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Band Saw,Steel Strip and Bimetal Flash Butt Welding Machine 120cm Uuxnlwwb
Horizontal butt welding machine Fabr. IDEAL type AS 5 Year of construction 1977 Technical data: Rated output at 50% ED 30 kVA Hg88e2cf3 Power 35 kVA Performance setting about 10 levels Open-circuit voltage 3.5-7 V highest compressive strength 1.4 MP Max butt welding power 400 mm2 Qf8qtalu Hedging 100 A Size 1150 x 1600 x 1400 mm used, in good condition the Flash butt welding is a method for the connection of workpieces made of metals.
Flash butt welding machine MIEBACH Sa50/100 The Sa50/100 is an automatically operating flash butt welding machine which enables universal use. Welding cross sections with open lengths St37 - St42 up to 2 000 mm² at 25 N/mm² spec. upsetting force chain links up to 23 mm diameter Bxfqfjxofv Offered for sale is the welding machine, consisting of the following components: - flash butt welding machine with machine frame, upsetting slide, clamping device, welding transformer as well as height and si...
Welding range from 0.8 - 7 mm wire diameter for steel wire. Bxwolt32i9 The machine is cleaned, checked and new painted. Very good condition The machine is equipped with one set of jaws for welding and one set for annealing the wire.
Band Saw Blade and Bimetal Steel Strip Flash Butt Welding Machine Iwg37fv
WIDOS Polypress 3500 DA 125 Pipe welding machine, socket welding machine, butt welding machine up to diameter 125 mm Temperature adjustable up to 280°. The device is used, but very little used. With accessories. The device is delivered in a wooden box. Self-collection or forwarding agency. We are happy to help you organize an inexpensive shipping company. You are welcome to come by for an inspection. You will receive a proper invoice. For foreign customers, a net invoice can also be created. Pre...
Ideal Flash Butt Welding Machine. Bsxedxn9gd Model: BAS 45 With hydraulic clamping. Clamping jaws width 100 mm. Power: 440V 50/60 Hz. Machine in untested condition (As is). Made in Germany. In stock more flash butt band saw blades welding machines TEMELSAN KN-100 HBA PLC & KN-41 HBC PLC
Burning up butt welding machine Fabr. Müller type OM HASTu I 15/30 Masch.# 1630, built in 1982 Technical data: Performance, constantly 15 kVA Performance, intermittent 30 kVA Power 30 kVA Operating voltage/frequency 380 V / 50 Hz Network protection 80 ATR. Network cable 25 mm² Welding current control 6 levels maximum weldable large cross-section surface (Fe up to 0.2% C) 250 mm² Electr. Max. Welding cycles with maximum solid cross-sectional 100 BLK/h Jl9nc9r maximum compression pressure 1200 d...
Flash butt welding machine Ideal BAS 60 Weld strip steel, band sa blades for metal or for wood. Maximum width of blade 180 mm. Jaws size 210 mm. Machine tested in good working condition. Ready to work. User manual in German. On stock more welding machines for band saw blades Ideal BAS 040, 050, BAS 100 and BAS 120. also shears AHE 080 for band saw blades and grinders SMH 080 and SMH 100. All machines tested and only in original condition. Refurbished only visually. Oj0tn
Power at 50%: 4kVA Clamping force: 200daN Upsetting force: 80daN --- 0lf8plvi Extra Equipment: - annealing function - wheel trolley - grinding wheel --- Warranty: 6 months --- Spotwelding electrodes + spare parts at stock
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18414 km
Butt welding machine Fabr. IDEAL type AS 8 Masch. # 127353 built in 1969 (identical to today's type AS 25) Technical data: Welding range in mild steel up to 800 mm2 Welding power 40/80 kVA Aluminium welding area 160 mm2 maximum cutting force 25 kN Nominal power of the transformer of 40 kVA Power of the transformer 60 kVA T0yv9wlm Power cord 25 mm2 Hedging 125A Max. Welding frequency St. 25 / 70% of the welding area 320 /120 p.h.. Cooling water consumption 150 l / h Weight 1500 kg Dimensions 200...
Bergkirchen - Gröbenried, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18497 km
good condition (used)
Brand: Ideal. Boolvribfg Type: BAS 050-01. Flash Butt welding Machine. Manual clamping. Year of manufacture: 2006. Blade width up to 50 mm. Machine in good fully working condition. Weld band saw blades for wood or metal. Made in Germany. Delivery from stock.
Water cooled butt welding machine make DALEX type PMS 11 / 30 A Machine # 1163940/11 Technical data: Nominal power at 50% 30 kVA Connected load 33 kVA Secondary short circuit current 11.5 kA Yshivg Open circuit voltage 2.5 - 4.6 V Electrode holding force 170 - 510 kp Weight approx. 450 kg Outer dimensions approx. 500 x 800 x 1350 mm used, refurbished, in working order
Bergkirchen - Gröbenried, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18497 km
unexamined (used)
Ideal Flash Butt Welding Machine. Model: BAS 45 With hydraulic clamping. Clamping jaws width 100 mm. Serial No.: 148772. Power: 440V 50/60 Hz. Machine in untested condition (As is). Nwydz Made in Germany. In stock more flash butt band saw blades welding machines Ideal BAS 050, Ideal BAS 065, Ideal BAS 100 and 120
Butt welding machine Fabr. As LEX type PMS 14-1 Fabr. # 4777379 Ccspwjh Technical data: Rated output 80 kVA KVA power 149 Secondary short circuit current 32.2 k Operating current at 50% ED 10.5 KA Electrode force 100-600 dAN Open-circuit voltage 2 stages 5-7.0 V Projection 700 mm Dimensions 1500 x 600 x 1600 mm Weight CA. 438 kg used, in good condition
Bergkirchen - Gröbenried Germany
18497 km
excellent (used)
Welding machine Ideal Type: BSS 050 Ft0obql Welding: band saws, band knives and steel strip up to 50 mm Strip steel max 50mm Net / gross weight 66/96 kg Package dimensions 720 x 590 x 630 Top condition Year of production: 2001 Serial number: 228139
Complete automatic system for the production of conical buckets, Hobbocks, 10/15/20/25 l Diameter bucket top 285 mm Noyit Diameter bucket bottom 272 mm Production capacity approx. 50 pieces/min The plant has been completely overhauled, is in a very good operational condition and is still in production!!! If necessary, a complete assembly and commissioning can be offered to the buyer!!!
17 days left
Kirchlengern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18403 km
Welding system with turntable, manufacturer: MG WELDING PLANT, type: MGWP10, year of construction: 2009, serial no. : MGP8030, rated capacity: 10.000 kg, tilt angle: 0-135°, table-Ø: 183 cm, rotation speed: 0,023-2,3 rpm, table height: 180 cm, overall dimensions: approx. 271x210x180 cm, with pos. 505: automatic welding machine carrier, manufacturer: MG WELDING PLANT, type: HD4X4, year of construction: 2004, serial no.: CB9005, column height: approx. 400 cm, boom length: approx. 500 cm, control c...
SIRIUS automatic welding and cleaning centre (3 axes) The centre is designed to weld and ring the four corners of PVC profiles - minimum frame size 350x400mm - welding and cleaning - maximum frame size 2540x4000m - welding and cleaning - Welding and cleaning min size of the profile: 30mm height, 30mm width - welding and cleaning maximum profile dimension: 200mm height, 150mm width - welding seam thickness 0.2mm - pneumatic operation - automatic frame rotation - large work programming memory - s...
ORION II SN Automatic double head automatic welding machine for PVC profiles (seamless and standard welding) APPLICATION: Used to weld plastic profiles at different angles FUNCTIONS: ⦁ Pneumatic work ⦁ Automatic process from start to finish ⦁ Welding time adjustment, digital temperature control ⦁ Temperature control from 0º to 350º with electronic thermostat ⦁ Welding from 30° to 180° with single head ⦁ PLC control system ⦁ Easy Teflon replacement system STANDARD EQUIPMENT: ⦁ Right and lewegp pr...
Electric welder MESSER GRIESHEIM Type Rectostat 251-2Si Rod electrode welding machine Masch. No. 251-2 4710047 1971 built Power 250 Amp. = 60% ED 180 Amp. = 100% ED Power setting infinitely variable Mains connection 380 volts, 50 Hz, 32 amp. Plug - Electrode holder with 5 meter connection cable Bc9vr0ksub - DC - Fan air cooling Space requirement L x W x H 1000 x 580 x 800 mm Weight 240 kg good condition
Electrode welding machine DECA TURBO 260 SB Year - Serial-No. - Bi0eimf7a9 -We would be very pleased with your visit - more machines on Stock- -Available Immediately- -Can be inspect- -On Stock Emskirchen / Nürnberg - Can be test-
Volkach, Germany Germany
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offer consists of: Beck Angle welding machine C 5544 We can also organize the following for you: Bla2jbuncn packaging, loading, transport ( by ship or plane) including customs
. Device to try out in 91126 Schwabach ! . B8ae07dfw Little used - should be in near mint condition. We are not familiar with welding - and will and therefore no statement about functionality and quality allow ! .
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
18105 km
good (used)
Catalog No. : 5609 Type: Zgbi7da Producer: MESSER GRIESHEIM Made in: 1997 Characteristic: The machine is in good technical condition.
Lorch S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT You can now finish your welding jobs even faster by taking advantage of Lorch's optional speed upgrades SpeedRoot, SpeedUp and SpeedCold as well as of the standard options SpeedPulse, SpeedPulse XT, SpeedTwinPuls, TwinPuls XT, SpeedArc and SpeedArc XT. Our Lorch S3 mobile SpeedPulse XT with trolley wheelset will meet all your mobility needs as it allows you to both carry the unit and move it on its wheels. Dynamic control allows the welder, for the first ti...
Spot welding machine, projection welding machine DALEX Type PL 63 - 1 Resistance welding machine, Spot projection welding machine Machine No.: 38913718 Year of construction 1989 Nominal power at 50 % ED 63 KVA Maximum welding power 182 KVA throat 250 to 600 mm Electrode force 65 - 390 daN infinitely variable Electrode arm Ø 50 and 60 mm Electrode holder Ø 25 mm arm distance 150 / 310 mm Working stroke double stroke cylinder 45 + 20mm Total stroke 65 mm Operating air pressure 1 to 6 bar - Control...
Single head welding machine, plastic machine, fighter welding machine butt welding machine Lh9hb -pneumatic workpiece clamping -Foot switch -Dimensions: 1450/1100/H1750 mm -Weight: 500 kg
In this offer you acquire a welding machine "Woltersdorf Leopard L 5500" as good as new Object of sale: 1 x Woltersdorf Leopard L 5500 with the following equipment: Bl7zaio7qu incl. DV case MIG 15W incl. intermediate hose package 10m Condition: This offer is for a used device, which may show signs of use and wear. (minor scratches or yellowing). The device is tested for function A functional test is shown in the photo The device is off 10/2018 2 devices available! ...
workpiece length / mm workpiece dia. / mm total power requirement / kW Peq72
Plastic window welding machine / butt welding machine make URBAN type AKS 3300 make # 4455/395 year of construction 1978 Technical data: Mains voltage Schuko plug 220 V frequency 50 / 60 Hz Mains fuse 16 A Total power 3,5 kW Compressed air connection min. 7 bar via 1/2 plug Air consumption per welding 12 l at 6 bar max. angle mirror width 320 mm max. transom mirror width 110 x 110 mm max. profile height 80 mm Welding bead limitation control range 35°-65°X +/- 2°C control range 120°-300°C +/...
Miller MigMatic® 300iP pulse THE 300 amp pulse migrant from Miler, it doesn't get any better than this. This machine is known for its robustness and solidity, so it can be used for all welding jobs, no matter what the conditions. It has been tested for the toughest welding jobs and in the toughest conditions. The advanced LCD display with two large knobs allows you to set the welding parameters easily and conveniently. 300 amps 35% duty cycle 400V 3 phases 57KG Gas cooled The machine is suppli...
Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18421 km
TIG welding machine as lex type TGKW 55 Serial No. 532521 built in circa 1975 Performance 225 amp. = 60% ED 125 amp. = 100% ED Setting range 2.8-225 amps Type of current direct current and alternating current (AC-DC) 380Volt, 50 Hz mains -Power settings 5 levels of coarse and fine setting via Rotary continuous Bc9vsd2yic -2-stroke and 4-stroke welding equipment -Remote control with rotary for fine tuning -Digital display for amperes -TIG welding hose package 4 meters -Welding gas pressure re...
TIG welding machine, inverter welding machine, TIG welding machine, inverter welding machine Pmoc9aol -without hose package -Max. Welding power: 250 A. -Air cooled -Incl. Ground cable -Gas valve -Dimensions: 370/720/H870 mm -Weight: 52 kg
Two head welding machine URBAN AKS 5310/2 - FF, year 1999. Condition; very good - Weld seam limitation 0,2mm - Heating of working tables - Gasket clamping device - Max.profile height: 140mm - Man.profile width: 150mm - Max.size: 2500mm B9duj38ey - Min.size: 370mm
Wiesen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18516 km
current capacity:250 kVA workpiece dia.:- mm cross cut max.:- mm² Max. friction force:81 kN bei 100 bar Min. friction force:5,7 kN bei 7 bar Max. upsetting force:120 kN bei 148 bar Max. spindle speed:2.500 min-1 Max. slide stroke:400 mm Spindle drive power:147 kW (frequency controlled three phase motor):- Electrical supply data:- Nominal voltage:400 / 50 V/Hz Total connected load:250 kVA Medium power requirement:50 kW Medium power:250 A Fuse:630 A träge Obdzh Cable cross section:240 mm2 ...
Plastic window welding machine / butt welding machine make URBAN type AKS 3300 Make # 4494 Year of construction 1978 Technical data: Mains voltage Schuko plug 220 V frequency 50 / 60 Hz Mains fuse 16 A Total power 4 kW Compressed air supply min. 7 bar Air consumption per welding 12 l at 6 bar max. angle mirror width 320 mm max. bead breaker mirror width 110 x 110 mm max. profile height 80 mm Welding bead limitation control range 35°-65°X +/- 2°C control range 120°-300°C +/-1°C Dimensions L x W ...
Fronius Magicwave 2200 Water-cooled AC/DC Pulse TAC Point 2/4 cycle Before gas Vurzay After gas High frequency start Digital display Proplas setting Programme memory Balance control Frequency control Slope up Slope down Start current End current Electrode option Includes 8 metre Fronius torch, Fronius foot pedal and an earth cable. With this machine you can weld steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We can offer you different types of machines like: New, Used, Mig/Mag, Co2, Tig, Pulse, Ac/Dc,...
Protective gas welding unit CLOOS type GLC 357 N no. 476 year of construction approx. 1985 Nominal power 350 Amp. Power 350 Amp. - 80% DUTY CYCLE 310 amps. - 100% ED Adjustment range infinitely variable Connecting hose package 3,5 meter Mains connection 380 Volt, 50 Hz, 32 Amp. Plug - 2-cycle and 4-cycle welding equipment - external wire feeder type CK 72 ZK with 2 roller drive and 3,5 meter hose package - 4 meter hose package with central connection and BINZEL hand torch - Water-cooled - Pr...
Fighter welding machine, butt welding machine -pneumatic workpiece clamping -Foot switch Qktsmvvta
Krefeld, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18566 km
current capacity max. 13 KW throat 120 mm contact pressure capacity max. 120 kp voltage 400 V open-circuit voltage 2,5 V output voltage 6300 A welding power 2 x 2mm Blech fuse protection -thermal 25 A total power requirement 13 kW weight of the machine ca. 12 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 0,5 x 0,1 x 0,2. m Br83zjpuur Manual spot welding machine with 2 sets of welding points,
Power at 50%: 16kVA Short circuit-current: 20,7kA Bypb9olidz Electrode force: 20-390daN / single stroke Throat depth: 200mm --- Weld control: MPS 1036 (5-times, 1-program) --- Extra Equipment: - foot pedal - main switch --- Warranty: 6 months --- Spotwelding electrodes + spare parts at stock
spot welding machine make KUKA type K 15/ P works no. 177, year of construction 1972 Technical data: Nominal power at 50% ED 15 kVA Connected load 32 kVA Electrode force from 50 - 200 kp Nominal primary voltage and frequency 380 V, 50 Hz Throat 320 mm Open circuit voltage 1.7 - 3.0 V in 6 steps Nfa09 Operating current at 50% ED 5 kA Secondary short circuit current 18 kA with - Control Rö 533 TA - Foot switch used, untested - SPECIAL PRICE
Kemppi Fitweld 300 Air-cooled 300 amps 380 volts 2/4 stroke function Stepless adjustable Including a 3 meter ML250 torch and a 3 meter earth cable. We can offer you different types of machines like: New, Used, Mig/Mag, Co2, Tig, Pulse, Ac/Dc, Synergic, Water cooled, Electrode and Plasma. Examples of brands: Migatronic, Lincoln, Miller, Fronius, Kemppi, Parweld, Tico, Helvi, Lorch, Rehm, Selco, Carl Cloos, Cebora, Esab, Saf, EWM, Ess. All machines have had a service. Byj0l7sfnm The pictures...
Inverter welder for manual electric welding OERLIKON type Citoarc 3500i CC/CV fabric. no. 153210-339 year of construction 2009 Power 350 Amp. = 35% ED 270 Amp. = 60% ED 240 Amp. = 100 % ED Adjustment range 5-350 Amp. infinitely variable Mains connection 400 Volt, 50 Hz, 28,5 Amp. - equipped with 32 Amp. CEE plug - Hot-start function adjustable - Integrated anti-stick function - Arc-Force function adjustable - Digital display - Socket for remote control connection - Ground cable with plug...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
TIG welding machine, welding machine, TIG welding machine -WIG welding machine AC/DC direct/alternating current Jbkqj000 -Hose packages: 3 -Max. Welding power: 225 A. -Air cooled -Incl. Ground cable -Gas valve -Dimensions: 610/1270/H860 mm -Weight: 288 kg
Offer 21349 Technical data: - Welding robot arm with control NX 100 - travel lengthwise approx. 10000 mm - traverse path crosswise approx. 2000 mm - travel height + robot articulated arm approx. 2000 mm - MIG - MAG welding machine MESSER Q 501 M - passage width / portal passage 2780 mm - passage height 3450 mm - 2 x track rail HEB 220 12500 mm - 2 turntables for round parts - pneumatic connection 7 bar - 3-sided grid enclosure with doors - drive 400 V Dvj2rqj - space requirement approx. W 500...
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18260 km
throat min.: mm throat max.: mm Support arm position: ° weight of the machine ca.: t space requirements of the machine approx.: m dimensions L x W x H: ca. 10,0 x 5,0 x 6,0 m Submerged arc welding machine PEMA automatic welding machine carriers have a user-friendly control system. Equipped with: -Welding source ESAB LAE 800A: W0dwmvf2 = is fan-cooled, incl. thermal overload monitor; at 100% load = 800A / 44V; adjustment range: 40A / 13-22V and/or 800 A / 44V; protection class IP 23; applicatio...