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Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18073 km
throat 0 mm tool adaptor 0 power requirement 0 kW Different brands and sizes available!! M5 Titex 16,0x5,3x4,2 M6 Titex 16,0x6,4x5,0 M8 Titex 17,0x8,4x6,8 M10 Titex 18,0x10,5x8,5 M12 Titex 22,0x13,0x10,2 M16 Volz 27,0x17,0x14,0 M20 Volz 36,0x21,0x18,5 M24 Volz 40,0x25,0x21,0 M24-1 Gühring 40,0x25,0x21,0 M30 Gühring 50,0x31,0x26,2 M36 Gühring 62,0x37,0x32,0 M36-1 Gühring 62,0x37,0x32,0 M42 Gühring 74,0x43,0x37,5 M42-1 Gühring 74,0x43,0x37,5 Befuq7rm M48 Gühring 86,0x72,3x43 Price upon reque...
Standard holder and accessories, SASSEX twist drill knife, Sassex spiral drill knife, drilling knife, Sassex drill bit, Sassex holder, tool holder, holder for drill knife, twist drill bit -Manufacturer: Sassex, twist drill knife Ø 148.5 mm / H7 -Recording: SK50 -Tool: double-edged -Dimensions: Ø 148.5 x 630 mm N3jir -Weight: 16.5 kg
Table dimensions 640 x 205 mm 365 x 190 mm travel Bdsl0rhrxq Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Table dimensions: 640 x 205 mm Procedures: 365 x 190 mm The base dimensions: 335 x 270 mm Monday ELAN hole distance: 305 mm Weight: approx. 60 kg No equipment available.
Metzingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18015 km
table length 2000 mm table width 1800 mm table load 12,5 t total power requirement 10 kW weight of the machine ca. 7,5 t dimensions of the machine ca. m Table size approx.2,000 x 1,800mm Max. weight of workpiece, approx.12,500kg Table travel, longitudinal1,250mm Rcjypaqlc Table height above floor920mm Longitudinal feed0.63 - 2,000mm/min Turning feed, with Ø 1,000 mm1 - 3,150mm/min Longitudinal quick feed2,000mm/min Turning quick feed, with Ø 1,000 mm3,150mm/min Weight of machine7,500kg Ex...
used, good condition from stock liquidation: 1x SOMEX Max3TP00 drilling unit / tapping unit Total 2 pieces available Year of manufacture: 2000 equipped with SEW DFV112M6/BMG drive motor 230 / 400 V Ba3gpc8epl 2,2 kW 940 rpm tool holder Ø 31 mm feed slide LxW: approx. 195 x 150 mm Total length without tool: 1000 mm space requirement LxWxH: approx. 1000 x 500 x 160 mm weight: approx. 70 kg Price understands itself zzgl. VAT. free loaded camp pouring - dispatch after arrangement and cost assumption...
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18073 km
4 pcs. rope pulleys for counter weight of a FB 225 Qn0vdyu
Standard holder and accessories, SASSEX twist drill knife, Sassex spiral drill knife, drilling knife, Sassex drill bit, Sassex holder, tool holder, holder for drill knife, twist drill bit -Tools: double-edged Nxb37 -Number: 59x Sassex twist drill O 31 - 116 mm -Price: complete -Weight: 42 kg
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17699 km
faceplate diameter: 785 mm revolution per minute: 4,5 - 180 (Planscheibe) U/min Speed of boring spindles: 4,5 - 900 U/min. tool taper: SK50 weight of the machine ca.: 3,7 t space requirements of the machine approx.: 3,6x1,3x1,6 m spare part for a table type Boring and Milling Machine WMW BFT 130 with with headstock incomplete (as it can be seen on the picture!!) - diameter facing of a flange:0-1400mm - diameter for drilling: max. 800mm - diameter at face turning: 0-1400mm Gcvrfr7 - spindle diame...
Spiral drill DIN345 Machine boherer drill MK2 and MK3 holder 9-piece Habusch Sizes 14.5 mm / 16 mm / 18 mm / 20 mm / 22 mm / 24 mm / 26 mm / 28 mm / 30 mm Description Drill DIN345 9-piece 14.5 - 22 mm drill MK 2 24 - 30 mm drill MK 3 Y8ggpasj Technical data Weight 2.5 kg
St. Ingbert, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18132 km
throat:1400 mm 2rek33 tool adaptor: 40 flange diameter:480 mm square bar steel:210 mm Spindle length:990 bis zum Flansch mm
Keyless drill chuck 1-16mm B 16 mounting Qqmqel39 Other chucks on request
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18073 km
4 pcs. rope pulleys for counter weight of a FB 225 Benir2ecpu
Quick-change chuck, quick-change holder, quick-change head, quick-change drill holder, quick-change insert -Take shaft: MK4 -Quick change case diameter: 46 mm -1x sleeve: MK2 -1x sleeve: MK3 Izc2shh
Buzica, Slovakia Slovakia
(dealership location)
17163 km
FLOORPLATE - 2000x10000x370- 2 pieces - dimensions of 1 piece: 2000x10000x370 mm - used condition as showed on photos Ikd9mpuw3
Rostock Germany
17586 km
excellent (used)
For sale Skoda W 200. A Head stock with spindel Bploqlycis Zu verkaufen Skoda W 200. A Spindelstock mit Spindel
7 Aschen CNC control cabinet make SCHARMANN SIEMENS 8 MF Year 1984 Complete. Bexgnvxwwh (If required with all motors and control panel available)
43 drills with different lengths and diameters 2saoke The dimensions can be seen in the photos. The shafts have a diameter of 25 or 16mm
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18073 km
diameter 10-60 mm length 100-500 mm tool adaptor MK 1-5 Used and unused MK Drills in different diameters and length available! prices as following: Ø 10-19 mm - 30 € Ø 20-29 mm - 40 € Ø 30-40 mm - 90 € Ø 41-60 mm - 120 € Benjax82zg special length + 30 € - Used ones - 20%
Drawer cabinet, tool cabinet, steel cabinet, workshop cabinet -Drawers: 36 -Brills: different sizes -Taps: different sizes -Reducing sleeves: different sizes -Drill chucks: different sizes -Morse driving wedges: different sizes -Countersink: different sizes -Dimensions: 750/2230/H1300 mm -Weight: 2000 kg Hh9ciwsvw
No. 3605: 1 used Milling Head SK 50 Eqatmml Make SEMPUCO mod. ApFV X 700/004 n max 1500 min-1 M max 700 Nm ( from UNION BFKF 150 )
More locker Elbe ear head Fabr. SAWAS type SBS Gr. II. Fabr.# 10957 year 1995 Technical data: Number of the plugs 6 occupies 4 Distance of the spindles 65 mm Position of the screws m line Gear ratio 1: 2 Dyhckxt External dimensions approx. 400 x 300 x 350 mm with -Adapter flange for Alzmetall SB machines used
for spindle taper: MK 3 Drill-Ø in steel at 0.09 mm feed: 6 mm Thread cutting: M 4 / M 6 min. Spindle distance: 20 mm Caysndnk max. Spindle distance: 107 mm case body: 65 x 130 mm case length: 150 mm
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18073 km
4 pcs. rope pulleys for counter weight of a FB 225 Jh00pxmv
Machine vice, vice F3wpdez -Jaw width: 310 mm -Back height: 180 mm Clamping depth: max. 495 mm -Weight: 150 kg
Vertical / Horizontal Center height 100mm Of9id2qj 3 jaw chuck 140mm Tailstock MARCELS MASCHINEN CH
1 post = 44 spindle carrier Fabr. BOLEY type W and U type 1 post = 32 spindle Fabr. BOLEY type W and U type used, in good condition Beqq3aglbv for the total of all parts used for Boley VG / VG 16.
Drill spindle taper selectable: MK 2, 3 or 4 Drilling Ø up to approx .: 18 mm Speed ratio: 1: 1 Clqwhr7 min. Spindle distance: 30 mm max.. Spindle distance: 160 mm Case body: 120 x 200 mm Case length: 200 mm Weight: 9.5 kg
Multi-spindle drilling head Type S 1302 Bormaster 2 pieces Max.drilling capacity in steel St 50 13 mm i = 1:0,5 Recording REGO-Fix Swiss ER-20-M Aluminium flange Xswac Head D= 14 cm Length = 13,3 cm 2 x tool 18x1.5 countersink
Cross table, cross slide table, clamping table, clamping plate with T-slots, clamping angle Qk7kxf7ty -Cross table for lid type: KF12 -Table surface: 400 x 400 mm -Travel: x 50 mm/y 65 mm -Weight: 60 kg
Chemnitz, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17688 km
good (used)
Plan support for Union drilling works of the series type: Ytoy7prrc BFT80 / BFT90 / BFT102 RPM depending on engine type: 4-250 U/min-1 Maximum travel: 160 mm Also available: Swing arm / mount for attachment to the stand Steel holder
for spindle taper: MK 4 Max. Input speed: 1500 rpm Diameter up to: 10.2 mm Cl8gqcs0 Shank Diameter for quill: Construction height: 500 mm Weight:
Clamping table, clamping angle, T-slot table, rotary table, milling machine table Iwdp08f -Clamping angle for workpiece clamping -Dimensions: W380/H355/L360 mm -Surface: milled -Weight: 50 kg
Table size:- horizontal: 500 x 600 mm- vertical: 310 x 600 mmTiltable: 90°Dimensions LxWxH, approx.: 700 x 520 x 520 mmWeight, approx.: 280 kgNo.: 0320278 Birw70pc
Flow drill holder with circulating air cooling used Bhjubesres 3 drills 9,5 mm diameter used 2 drills 9,5 mm diameter new 5 Thread former M 10x 1 used
Pipe tap Make Reishauer 5/8 GG 85 mm long Mufl7g
Standard holders and accessories, SASSEX twist drill knives, Sassex spiral drill knives, boring knives, Sassex boring bits, Sassex holders, tool holders, holders for boring knives, twist drills -Tools: double-edged -Number: 4x Sassex drill holders -Number: 21x Sassex twist drill knife step drill -Diameter: 39/63 mm -Diameter: 41/62 mm -Diameter: 51/72 mm -Diameter: 51/66 mm -Diameter: 42/70 mm -Diameter: 77.5/96 mm -Diameter: 51/72 mm -Diameter: 42/70 mm -Diameter: 52/72 mm -Diamet...
Wiesbaden Germany
18027 km
ready for operation (used)
Recording taper: MK 3 4 spindles, individually adjustable Drilling capacity per spindle in St / GG: 11/12 mm Tapping St / GG: M 8 / M 10 Max. Spindle speed: 2500 rpm minute Spindle distance: 47 mm Max. Spindle distance: 145 mm Diameter of the drill body: 200 mm Bhn8o3yk Height: 200 mm
Machine vice, vice -Jaw width: 250 mm Lidcz -Back height: approx. 80 mm -Clamping depth: max. 310 mm -Weight: 120 kg
Tap Make Reishauer 1 1/4 inch GG G2fega9 115 mm long
Machine reamers, reamer, reaming tool, fitting knife blade set, rivet reamer, rivet reamer -different manufacturers: TITEX PLUS, UNISTO... -Recordings: MK2/MK3/MK4 Ls0jt -different sizes: 13-40 mm as shown in the photos -Sale: only complete -Weight: 11 kg
for internal thread: M 2 - M 5 Bjty07fqgm Spindle mount: MK 1 Overall length: 240 mm

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