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Deck Art Machines Basic Line - Completely New Engineered Wood Flooring Production Line - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Staining + Varnishing + LED UV Oiling + LED UV Varnishing Coating System Line for production includes following machines: - Table Saw DA 2800 Vs8ugu - Cold Press DA 2500-200 - Glue Spreader DA 200S - Wide Belt Sanding Machine DA 600 - 3m - Longitudinal Milling Machine DA 200B - Transversal Milling Machine DA 2500B - Tools For Profil...
Complete Engineered Wood Flooring Production and Finishing Line in Excellent Working Condition - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Min Parquet Dimensions - 60 mm (width) x 550 mm (length) - Max Parquet Dimensions - 190 mm (width) x 3000 mm (length) Line for production includes following machines: Bhex0myuun - Cold Press DA 2500-200 NEW!!! - Glue Spreader DA 200 - Circular Saw - Transversal Milling Machine - Gabbiani TM64 - Longitudinal Milling Machine - Gu...
crankshaft length:***** mm production capacity:***** cycle time:***** min. total power requirement:***** kW weight of the machine ca.:***** t dimensions of the machine ca.:***** m Crankshaft production 3-4 Cylinder Engine/ machine list: Pos. / System name / Manufacturer / Y.O.M. 1. / Lathe-and Rolling machine / Hegenscheidt / 1996 2. / Multi wheel grinder / Landis / 1996 3. / Finishmachine Supfina / Supfina / 2000 This machine is missing! 4. / Belt finishing machine / Nagel /...
In this offer you acquire a used b/w production system "Canon VarioPrint 110 DP-Line ". Item for sale: 1 x Canon VarioPrint 110 DP-Line with the following equipment: incl. Finisher AK1 Meter readings: Total: Approx. 8,809,693 pages Condition: This is a used machine, which may show signs of use (minor scratches or yellowing). (minor scratches or yellowing). The machine has been tested for function A test printout can be seen in the photo. For more information you can of...
Complete assembly line for final assembly Chain conveyor system or normal conveyor belt In different sizes, Wyfdamej We also build customer-specific length sizes ! With control!
Sales of discontinuous production line of thermal insulation panels made of PUR, stone wool and Styrofoam Integral parts of the line: - Automatic line for profiling roof and facade sheet metal: Roofing sheet in profile TR 40/250 and facade in standard and micro profiling Components of the profiling line: 12 t automatic decolier with trolley, automatic part for profiling sheets of 0.25mm-1.2mm with flat and profile scissors and automatic circular saw for cutting facade sheets, complete automatic...
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Hamburg, Germany Germany
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The line consists of: 1. Single screw extruder PSM80: : - screw diameter: 80mm: - capacity: 300-350 kg / h: - calibrating head for the production of the PEHD profile 100x150 * 9.0 / 110x165 * 10 / 120x180 * 10 / 130x195x11 / 140x210 * 12: : 2. Vacuum cooling tank, 2-chamber WK6000 : Pvvgriij - length of chambers 6m: 3. Cooling tank Wch 6000, 2 pcs. : - length: 6000 mm: - a set of calibrators for the production of the profile: : 100x150 * 9.0 / 110x165 * 10 / 120x180 * 10 / 130x195x11 / 140x21...
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Kirchlengern, Germany Germany
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Natural fibre mat production line 2, max. working width: approx. 250 cm, consisting of: 30 single components according to sep. listing "Natural fibre mat production line 2", among others: 3 synthetic fibre mixing units BONINO, 1 wood preparation unit, 2 nonwoven lay-up units DOA, 2 needling machines, 1 calender BM, 1 longitudinal 1 cross cutter, 1 destacking unit SCHLEICHER Bxzh3hcyfl
Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland Germany
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Pallet production line (EPAL, 4-Way) SMA-REF-6898 Type: pallet production lines Manufacturer: Vanderloo Model: 1600-E-27 Year: 1989/2013 Components of the line: a) Kallfass PFA 200 block saw b) Block point, buffer, separation, infeed c) Buffer, unstacking, infeed of decks d) Vanderloo 1600 E 27 nailing machine e) Transport, brush, turner, buffer, infeed f) Bohm & Kruse 3/24/1250 skif nailer g) Skid milling, branding (9 irons), edge saw h) Stacker i) Outfeed, handover, turner Pallet types: EPAL...
Nevers, France France
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Technical characteristics 4-sided moulder 6 tool holders 2 finishing planers (top and bottom) Digital positioning Automatic transfer in double tenoner Double fast opening tenoner 620mm high scanned shafts Automatic splinters Bxirdxhus9 Automatic transfer to roll forming machine Right and left digital roll forming machine Nice compact installation Power and Motors Overall dimensions
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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Window processing line, CNC window production system, window angle system -Double end tenoner, make: Gubisch, type: DST H -Year of construction: 1994, serial no.: 7593 -2x 2 tool towers with 5 heads each -built tools from: Leitz Qlodfkmma -Shaft mount: Ø 50 mm -Max. Tool: Ø 350 mm -Max. Tool height: 650 mm -4x milling motors 11 kW 2800 rpm -Control, make: Gubisch -Roller conveyor, L/W: 4,000 x 200 mm -Milling machine, make: Gubisch, type: FN2000 -Year of construction: 1994, Ser.-No.: 7490 -4 mi...
technical details: productionline in continuos-mode production line sandwich panel for wall and roof the line is including: - Two decoiler 12 tons coil, 1400 mm diameter and coils 0,4 - 0,8 mm - Common inside profile for roof and wall - Roll forming roof - Roll forming wall - Corona-treatment - Infrared heating up to 60 - 20 meters double belt, 900 mm - Fixed poker distribution system - 5 components dosing unit: Polyol ISO Pentane 2 x catalyst Chiller Heating system with hot air - Saw - Stacker ...
For sale is a fully functional and ready for production production line for mouth-nose protection (surgical masks). - Mask production with 2 lines for ear bands, 90-120 pieces / minute. - 2 packaging machines for sealing in foils - 2 UV sterilization machines - raw material for 1 million masks for type II or type IIR - Raw material for welding the masks The production line is of absolute high quality and important components like the control system come from Germany. Since we were not conside...
Steton window production line Longitudinal profiler & tenon cutter u. Year of construction 1993 Stelton PF Profile 490 E2 With tool Pvs8ty
Pallet top cover production line SMA-REF-6895 Type: pallet production lines Manufacturer: Vanderloo Model: DQ-1300/1360-Servo Year: 2013 Control: Sigmatek Top cover sizes: min. 750 x 800 mm max. 1.300 x 1.360 mm Top boards: 2 - 11 Transverse boards: 3 Pallet types: EPAL Closed cover types CP Capacity: e.g. Cover with 7 boards: 11,7 sec. Byj0u2vogk Components: - 2 top board magazines - 3 transverse board magazines - Stacker - Outfeed chain conveyor - Lifting tables Condition: in use ready f...
Technical characteristics composition: HFM160 unit for notching on four sides UCR 237 unit for milling dovetail joints log cabin drilling unit Wjxputw3 section 240 x 140 mm maxi Power and Motors Overall dimensions
For sale Rockwool Mineral Wool Panel Production Line. Delivery to any country. Detailed information and photos are on request. The production process line is designed and manufactured with a capacity of 3.8-4.3 tons of finished products per hour Pnyyd Products: Slag slabs on a synthetic binder with a density of 40-200 kg/m3, a thickness of 40-200 mm, a length of 1.0 m and 1.2 m, a width of 0.6 m and 1.2 m. Slagged sewing mats with a density of 50-100 kg/m3, a thickness of 40-120 mm, a length of ...
Granulation plant Produced in Germany and England 2htklx3 Produces up to three tons per hour Completely renovated in 2008 and wasn’t used after.
Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Germany
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The system consists of: Uicyqio Automat. Block feeder CB/3, 3 block distributors 2 pcs. automat. Inserter for cross boards CT/2 Mech. Multiple nailing machine Q/24CNT6c, 24 nails. passage 1200 mm Pallet turner (offset - left) Rb/DS sx Hydr. multiple nailing machine ID/1410 Sr, 10 nails, passage 1200 mm Automatic feeder for the 3 bottom boards CIF/ExC Automatic burning machine with 6 burning punches Tb/06 Corner trimming machine SM/4L Pallet stacking machine with turner IMP/AL Conveyor for remova...
Double mitre saw Pertici / Wegoma DS 100 End milling machine Haffner AF 362 Water slot milling machine Pertici ML 142 Reinforcement screwdriver with screw feeder Olive boring and lock case milling machine Striffler 2795 1 - Head welding machine Wegoma WSA - E Corner cleaning machine MLA / Wegoma WPA -1 Yt3ttc Glazing bead saw Haffner GL 179
Please give us your quoted price Sales only within Europe, incl. Turkey Bycys8i82z ----- Already dismantled; without packaging; Technical data please see handout in attachment. German text leading language. Without any guaranty and warranty, including completeness of tools & accessories as well as environmental and safety regulations.
Technical characteristics transport chain for loading timber - lifting table - 2 automatic roller tables Bxiraezrct - Dimter 5296 butting unit - gluing unit + glue tank (empty) brand Sperry Vickers - press and exit table (approx. 35 m) - workpiece width 230 mm Power and Motors Overall dimensions
We manufacture the production line that enables the production of roof, wall and cold room panels in desired sizes. Please contact us for additional information and technical documents. Oms3d
Veneer production line consisting of: - three pools for hydrothermal treatment - longitudinal veneer slicer Bx7s7dtix2 - veneer dryer Avilable sliced veneer thickness: 0,5-3mm, depends on material Production capacity in one shift: cca 1000 m2
CORRUGATED WALL PRODUCTION PLANT FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF TRANSFORMERS-OIL BOILERS consisting of hydraulic press brake and separate gas-shielded welding plant for the production of steel sheet corrugated walls for transformer oil boilers up to 12.5 MVA. 1st HYDRAULIC BENDING PRESS 400 t - Manufacturer: Zschokke Wartmann AG / CH-Brugg - Type: HAP 40 x 2 / 400 t x 2m - Serial No. 148.06.72 - Pressing force: 400 t - Total weight: 13000 kg + tools 2500 kg. - Space requirement - width: 3800 mm , length...
Complete window production line, 100 units, consisting of: - Pertici UNIVER500 (500 saw blade, automatic tilting, automatic adjustment) - Haffner GLA (glass bead saw with vario fence) - WEGOMA WS211 (automatic 4-motor water slot router) - WEGOMA AKF125P (end milling machine) - Graule ZS135 (pull saw) - WEGOMA SBA1TS (reinforcement screwdriver and transom drilling unit) - URBAN AKS1005 (single head welding machine) Hollinger WEGOMA four-head line consisting of: - Hollinger VSM (head welding mac...
Dear Sirs, in connection with the development of our company we are changing the machinery park to a larger one. We will send you detailed specification on request. Pellet production line with a capacity of 2.6 T / h Wood pellets (coniferous) 6mm in standard ENPLUS A1 + Automatic system of packing into 15kg bags The given price concerns : -PRESSING PROCESS - COOLING PROCESS AND PRODUCT PURIFICATION FROM PARTICLES Specification: 1. PRESSING PROCESS - year of construction 2014 1.1 RAW MATERIAL H...
Technical characteristics conveyor belt, Mwk0pc MAAS transfer range, used DUBUS parade drill gear notching line and drilling: conveyor belt, belt transfer (90 °), return conveyor belt, machining Power and Motors Overall dimensions
A first in Turkey; Our company carries out the production of the machines that enable the production of single-layer insulated panels, under our own patent and license. Our sandwich panel machines operate in 30 different regions of the world. Single layer insulated panels are also called economical eco sandwich panels. Please contact us for additional information and technical documents. Gcylgnn
Extruder: Weber DS 85 upgraded to DS 88, YOM 1979 9idwq0p0 Co-extruder: Weber CE5+2, YOM 2006 Calibration table: Vobau Baston 322-3-555 4.7m, two-piece 6.0 m and 2.6 m Haul-off: Vobau Baston 430-G2-280, YOM 6/1977
Rice cake production equipment, 10pcs. Available Diametr of product: 95mm Bx2a8zzjy3 Thikness adjustable 6 product per strocke Conveyor belt incl. 2x drums for water / rice mixture incl. 4x machines from 2016, the rest of the machines are from 2000-2010 Delivery time: Immediately
Used Handtmann sausage production line Bx2atf2olv Vacuum Filler Handtmann VF300 is a device with a very high efficiency, up to 10,000 kg / h. Portioning range from 5 to 100,000 g. The device is controlled by a touch screen integrated with the control system. The machine has loading for standard 200l meat bins. Filling pressure up to 35 bar Height 2030 mm Width 1750 mm Length 1400 mm Power supply 400V 50Hz 3N Power 9,5 kW Material Acid resistant, stainless steel Capacity 300 l AL 216-21 Twistin...
1. HORIZONTAL CASTING MACHINE: The purpose of the casting line is to use the copper pipe to be produced as the final product as the raw pipe as the cathode. It is to melt the copper and pour it with an outer diameter of 90 mm and a wall thickness of 25 mm. Copper poured from this line the pipe is 25 m long and weighs approximately 1100 kg. 2 in this line at the same time 90x25 mm pipe can be poured. 2200 kg raw material in approximately 2.5 hours (with average casting speed) copper pipes can be ...
Nevers, France France
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Technical characteristics Nailing / interlocking / stacker set Production 400 to 600 pallets / day Pallets 2 or 4 entries Pallet dimensions: length 800 to 1300 mm CROSSERS and CHEVRONS Pallet dimensions: width 600 to 1400 mm BOARDS 60 ° mechanically welded frame Pkt0n o 1 sole assembly station o 2 pallet assembly stations 2 or 4 standard entrances o Mobile gantry for 6 nailers max, 3 nailers mounted o Tips 2.5 50/75 o 2, 3 or 4 points / knots Removal of the rear scale on the tra...
consisting of: Lifting tipper, make Meyma, type HK602, year 2011, dough hopper, type TRE240, automatic dough machine, type Industrierex, pre-proofing cabinet, type KGV600/600, 5-row, spotting station, take-off device, rack loading robot for baking trays, make Ropac, year 2012, 580 x 980 mm, for rack trolleys 18 pitch, 8 empty tray trolleys, approx. 900 baking trays, 77 rack trolleys. Bx9afqfw9x
Twin screw extruder: Weber DS 88-17D Calibration table: Vobau 332-4-740 Marking unit: Videojet 1610 Haul-off: Baston Vobau, year 1979 Bxrpmlvx2r Separating device: Agne Maschinen AMS GmbH PSM2 006L, year 1999 Sooting table with conveyor belt: Vobau Baston 710-01-300 BJ 1980
Pallet production line OMEV for pallets width 600 - 1200 mm, length: 800 - 2000 mm, consisting of: - First nailing machine O.M.E.V Paeth - Pallet turner O.M.E.V. - Second nailing machine O.M.E.V - Outfeed chain hoist - For self dismantling and self collection
Zwenkau Germany
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sputter units, roll coaters by vaporization Nhzvchlb
This production line is a flexible and efficient system for pre-fabrication of all types of house components: walls, floor, ceiling, roof. Bxnflveg3n The working system consists of four tables, as in the sketch, with Table no.1 which is raised to hand over the wall element of Table no. 2. The operations continue on Table no. 2 where the element is returned on the horizontal position for next assembly and customization operations. Then the wall is translated on rollers to Table no.3, and from he...
Nevers, France France
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Technical characteristics Capacity 9000 x 3400 mm Power 27 kW Composition : Preparation table equipped with retracting stops Automatic opening of mobile chassis depending on the wall width Bxiq7o88ok Elevation system for panel evacuation (equipped with conveyor rollers type « convoyage ») Superior mobile bridge for nailing and stapling + evacuation Hspaatv Inferior part :  Horizontal right nailer / horizontal left nailer for wood frames nailing Pneumatical pressors Superio...
OHC PVC Sheets Collator, manually working station for welding the sheets after printing. OLA PVC cards Laminator, 3 daylight with 10 x 24 cards; 720 cards per opening Bh0f8xn OCP PVC cards Punch, 1 spare tool for ISO 7810 cards The perfect line for small and medium volumes. Shift volume about 7500 cards. With line, there is one pallet of plastic films and overlays.
Twin screw extruder: Weber CE7 Single screw extruder: MFO 35 25D Calibration table: KK-P332-3-555 L Haul-off: Vobau Baston, BJ 1979 Separating device: Agne Maschinen AMS GmbH IPSU 001L, BJ 1998 Svdi9c Sorting table