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Illig for sale

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1 ILLIG universal moulding machine type UA 100 ED bS Plate size 1000 X 600 mm Mould surface 960 X 560 mm Drawing depth 450mm !!! Equipment: - Top heating N3fnd - Underheater - Vacuum pump - 4 Cooling fan Technical data: table size 900 x 600 mm Engine power 1,5 kW heating capacity 22,1 kW Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz All information without guarantee. The machine is in a very good condition. A demonstration is possible at any time in our exhibition hall. more
thermoforming machine make ILLIG type UA 100 EDH Masch.# 2301 Year of construction 1973 Technical data: Jvommy table size 900 x 600 mm Engine power 1,1 kW heating capacity 16,3 kW Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz External dimensions L x W x H 2200 x 1500 x 2250 mm Weight approx. 1500 kg used, in good condition more
Corse Lawn, United Kingdom United Kingdom
18487 km
excellent (used)
Make Illig Model VHW 60/2 Year 1997 Max Material Width 610 mm Max Material Thickness 1.8 mm Total Connected Load 36 kW Bjhifu37b9 Temperature Heating Rolls 140 Degrees Celsius Approx Weight 1,500 kg All details are subject to change and/or errors. All equipment is subject to availability and/or prior sale. more
1 thermoforming machine ILLIG type RV 53 b compatible with RV 53 Molds and frames forming area 350 x 500 mm max. material width 550 mm depth of draw 100 mm positive, 40mm negative year 2000 EQUIPMENT: - control system Siemens S7-300, cabinet with air condition - motor driven foil unreel unit with pneum. Roll lifting system for roll diam. 1200mm - top heater length 1125mm with row regulation ceramic elements - lower heater length 875mm with row regulation ceramic elemen... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
There is one Thermoformer ILLIG UA 150 ED with one Automatic Panel Machine ILLIG BE 150 P-C available, year of construction machine 1/ 2: 1987/ 1992. Enq3u823o more
Machine works ! Heating works ! Punch / vacuum ok ! Fan/cooling ok. Machine's been sitting around for years. Bhs0280mj3 A lot of drawing frames !!! in various dimensions PICKUP ONLY - WITHOUT WARRANTY Maybe you can also buy the horizontal bandsaw ! this is NOT included in the price ! more
passage width : 900 mm passage height : 150 mm table surface : 1140x1300 mm Roller diameter : 196 mm Dgzjykknc Weight : 800 Kg Mafle : 2700 X 1310 X 1525 mm working height : 800 mm All information without guarantee. A demonstration under power is possible at any time in our exhibition hall. more
Heat sealing press + 22 tools Bfoj3eez9n SMA-REF-6520 Type: other machinery Manufacturer: ILLIG Model: HSP 35 B/3 Year: 1985 Working range: Sealing area: max. 350 x 250 mm Stations: max. 4 Blister depth: max. 70 - 100 mm Card infeed Card lifter Tools: 14 pcs. 422 x 260 mm 4 pcs. 433 x 226 mm 4 pcs. 340 x 165 mm Condition: in use ready for your test Location: Western Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
Manufacturer Illig Model RDK 80S Year 1999 Condition Used Delivery date Immediately Stations In Mould Cutting / Stacking Max forming area 780 x 845 mm (S model is larger) Max form/punch area 743 x 815 mm (S model is larger) Depth of draw 120 / 120 mm Max material width 805 mm Max mould closing force 750 kN Max cycles-minute 55 Forming pressure 6 bar Approx RDK 80S only total length 5610 mm Approx total width 2510 mm Approx total height 3000 mm Approx total weight 11,000 kg Machine is available ... more
Ainring, Germany Germany
17771 km
reconditioned (used)
1 HOT SEALING PRESS, type HSP 35 B-3 max. sealing area 350 x 250 mm max. depth of blister 70 mm max. sealing force 1300 kg no. of sealing places 4 el. Power consumption 2,85 kW dimensions: width 1800mm, length 1520mm, height 1700mm weight 450 kg - Automatic card loader with vacuum - Automatic ejector with vacuum Nix3l sectional refurbished with new painting more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
good (used)
Table dimensions: 1500x1000mm, table height: 1650mm, connected load: 25.5kW, length: 2800mm, width: 2450mm, height: 3400mm a large range of deep-drawing moulds made of gypsum and wood respectively, packaged in 50 crates is available too. Bbo3itpevh more
Enger, Germany Germany
dealership location
17904 km
Refurbished ILLIG RDM 63/ 15D Thermoformer with: Auto unwind stand Auto Start System Lenze Servomotor Indexing Double heating, Top heater 28.4 kW, Lower heater 23.1 kW Sheet Sag Control Auto Rail Spreading for PP Pneumatic Plug assist Bhxw9mn Max. form area 750 x 305 mm Max. film width 770 mm Max. index 360 mm Max. depth of draw 150 mm Drive motor 3.3 kW Encoder on the Main Drive Shaft SCHLEICHER P-SK 2/ 126F Modern PLC Controller for Control of Form Air, Blow- off etc. Pneumatic Cylinders... more
2 x Fully Automatic Sheet forming machine with double sheet feeding unit as well auto take off table with pusher and conveyor. Pre-heating plate upper and lower are available as well pneumatic plug assist. Xklropy The transport high adjustment is motorized and with display. The vacuum pump is new from Busch as well with new display on PLC Machine is located in our store in Verl and can be inspected any time. more
Full automatic packaging of LED lamps in blister packs max. sealing surface: 500 x 300 mm, max. carton size: 500 x 335 mm, max. carton size for cartons with hanging hole: 500 x 340 mm, max. blister height: 80 mm, consisting of: Thermoforming unit for blister production, Cquaj3qbc Sealing machine, loader detailed description on request. The line was in operation from 2015 to 2017 and ran 15 shifts per week. more
Make Illig Model RV 53 Year 2005 Delivery Date Immediately Stations Forming, Cutting & Stacking Maximum Forming Area 500 x 350 mm Minimum Forming Area 300 x 100 mm Height of Forming Above-Below Material 100 / 30 mm Maximum Cycles-Minute 20 Total Width incl Control Cabinet 1930 mm Total Length incl roll stand 6330 mm Total Height 2050 mm Total Weight 3000 kg Itgxsr2 Notes All details are subject to change and/or errors. All equipment is subject to availability and/or prior sale. more
Forming area max. 610 x 500 mm max. foil width 650 mm depth max. 100 mm positive - Top and bottom heater with row regulation - Top and bottom forming table - Combined vacuum/pressure forming switchable - Pneumatic top and bottom clamping frame - Pneumatic driven foil transport - Foil unreel unit - Punching press DSB 65 V with transport and moveable upper table Dlcgwoyio Closing force 50 to, max. punching area 600 x 390 - waste winder more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
Max. sealing surface: 500x300mm, max. box dimensions: 500x335mm, max. blister height: 80mm. 3uscvwbp more
Enger, Germany Germany
dealership location
17904 km
ready for operation (used)
ILLIG RDM 42 /3 Lid/Shallow parts Thermoformer. Unwind Stand Bc3tstzblj Reliance Electro-Craft BRU 200 Servomotor Indexing Double Heating 8-Zone Heater Temperature Controls OMRON SYSMAC COM1-CPU PLC controls SEW MOVITRAC AC inverter Main drive with Encoder 470 mm Max Feed Width 450mm x 160mm Max Forming Area 30 mm Max Draw 165 mm Max feed length Counter/ Stacker Unit Waste material Winder Central Lubrication Pump more
With Chiller, 23 kW Pre-heater Kiefel KVH 83 Bumuayhx0 ILLIG STAL 800 Trim Press Forming area max. mm 680x500 Material width max. mm 720 Depth of draw neg. mm 120 Depth of draw pos. mm 120 index length max. mm 530 tool closing force kN 180 more
Make Illig Model RDK 80 Year 1999 Stations In Mould Cutting / Stacking Delivery Date July 2019 Max Forming Area 756 x 565 mm Max Form/Punch Area 743 x 552 mm 2esmr7s Depth of Draw 120 / 120 mm Max Material Width 805 mm Max Mould Closing Force 750 kN Max Cycles-Minute 55 Forming Pressure 6 bar Approx Total Length 5610 mm Approx Total Width 2510 mm Approx Total Height 3000 mm Approx Total Weight 11,000 kg All details are subject to change and/or errors. All equipment is subject to availability an... more
max. forming area 2200 x 1200 mm max. sheet size 2250 x 1250 mm depth of draw max. 600 mm with double heating el. Power consumption total 86,05 kW, 139,7 Amp. Max. air consumption 2120 NL/cycle (6 bar) year 1984 - top heater ceramic elements whole field regulation - bottom heater ceramic elements whole field regulation - 6 cooling fans - pre blow- and mould release automatic - parallel clamping frame movement Kf2n2slqv - pneumatic plug assist - vacuum pump - control unit Siemens S5 more
Product weight: 200 / 250 / 500g, package format: 117.5x78mm, drawing depth: approx. 43-90mm max., capacity: approx. 25cycles/min, with carton erector, packer, palletizer. Capacity: ca. 9000pcs/h Betso9xvve more
Material : PP Cup Diameter: 68 mm Cutting Die diam.: 72 mm Cy7cbudko Cavities: 40 Overhault in Dec. 2019 more
Make Illig Model HSA 50d Year 2003 Condition Used Delivery Date Immediately Approx Hours 16,600 N2qjp Maximum forming area 500 x 300 mm Minimum forming area 100 x 35 mm Positive depth of draw 80 mm Maximum material width 500 mm Maximum cycle rate 20 / min Total weight 3,800 kg All details are subject to change and/or errors. All equipment is subject to availability and/or prior sale more
1 Universal forming machine ILLIG Typ UA 200/G for sheets max. forming area 1950 x 950 mm max. sheet size 2000 x 1000 mm max. mold height 700 mm with double heating year 1992, 91,2 kW/146 Amp. Eakuhcq9s - top heater ceramic elements 3 zone regulation with single on/off For size reduction - bottom heater ceramic elements 3 zone regulation - All production data and heating adjustments can be stored on a disc - parallel clamping frame with quick frame locking system for top and bottom... more
Material : PP Cavity: 5 Cup Diametion: 118x98 mm 2rgxyi more
1 Blister Packing Line type HAS 50 RD max. forming area 500 x 300 mm min. forming area 100 x 50 mm max. foil width 300 mm 29kshphh max. depth pos./neg. 68/80 mm max. card dimension 500 x 300 mm min. cutting width 45 mm for single blister min. card width 50 mm number of sealing paletts 19-35 max. cycles/min. 15 vacuum, 20 pressure year 1990 - contact heating - foil unreel unit motor driven - rotating knifes for longitudinal cut - cross cutting unit with guillotine - transfer station with vacuu... more
Material : PS / PVC Bervutionb Cutting diam. : 110,8 x 84,7 mm Inserts: 125, 200, 250, 350, 500 ml more
Ainring, Germany Germany
17771 km
ready for operation (used)
max. forming area 960 x 560 mm Gvohzo more
Material : PP Cavity: 10 Cup Diameter: 71 mm Bervu3zubc more
1 Universal forming machine ILLIG Typ UA 100 ED + BE-P for sheets with sheet loader and upper pre heating device max. forming area 960 x 560 mm Cvciago8 max. sheet size 1000 x 600 mm max. depth 300 mm positive/negative year 1985 - top heater ceramic elements whole field regulation - bottom heater ceramic elements whole field regulation - parallel clamping frame - 4 cooling fans - pre blow- and blow off automatic - plug assist - automatic control of foil sacking by photo cell - front door for ... more
Forming size: 680 x 540 mm Film max width: 750 mm Ber9cgol3v Material thickness: 0.20 -2.00 mm Top + bottom heating plates (New in 2018) Forming station with: - Top and Bottom forming table / Indramat servo drive - 2-station pneumatic clamping Transport Chain with Servo Drive Hole punching with AC Drive Cutting station Typ DSB 72 VKU with moveable bottom table / AC Motor Stacking station more
Material : PET Cavity: 9 Product Dimention: 130x138x80 mm Product description: Fruit Tray with Lid and holes Fvdfzxlv more
forming area 350 x 500 mm max. material width 550 mm depth of draw 100 mm positive, 40mm negative Ldof2a8v Pressure by Forming 2,5 bar With Pneum. Extra Hole punching New Sefrvo drive on Form station in 2019 more
Thermoforming machine with central lubrication pump, upper u. Below heating plates, pneum. Upper stamp, ILLIG stacking. Molding surface (mm) 680x450 Bgsjamzp79 Foil width (mm) 700 Deep drawing height (mm) 125 The machine is still in production but will be transported to our warehouse from next year. All offers are valid until the day of loading. Control system Siemens S5 and Mitsubishi for servo Extras: - Servo chain transport - Transmission in 2007 - ILLIG VHW 72 pre-heating - ILLIG RS 75b ... more
Max film width: 610 mm Maximum foil thickness: 2.0 mm Heating roller: 35.4 kW Luftzeizung: 4 kW Max speed: 35 m / min. Max Heat temperature: 140 ° C Approximate weight: 1050 kg. Bhju8uw8dv Color: White more
Type RDKP 54 S18 Forming area 500 x 350 mm Depth of draw pos./neg. 100 mm Max. Film length 540 mm Top heater (Ceramic) with10 row regulation by Pilot control 12,5 kW Strokes per min. 25 Ysd0g0 Air requirement per cycle 195 l Band steel punching press DSB 65 V Year of Manuf. 1978 Max. closing force 50 Ton. more
Roll cutter with 900 mm working width Max. working width : 900 mm Max. working height : 150 mm Table area, booth sides : 1140x1300 mm Ikxcj2rm8 Diam. roller : 196 mm Total weight : 800 Kg Diamensions : 2700 X 1310 X 1525 (LxWxH) Power : 400 Volt 50 Hz Working heigh : 800 mm more
Technical details table length 1000 mm table width 1000 mm height 200 mm machine weight approx. ca 600 kg space requirement approx. 1 x 1 additional information F9xjkw2 with base more
V-belt pulley, pulley -Diameter 508 mm -Total width 120 mm -6 x belt -V-belt width 17 mm F9x97l2 -Recording O 59 mm -Balanced pulley -Weight 46 kg - Other pulleys in stock more
Cylindrical grinders with granite bed up to 6,000 mm grinding length and tip height up to 550 mm have these machines as absolute specificity a machine bed made of granite (solid stone) - the technological advantages of this design are in the thermischen - as well as in the vibration-technical behavior of the material granite - and are built in this version since 2001. As well, no foundation is required for large loop lengths (up to 6,000 mm) and corresponding workpiece weight (up to 5,000 kg). G... more
V-belt pulley, pulley -Rezess ø 150 Bdy0mmv3it Diameter 310 mm -1 belt Belt width 16 mm Recording ø 60 mm weight 17 kg more
Cylindrical grinding machine Manufacturer: Georg Karstens Type: K 58/2 Year of construction: 1995 grinding length: 1000mm grinding diameter: 300mm Control: Karsten Heidenhain Machine documents and operating instructions are available. Machine has run to the end; but now, after a longer period of standstill, does not start up again. Gxtmlnd condition: used machine Machine location: Near Billigheim Reference number: ATB2892 Contact person Mr. Mueller Please also have a look at our other offers. (... more
Horizontal boring and milling machine Ernault Somua FA300/200 CNC Bjfqyw0aec The machine was retrofitted and upgraded with CNC Siemens in 2010 Siemens 840D controller Boring spindle diameter 200 mm Milling spindle diameter 300 mm X-way 6000 mm Y-way 4200 mm Z-way 2250 mm W-axis 1150 (RAM) mm ISO 60 Spindle RAM size 550 x 550 mm. Machine is equipped with: 1) Rotary table size 3600x3600mm 2) 3pcs. floor plates 6000x2000mm 3) faceplate, 2 millig heads For more information please contact us. more
Code 71095 Omschrijving Kolomboormachine Fabrikaat WEBO Type Gradua 50 Serie Nummer 053 12 5 Bouwjaar ???? Afmetingen – wegdraaibare tafel 620 x 600 mm – voetspanplaat 620 x 600 mm Boorcapaciteit 60 mm Boordiepte 200 mm Konus boorspil 5 MK Uitlading 400 mm Max. afstand boorspil / voet 1250 mm Mfcpl Max. afstand boorspil / tafel 800 mm Spilsnelheden 8 stuks 56 – 1250 omw.min Spilvoedingen 8 stuks 0,06 – 0,84 mm/omw. Gewicht 1000 kg Motor 4,0 / 3,3 kW – 380 ... more