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Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18019 km
Used machine year of construction 1993 Frame pressing machine Cglnnxdc Availability: by arrangement Location: Cologne
- NEW - in basic equipment: - 3 press units, 90 degrees stop. - 1 side pressure device with 2 trapezoid spindles Description: A multifunctional glueing and Frame press for exact and accurate angle mounting, for gluing drawers, Oyhwx Carcasses, surfaces and much more. Printing units made of trapezoidal spindle with thrust bearing made of precision tubes, 2 tons pressure and 120 mm way. Press units on ball bearing guides, galvanized, with 100 mm precision hole grid. All profiles made of thick-w...
Frame press, gluing press Bweykzpg -operated: hydraulic -Working area up to: 3500 x 2400 mm -Wood clamping: pneumatic
Code: 0337 Brand: STROMAB Ezleqts Model: STH 2500/ORM Hydraulic universal clamp press for assembling frames to be fixed to the wall N° 4 sliding beams with hydraulic hand pumps N° 1 moving bar carrying two horizontal pumps that can be adjusted to suit the frame to be assembled Length mm 2500 Max height mm 1800 Max thrust of oil-hydraulic pump , vertical kg 1500 Max thrust of oil-hydraulic pump , horizontal kg 1500 Overall dimensions: mm 3350 x 500 x 2250 h Weight kg 420
- Frame and edge press 1-sided/stationary - Useful dimension in mm as frame press 2630 x 1610 (with option QCL 02) - Usable size in mm as edge press 3000 x 1610 - Outer dimensions in mm 3200 x 2090 x 730 - Sturdy welded frame construction made of thick-walled sectional tubes and laser-machined sheet steel components stand for a and dimensionally stable press base frame (no bolted frame parts!). bolted frame parts!) - 3 vertical pressure beams type SK with roller bearings, made of thick-walled ga...
Nattheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17942 km
Pressbauart : Einzelzylinder Zylinder vertikal : 3 Stk Zylinderverstellung vertikal : manuell Zylinderklemmung vertikal : mechanische Klemmung Zylinder horizontal : 2 Stk Preßbereich : 3500 x 1800 mm Brl2wsnryz Gewicht ca. 1500 kg Lagerort: Nattheim
Second-hand machineBuilt: 1979Condition: okWorking method: hydraulicWorking width 3550 mmWorking height 2050 mmmwith medium pressure beamPressure force per cylinder 2100 kpCylinder stroke 150 mmLayout per cylinder 160 x 100 mmEngine 1,1 kWwith pendulum pressure platesAvailability: short termLocation: Röllbach Bnrrdlmd7s
second hand Make Maweg Type RP Consisting of: 4 horizontal press cylinders 3 vertical press cylinders 4 adjustable counter bearings 4 auxiliary editions Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the current condition as viewed, Bp9n88epoh without overhaul, without guarantee and warranty
Hösbach Rottenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17962 km
Münsing Germany
17886 km
good (used)
Pneumatic press cylinder perforated wall made of steel and additional small perforated plate self-made of multiplex plates Bsbe293nwn two air circuits slight air loss via screw connections Manufacturer and more pictures will follow
Pressing area: 3m x 2m pressing depth: Pressing elements vertical: 6 pressing elements horizontal: Bpcfcdg90q pressure build-up: pneumatic pressing pressure: per cylinder cylinder stroke: mm hold-down clamp: no Machine length: 3500mm Machine width: 800mm Machine height: 2800mm Weight:
Frame press Hydraulic Manufacturer: Panhans Clamping width: 3.2 m Clamping height: 1.8 m Engine: 1.1 kW 3 clamping elements perennimated 2 clamping elements horizontally Weight approx.: 800 kg Condition: Kpl. overhauled Nn0d7
Hess Speedy in good condition and fully operational. Long stroke cylinder press dimension max. 3,09*2,25 m Bhizpy2pdq Oil-hydraulics 380 V-connection plug
second hand Make Hess Cylinder horizontal 2 with weight compensation 1 x Cylinder vertical 3 Working width 3550 mm Working height 1850 mm Pressing depth 80 mm pneumatic Required space approx. LxWxH mm 4400 x 700 x 2600 Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen Handover as is Machine checked for functionality. - free on truck - Bojav0ueho
Nattheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17942 km
Pressbereichsbreite : 3550 mm Pressbereichshöhe : 2550 mm Pressdruck horizontal : 19600 kN Pressbauart : Einzelzylinder Zylinder vertikal : 3 Stk Zylinderhub vertikal : 150 mm Pressdruck vertikal : 19600 kN Zylinderverstellung vertikal : manuell Zylinderklemmung vertikal : Lochraster Anzahl Mitteldruckbalken : Lochraster Zylinder horizontal : 2 Stk Zylinderhub horizontal : 150 mm Zylindertyp : elektrohydraulisch Druckbalkenverstellung : manuell Druckbalkenklemmung horizontal : Lochraster ...
Maweg pneumatic arm press 7md2qhc number of top pressings 4 number of side thrusts 2 base and cylinders adjustable maximum working height 2300 mm maximum working length 3500 mm pneumatic control
max. working width: 4500 mm max. working height: 3200 mm min. working width without supplements: 780 mm min. working height without supplements: 500 mm max. opening width: 4750 mm max. opening height: 3350 mm insertion depth: 100 mm wood width: 60 - 140 mm wood depth: 68 mm pressing force: 2200 kg per spindle max. traversing speed: 8.5 m/min machine width: 11400 mm press: 6400 mm outfeed: 5000 mm machine depth: 2600 mm machine height: 4400 mm Weight: 7000 kg Brtgtauwq8
Year of production: 2006 Enigine Power: 1.5kW Working area: 3000mm x 1700mm Upper movable beam, moving on two hydraulic cylinders -right bases move independently lower beam moved in three positions depending on the size of the elements (340-640-940 mm Bhq09qykdq
used manufactured by Steton K78vo3qi type SOPE built in 1990 cylinder horizontal 3 cylinder vertical 3 working width 3050 mm working height 2050 mm hydraulic required space ca. l x w x h mm 4100 x 1300 x 2600 weight ca. 1500 kg total connected power 2.2 kW located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition
Frame press Beam bench with 6 cylinders. Dimensions over all 4400 x 2480 x 1480 mm Brpmjvvd0t
heavy frame press used, top condition make Maweg type EURO Bre033pz8p cylinder horizontal 3 with counterbalance cylinder vertical 2 Cylinder quick adjustment with hydraulic clamping working width approx. 3000mm working height approx. 2000 mm pressing depth 100 mm hydraulic Space requirement approx. LxWxH mm 3600 x 2800 x 1100 Location: ex stock 54634 Bitburg Delivery in as-is condition as inspected - free loaded -
Very well maintained Corpus presser fabr.Kallesøe Dx0kdrld0
Maweg vertical press Model: GD 303 2,2 kW pump motor Working height 210 cm Working width 320 cm Very good condition. Bq3ogt3o33
Veneer press Joos HP 75 pressing surface 2.200 x 1.250 mm Bh8ncc2xib Dimension 2460 x 1420 mm Height of the pressing chamber 300 mm height 1900 mm Weight 2540 KG
heavy frame press used, top condition manufactured by  Maweg type EURONOVA cylinder horizontal 3 with counter weight compensation 2 x cylinder vertical 2 cylinder quick adjustment with hydraulic clamping working width ca. 3500 mm working height ca. 2300 mm press depth 100 mm hydraulic required space ca. l x w x h mm 4800 x 3000 x 1100 located in  97447 Gerolzhofen Bn0eador29 sale in current condition as seen - free on truck -
Good quality Pressurized area 800x570 mm Tvz9i8zj Pneumatic cylinders: 4 Step between stating hole: Compressed air pressure 50 mm 8 bar Transport dimensions Weigh 1950x600x1150mm350Kg
Max working length: 3000 mm Max working width: 1220 mm Max wood thickness: 65 mm 6 pneumatic clamps Overall dimensions Clrpbqf Length: 3450 mm Width: 1950 mm Height: 2300 mm
Window Press Boctefezjx - Press with 4 cylinders. - Confinement size 3500 * 2000mm Transport size 1200 * 2550 * 4000mm
Frame press MAWEG pneumatic clamping cylinders Installation dimensions 4400x2900mm Press dimensions max. 4000x2500mm Bonalxmql3 Sales on behalf of customers as of end of January 2021
electrohydraulic used, without revision manufactured by Hess type Hydro-Lux built in 1983 mach.-no. HL 2100 4083 0033 adjustment by optical length scanning for width and height or manual motoric motorical width- and height adjustment by thread spindles with gears quickly connecting and disconnecting of the vertical-pressure bar automatic-press drainage by impulse giving double-acting vertical-hydraulic-pressure cylinder with 200 mm cylinder hub 2100 kp pressure capacity by 120 bar double-acting ...
Hydro-Export > Electro hydraulic frame press Ideal for manufacturing of windows and doors. Just set up measurements, insert item, push button … and you receive door frames and wings for windows with perfect angles! Technical description and data: > sturdy welded frame construction mode of special thick-walled hollow steel beams with mechanically rugged slide ways > mobile slide for horizontal calibration of width, adjustable in 50 mm increments by central-locking > 2 adjustable hydrau...
Technical data: Boduxxijo Max size of the glued element: 1000x2500 Thickness of the glued element: 90 mm 3 vertical clamps 2 horizontal clamps Hydraulic clamps Power supply: 400V Engine power: 1.5 kW Overall dimensions: Length: 3080 mm Width: 800 mm Height: 2500 mm
Ikast Denmark
17629 km
good condition (used)
Kallesøe hydraulic frame press R20H Lzeu8ar - year 1989 - separate control - No. 3 vertical - No.2 horizontal cylinders
max working width 3050mm max working height 1370mm pneumatic front clamps hydraulic top pressure Bffokg3228 hydraulic side pressure photocells safety gate hydraulic pump motor power 3kW year 2010
hydraulic gluing frame SCHAFBERGER & SPRÖDHUBER, I9ocnce Type: Junior, year of construction: 1990, Serial number: 02051990, with 3 clamping crossbars
Oberkail Germany
18127 km
good (used)
lektro. Hydrauliche. Frame press Fabr. Hess C7m7d2r Working size 3500mm x 2500mm compl. with 1 medium pressure bar Since the machine was standing directly in front of the spray wall, it got some paint mist
Hydraulic Lift & Lower Voltage 380V Pressing length 6000mm Number of cylinders 4 Bk7wzcuhfg
ORMA ASSEMBLY PRESS FOR WINDOWS AND DOORS Ddogpypvw The press is ready to go, in good condition.
Miastko, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
17308 km
We have a HESS PRESSEN single-frame press for sale Bl9n3xulod Year 1992
- Mimimum working dimensions 1010x650mm - Maximum working dimensions 3150x2000mm - Mechanical regulatoion of arm 3uagf9qt - Frame measurement - Auto/Manual working - Total power7,5kW
frame hydraulic press WEGOMA Dgjnj29 Workspace: width 3600 mm height 2500 mm the amount of lateral hydraulic cylinders 3 pieces top two pieces beam mechanically Move Mechanical compression setting more photos an questions
Hydr. framepress windows manufacturing in good condition MAX. FRAME WORKING 4000 X 2400 MM Bijyflrhw SPACE FOR MACHINE TRANSPORT LXWXH = 5600 X 1200 X 3350 MM
Kallesøe R16 frame press Nys3d Type R 16 No. 2 pressing cylindres Working width 2200 mm Working height 1800 mm Weight 1000 kg.
Hydraulic frame press Manufacturer: Maweg- Schöberl3 cylinder vertical2 cylinder horizontalTotal height: 2.950 mmTotal length: 4.000 mmClamping range: 2.000 x 3.000 mmHub per cylinder lockableOperating pressure 90 barCondition: Well overhauled Bfevh79sx0
Kłodawa, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
17462 km
good (used)
frame press GOMA PHA 3500 Door Press hydraulic Location Gorzów Wlkp. Conditions of delivery Baa7wxso82 OWN RECEIVING Cost of delivery to be negotiated Startup type to be negotiated Description Comments Working space 3000 x 2000 mm 1000kG (daN) pressure, engine at hydraulic unit 2,2 kW

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