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Chamber furnace, hardening furnace, tempering furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, chamber furnace, annealing furnace, annealing and hardening furnace -Chamber furnace electrically heated -Process control type C 9 -Power 9 kW -max temp. 1200° C Bgrhp0bybq -Electrically heated -Lining Schamot -Inner dimensions 250/255 / H350 mm -Outer dimensions 1145/920 / H720 mm -Weight 230 kg more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
17699 km
output: 220 V height over floor: 850 mm total power requirement: 2,5 kw temperature: 200 °C weight of the machine approx.: 80 kg S8x0cb0av space requirement of the machine approx.: L:0,85xB:0,6xH:1,15 m Application area: drying device internal dimensions: W: 0,50 x T:0,42 x H:0,60m door opening : W:500 x H:600mm The internal room does have 3 shelves ( depth 370 x W: 490mm) upper shelf inlet has been taken out, because the thermometer gets deep into the room ( see picture / comparable) Oven has b... more
Eislingen, Germany Germany
dealership location
17981 km
degree:1100 working heigth:150 mm width:270 mm depth:540 mm total power requirement:6 kW dimensions of the machine ca.:0,7 x 1,2 x 1,37 m 6 220 V; 50 Hz; 27 Amp. Muffle furnace, next official test due in 07/2005 C2j309c3 more
1 used hardening furnace Manufacturer: Nolzen Type: TL 30/30/50 Year of construction: 1996 Serial number: 14785 Technical data: max. temperature : 750°C kW: 6 Blkwlphjpu Equipped with: Time switch more
Eliog annealing furnace Here we offer a passable annealing furnace. Technical data Temperature range: 70 ... 200 °C B2lxyp8g Working temperature: max. 200 °C Airflow: horizontal circulating air fan: 4 pieces of 5,5 kW each exhaust fan: 1 piece a 7,5 kW Heat output: 396 kW (4 heating groups of 99 kW each) Connected load: 419 kVA Nominal voltage: 3 x 400 V; 50 Hz; PE Protection class: IP 65, IP 20 (heating) Noise emission: < 70 dB(A) Door: 2 rolling gates, inner rolling gate with heat-insulated el... more
new device, 12 months warranty -temperature 250°C -inside WxDxH 1500 x 3000 x 2000 mm -Outside WxDxH 2410 x 3560 x 2730 mm -content 9000 litres -Omron E5CC controller (setpoint/actual value controller) Zcviyyuj -Time switch Galaxy -overtemperature protection Omron K8 Relay -entry lanes -2 pcs. circulating air fans -exhaust air and supply air flap manually adjustable -safety door switch -power 43 KW -Connection 400 V , 3 phase -not suitable for substances containing solvents -temperature accuracy... more
Drying oven, drying cabinet, electrode re-drying, electrode cabinet Drying oven with isolating transformer -electrically heated -Stahlauskleidung 2vkctee99 -Interior dimensions 100 x 420mm -3x ovens available -Price pieces -Dimensions oven 170/190 / H570 mm - Dimensions transformer 330/220 / H360 mm -Weight 14 kg / each more
Deinze, Belgium Belgium
dealership location
18268 km
380V - 50 Hz - 18A Bicrbcq9k2 more
For sale is a Annealing furnace Furnace From Heraeus KR 260 Octeh 4 levels up to 1150 degrees Condition: Used. Pick up by yourself or forwarding agent. We are happy to assist you in organising a cost-effective forwarding agency. You are welcome to come by for a tour. You will receive a proper invoice. A net invoice can also be issued for foreign customers. Prerequisite is a valid Ust.Indent.Nr. Subject to prior sale. Visit our shop and have a look at our other offers. Indicated company names an... more
Hardening oven Manufacturer Nabertherm Type N21 Year of manufacture 1990 Very good condition Bk7u8clnha Opening 260 x 260mm max. 1200° with manual control Stove comes from a public institution more
Roller hearth furnace, make Mahler type: RHEE 500/100/3000-6500 refurbished: 2016 max. charge weight: 40 kg/m nominal throughput: 288 kg/h clear roll width: 500 mm clear height above roll: 100 mm furnace length: approx. 22100 mm working temperature: Y3bvgv7d - Warm-up zone: 800-1000°C - High temperature zone 800-1250°C heating: electric connected load: 400 kW gases used: nitrogen, hydrogen more
-suitable for solvent-containing materials -oven chamber 1500 x 2500 x 1500 (w x d x h ) -usable space 1300 x 2300 x 1000 (w x d x h) -Tmax 450°C -batch weight: 2750 kg -Controller P 470 in the stand cabinet - NTlog/NT Graph Process documentation, recording of process data on USB stick -single track rails - 2x fresh air filter M6 -controllable air circulation -Seal-welded inner housing -connected load approx. 143 kW -heating capacity ca 132 kW -supply voltage 400V 3Ph/PE 50Hz Yskbxg -Documenta... more
Drying oven, drying cabinet, electrode re-drying, electrode cabinet, preheating oven, drying system Bi0zpsnsug -Chamber furnace electrically heated -Power 2.2 kW Voltage 220 V. -Max. Temp. Approx. 250° C -Timerswitch -Interior dimensions 600/400 / H500 mm -Mobile base with cupboard -External dimensions 720/895 / H1450 mm -Weight 84 kg more
Nabertherm "Multitherm N161 #72937" The MultiTherm is a Chamber furnace for the heat treatment of metals and other materials. Data to the oven: • Maximum temperature 1150° C = • internal dimensions weight = 550 mm x 750 mm x 400 mm • power KW = = 27 Hyksg998i • Operation with program controller C19 (see last picture): • Electronic temperature controller • Works with a separate power switchgear • Has a heater writer to create a Glühprotokolles Price is net plus. 19% VAT (ordinary invoice is ... more
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany Germany
dealership location
18038 km
- - - - - - max. charge dimensions (L x W x H) 610 x 910 x 460 mm max. charge load 350 kg working temperature range 750 - 1.000 °C - - - - - - max. charge dimensions (L x W x H) 610 x 910 x 460 mm max. charge load 350 kg working temperature 150 - 450 °C speed of the circulation motor 750 / 1.500 1/min - - - - - - max. charge dimensions (L x W x H) 610 x 910 x 460 mm max. charge load 350 kg working temperature range 150 - 750 °C speed of the circulation motor 750 / 1.500 1/min - - - - - - work... more
Deinze, Belgium Belgium
dealership location
18268 km
opening: 250 x 250 mm depth: 500 mm Bicrbvtks7 more
Chamber furnaces line CIEFFE-fully automated - 2 pieces multipurpose double chamber furnaces usable dimensions (w x d x h): 910 x 1.220 x 910 mm max. charge weight: 1.000 kg max. working temperature: 1.050°C number of burners: 18 7sbmiqg oil volume: approx. 9.000 l working height: 1.320 mm consumption pilot gas: CH4 - 0,7 m3/h protective gas: - N2 flushing gas max. 80 Nm3/h - endogas: 33 Nm3/h - enriching gas CH4: 1,5 Nm3/h - 5 pieces tempering furnaces type: ... more
-Temp. Max 260°C -inside WxDxH 1250 x 1250 x 2000 mm -control Siemens S7 300 with touch panel Dj8ikud90 -with entry lanes -thyristor controlled -Product documentation about thermocouples -exhaust air flap, exhaust air fan -power 30,2 KW -connection 400 V 3/N/PE -incl. piping -incl. trolley, only usable up to 80°C -incl. documentation condition: very good, hardly used drying oven, kiln, heating oven, heating cabinet, industrial oven tempering furnace, heating furnace, annealing furnace, drying c... more
Drying oven, drying cabinet, electrode re-drying, electrode cabinet, preheating oven, drying system, heat treatment system -Chamber: furnace electrically heated -Power:40 kW -Voltage: 380 V -Max. Temp: 660 °C -Control: -Measurement recorder without function N2jq7 -Interior dimensions: 1300 x 590/530 x 330/400 mm -Oven dimensions: 2630/1450 / H1825 mm -External dimensions control cabinet: 650/1190 / H2200 mm -Weight: kg more
It is a drying oven which is designed for temperatures up to 160°C. The oven is in disassembled condition. The operating instructions and the circuit diagram are located inside the control cabinet. Oh72zjq2 more
Industrial oven, drying oven Type: PKL-1 Maximum temperature: 180 ° C The temperature is adjustable Number of tablets: 10 Size of Table: 70x50 cm Individually lockable electrical latch Oven dimensions: Height: 1450/1900 mm B3jq0hy0 Width: 1250 mm Depth: 850 mm Weight: 350 kg We have 3 pieces on Stock! more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
18055 km
DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right-: 8750 mm .. space requirements -front/back-: 3700 mm .. total height: 3100 mm Rollenherdofen WMU VKR 3900g 2000 Bauj. 2004, Schutzgasfähig Nutzraum: 2000 x 50 (150) Durchsatz: 600 kg/h Nenntemp.: 950 °C Heizleistung: 280 KW Bgntrns3uo 3 Heizzonen je 950°C Heizlänge: 3900 mm Nutzraumbreite: 2000 mm Nutzraumhöhe: 50 (150) mm Durchsatzleistung: 600 kg/h Ofenvolumen: 7.1 m3 7 Rekuperator - Strahlrohrbrenner 3-fach Lich... more
Electrically heated continuous furnace plant, make Sarlin The plant consists of: - hardening furnace Bfkkmzgjtv - oil quenching Bath - washing machine - tempering furnace power consumption: approx. 245 kWh bandwidth: 600 mm throughput: max. 400 kg/h gases used: nitrogen, methanol, propane, ammonia more
max. temperature 550 Grad size of opening 300 mm Ø depth of chamber 450 mm total power requirement 5.7 kW weight of the machine ca. 190 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 650Øx1300 mm Htieuizzi more
Hardening furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, microwave muffle furnace, incineration furnace, microwave rapid incinerator, laboratory furnace Ql30bmfnm -Melting and melt decomposition z. B. for elemental analysis -Drying, annealing and heat treatments -Max. Heat: 1200°C -Microwave -Menu control -Interfaces -Dimensions interior: 250/110/H80 mm -Transport dimensions: 600/460/H490 mm -Weight: 50 kg more
Chamber furnace Jvdp2u Manufacturer: Aichelin Type: WDE 40/25/60 Year of construction: 1965 Connected load: 18 KW Maximum temperature: 1,150 °C total weight: 830 kg .. more
max. temperature . Grad size of opening 450x1200 mm depth of chamber 450 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Yssyk0 more
Oil hardening line PEKAT 1.1 Producer: ELTERMA Build year: 1976 It is electric oil hardening line. Load: 280 kg (gross) Working temperature:700 – 950 C Chamber dimensions: 900 X 600 X 450 mm Oil bath capacity: 3500 dm3 Neutral gas: nitrogen ( only supply system without stirrer ) Furnace intended for sale together with other assets due to the termination of the company's business. Bijx0msyvi Price not include disassembly and transport more
Rotary furnace plant, make IVA heat treatments: carbonitriding and tempering type: DRG temperature: 950°C throughput: - carbonitriding approx. 300 kg / h with a holding time of approx. 60 min. - hardening approx. 400 kg / h with a holding time of approx. 40 min. Bfkekphvpj rotary tube dimensions (ø x l): 900 x 4.000 mm pitch: 130 mm heating power: 34 Reku-burners x approx. 282 kW heating zones: 3 used gases: natural gas, N2, methanol, propane, ammonia more
Königstein im Taunus Germany
18005 km
Auction finished
Vacuum furnace for the production of carbon components in dismantled condition, consisting of: Steel construction and staircase height approx. 11 m, heating chamber with 650 KW furnace diameter approx. 2000mm ( 3600mm x 3700mm x 3900mm), add-on parts and periphery among other things control cabinet, cable connections, cooling pipes, div. fibreboards, drained operating media, approx. 3000 litres of emulsion coolant, div. canister with oils and lubricants, div. canister of cleaning concentrate. Ob... more
Chamber furnace, hardening furnace, tempering furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, chamber furnace, annealing furnace, annealing and hardening furnace -Machine can be viewed under power and gas including documents J9j2sben -Chamber furnace: natural gas heated -Manufacturer: Hotwork Drewsbury -Max. Temp: 900° C -Internal dimensions 4450/4200 / H1200 mm -permitted furnace load: 10 tons -Control: Two-point control using program control -Manufacturer: JUMO -Thermocouple typ... more
For relieving the stress from a material and allow Mux2ww more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
18055 km
Roller hearth furnace with electrical/gas heating for treating coated and uncoated sheet metal blanks for hot-forming process Working temperature max.: 980°C Material temperatur max.: 930°C + 15 K furnace: 10 heating zones inner dimensions: length: 22.630 mm, width: 2.000 mm, height: 350 mm external dimensions: total lenght (without lifting) 23.400 mm Width 4.354 mm, Height 3.638 mm, weight approx. 30 t Lifting device: L 1.773 x W 4.214 x H 6.278 mm, approx. 4t Return transfer: L 23.355 x W ... more
Isothermal annealing furnace Seco Warwick CBG: Producer: SecoWarwick Build year: 2015 It is modern fully automatic gas furnace for the normalizing and isothermal annealing heat treatment. Very low gas consumption. Load in 2500 kg (gross) Max temp: 1000 C The furnace has specific air exchange system which avoid to make isothermal annealing process with fg. Keep temperature 930 C and drop temp up to 650 C and keep this during 40 min. All parameters are programmable. D3sa3ezw3 Furnace intended for ... more
Endogas generator, make Gebr. Hammer output: 50 - 100 Nm3/h pressure: 1,05 bar reaction gases: hydrogen ~40% carbon monoxide ~20% nitrogen ~40% dew point: 0...+15°C gas: natural gas consumption: 21 Nm3/h electrical consumption: 50 kWh connected load: 70 kVA Copspxh more
Max. Furnace temperature 300 ° C Crrbeznc Volume furnace 1.96 m³ Clear width total 1100 mm Clear depth total 1500 mm Clear height total 1200 mm connected load heating 2 x 18 kW = 36 kW automatic control areas: 2 Connected load circulation fan 2,2 kW with chain conveyor Place monitoring of unloading place with light barrier 2 lifting gates Program control Siemens S7/300 more
Drying oven, drying cabinet, electrode re-drying, electrode cabinet -Power: 0.2 kW -max temperature 110 °C -electrically heated Qk8yayuyq -Steel lining -Weight: 7 kg -Number: several dryers available -Price: per piece more
-with thyristor control -oven space 600 x 600 x 600 mm -Temp Max 1400°C -Eurotherm controller -automatic exhaust air flaps, fresh air fan -charging weight ca 110 kg -increased heating capacity -Oven bottom with SIC plates -incl. documentation The stove has normal traces of use and is technically in a very good condition. We carry industrial furnaces, which we not only test and overhaul, but also modify and supplement according to customer requirements. We are happy to offer installation and comm... more
Jánská 12, 602 00 Brno-Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
17477 km
good (used)
Control system: OP27 Be8euz9yd3 Maximum bending lenght: 6000 mm Maximum thickness of the bending sheet metal (normal steel): 1.5 mm Machine weight: 5 - 6 t Accesories: Technical documentation more
Oil hardening line PEKAT 2.3 SecoWarwick Producer: SecoWarwick Build year: 1986 – fully renovated September 2015 It is electric oil hardening line. Load: 560 kg (gross) Working temperature: 750 – 950 C Chamber dimensions: 1225 x 900 x 450 mm Oil bath capacity: 5500 dm3 Neutral gas: nitrogen Control system: PLC S-7 Siemens Furnace intended for sale together with other assets due to the termination of the company's business. E298frd Price not include disassembly and transport. more
useable dimensions (l x w x h): 900 x 500 x 500 mm operating temperature: 150 -700°C temperature uniformity: 10 K reachable vacuum: 0,1 mbar heating power: 39 kW charge weight: 350 kg gross Luhu2 used gases: natural gas / propan, N2. CO2, ammonia more
(Please state your offer price) Godedapbs Sales only within Europe, incl. Turkey Price without packaging; terms of delivery: FCA (machine location) ===== Technical data see handout. Any warranty is excluded. For the correctness of the technical data and year of manufacture, for the completeness of accessories and tool equipment, and for compliance with all safety and environmental protection requirements specified in the accident prevention regulations, we do not assume any warranty. No sale to ... more
Rod-end reheating furnace for natural gas firing with automatic temperature control and electronic ignition and flame monitoring Manufacturer Industrieofenbau Aue GmbH Type GS-120 Year of manufacture 2000 maximum temperature 1250°C The furnace was purchased in February 2001 and operated sporadically until November 2005. Since then, nothing more has been produced with the plant. The kiln therefore has hardly any operating hours. Useful space in L x W x H = approx. 50x50cm outer dimensions: approx... more
2 pieces on offer, normal used traces -Max temperature 1200°C -with tyristor control Bkyrywtgdq -Siemens control -120 litres -inside (clear dimension) H x W x D 560 x 420 x 500 mm -10.5 KW -weight ca 1150 kg Price 3,900 EUR net per piece ex works. The stoves are currently being repainted (grey). Industrial furnace, chamber furnace, tempering furnace, drying furnace, heating furnace, heating furnace, annealing furnace, firing furnace, curing furnace, more
max. temperature:1120 Grad Working width of the conveyor belt::600 mm Usable height::250 mm Heating length::6350 mm Heating power::396 KW Number of heating zones::4 Belt speed max .: :1050 mm/min Belt speed min .::100 mm/min Cooling zone::3000 mm Conveyor oven / continuous oven Complete system Especially suitable for brazing, tempering and much more Manufacturer MWU - Germany Type VKD 6500 e Serial No. 010177-5 Year 1995 Accessories / special equipment Task and removal table Fast c... more
Max temperature 1100 °C Zr7jryi Net weight 120 kg Inner size 25 x 25 x 50 cm Electric connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 25 A Good working condition. Please check out our other listings as well. more
Vacuum tempering furnace, make IVA Ohdbppgb connected load: 90 kW max. temperature: 750°C useable dimensions (l x w x h): 900 x 600 x 600 mm PLC: Siemens S5 more
Chamber depth: 310 mm. Chamber width: 160 mm. Chamber height: 160 mm. Chamber temperature: 50 - 750 degrees. Beyphavypd Including automatic control, Base frame and documentation. Weight: approx. 150 kg. The furnace can be demonstrated in under power and is immediately available. Please also note my further advertisements. more
temperature max. . ° internal length of the oven . mm internal width of the oven . mm internal height of the oven . mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Gwingk Annealing furnace with extraction system Make: Helmut Peiler 2 pieces available more

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