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Cnc tool grinder for sale

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x-axis 270 mm y-axis 270 mm z-axis 550 mm Blnvlkasom c-axis Teilkopf 360° e-axis Schleifkopf ± 200° mm max. workpiece diameter 349 mm Distance between tips part head / tailstock 775 mm Top height above table 175 mm centre height over floor 1185 mm table surface area 175 x 1400 mm split-head spindle connection Steilkegel ISO-50 connected load 38 kVA weight of the machine ca. 5,3 t The machine can be visited by appointment. *** Changes and errors in the technical data and information Subjec... more
max. grinding diameter 0 mm grinding length 0 mm workpiece length 970 mm H9hygypyo total power requirement 12 kW weight of the machine ca. 5 t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Technical parameters Work table length: 710 mm Working table width: 120 mm spindle drive power: 1.8 kW Minimum spindle speed: 2100 rpm Maximum spindle speed: 6000 rpm Manual feed length in the Y axis: 200 mm Manual feed length in the Z axis: 200 mm centre stroke: 150 mm grinding wheel diameter new: 150 mm Total power requirement: 67 kW machine height: 1900 mm machine length: 2200 mm machine width: 2100 mm Machine weight: 1 t Bi0w3nvq9p Equipment SIEMENS SINUMERIK 810 M Liquid Cooling Complete do... more
max. grinding diameter:300 mm grinding length:400 mm Psqx8e workpiece length:520 mm centre height:150 mm :550 mm table speed -stepless-:0,005 - 5,0 m/min centre distance:350 mm :250/3750/5000/7500 U/min max. dia. of grinding wheel:250 mm grinding spindle head - swivable:11-60 ° drive capacity - spindle motor:max 3,0 kW total power requirement:7,7 kW with SIEMENS 810 G3 CNC control, electric hand wheel and spindle pitch-correction unit, FORKART OVERZ-BR hydraulic collet chuck, coolant device, a... more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
17892 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: for complete machining of rotationally symmetrical workpieces made of solid carbide. With 5 CNC-controlled axes and two vertical grinding spindles on two machining levels. Technical data: Travel X-axis 350 mm, travel Y-axis 450 mm, travel Z-axis 500 mm, travel A-axis 360°, 450 1/min. C-axis travel +15° to -200°, workpiece diameter up to 100 mm, workpiece length from the front edge of the workpiece carrier up to 360 mm, tool outside Ø max.150 mm, tool bore Ø 20 mm, tool length up to ... more
Manufacturing origin CH Voltage 400 V Netweight 3500 kg Dimensions 220x181x260 cm TECHNICAL DATA Number of axes 6 Largest grinding wheel diameter 125 mm Travels : Transverse 200 mm Longitudinal 190 mm Vertical 150 mm Smallest increment 0.0001 mm Rotating and tilting axes : Smallest increment 0.0001 ° U-Axis Workpiece headstock 360 ° V-Axis pivoting of workpiece headstock 184 ° W-Axis pivoting of grinding spindle -20 / +15 ° Revolver : Number of positions 4 Workpiece spindle speed 0 - ... more
3 axis CNC tool and cutter grinder Utma model LC40 NC3 year 1997 LONGATOGROUP.COM Bfukvqjjkk more
CNC FANUC 15 M, with tailstock, Doppelschleifspindel and charger. Suitable for the forehead, Nutschleifen, sharpening and back loops of milling tools. maximum tool shank diameter 42 mm Bcrp0efbbr maximum tool length (for R-loops) 150 mm maximum radius of grinding 60 mm Max tool diameter 170 mm Max slope angle (left, right) 65 ° X 420 mm Y-axis 250 mm Zaxis 280 mm A-axis 360 ° W-axis - 120 to + 5 ° B-axis +/-90 ° (manual) C1-axis +/-180 ° (manual) Spindle stock tilt/spindle stock Cross movement f... more
FERMAT machine tool, s.r.o., Prague / Czech Republic Universal cylindrical grinding machines BHC 63 CNC with cast iron bed * max loop length of 6,000 mm * swing up to 1,000 mm * workpiece weights up to 5,000 kg (with Bezel)-general product description Machine base made of cast iron Machines are with control Siemens 840 d sl (828 D sl) or B + R delivered power Panel 900. Remote Diagnostics free to current warranty and beyond! CNC Schleifscheibe Abrichtung Fk2zobn Reference visits throughout Germ... more
full CNC control automatic profile dressing Bzuwm2b more
FERMAT Machine Tool, s.r.o., Praha / Czech Republic HORIZONTAL PANEL BORING AND MILLING MACHINE - WRF 130/150/160 CNC to X: 30,000 mm *** Y: 6,000 mm and spindle diameter up to 160 mm The horizontal CNC boring and milling machine WRF 130/150/160 represents new structural concepts of horizontal panel boring mills on the market. The powerful headstock consists of an extendable stick (travel V) and an extendable spindle (travel W). The WRF boring mills make it possible to achieve extremely high eff... more
FERMAT Machine Tool, s.r.o., Praha / Czech Republic 87jkmkvml FERMAT HORIZONTAL TABLE DRILLING AND MILLING PLANT - WRFT 130/150/160 CNC *** X: 2.400 mm to 9.500 mm *** Y: 2000 to 6.000 mm and spindle diameter up to 160 mm The horizontal bench-type boring and milling machine WRFT 130/150/160 CNC offers a new, conceptual machine solution among the large bench-type boring mills with an efficient and powerful headstock. This in turn consists of an extendable stick (travel V) and an extendable spindl... more
Serial No. MQ 134 Control Heidenhain I530M Bed Size 6500 mm x 1200 mm Cagwf8ko Integrated rotary table C axis 1000 mm diameter via 0.001 degree increments 4th axis U axis Spirsin 800 mm diameter vertical rotary table size , with tailstock. Longitudinal Travel (column) X axis 6000 mm Headstock Rise & Fall Z axis 2500 mm Spindle Bored ISO 50 Ram In/Out Y axis 1500 mm Head Swivels 360 degrees on 2 faces, A & B axis via 1 degree increments Input 415/3/50 37 kW Spindle Speeds up to 4000 rpm... more
Weiss WUG universal grinder 650 - 2000 between Center. You can order with many D2f3yj7 more
Morara indoor grinding machine in perfect condition, fully equipped with Quick-Load robotic feed, TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS. Distance between spindle axis and support 800mm Height points 171 mm Max. rectifiable diameter 140mm Machine weight. 4300 Kg. WORKHEAD Max. air weight of the piece 70 kg. Pitch of the bar 30 mm AC BRUSHLESS digital motor Inverter 1-850 INTERIOR GRINDING WHEEL CARRIAGE (X-AXIS) Standard chuck diameter 100 (120) mm Max. X-axis travel 170 mm Spindle diameter 32 mm Spindle pit... more
CNC Tool Clips HSK63F Toolholder Forks for Tool Changer Replacement CNC tool clips also are named toolholder forks, tool holder gripper, tool forks, plastic tool holder, tool holder cradle, tool holder fingers, tool holder claw, tool Holder clamp, they are all means the holder clip for auto tool changer tool station. As there are many types of CNC tool holders, so there are a lot of toolholder clips accordingly. How to select the correct toolholder fork for your CNC machine? There are mainly 4... more
Serial No. 119272 Control Mazatrol T- Plus Turning length 1000mm Turning diameter 575mm Spindle through hole 88mm Distance between centres 1018mm Spindle centre height above bed 310mm Swing over cross slide 470mm Spindle speeds 35 - 3000 rpm Variable 7afu9hk A T C 40 Station Max, Tool Length 300mm Max, Tool Diameter 90mm or Adjacent pocket empty 120mm Max, Tool Weight 10kg Tail stock 5 morse taper Tailstock travel 900mm Z axis travel 1065mm X axis travel 450mm Rapid traverse speed X Axis 12000m... more
Carbide CNC Wood Lathe Turning Cutters Bits Knife Tools This CNC wood lathe turning tool is a new design carbide wood lathe cutter, it is used with CNC wood turning lathe machine, such as cnc auto motion, cosen cnc, Intorex, Unique CNC, StyleCNC, Laguna, etc, reduces the tool changing times greatly during one day working. This wood lathe knife eliminates the need for frequent sharpening which is very common in lathe turning woodworking. Improved the productivity, and reduce the production cost... more
Serial No. 29125 Control Heidenhain TNC 430 CA Reciprocating Table Size 4000mm x 1000mm Table Load 10,000 Kgs Longitudinal Travel X = 3713 mm Cross Travel Y = 1214 mm Vertical Travel Z = 1005 mm Longitudinal Travel & Vertical Rapid Feeds 15000mm/min Spindle Taper 40 INT Head Swivels 180 Degrees on 'A' Axis, 360 Degrees on 'B' Axis Input 415/3/50AC 50KVA. Main motor 8kW Max, Height Spindle Nose to Table 1090mm Spindle Speeds 3000 - 15000 rpm Feed Rate 6 - 5000 mm/min Fitted with 30 Tool Automat... more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
18055 km
WORKING RANGE SURFACE GRINDING .. grinding length: 700 mm .. grinding width: 400 mm .. vertical travel: 550 mm GRINDING TOOL .. type of grinding tool: wheel .. diameter (max): 400 mm .. borehole: diameter: 127 mm Bgnudjzogk ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS .. mains voltage: 400 V .. mains frequency: 50 Hz DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right-: 3000 mm .. space requirements -front/back-: 2300 mm .. total height: 1900 mm .. total weight approx.: 5200 kg Furnishing: - including div... more
Serial No. 990113460 Control Fanuc Table size 2150mm x 1100mm Xmbj0 Table load 1000 kgs X Axisl Traverse 2040mm Y Axis Traverse 1020mm Z Axis Traverse 400mm Distance between columns 1400mm Speeds 27000 rpm Cutting feed rate 1 - 10000 mm/min Feed rate rapid travesre X = 25000 Y= 25000 Z= 18000 Spindle nose to table 150mm - 1100mm Spindle taper 40 BT Automatic tool changer Yes Number of tools 40 Tool length 300mm Tool diameter 80mm or 130mm with adjoining pockets empty Tool weight 8kg ATC time to... more
1 piece CNC universal tool milling machine FNG 40 CNC A with 3-axis Heidenhain control TNC 426 Make: Intos Year of construction: 2004 Technical data Work area: - Travels X-axis 600 mm Y- axis 450 mm Z- axis 450 mm Bhffqpzc0l - Clamping table 900 x 450 mm - Workpiece mass max. 300 kp Main spindle drive: - Spindle power 5,5 kW - Speed 10-4,000 rpm - Spindle cone SK 40 - quill stroke 100 mm feed rate in X - Y and Z axis 1-6.000 mm/min Rapid traverse in X - Y and Z axis 10,000 mm/min S... more
The machine has been completely maintained and it is in perfect working condition. Ohbdl Machine is located in Turkey. more
CNC Univ. Tool grinding machine SCHÜTTE Type BU 400 CNC 4 Fabr. No: 03-02 1990 built 4-axis (X, Y, Z and R) Table clamping area 1300 x 250 mm Tip width 700 mm Tip height 155 mm Grinding length (X-axis) max. 400 mm Grinding width (Y-axis) max. 260 mm Grinding spindle speed max. 6000 rpm. Grinding spindle drive 3 kW Mains connection 380 volts, 50 Hz, 25 amp. - CNC control disassembled - Külmittel einrichtung next to it Space limel L x W x H 3800 x 2400 x 2300 mm Weight 3000 kg Vm8rgkkk Machine not... more
WORKING RANGE CYLINDRICAL GRINDING .. swing diameter (max): 340 mm .. workpiece weight between centers (max): 150 kg WORKING RANGE EXTERNAL GRINDING .. grinding diameter (max): 340 mm .. grinding length: 1050 mm TAILSTOCK .. sleeve stroke: 35 mm .. sleeve diameter: 50 mm .. taper: MK 3 SPINDLESTOCK GRINDING SPINDLE .. X-axis travel: 275 mm .. Z-axis travel: 1050 mm .. tilting range (B-direction) min: -15 ° .. rotating range B-axis up to: 225 ° GRINDING TOOL .. type of grinding tool: wheel ... more
Serial No. 223911 Hours Power on 47922, Working 33532, Eu8phj0ru Control Mazatrol Matrix Voice Adviser Capacity 630mm diameter x 500mm height Table size 600mm x 500mm Table load 500kg A Axis 120 /+30 degrees B Axis 360 degrees/ 0.001 indexing X Axis Travesre 630mm Y Axis Travesre 765mm Z Axis lTraverse 600mm B Axis -120.00 / +30.00 C Axis 360.000 x 0.001 Speeds 18000 rpm Variable Spindle nose to table 140mm - 740mm Spindle taper IOS 40 Automatic tool changer Yes Number of tools 80 Tool length... more
New Century Works, Higher London Terrace, Darwen BB3 3DF, UK United Kingdom
18339 km
good condition (used)
Jones & Shipman Progrind 745 Easy CNC Surface Grinder Yudkgve Mag chuck 750mm x 600mm Machine Weight Approx 5000 kg's more
Saw grinding/sharpening machine Producer: NEVA Czech Republic Type: SGB-100 CNC Very good condition Saw blade capacity: Saw blade length 200 - 1000 mm Saw blade thickness 0.5 - 3.0 mm Bjougotqf8 Tooth pitch 3 - 45 mm Tooth depth max. 15 mm Rake angle 0 ° - 30 ° Clearance angle 0 ° - 20 ° cycle time max. 50 teeth / min. Grinding wheel speed 3800 / min. Grinding wheel diameter 150 - 200 mm Shaft diameter for mounting a grinding wheel 32 mm Grinding wheel thickness 3 - 6 mm Main spind... more
Machine control: SIEMENS 810 D Voltage: 400V (according to DIN iCE 38) Frequency: 50Hz Control voltage: 24 V DC VDE Linear measuring system in all three main machine axis (X; Y; Z) Measuring system machine axis: mm Output measuring system control: mm Machine prepared to be adapted with a DITTEL unit Removalable control panel (manual control device) with the functions axis preselection switch, emergency stop, latching handwheel. Nozzle trace system right and left side wheel guard cover / ac... more
Intos 3-axis tool milling machine Type: FNG 40 CNC E Year of construction: 1998 Control: Heidenhain TNC-310 Hours of operation: n.a. technical data: ----- - spindle speed: 40 - 2,000 rpm - table size: 900 x 500 mm - Travel X-Y-Z: 700 x 400 x 450 mm - tool holder: SK40 - Coolant system - Total power requirement: approx. 8 kW - Footprint LxWxH: 1.85 X 2.0 X 2.20 m - Weight: approx. 2.2 t Accessories: ----- - Handwheel Heidenhain Bkscn0cc9z - Workplace lighting __Very good condition, exclusively __... more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
18055 km
WORKING RANGE -CUBIC- .. X-axis travel: 400 mm .. Y-axis travel: 250 mm .. W-axis travel: 450 mm ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS .. mains voltage: 400 V .. mains frequency: 50 Hz DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right-: 1330 mm .. space requirements -front/back-: 1730 mm .. total height: 3165 mm .. total weight approx.: 3800 kg 2016 General overhaul Blfligfjbq Equipment: - Wet grinding device with belt filter more
max. swing 315 / 450 mm grinding depth 200 mm Internal grinding diam. 5 - 200 mm table stroke 5 - 560 mm rapid travel Z-axis 12.000 mm resolution of axis 0,0001 mm internal spindle: spindle speed 29.000 rpm circumpherential speed 60 m/sec Dogwl7yru workpiece spindle head: workpiece spindlehead speeds 40 - 500 rpm workpiece spindlestock swivable 30 ° total power requirement 50 kW machine weight 5,3 to. * CNC SIEMENS 840 D * Spindle oil cooler * Roller spindle in X-Z * ... more
Cylindrical Grinder TOS-Hostivar, Type BUC63-3000 - CNC -CNC Control SIEMENS 840D -max.grinding length 3000 mm -max. grinding diameter 630 mm -Grinding-wheel 750x100 mm Nnlvd -Cooling tank with filtersystem -Wheel - Balancing System -more Option possible more
Machine control: SIEMENS 810 D Voltage: 400V (according to DIN iEC 38) Frequency: 50Hz Control voltage: 24 V DC VDE Linear measuring system in all three main machine axis (X; Y; Z) Measuring system machine axes: mm Output measuring system control: mm Machine prepared to be adapted with a DITTEL unit Removable control panel (manual control device) with the functions axis preselection switch, emergency stop, latching handwheel. Nozzle trace system right and left side wheel guard cover / actua... more
General:Year of construction 1993Control Heidenhain 355Traverse X 420 mm Y 240 mm Z 120 mm (W-axis spindle 450 mm)Working spindle 55 - 9.200 rpmTable size 730 x 280 mmTool holder SF32 FehlmannOther equipment and accessories:Electric handwheel HR330 Cocx9xua more
WORKING RANGE EXTERNAL GRINDING .. grinding diameter (max): 350 mm Jbhiil2p .. grinding length: 1000 mm more
- Our offer number: 8/94 - Tool grinding machine, grinding machine, grinder, grinder - Manufacturer: Foley - Type: Grinder L - 2850/3450 rpm - 380 V/50 Hz - Diameter of the disc 150 mm - Dimensions 500 x 500 x 1100 mm (LxWxH) - with massive stand - Weight approx.: 70 kg - optical condition according to photos - used - functional Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with loading board) and forwarding agent. All information about your purchase can be found during our busin... more
CNC Profile grinder Utma model P20CNC which will be reconditioned LONGATOGROUP.COM Bhsrau8ma0 more
table surface 950x650mm control unit Maho 432 X travel 700mm Y travel 450mm Z travel 500mm tool clamping system ISO 40 power requirement 32kw weight ca. 3300kg. Mi9eriht The data are indicative and not binding, translation errors are possible. more
St.Leon-Rot, Germany Germany
dealership location
18033 km
good (used)
Hwasung, Kyungkido, South Korea South Korea
dealership location
9537 km
ready for operation (used)
Gear diameter Min/ Max : 80 ~ 1,200 mm Bnd0euasyv Radial axis ; 770 mm Tangential axis ; 300 mm Axial axis ; 1,000 mm Wheel min/max diameter ; 80 / 400 mm Helix angle : +/- 45 Degree Control : Siemens 840C more
x-Weg 560 mm y-Weg 500 mm Bdg93c0agj z-Weg 450 mm Steuerung DECKEL DIALOG 11 Drehzahl 40 - 4000 U/min Werkzeugaufnahme SK 40 more
CNC cylindrical grinding machine Tacchella Macchine G.V 4 LS 18-08 Z, year of construction 2001, serial no .: 6833, int.no .: 742, control Siemens Sinumerik, hydraulic unit and belt filter press Npzjp more
max. grinding diameter 250 mm grinding length 230 mm workpiece length 450 mm turning speeds 2100 -6000 U/min centre height 125 mm grinding table stroke 355 mm table - swivable + / - 90 Grad engine output 0,9 kW weight of the machine ca. 0,5 t Optical condition: good Mechanic: good The machine can be viewed under current. operating key and instruction 704 80 380 V, with CEE plug u. electric wire Color green Gdfgvng2 Equipment: * Dividing attachment Mk 5 with radial adjustment possibil... more
max. grinding diameter 250 mm grinding length 650 mm workpiece length 115 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. 0,910 t Nlopj dimensions of the machine ca. 2,10 x 1,24 x 1,62 m more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
18055 km
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION .. Grinding head: spindle speed: 2000 /min .. .. max.: 6000 /min .. Mounting table length: 1030 mm .. .. width: 214 mm ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS .. mains voltage: 380 V .. mains frequency: 50 Hz DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right-: 1850 mm .. space requirements -front/back-: 1400 mm .. total height: 1400 mm .. total weight approx.: 1250 kg Bgnt0lwfnm Spitzenhöhe: 125mm Schleifdurchmesser: max. 250mm Schleifscheibendurchmesser max. 250mm Schleifkopf... more