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Hand beading machine country of manufacture: Turkey Heavy - stable cast iron product construction adjustable lower shaft Infeed harmonic by spindle Fvgqtwma continuously adjustable stop plate with fixation Roller length: 140 mm Roll diameter approx. 63 mm Throat complete. 250 mm Sheet thickness: max. 1.2 mm at 400 N / mm² steel strength Weight. 50 kg Dimensions: approx. 560x220x500 mm Accessories: 8 pairs of roller sets New storage machine Special price: 410 .-- Euro net + VAT
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Hamburg Germany
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1st motor beading machine, manufacturer: FASTI, size 2, machine number: 6742007, largest sheet capacity: 100 x 2, own weight: approx. 600 kg Bwoa2yswux
Edge Cutting Trimming Beading Machine Machine is designed for machining workpieces with circular and non-circular shape and thickness up to 6 mm. Machine has Pneumatic unit , hydraulic unit and unit with hydraulic movement by axis control . Maximum diameter: Customizable Electric Power : Variabie according of working Number of units of work: 3 or 4 Vulebe For more information please contact our sales office
Beading machine, flanging machine, seam closing machine, motorized beading machine -welded lower arm -Max. Sheet metal capacity: 1.5 mm -Number of sets of beads: 9 pieces -electrically driven: 0.6/0.75 kW -Projection: 320 mm -Dimensions: 1000/350/H1220 mm -Weight: 250 kg N7myf
Motorized beading machine make FASTI type 401 45 - 0,8 machine no. 8341 106, year of construction 1983 technical data: roller centre distance 45 mm max. sheet thickness 0,8 mm max. throat 180 mm working depth 185 mm dimensions L x W x H approx. 200 x 500 x 600 mm weight 22 kg with: Psna3y - motor drive 0,25 kW - underframe - foot switch The machine is originally hand driven and has been rebuilt to motor drive used, in good condition
large beading machine 2,2KW engine power 160mm throat depth Dcu2z7h3w sheet metal capacity min.3,0mm see last photo 3,0mm the machine has processed without difficulty, 4-4,5mm probably possible tool holder 40mm--12mm groove-- space requirement approx. 1600x1300mm height 1520mm Foot release Weight approx. 700kg
OFFER 15231 Bvdgwjidlg Technical data: - Throat / working depth approx. 350 mm - roller centre distance approx. 60 mm - Shaft diameter 40 mm - shaft length 85 mm - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 1,5 mm - working speed 12 m/min - drive 400 V 1,5 kW - space requirement approx. W 1000 x H 1300 x D 1000 mm - weight approx. 500 kg - with: - E - foot switch - stop apron
Neu-Ulm Germany
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motorized beading machine RAS 11.35 Operation via foot pedal right/left rotation via foot pedal Speed infinitely variable via potentiometer feed via hand crank complete with 9 pairs of standard rollers Divided stop Ois7d sheet thickness 1,25 mm roller centre distance 50 mm Throat 200 mm
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
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metal sheet thickness: 1,6 mm spindle distance: 63 mm D2f982f working speed: 3,2 - 16 m/min engine: 380 V, 0,75 kW space needed: 645 x 250 x 1350 mm weight: 220 kg
Beading machine, hand beading machine, flanging machine, seam closing machine, manual beading machine -Max. Sheet metal capacity: 1.0 mm -Projection: 200 mm Wgjpkv9xp -Stop plate: adjustable -Dimensions: 750/700/H1500 mm -Weight: 120 kg
Motorized beading machine make GEKA technical data: roller centre distance 65 mm throat 265 mm sheet thickness approx. 1,25 mm outer dimensions L x W x H 450 x 600 x 1100 mm motor power 0,22/ 0,4 kW motor speed 63/ 125 rpm with - double foot switch - underframe Ovhex - 1 pair of rollers used, in good condition
Technical data: -Manufacturer. Binmak -Type: KBM H4,0 -Country of origin: Turkey -With foot pedal 7ybm9mk -Electric -Power current -Hydraulic -motor 2,2KW -weight approx. 400Kg -Sheet metal up to 4,0mm -insertion approx. 300mm -with roller set Price is net
Manufacturer RAS Model 11.31 Year of manufacture xx Machine no. 99/23 Technical data: power 1,25mm 2 speeds Forward and return Engine brake Throat 220mm Boxpflzytj roller centre distance 65 mm + set of rollers 380 volts Foot switch Weight 50kg
motor beading machine offer number: 07276 Make: KRAMER Type: SBMM 56 Machine-No: 16437 Year of construction: 1969 Technical data: - max throat depth 250 mm - Working depth 220 mm - roller centre distance 56 mm - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 1,25 mm - working speed 7 + 14 m/min - Right + left rotation - Drive 400 V 0,75 kW Gwajkw - Space requirement approx. W 500 x H 1250 x D 655 mm - Weight approx. 180 kg - with: - E - foot switch - Stop apron
Eilenburg Germany
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Beading machine with feeder, used C2r7ckire Beading machine with feeder, used Typ / type: E911002 manufacturer / make: Keller year of manufacture / new: 1991 working range: sheet width max. / max. working length: 1300 mm sheet thickness range / sheet thickn.: 1,5 mm Diameter of rollers / diam. of rollers: 170 mm connected load / power: 9 kW weight / weight : 3 t
Mörsdorf Germany
18327 km
ready for operation (used)
Motor beading machine make GÜTHLE type SMP 80 Machine # 26 Year of construction 1986 Technical data: max. sheet thickness 2,0 mm Throat 315 mm Drive power 1,1 kW Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz Sux9fo9l with - Foot switch for R+L run - 9 Set of beading rollers used, in good and functional condition
Technical data: -Manufacturer. Binmak Bqeqsnwe92 -Type: KBM 4 -Country of origin: Turkey -With foot pedal -Electric -motor 2,2KW -Power current -weight approx. 400Kg -Sheets up to 4,0mm -insertion approx. 300mm
Technical data: - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 4 mm - max. projection 260 mm - Working depth approx. 250 mm - roller centre distance 50 mm - Roller holder 50 mm - Shaft thickness 85 mm - Working speed 8 m/min - Right + left rotation Bmcv8ieq2h - hydr. infeed of the top roller - Drive 400 V / 2.2 kW - Space requirement approx. W 700 x H 1450 x D 1650 mm - Weight approx. 700 kg - with: - separate control panel with E - foot switch - Roller sets
Manual seeping and stock pading machine Fabr. BEUTNER Technical data: max. sheet strength about 1.25 mm Roller average distance 63 mm Bevvzwmzpc Exoffload 160 mm Weight 23 kg with -different reels needed, in good condition
Technical data: -manufacturer. Binmak -BY 2020 -Type: KBM H2.5 -Country of origin Turkey -with foot pedal -Electric -High voltage current -Hydraulic -Weight approx. 400Kg -sheets up to 2,5mm Ogemt -Plug-in unit approx. 300mm -with roller set
Technical data: - max. projection 400 mm Oqh3p - roller centre distance 125 mm - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 2,5 mm - roller mounting / shaft diameter 40 mm - shaft length 60 mm - outer roll diameter approx. 100 mm - 3 working speeds - right + left rotation - drive 400 V / 2,2 kW - space requirement approx. W 600 x H 1500 x D 1300 mm - weight approx. 650 kg - with: - E. - foot - button - stop apron - emergency - off button
Manual beading and flanging machine Fabr. FASTI type 412/80 x 1.75 Masch.# 78412036 built in 1978 Technical data: maximum sheet thickness 1.75 mm largest projection 315 mm Roll center distance 80 mm Weight approx. 192 kg External dimensions approx. 900 x 450 x 1350 mm with -multiple set of rollers -Guide for soils 150-750 mm Bbxw0ujizl -Hand crank used, in very good condition, from vocational school
Technical data: - Working depth up to approx. 500 mm - roller centre distance 125 mm Brg9cnoydh - max. material thickness at 40 kg/mm² strength 3 mm - working speed infinitely variable - infeed path of the upper shaft 25 mm - Adjustment travel of the lower shaft 20 mm - roller mounting - diameter 50 mm - right + left rotation - drive 400 V / 3 kW - space requirement approx. W 500 x H 1550 x D 1050 mm - weight approx. 550 kg - with: - E - foot switch - 2 sets of rollers - stop apro...
Manual beading machine Fabr. Remote access type 11.11 Fabr.# 39/9 year 1984 Technical data: maximum sheet thickness 1.25 mm Roll center distance 50 mm Throat depth 200 mm Cpa2c0vf Weight approx. 16 kg External dimensions approx. 500 x 250 x 400 mm with -8 roller sets -Base used, in good condition
JÖRG 5731 / 5704 / 5705 / 5706 Manual Beading machines Technical details - Capacity: Zinc 1,1 mm - 5731 For beading rods Ø 12 - 25 mm, - 5731 working length 1020 mm Xrofc - 5704/5705/5706 for beading rods Ø 14, 16 and 18 mm - 5704/5705/5706 Working length: 2020, 2520 and 3020 mm Options - Beading rods 1 meter and Ø 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25 mm can be supplied from stock. - Motorized beading machines 1 to 6 meter - Folding unit JÖRG 5714 Beading machines ’’Professional’’ Technical details...
Large Mechanical Crank Press Upsetter available. Bsgbrboyic This press is designed to forge flanges on shafts, make big bolts and other big metal components in a single 2-second cycle. Capacity: 1200 tons (main vertical crank), 600 tons (side-acting clamp) Weight: 112 tons Manufacturer: Coventry Machine Tool Co, England (Circa 1940's) Cast steel frame. New bronze bearings in flywheel. Currently installed and working, but MUST find a new home as soon as possible as land has been sold for developm...
Model: CNC Turning lathe / Teach-in Manufacturer: L&W Machine Tools / Cyclone (Taiwan) Type: FB-1860 Control: Fagor Centerdistance: 1500mm Swing over bed: 460mm Center height: 230mm Cross-slide height: 230mm Bcl2kd Spindle speed: 33-3100 rpm Boring hole: 56mm X-travel: 280mm Z-travel: 1310mm
GEMINI - II A Semi-automatic, digital twin-head cutting-off machine, 2x blade Ø 400 mm, twin-cutting Iyjeni9p APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wooden profiles MAIN FEATURES: - Hydro-pneumatic cutting - Safe cuts thanks to the fitting of a cover. - Manual positioning at all stages between -45° and +45° - 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° right and left fixed angles - quick manual adjustment - Automatic positioning of cutting length - PLC control system - Possibility of storing dimensions ...
Online auction of steam dyeing and chemical washing machines in Middenbeemster (NL) Register for FREE and bid Khnf8yst at our online auction site Orbis Auctions; Start date 26 july 2021 14:00 hours End date august 26th 2021 14:00 hrs. Viewing day August 23rd 2021 from 10:00 till 14:00 hrs. Viewing by appointment, mail Pick up day 02 September 2021 from 09:00 till 16:00 hrs and 03 September 2021 from 09:00 to 14:00 hours Address: Bamestraweg 17, 1462 VM Middenbeemster, Netherlands
Trenčín, Slovakia Slovakia
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Brand: LOG MACHINE Shot weight: 298 g Screw diameter: 45 mm Clamping force: 160 ton Opening stroke: 430 mm Distance between tie bars: 460x460 mm  Jb9slc9dc Mold thickness: 180-500 mm
The motor of the X axis makes problems, therefore offered as used defective Gqvmpfmf
Length of the cut - 3000 mm Width of the cut - 1900 mm and 2950 mm Fence 750 mm Auto cut set for cutting backward and forward One sided blade Double sided blade Cut thickness 1mm - 850mm Speed control for rotation of blade Zthyl0f7 Variable speed control for cutting the length Blade Size: 9745.
GEMINI V R - blade advance up to 185 mm Fully automatic digital twin-head cutting-off machine for angle grinder blades Ø 550 mm Pvdjvldn APPLICATION: For cutting aluminium, plastics and wooden profiles MAIN FEATURES: - Hydropneumatic cutting - Slicing function - Safe cutting thanks to safety sensor cover - Automatic positioning at all stages between -22.5 ° and + 45 ° with servo system - Batch processing and precise cutting - Programming process and large memory - Automatic calculation of cuttin...
Fevziçakmak, 10569. Sk., 42050 Horozluhan Osb/Karatay/Konya, Türkiye Turkey
16807 km
The price starts from 35.000 Euro and it may change according to model. Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine is used steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminium sheet for deburring and edge rounding after punch, laser, plasma, oxygen cutting. We also have channel on youtube for sample videos (TFON Machine) Brygztxasq
Halilbeyli, Ankara Asfaltı 5. Km. No:10, 35743 Kemalpaşa/İzmir, Turkey Turkey
17236 km
CTC 1275 Tertiary Impact Crusher ( Sand Making Machine ) Technical specifications: Model: CTC-12 75 Max Feeding: 100 mm. Rotor Sizes : 750 x 1100 mm. Rotor Speed: 900 rpm Bwnzv9yfau Capacity: 60-80 ton/hours Motor: 110 kW/1500 rpm Weight: 9,5 ton Chassis, walking platforms and maintenance Crane is present. Features of CONSTMACH TERTIARY IMPACT CRUSHERS: High reduction ratio Cubical product with high crush count Selective crushing by speed and breaker plate adjustment Interchangeable wear part...
We have two similar machines. Price/one machine. Pt3slyal 40 spools printed plastic band rolls includes to both machines.
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
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The tool washing machine is in working condition. Bt7xcqker8
NIC32A register cutting machine The machine is in very good condition, ready for production. Machine for cutting registers in ready bindings and loose sheets, Manufacturer’s description: Control from the touch monitor Storing programs in memory Automatic cutting by activating the foot switch Automatic move or manual move on position after each trim Material holding clamp Bvbsacllsm Safety is ensured by plastic covers 220 V power supply Number of registers: 2-31 Number of sheets for a single cut:...
GEMINI IV M - Double head manual saw for cutting aluminium, PVC and wood Double saw In standard: - 2x 450mm blade, - conveyor on the right moving head, - cooling system, - horizontal clamps - hydropneumatic cutting, - safety guards for the cutting area with safety sensor safety sensor Izglgpx - manual angle positioning between 45-90 degrees degrees - horizontal clamps - support profile At extra charge: - conveyor on fixed head - vertical clamps - chip extraction The price is net price. Warra...
Karabağlar, 5759/6. Sk. 2 G, 35110 Karabağlar/İzmir, Türkiye Turkey
17274 km
Automatic Band Saw Swaging and Shaping Machine Bq2fek2elc
Kemalpaşa, 7416/1. Sk. No:95, 35060 Bornova/İzmir, Turkey Turkey
17264 km
-> Speed Conveyors are controlled wood Carrier (size 127 x 60 cm) -> Adjustable Height Blade (the desired wood shaving thickness can be adjusted) -> Wood Carrier is Konvi Speed Controls (wood shaving Size is set at the desired figure) -> Machinery Spare Parts is our standard production can be obtained from anywhere. -> blower fan -> Can be used for horse or chicken. Technicial Specifications Model : 2 YT - 60 Number of Rollers : 2 Blade Length : 60 cm Number of Blades : 7 x 2 = 14...
Working area size 2000х630х630mm Cnk8ixrq Max grinding wheel size 500mm Power 30kW Overall dimensions of the machine, ~ 5950x2860x2860mm Machine weight with attached equipment, kg 15500 Is operational
6. Sk. No:22/A, 38070 Kayseri Osb/Melikgazi/Kayseri, Türkiye Turkey
16598 km
Maximum tube bending capacity : 65 x 3 mm Maximum bendin Radius: 250 mm Minimum bending Radius: 100 mm Servo rotation, servo feeding, hydraulic bending 3D simulation feature Bu9xngwkrz Automatic bending feature by one foot touch Maximum tube length (4000 mm) 15” PC touch screen Able to see daily and total bending quantity Multiple language option Saving product to memory Able to use automatic or manual by PLC control system Maximum bending angle is 190° 1 year warranty Automatic tube length calc...
Machine for peeling onions Technical parameters: - manufacturer: GOLDEN MACHINE - machine type: 2-row - capacity: approx. 0.4 - 0.6 tons / h - year of production: 2018 Bkvxbvftpd Condition: used, operational Machine location: 33-340 Stary Sącz, Poland
ORBIT - III Automatic cleaning machine for PVC surfaces and corners (single cutting set) APPLICATION: Cleaning of welded surfaces from corners of PVC profiles FEATURES: - Hydro pneumatic operation - Automatic return to starting position when cleaning is finished - Centering system for correct positioning of profiles at 45o to trim excess weld - Pneumatic replacement of cutting set - Pneumatic clamps Nmcyrnhn The price is net price. 12 months warranty EXW. Obodowo, Sosno, Poland The presented pr...
Karabağlar, 5759/6. Sk. 2 G, 35110 Karabağlar/İzmir, Türkiye Turkey
17274 km
Band Saw Blade Tensioning Machine Bq2e8csogn