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Cavity sinking machines x-travel 500-699mm for sale

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Eroding machine Brand: Exeron Type: ED35-CE Movement x-axis: 600 mm Y-axis travel: 400 mm Z-axis travel: 400 mm Machine weight: 3200 kg Dimensions L: 2600 mm Dimension B: 2800 mm Dimensions H: 2700 mm Clamping surface: 700x500mm Filling height max. 425 mm Eydh03dty T-slots: 7 pcs Inner dimensions of the container: 930x760mm filling height: max. 425 mm positioning speed: 4m / min Ascent speed: 5m / min. Generator exopuls + 60A Connection: 380 V. Books available! Not complete, missing some c...
TECHNICAL DATATraverse range x axis 570 mmy axis 400 mmz axis 415 mmc axis 360 °resolution x, y, z 0.001 mmc 0.001 angular degreeTable clamping surface 840 x 600 mmDielectric over table 360 mm4 T slots 10 mmTable load max. 1.000 kgSpacing table Pinole 620 mmautomatic electrode changerNumber of electrodes 50Electrode weight or rotation 100 kgm. rotation 15 kg Rapid traverse 800 mm/minDielectricumCapacity 400 lPaper candle filter 4 pcsGenerator rated current 90 AConnection value 15 kVAMachine dime...
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
17479 km
good condition (used)
In good technical condition and fully functional. Axes: X 500 mm, Y 400 mm, Z 450 mm. Bewxb8dt0v Workbench size: 800 x 400 mm. Max. workpiece weight: 2,300 kg. Tool changer 16 positions Machine weight: 3,600 kg.
DE35 (general overhaul) Travel paths X/Y/Z: 600x400x400mm clamping surface: 700x500mm T-slots: 7 pieces Container inner dimensions: 930x760mm filling height: max. 425mm Machine dimensions: 2080x1710mm machine weight: 3200 kg Scope of services: Mobile control cabinet Pulse generator 65A Power Gxt8snl Current technology Manual control bar Linear scale in all axes C-axis Hirschmann with holding brake and direct measurement 50RPM Filter unit PF6 Co² extinguishing system Cooling unit Capacity dielect...
With: ELOTRANCE 3 CNC control and 4th axis Rotary table Hirschmann H250 NC with H1625 control and collet holder from company Hainbuch. Clamping system System H / Hirschmann with various recordings 16-fold electrode changer 6-fold linear magazine (pick-up) changer Cdgc7kxo Clamping plate system 3R Dimensions LxWxH: 2.36 mx 3.10 mx 2.68 m Weight: 2400 kg Travel: X: 500 mm Y: 400 mm Z: 300 mm Worktable: 750 mm x 530 mm Working container LxB: 800 mm x 600 mm lowerable
table length:560 mm table width:380 mm ampere:13 A workpiece weight:max:350 kg x-axis:350 mm y-axis:250 mm z-axis:300 mm generator - rated current:64 A workpiece height:200 mm electrics - voltage/frequency:380/50 V/Hz spindle nose:540 mm total power requirement:9,5 kW weight of the machine ca.:2,4 t dimensions of the machine ca.:2,05 x 3,3 x 2,50 BxLxH m Bhhjk93qz8 DOCUMENTATION available
INGERSOLL HANSEN - GANTRY 500 - 1997- SINK EDM- moves X/Y/Z=525/400/375 mm- table 730x630 mm- dimensions: L2450xW2100xH2600 mm- weight 4800 kg Puatda
CNC die-sinking EDM machine AGIETRON 200C Generator AGIEPULS 90M1 Control AGIEMATIC T Ewrv8nyf Booster AGIEPULS 200 BM1/2 list of devices: 363374.0 Including accessories (various tool holders / collets / probes / height feeler) Maximum operating current : 60 A Work places in the changer: 14 pieces table length: 800 mm table width: 630 mm Feed length in the X-axis: 500 mm feed length in the Y-axis: 350 mm feed length in the Z-axis: 500 mm Maximum table load: 1200 kg Maximum electrode weight: 400 ...
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
17479 km
good (used)
Specifications: Hours: 1286 hours Working table size: - x: 500mm - y: 300mm Bigs02ync Digital measurement x, y: Mitotuyo Clamping 3R Machine weight: 1000 kg Machine dimensions: - width: 1.2 m - depth: 1.5 m - height: 2 m In the machine is replaced (new) dialectic TOTAL DIEL MS 7000, new filters Accessories: canister 20 l, Total Diel MS 7000, planetary head, clamps for 3R The machine is in excellent technical condition and fully operational.
Technical data: Travel X / Y / Z 525 x 400 x 450 mm Working container inside: 770 x 670 x 440 mm Equipment: - Double electrode magazine 154 compartment - Handling system 8-fold UPC pallets - Eagle PowerSPARK Generator 60 Amp - Extinguishing system C02 / fire damper - Eagle Power Jump Plus - Ecotec - Erowa IS - Erowa UPC - Countersinking the workpiece clamping system - Eagle PowerSPARK Editor Cfskkej - Collective error message by SMS - Workpiece magazine box - Database server - Chip Connect Light...
Rolle, CH, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
18294 km
ready for operation (used)
Less than 10'000 working hours. Machine will be sold refurbished Trabel (X,Y,Z) 500*350*500 Max part: 880*680*350 mm Table dimmension 800*360 Xzdvk Weight max part 800 kg Electrodes changer 28 positions Electrode max weight 10 kg Axe C Générateur IPG Chuck EROWA Fire extinguish ready.
Dornhan Germany
18076 km
refurbished (used)
EDM 303MF30 Retro Technical data: Travel paths X/Y/Z: 580x360x380mm workpiece clamping plate: 780x520mm Working container L x W: 835x560mm Filling level height: 350mm Table load: max. 1000kg Stheyc machine weight: 5000 kg Scope of services: Switch cabinet, electrical system new Controller APC910 (win7) Manual control bar with enable button Exopuls+ generator 60A Current technology Cooling unit Termogamma Cartridge filter system Valve terminal C axis Chuck Erowa WZW 5-fold, option 20-fold Co² ext...
Buzica, Slovakia Slovakia
(dealership location)
17163 km
JSEDM - 60A - 2001 Bjbaqkuvya
Bourg en Bresse, France France
(dealership location)
18383 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Electroerosion Sinking EDM ONA QX4 New machine Bswsrfge Year: 2018 C axis Strokes X Y Z: 600 x 400 x 400 mm Max. distance spindle nose / table: 600 mm Tray size: 1070 x 770 x 450 mm Table size: 800 x 600 mm Max. weight on the table: 1500 kg 100 amps 20 electrode changer.
First owner machine, used in Mold Shop with low EDM hours, CNC stroke, 500x400x450mm, max. part measurment, 1040x720x420mm, CNC C-axe Hirschmann chuck, elektrode changer 4-positions, the machine is in perfect working condition. Bivtzxx3qi
Radom Poland
17115 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Technical data X - Travel Axis 600 mm Y - Axis Travel 400 mm Z - Axis Travel 400 mm Working table size 750 x 550 mm Working tank size 1200 x 800 x 500 mm Liquid level (min. ~ Max.) 170 ~ 450 mm Blamdsjalq Working tank capacity 470 litres Distance from floor to tabletop 900 mm Machine dimensions 2335 x 2325 x 2720 mm Maximum workpiece weight 1000 kg Machine weight 4600 kg Production year 2016 ( How new)
EDM 304MF20 Technical data: Adjustment travel X/Y/Z mm 600x500x400 workpiece clamping table mm 900x900 Filling height of working container mm 450 Distance table/electrode holder mm 215/615 Dimensions W/D/H 2070x2850x2980 Scope of services: Control system APC 620 User interface MF20 Generator exopuls+ 60A Control panel, touch screen Drive motors B&R gearbox, ball screw, bearing new C axis 8 rpm, resolution 0.001 degrees Backwash filter cartridges, valves new Cooling unit Tool changer 8-fold pick ...
Porto de Mós Portugal
19616 km
ready for operation (used)
Axis travel : X x Y x Z: 500 x 400 x 450 mm Worktank dimension : 1040 x 720 x 420 mm Table dimension : 750 x 500 mm Maximum workpiece weight : 1000 kg Generator power : 64 A Filtration: 2 x 3 filters Tank capacity: 725 litres Machine dimension: 2300 x 1570 x 2900 mm Machine weight: 3600 kg G72qy0y Commande CNC CHARMILLES Floppy disquete drive 3,5' Monitor 14 pouces Chuck EROWA ITS Rotary tool changeur 24 positions
Contoller Datic F120 Max. part dimension 1200 X 800 mm X axis: 600 mm Y axes: 400 mm Z axis: 300 mm Bhx8wge7hs Hirschmann tooling system
x-500mm y-350mm z-350 mm working table size 650 x 450 mm Bz8cyfs working tank Dimension inside 850 x 650 x 350 mm max. table laod 500 kg machineweight 3,1 ton
Frickenhausen Germany
18007 km
refurbished (used)
AGIETRON INTEGRAL 3 Built in 1996 Lower-ceramic machine in C-frame construction with lowerable working container Travel (X/Y/Z): 500 x 350 x 500 mm max. workpiece size: L x W x H = 1070 x 735 x 450 mm Distance table pinole: 200-700 mm max. workpiece weight: 800 kg Integrated C-axis, for rotation, indexing and erosion (U=0-40 rpm) Integrated dielectric unit with 8 paper filter cartridges 28-speed electrode changer Pneumatic chuck of your choice (Erowa/3R Systems/Hirschmann) AGIEMATIC T contro...
Machine : Mitsubishi FA 20 Stock Nr 13117 YOM : 2001 CNC Control CNC (Mitsubishi 64-Bit) Gv2fyk condition: used – excellent Table size : 1050 X 800 mm X axis travel : machining 500 mm Y axis travel: processing 350 mm Z axis travel: machining 295 mm U axis travel : 75 mm V axis travel: 75 mm Dimensions : 2.6m L x 2.65 m W x 2.1 m H Automatic Threading Cooler Wire spool 10 Kgs
EDM 313MF30 Technical data Adjustment travel XxYxZ 620x420x400mm workpiece clamping table 1000x600mm container size 1070x670mm Ian2g7dwi Filling height of working container 400mm Distance between table and electrode holder 150/550mm workpiece weight max. 1500kg Dielectric min. 1000l Dimensions machine 2550x2430x2500mm machine weight 3900kg EQUIPMENT Colour: silvermetalic Touch protection Refrigeration unit Termogamma, overhauled Linear scale in all axes Hirschmann C axis 50 rpm, holding brake Au...
CHARMILLES ROBOFORM 51 Year of construction 1998 Processing time 40000 h Generator 64A Dimensions (including dielectric tank) p 2892 x 2580 x 2400 mm Work pool tweeter p 465 x 1220 x 795 mm Capacity 475 l Filling height 440 mm Total weight including dielectric tank and Cabinet 4000 kg Rotation rotation changers 24fach Clamping system Erowa ITS Traverse paths x 600 mm Y 400mm Z 450mm C 360 degrees Table size 750x500mm Nk0ut Workpiece weight of Max 1000 kg Dielektikumtank capacity ...
17995 km
ready for operation (used)
Control: CNC - web control ROOM + KREIM I0kokcsis Technical data: Travel ranges x-axis 570 mm, y-axis 400 mm, z-axis 415 mm c-axis 360 °, table clamping area 840 x 600 mm, automatic electrode changer 50-fold, pallet changer 6-fold Accessories EROWA ITS chuck - without recordings, ADAPTI MAT 04 - monitoring and regulation devices, electronic handwheel, automatic CO2 - Loesch plant and much more
Biebrich Germany
18033 km
good (used)
Agie Agietron 3 Compact die-sinking EDM machine, year 1994, control Agie, travel X/Y/Z 500/350/500 mm, working container B/T/H 1005/780/450 mm, max electrode weight 200 Kg, Gvyfcs
Die Sink EDM Machine with C axis Year 1999 Control Multipulse Bjd0phtav3 Travel: 525 x 400 x 450mm C Axis - 360º Tank size: 750 x 650 x 420 mm Table size: 730 x 630mm Max part weight: 1000Kg 20 Electrode Changer
Dornhan Germany
18076 km
excellent (used)
EDM 313MF10 + AWEX50/5 Technical data: Adjustment travel XxYxZ 620x420x400mm workpiece clamping table 1000x600mm container size 1070x670mm Bjcl30kzft Filling height of working container 400mm Distance between table and electrode holder 150/550mm Workpiece weight max.1500 kg Dielectric min. 1200 L Dimensions 2550x2430x2500mm Machine weight 3900 kg Equipment: - Colour: metallic silver - touch up damage to paintwork - Touch protection new - Cooling unit Termogamma - Linear scale in all axes - Hirsc...
Dornhan Germany
18076 km
as good as new (ex-display)
EDM 313MF30 - RetroRetrofitting like new machineTechnical dataTravel XxYxZ 620x420x400mmWorkpiece clamping table 1000x600mmVessel size 1070x670mmFilling height working vessel 400mmDistance between table and electrode 150/550mmWorkpiece weight max. 1500kgdielectric min. 1000lIx2afu3waDimensions machine 2550x2430x2500mmmachine weight 3900kgEQUIPMENTColor: white gray complete electrics new switch cabinet new drive motors B Mupuho
Dornhan Germany
18076 km
as good as new (ex-display)
EDM 304MF30 retro Technical data: Adjustable routes mm 600 x 500 x 400 X/Y/Z Work piece clamping table 900 x 900 mm Bowl height 450 mm Distance table/electrode recording mm 215/615 Dimensions W/D/H 2070 x 2850 x 2980 Scope of services: Control new generator exopuls + 60A Control cabinet, electric new Mobile Panel Drive motors new Gear, ball screw, bearing new C-axis direct measurement Linear scale in all axes Back wash filter candles, valves new Cooling unit new Take-off speed high jump 7, 5 m/...

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