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Complete sawmills (stationary) for sale

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Identified location: New Zealand (Edit)
Dimitrovichi, Belarus Belarus
(dealership location)
17619 km
excellent (used)
Log Band saw Excellent condition Buw3x39irk
we offer a Möhringer gang saw with auxiliary carriage and clamping carriage as well as splitting wedge and pre-cutting circular saw for sale. maximum feed rate is 15 m/min This saw is mostly used between 7-10 m/min. Buw2xxai78 The machine can be picked up in February 2022.
Small sawmill with bearing damage for cutting logs including accessories and sharpening machine. Passage 750 mm. Consisting of: Brwy2yp7im - Frame saw Linck (bearing damage). - 2 x clamping trolley - Approx. 45 saw blades and accessories - Sharpening machine Vollmer For self dismantling and self collection
Zehles Einhang Lehren 40Stk. - 18mm 41Stk. - 24mm 20Stk. - 27mm 24Stk. - 30mm 28Stk. - 36mm 02jjehej 26Stk. - 40mm 18Stk. - 45mm 20Stk. - 50mm 14Stk. - 60mm 24Stk. - 80mm 10Stk. - 100mm 10Stk. - 120mm 4Stk. - 140mm 4Stk. - 120-180mm verstellbar 4Stk. - 180-300mm verstellbar Lehren fein 32Stk. - 1mm 28Stk. - 2mm 27Stk. - 3mm 23Stk. - 5mm 12Stk. - 8mm Angeln 24Stk. - 410mm oben 25Stk. - 330mm unten 20Stk. - 420mm oben 20Stk. - 330mm unten Keile 20Stk. - 240mm-42mm-25mm
EWD log carriage EW 1000 loglengths 2,5 - 10,5 (12,5) m Logdiameters 0,15-1,1m Buk0b9lr90 5 hooks 4 logturners new rails new motors
Bandsaw line CANALI year of manufacture 1978 1 Log infeed system 1 Infeed clocking system 1 CANALI-Dividing band saw type HBSG-1100 max. cutting height 500 mm infeed speed 1 – 30 m/min. back run speed 1 – 50 m/min. motor approx. 11 kW 1 driven cone roller track with throw out facility to the right side 1 cross transport right side 1 driven cone roller track with throw out facility to the left side Pboyj 1 cross transport left side 1 Middle cut dividing band saw type TMA-1100 max....
Frankreich France
19201 km
excellent (used)
Complete with Bandmill and mcanisation Pbiyd
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
17359 km
Deabarker: Cambio 45 No. of the saws: 3 Sorting pockets: 6 Chipper: Bruks 1700M Cx3atxp2 Circular sawmill with debarking station - sawmill is controlled by one person - first saw is LE12 - second saw is BE6 - third saw is CR8 Description of the layout: 1. Log table (2017) 2. Log table (2017) 3. Elevator 4. Separator 5. Log conveyor 6. Scanner (give signal to turner) 7. Turner 8. Centering table 9. Debarker Cambio 45 10. Outfeed rollers for debarker 11. Log conveyor with kicker 12. Cross conveyor...
Niedersachsen, Deutschland Germany
18310 km
good (used)
Compl. small diam. timber sawing line SMA-REF-6831 Type: sawmill sawmills stationary Manufacturer: ARI Model: System 35 Year: 1975 Capacity: 150 - 200 fm/8h Working range: Roundwood: 12 - 50 cm Length: 300 - 850 cm Components: Complete plant: Log infeed Loog transport Rough cutting saw Circular resaw A Circular resaw B Cutting out saw Mitre saws Edging saw Sorting etc. Condition: ready for action decommisioned not under power Location: Northern Germany 2s2q7m Availability: on demand
Oberrot Germany
18568 km
excellent (used)
Profiler Linck VP 34 with infeed and outfeed rolls Bimwilfqce very good condition,
Scheeßel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18285 km
reconditioned (used)
pulley-Ø 1250 mm, opening under the blade guide about 900 mm, saw motor 37 kW, electric saw tensioner, electric saw guide adjustment, carriage length 5,0 m, 4 hydraulic clamping claws each separate movable, 4 log turner with hydraulic lifting, 4 hydraulic devices for claw distance adjustment, 4 hydraulic move off devices for the back motion of the carriage, break motor drive for thickness adjustment for two speeds, automatic lubrication pump system, heavy hydraulic feed drive incl. steel-rope, ...
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
17359 km
Small log saw line Soderhamn Eriksson / USNR with Euromill Log lenght 2,4 – 6 m, log diameter 8-30 cm Capacity 120 m3 ready material 8 h/shift averege log diameter 18 cm Machine list 1. Log deck, 5 chains 2. Elevator 3. One piece feeder 4. Chain conveyor. 5. Infeed to the debarker. 6. Debarker CAMBIO 71-45. 7.Outfeed from the debarker. 8. Chain conveyor with kicker 9. Cross conveyor 10. One piece feeder 11. Chain conveyor 12. Centring conveyor 13. Chipper canter Soderhamn 240-12C 14. Roller conv...
Lorup, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18388 km
Linck SE 700 700 mm stroke Electronics from 2008 with S7 SPS Hydraulic saw clamp and pressure register. O9b8p Automatic program for feeding. Incl. spare part gate, with stilts etc.
BONGIOANNI log bandsaw line, type SNT 1600 – CMZ/M Suitable to cut log diameter up to 1300 mm Consisting of - Heavy duty cross chain transport for logs Fk7pa3n - Loading deck with 5 pc. loading arms - BONGIOANNI hydraulic log carriage, type CMZ / M - BONGIOANNI hydraulic driven rope feeding - Control cabin with MUDATA controller - BONGIOANNI moveable cross cut saw - BONGIOANNI band saw machine, type SNT 1600 - Outfeed roller conveyor with cross chain outfeed - Reload deck with 5 pc. cross ch...
passing width 1,250 mm, stroke 1.050 mm, high adjustment by new gear motor with break, automatic lubrication pump, mechanical clamping carriage 4.000 or 8.000 mm length, new Switch board D7p9oejd
Circular sawline - full loginfeed with Cambio 66 and Bruks 1200, reducer ARI SKR + 2 blades, ARI BKR + multirip ARI DS74+1, automatic edger Catech + ARI KT52, waste handling - screen, chipper, capacity approx 50000 m3/ready products/shift/year. Bc88kxik Лесопильное производство ARIVislanda с ФБС + круглопильные пилы. Производительность ок 50000 м3 готового обрезного пиломатеряла/смену/год
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
17359 km
Capacity: 65-100 m3/8 hour shift Band saw: MEM Tele Twin Year: 1978 Electric motor: 2 x 75 kW Multirip saw: MEM 2MT2 Year: 1991 Electric motor: 2 x 90 kW Speed: up to 120 m/min Blade diameter: 500 mm Maximum cutting height: 150 mm Edge saw: Lindqvist K583R Electric motor: 22 kW Speed: 50 - 90 m/min Bt7v2fo770 Chipper: Segem 668/2 Year: 1991 Electric motor: 90 kW Opening: 600 x 250 mm Knive length: 600 mm Sawmill MEM: - the MEM sawmill is complete from log feeding to board storage pockets - the l...
Carriage for logbandsaw Horizontal opening : 750 mm 4 x pneumatic headstocks Distance between headstocks : 2.100 / 1.300 / 2600 mm 3 x electro -pneumatic logturners positioned in the middle off the headstocks Pvj8hu Setworks MUDATA model DIV 001 (OPTIGRUM) and using a FRQUENCY inverter ! Motor = LEROY SOMER 5,5 KW 1450 rpms 400 v 11.2A Carriage feedworks Leroy SOMER +/-22 KW Dc power with new inverter for brushless. Quit powerful drive .
Engen Germany
18693 km
repair required (used)
chipper canter 2 x canter le/ri 75KW 2 x canter top/buttom 55 KW linespeed 75 m/min. G2p7dvlsk logdiameters 8-25 cm No sawing section
SAW COLUMN Model FB120, serial no. 11011, year 2011, flywheel diameter 1200, left; Btmmoktay7 Log Carrier CR/5ME, serial no. 11012, year 2011, carriage with 5 electric clamps, 2 log turners, 2 flipper levers, hydraulic variator on the carriage. Reference standards: 2006/42/CE; EN 61800-3, EN418, EN 602094-1, 73/23 CE, EN1050, DLGS 17 DEL 17/10/10, DLGS 09/04/2008 N°81
passing width 710 mm, stroke 500 mm, automatic swinging frame, hydraulic infeed gear unit steppless variable, hydraulic roller lifting device, saw dust shaker, 1 hydraulic saw blade tensioner, 2 hydraulic side pressing units, 1 outfeed wedge separator incl. 2 side pressing rollers, 1 set saw blades and spacers, 1 hydraulic clamping carriage incl. control panel, 1electric auxillary carriage, 3 switch cabinets, if necessary 90 kW saw motor and counter shaft equipment, incl. 2 flat belts Bdz3be8c7...
Via Umbro Casentinese, 154, 52010 Subbiano AR, Italy Italy
18610 km
good condition (used)
Vertical log band saw ST 140 Thick steel base Flywheels diameter mm 1400 Flywheels face width mm 190 Blade size 206x1,47 or 1,65x9750 Hydraulic blade tensionning Electric tilt of upper Flywheel Hydraulic disc brake on lower flywheel Protection-blade guard and upper flywheel Automatic and timed oil pump blade lubrication and flywheels Carpet of multiple chains on the saw base Circular cleanser used to remove any foreign bodies present on the surface layer of the trunk for the entire cutting li...
 Headrig PRIMULTINI model 1300 SG built 1993 Wheel diameter 1.300 for saws up to 180 mm wide. Clockwise rotation Main motor : 75 KW / 100 HP Electric blade tension, manual tracking. Electric rise and fall top blade guide. Pressure guides with hydraulic retraction. Chain mat on bottom off the headrig (version for double cut)  Carriage PRIMULTINI model CFF built 1993 4 x hydraulic dogging, intermediate distances : 2.250 / 1.800 / 950 mm 3 x logturners (off which 1 has been taken off for rep...
complete EWD Optimes Edgerline boardlengths 2,5 - 6,3 m Bukv8rva8b boardwidths 18-100mm 4 movable sawblades complete hydraulics complete electrics/automation complete line is desmantled
gang saw Wurster & Dietz GXV incl. accessories, pressure rollers and many saw blades. - Technical data on request. - Dismantled and loaded free. Mvzrrk
Logbandsaw MEM type: 120 saw wheel diameter 1200 mm log diameter max. 800 mm semiautomatic control, program for different length hydraulic log clamping carriage with log turning chains Bcsljjrvvx distance between the 2 log clamps is 1700 mm length of the log carriage 2200 mm
Via Umbro Casentinese, 154, 52010 Subbiano AR, Italy Italy
18610 km
good condition (used)
HEADRIG PRIMULTINI MOD. SGC SQUARED CARTER Diameter flywheels mm 1300 Flywheel face width mm 165 Max dimension of blade mm 180x1,3x9620 Min dimension of blade mm 120x1,3x9240 Max speed of blade 35 mt/s. Hydraulic blade tensioning and guide Hydraulic pad for blade guide Mmotor V. 380 KW 75 (HP 100) with electric board starting star- triangle Bq3ux0v3k0 Pad for debark and rest of trunk extraction made by chains Dimensions of assembling mm 1900 x 1460 x 4210 h Weight kg 4480 CARRIAGE “PRIM...
GLABAIS, Belgium Belgium
(dealership location)
18725 km
good (used)
Headrig 1.80m Wheels diameter Log carriage 8m mit 5 independant headstocks Slabber Different mechanisation parts alone for sale 2g0fylzpm
Complete resaw MEM Cobra with 6 moveable achsis 7 products! Canter in front of the saw, new Siemens S 7 plc and cabinet. Infeed, canter, resaw, board seperator. Max cutting hight 225 mm. Excellent almost new condition. Hmpmupz
Sawmill plant Wurster & Dietz GXV 71 with stilt break, passage 71 cm, roller width: 56 cm Consisting of: - Creel W&D type GXV 71, stilt broken, see pictures. Dxwiym - Sharpening room Vollmer CNHV and TSV + post saw blades. - Feed cross conveyor - Electric clamping carriage with auxiliary carriage - Splitting wedge and roller conveyor - For self dismantling and self collection.
Logbandsawheadrig BRENTA 1400 anti-clockwise rotation Completely covered for safety. Wheeldiameter : 1400, width of saw 180 mm (7,5”) Main motor 55 KW (75HP) 1.475 RPM Cast iron machine construction, wheels plain & casted. Blade tension through counter balance weights and electric tension. Electric rise and fall top sawguide, standard guides. Manual setting of correct position of saw on wheels. Short footprint Fully covered sawblade according to safety recommendations . Exflg3izo
Bandsaw Primultini 1300 SGA Mvv0ak Completely dismantled (with all documents) and ready for loading!
passing width 1.000mm, stroke 800 mm, saw motor 18,5 kW, high adjustment by new gear motor with brake, automatic lubrication pump, clamping carriage 4.000 or 8.000 mms, new switch board Bejzjcdpki
LBL Brenta log bandsaw line SBE1600 - Spider 1260 Bnyf8kj Consisting of: - Log infeed and loading deck - LBL Brenta log carriage, type Spider 1260 - LBL Brenta cable winch drive - Brenta bandsaw machine - Outfeed conveyor system - Vacuum lifting device
It includes 8KE 1.5 double bandsaws, 447 in feed to canter. Out feed. Brtqjimxfp
Stranice 27a, 3206 Stranice, Slovenia Slovenia
18285 km
NEW horizontal band saw WRC 1000 - heavy-duty machinery / strong construction, fully hydraulical equipment, German electronics, high performance, easy to install and easy to maintain: - log diam. max. 95 cm - the length of the saw bed (rail of the saw) is adjusted to the length of the log - main el. motor: 22/30 kW - control panel - mounted on the saw or remoted Bw9dqjy - log turners - hydr. pin grips - moving left-right - hydr. roller - arms for log loading - etc.
A complete sawmill is sold here. Only all machines can be sold together, a single sale is not planned at the moment. The sawmill is fully functional and a trial run is possible by arrangement if there is serious interest. Furthermore, the whole round timber yard (see my other advertisements) would also be available. The sawmill includes among other things 1. round timber feeding 4 strands with taper roller conveyor with main turner with separation with inlay 2. clamping carriage remote controlle...
Saw mill ARI System 35 complete Circular saw mill Used, functional The system 35 is a high-performance-plant, for Flexibility in various wood types and at the same time top cutting accuracy. The plant includes: - infeed and conveying mechanization to the initial cut circular saw - initial cut circular saw ARI KS 12 - resaw machine ARI DS 8 - resaw machine ARI DS 8 – 2 - Mechanization for further transport - cut-off saw ARI KL 10 left side - trimmer ARI KT 5 - further mechan...
pulley-Ø 1250 mm, max. saw blade width 150 mm, passing width about 1250 mm, saw motor 37 kW, thickness adjustment and pulley movement in oil-bath, hydraulic quick clamping carriage 8,7 m length, 5 hydraulic clamps, hydraulic adjusting device for logs, 1 pre-cutting circular saw system for plank cutting with electrical adjustment device and laser preview, switch cabinet with control desc C3qwelgo
Complete sawmill with log feeding for log length 3 -5 meters diameter up to 1,2 meter Metal detector Mesutronic Log crosscut saw Root reducer Bruks Nicholson debarker Dxox8e Log band saw carriage Primultini - 3 trestles Log band saw Canali-Pacific with 1600 mm rollers Primultini double band resaw Trimming circular saw Esterer BNK 200 Lumber sorting with belt boxes Packing Complete disposal with drum chipper Rudnick Enners Scraper conveyor, screen Complete warping room Vollmer With Vollmer CAL 30...
Cobra edger with four movable heads. P3lykplz
Stranice 27, 3206 Stranice, Slovenia Slovenia
18285 km
New WRC, performance by black series Combination of high -tech equipment with frequency contolled motors and movements. Soft start & stop starting Boards pushing hand with adjustable hight & additional side holders Pressurized blade guidances with oil mist cooling Automatical oil and grease lubricating Tracking precutter Robust and raised rails with automatical waste cleaners All possible equipment for manipulating with log; movable logturners, patented fast log & prism turners, 2 levels...
Gjuterigatan 28, 652 21 Karlstad, Sweden Sweden
17606 km
good (used)
Complete set of carousel type feeding round log sawing line, Include debarking line VK-26M butt-and reducer BRUKS, automatic board edger line, Wood waste chipper BRUKS 1200 with chip sorting sieve. Cxpjbef

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