosing screw Conditioner Kahl presses 38-780 (2x - 110 kW) Special cooler cooler Storage silo Conveyor belts Fan Grecon spark detection system Wheel loader filter Cont... more
requirements: - Material must be free-flowing (smaller than 18 mm) - Material must be pure, ash content less than 0.9% ATRO Watch out: Sand, stones and minerals - it is pressed by pressing pliers - Material must be dry, maximum 15 % ATRO New: Innovative combination of briquette and pellet Functionality: On the machine there is a silo with agitator. In each of the 4 corners of the storage silo there is a vertical screw which compresses the material downwards into the pressing chamber. The machine... more
A complete pelleting line with 2 OGM granulators. Cayszai0 Two tons in an hour. more
For sale we have a Simon Barron pellet press model Century 125 matrix diameter 410 mm engine 90 or 110kW Capuvxp3 more
Pellet mill Bühler DPUC 110kw with conditioner and 3x spare dies Ø520. Pellet cooler with stainless steel hood. Hammer mill Scmidt and Sonner. 75kw. 1x Cimbria bucket elevator. Cwbwofmp3 Cmhe88oy more
Technical details : - Capacity - 1500 kg / h - Year - 2014 - Power - 145 Kw Line Consists : - Barking machine - Primary mill - Transporters - Drier - Boiler - Secondary mill Bztc9owi - Part for damping - Pellet Press - Packing unit - Dust silos - Other supporting equipment Line is almost new , just one season ! more
* electric cabinet * main motor (KW 22 380V 50HZ) * material sensor . * 1 die for wood pellets * production aprox 350 kg/h depends on the working material * Pellet Ø 6 mm. * Diameter of the die outside: 420 mm * width of pellet-trace: 70 mm * 2 rollers * saw dust box over the machine W0ykocgh * automatic lubrification pump * dimension: ca 1,7 x L 1,6 m x H 2,3 m * weight kg. 1800 * CE version more
Pelletproduction line main equipment – sawdust dryer, hammermill EuroMilling EU4000-P, pelletpress Münch RMP660 2x110 kW motors, cooling tower, silos, screens etc. Bifhgc8nh8 BigBag silo with dosing, small packs automatic line Fisker M1000 with capacity 13-14 bags/min, bags up to 30 l/bag, FireFly sprinkler system, Siemens control el.equipment, main fuse 630 A Line is built up 2008 as all new machinery, production in one shift up 2017, capacity up to 3 tons/h, line is still under power and in ... more
Granulation plant Produced in Germany and England Produces up to three tons per hour Bccrsulde2 Completely renovated more
Engine/engine 380V 50Hz Power PS 5.5 (kW 4) or on request PS 7.5 (5.5 Kw) Capacity * 50/70 kg/h or on request * 70/90 Kg/h Length 1350 mm Width 700 mm Height 1250 mm Betyokkrrg Ejection height 370 mm -Max pellets 6 mm Weight 175 kg Basic: -2 press rollers -Matrix of hardened steel thickness 23 mm -Ejection height 370 mm from the ground -Automatic feeding funnel with Australian snail and sorting sieve -Shutdown system for cuegone bearers -2 large wheels + 2 small wheels + 2 handles for manu... more
Technical Details : For sale complete plant for wood pellet production, made from CPM, capacity 6t/h. A most of the machines from line are produced in between 2008-2010.y., except presses for making pellets (its bit older then rest of the line, but complete renewed before restarting. Line is consisting from: 1.Chain conveyor for logs transport. 2.Lift with angle platform for dosing material. 3.Entrance belt transporter with magnetic section for detection of iron. 4.Grinder (hammer mill) BRUKS ... more
* electric control board * main motor (KW 22 380V 50HZ) * material sensor Udhincfd * produzione 350 Kg./H depends on the working material * Pellets Ø 6 mm. * material container * Dimensions of the machine P 1700 mm x L 1600 mm x H 2300 mm * Weight: kg. 1800 more
New counterflow cooler for pellets. Technical details: Cooling Volume (m3): 4,5 Xkpvzxdzy Capacity (t/h): 10 Colling time (min): Not less than 8~15 Product temperature after cooling: Not 3~5 oCo higher than ambient temperature. Air Absorbing Volume (m3/min.t): 34 Power (kW): 0.8 Power of Airlock (kW): 1,1 Dimensions of cooler (mm): 2000 x 2000 x 4600 more
Special price! Rather than only 17500 nor 14500 euro. Sell straw pelleting press. Built in 2011, in a very good to sand. Only 1080 hours worked. No press! Location: Lithuania. Set includes: Transporter for straw bales (round, square) Shredder / Crusher. Hammer mill with stone catcher. Cyclones with sluice gates. Air filtration equipment. Electricity control boxes (1units). Packing into big bags equipment. EKO filter. Straw transporter for straw bales (round, square, diameter up to 1800 m... more
For sale we have a CPM granulator model 7722 matrix diameter 572 mm engine 200kW Bhekudgque Capacity on sawdust 2-2.5 t / h, straw 2 t / h more
It includes Rolls and die ( you can choose between 6mm or 8mm hole size) 90KW motor 1 x Spare dies. Bhmdrlyodl Weight approximately 3000kg more
Technical Details : - Power - 2x70 kw - Year - 2013 - Capacity - 1500-2000 kg Line consist: Nn87b 1. Burner dispenser 2. Tank above the mill 3. Mill 4. Homogenizer with cyclone 5. Space for stopping 6. Cooling fan 7. Transporter 8. Before the air conditione 9. Tank overhead 10. Conditioner with dispenser 11. Press paladin 600B-130-R ANDRITZ FEED and BIOFUL, GERMANY 12. Stand for the press 13. The transporter underneath 14. A refrigerated freezer elevator 15. Refrigerator 16. Tran... more
- Min and Max sensors of raw material - Maintenance and observation door - Oil reservoir for cleaning - Oil reservoir for automatic lubrication - Auger for raw material feeding - Connection for maintenance - Moisturizing complect - oil cooling system for roller and bearings - Electronic control system - Efficiency ~400kg/h - New die 6 mm Ejujbnpgk - Dosing beam - Cooling screw more
Refurbished press C45-1250 wood version (= reinforced version) Pellet press, type flat die C45 - 1250 for the production of presslings Condition of use: Ambient temperature Press 0 to + 40 °C consisting of: split cast casings, equipped with cooling fins in the gearbox area Dust and inlet hood with product distributor King shaft with axial and radial bearing Kollerkopf with collier rollers made of flame-hardened steel Distance rings Discharge equipment Worm gearbox, running in the oil bath, w... more
Model 2000 CPM granulator with 90kW engine Efficiency on straw sawdust 1-1.2 t / h Nvkoh Very good granulator more
pelleting machine with 250kw motor. Track width 260mm and die Ø 900mm. It comes with foundation and Sprout Matador conditioner. Bigtzknmbt more
Pelletizing line consisting of: cutting mill 12,5 kw Muuptk FY 2018 3 rotary knives hardly used, with suction fan and cyclone. Pellet press rp 18 s year 2015 18.5 kw, power supply 63 CEE. With 4 different pelletizing dies for different applications. materials. Screening plant with conveyor belt Year 2015 16 ampere Drum diameter 300mm more
• main shaft with grooses and new sliding blades • all bearimg /sealings are checked/changed • new grooves and sliding blocks • hydraulic nut revised Rlswsi2h • roller head revised (4 rollers) • knife holders and knives • die seat revised • sandblasted and powder coated • new oil system with oil pump, filter, flow meter, • thermometer, dirt trap and pipes • 90-110kW engine possible • worm shaft and worm wheel in good conditions more
Pellet production line with a capacity of 1-1.5 t / h on sawdust, line CPM 2000 granulator 90kW Complete line with a cooler, screening fan, and a bagging machine Iq0hc9t more
Refurbished press 40-1000 4 he Kant head Nbm2x Hydraulic nut Completely new bearing set at the press of Completely new bearing set at the head of Koller Press is blasted and repainted. Currently, still a favourite colour can be specified. Ce2whpjc Minimal wear on the screw shaft and the drive gear for vertical shaft Motor and matrix can be offered separately. Additional information more
Pellet press Milltech C95-185 engine 90kW machine from 2008 in very good condition Bhkklzwehq more
Refurbished press 39-1000 4 head of Koller Completely new bearing set at the press of Completely new bearing set at the head of Koller Gffjxmjiq 160 kW drive power (should you want a larger power, can we this happy realiseren). Press is blasted and powder-coated. Currently, still a favourite colour can be specified. Minimal wear on the screw shaft and the drive gear for vertical shaft It motor and matrix can be offered separately. more
Pellet press CPM 3022-6 132kW die diameter 572 mm Bhkkmdhj2r more
Rellingen, Germany Germany
dealership location
17745 km
good (used)
Refurbished press 35-780 -Shaft with new grooves and grooves stones Mxbc2 -newly stored (all bearings and shaft seals new) -new Koller newly stored -new blade with knife holder -4-way head of Koller -sandblasted and powder-coated -new oil system with integrated oil pump and filter -currently a 90 kW drive motor is installed - this can be changed! more
Model 2000 CPM granulator with 90kW engine Efficiency on straw sawdust 1-1.2 t / h Cxshetl0w Very good granulator more
I will sell a Simon Barron 90kW granulator, identical to CPM 2000 Nunw2 matrix and rollers and parts analogous to the CPM 2000 granulator more
Simon Hessen V75 75kW granulator in very good condition Sawdust capacity 0.6 to 1 t / h 2rpns3 more
For sale Paladin Model 600 granulator matrix diameter 550mm Ikinhg7 two 45kW engines with conditioner and dispenser Very good granulator more

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