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Jettingen-Scheppach Germany
17938 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Mercedes 2628 6 x 4 ; 205 kW (279 PS) mit 300 l Dieseltank. Hydraulisch ausfahrbarer Mast Winde: Rotzler einfacher Zug 6 to.; Seil 12 mm Druchmesser, 400 m Crpuzvj Ölvorratsbehälter, Öl / Luftkühler, Pumpe, Motor Kilometerstand: 2.000 km Leistung: 280 ps Gewicht: 26.000 kg Ce Norm
Jettingen-Scheppach Germany
17938 km
as good as new (ex-display)
ll hydraulic operated drilling rig, type VB 400, constructed and designed for rotary drilling with mud circulation, with reverse mud circulation by airlifting and also DTH-Hammer drilling and dry drilling. Hook load gross capacity 250 kN; Mast length 11.5 m; Max. torque 16,000 Nm Clamping device: Max. free passage- when closed 250 mm; Max. clamping capacity 700 kN; Clamping jaw inserts 1 set for 4½" DP Bhjckjwere Hoising Equipment: Drive hydraulic; Max. line pull 50 kN; Rope diameter 16 mm; Rop...
Inverter Inverter, frequency converter Power 37 kW Bqjmjcqrwk Voltage: 3 phase, 380V Frequency: 0,1-500 Hz Overall size: 450x320x900 mm
Frequency converter, frequency converter, drive converter, controller, variable speed drive Qld2uofnv -Power: 1.5 kW -Input: 380/460V - 50/60Hz -Output: 3 Ph: 380/460 V -Frequency: 0.5-320 Hz -Number: 1x converter available -Price: per piece -Weight: 3 kg
Frequency converter Bepyos2lxx Make: Telemecanique Type: ATV18D16N4 15 HP / 11 kW With operating instructions
Inverter, frequency converter C0sdwi8m Power 30 kW Voltage: 3 phase, 380V Frequency: 0,1-500 Hz
Deutz Category: Lighting Description: Licence plate lighting Engine type: Fits for: Various types of tractors VPE:1 Weight:248 gr. OEM no: Bqppjv8buw
Frequency converter, frequency converter, drive converter, controller, variable speed drive -Manufacturer: Schneider, Altivar 61 frequency converter -Type: ATV61HU30Y Ph3dan8b -Max. Power: 3 kW -Input: 500/690 V -Display: removable -Dimensions: 230/230/H420 mm -Weight: 19 kg
Anzahl Bohrspindeln : 4 Stk Teilung : 32 mm Bohreraufnahme : Spannfläche Bohrerschaft: 10 mm Bedienung : Handschalter Msqsz Werkzeuge : Ja Bohrrichtung : von oben fest Anzahl Materialspanner : 2 Stk Art der Materialspannung : pneumatisch Anschlagsystem : für Lochreihe und Konstruktionsreihe mit Untergestell
feed pressure 16 bar liter capacity 60m³/h total power requirement 22 kW weight of the machine ca. 610 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 1,1x1,2x,1,7 m KSB HYAMAT pressure booster VP 2/3206 C1 with 2x11kW with Q = max. = 60m³ / h 16bar with 2 via HYAMAT VP controls controlled pumps MOVITEC VF 25/6 B each with 11kW 50Hz with 2x 28.5m³ / h H = 92,8m Speed 2950rpm Seal. PN25 Bfo2oxtww Hydr. PN40 Conn. PN25 / 40 Weight 605kg Dimensions 1020x1180x1640mm Year of construction 2011 second hand fully ...
Blue boat catcher (AANH-00498) Dimensions 105 x 68 mm Hole around 13 mmMen attach a bow catcher or catcher to the front of the trailer (often above or below the winch). The bow of your boat can rest in it, so the weight is better distributed and the boat is more stable. Although the bow catcher has only a small support point, a bad bow catcher, or poorly mounted bow catcher can cause your entire boat to lay badly on your boat trailer. Bow catchers are also known as catch pillars or boat cushions...
Fendt Category: Front axles Description: Rubber plate Engine type:Fendt Suitable for: Tractor Type: FW 138, FW 139, FW 228, Farmer 102, 103 VPE:1 Weight:gr. OEM no:138304021030 Dfoo3idpk
Frequency converter, frequency converter, drive converter, controller, variable speed drive 98ub9aexx -Power: 0.75 kW -Input: 1-phase 200/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 7.6 A -Output: 3-phase 200/240 VAC 0.5-320 Hz 3.6 A -Dimensions: 185/112/H118 mm -Weight: 1.5 kg
Pre-rolling plate folding machine. Including 12 profile rolls B87ahfuc
Aluminium ruler, 100cm (GERE-00783) Measuring length 100 cm Made of hardened aluminium Thickness gauge Professional quality aluminium Width : 29 mm Thickness : 1.6 mm Bqmw2b8gd3
Hanomag Category: Fuel Description: Burner plate atomizer Engine type: Suitable for: Atomizers VPE:1 Weight: gr. OEM no: Bqvh0d7hp0
Power cables, solar cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, LAN cables, fiber optic cables Bpgt7pkyv2 -Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact, fiber optic cable -Type: AT-VQHB2Y -Application area: outdoor use -Length: 72 m -Price: complete -Dimensions roll: Ø 500 x 370 mm -Weight: 14 kg
Maschine zum präzisen Bohren und Einpressen von allen Fabrikanten von Möbel-Topfbändern durch wechselbare Bohrköpfe. 400V, 3Ph, 50Hz komplett in Standardausführung mit wechselbarem Bohrkopf mit: 1 Bohreinheit mit Pneumatikvorschub und Pneumatikbremse, Motor 1,1 kW 1 4-Spindel-Bohrkopf (Teilung nach Scharniermuster) 1 Einpreßmatrize (nach Scharniermuster) N0eyv 1 Anschlaglineal 600 mm 2 Schwenkanschläge mit Klemmhebel 1 Arbeitsplatte 600x400 mm 1 Paar Niederhalter pneumatisch 1 Elektrischer Auss...
Mc-Cormick & IHC Category: Engine parts Description: Flywheel locking plate Engine type: DD-66, DD-74, DD-99, DD-111, DD-132, DD-148 Suitable for: Tractor types: DLD 2, DED 3, DGD 4, D 212, D 214, D 215, D 217, D 219, D 320, D 322, D 324, D 326, D 430, D 432, D 436, D 439, D 440 VPE:1 Weight:15 gr. OEM no: Lbatnyq
Power cables, solar cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, LAN cables, fiber optic cables Bplr8kz8id -Manufacturer: Leoni, fiber optic cable -Type: Gigaline AT-V / ZN) HH 4G50 / 125 -Length: 130 m -Price: complete -Dimensions roll: Ø 500 x 340 mm -Weight: 13 kg
Axes travel : X = 3860mm Y = 1822mm Z1 = 325mm Z2 = 185mm Working field 3250mm x 1250mm x 125mm 2sfndm Axis speeds.. x / y = 110m/min, y = 20m/min z = 20m/min Equipped with 6 x Workpiece supports 6 x Front stops 8 x Rear stops 2 x Pneumatically lowerabale side fences for right / left hand fields 4 x Controlled feeding rails for positioning of heavy workpieces 90 / 108 m3 / hr vacuum pump Laser pin for vacuum cup positioning Drilling unit with 19 vertical spindles and 6 horizontal spindles ...
Hanomag Category: Front axles Description: Retaining plate Engine type: Suitable for: Tractor type: R 16, R 19, R 217 VPE:1 Weight:100 gr. OEM no: Bqvkbuxnxk
Power cables, solar cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, LAN cables, fiber optic cables -Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact, fiber optic cable with connector -Type: AT-VQHB2Y -Application area: outdoor use -Length: 166 m -Price: complete -Dimensions roll: Ø 500 x 335 mm -Weight: 21 kg Ehfda7v