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Bayonville-sur-Mad France
18783 km
good condition (used)
Warm Wasser Kesselanlage von dem Kesselhersteller Weiss France - Baujahr 2002 - Typ SRTC - Leistung 2500kW (bis 3500kW möglich abhängig mit die Feuchtigkeit in Brennstoff). With modern Austastung (nasse Entaschung + Rauchgasventilator + Multizyklon). Sehr gutes Zustand. Wenig verwendet. Fotos nach Anfrage. Bei Metz (FR). Herr Bert RUTTEN 87g9stri Bert Rutten
Automatic wood chip bopiler from Mawera. Cappacity: 700 kW, complete system with snake conveyor, cyclone, tubes, steering unit, etc. Buy3032gqm Visit: appointment only. Dismountled! Ready for loading.
Fröling TX250 kW wood chip boiler + woodchip feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) Btrckd3f9z - In disassembled/dismantled condition, can be shipped immediately !!
Wood gasification boiler, 38 kW with flue gas fan. The boiler was little in use. Bt88ggurvg
Wood chips steam boiler plant good condition still in operation due to downsizing for sale! Bjxzfl9aq9 Boiler system with ecomiser and electrofilter with hydraulic insertion and drop stage with two backburn valves and scratch chain conveyors! Without push rods bunker discharge, but can be taken care of!
Gilles 145kw wood pellet boiler. This boiler has only consumed 2 tonnes of fuel during it life and was removed to allow for extention to Factory. Comes with auger feed system and control system Bjbcyfabtr
Mawera 440 kW wood chip boiler + woodchip feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) Btrdblx30h - In disassembled/dismantled condition, can be shipped immediately !!
Wood combustion system, with complete, automatic working, with screw conveyor, multi-cyclone, ash removal, control. Remote maintenance via mobile phone / Fire View 2000. Technical specifications: Power: 450 kW Bzqegkeo Operating medium: hot water / warm water Grate design: Fixed bed grate with air cooling Fuel humidity: up to 50%, quality: W40. Fuel assortment: dry Spoaene, moist schnitzel, waste wood Already dismantled. Loading asa. possible. Visit anytime possible by appointment.
Viessmann KÖB 250-500 kW automatic wood chip boiler Now at an extraordinary price !!! Do you have a garden, a carpentry plant, a factory hall? The best, most economical unattended heating can be yours! The largest producer of industrial wood chips boilers is KÖB, a member of the Viessmann Group. The cheapest heating solution available today! - Fully automatic 500 kW wood chip boiler with complete control, renovated chamotte chamber with fly ash separator, inverter control! - can modulate from 2...
LA 150 wood chip warm air generator Standard execution O370p - axial pressure fan for fresh air, combustion gas air heat exchanger, combustion chambr - easily transportable container design with forklift pockets, extinguishing water container with temperature monitoring, level monitoring, heat-resistant combustion and burnout chamber cladding. Gear motors, control and switch box. Wood chips from the forest W30 / G30 *Pellet hot air heating systems *Pellets are used as the energy source *Pellet...
Type: HDG SL 14 Lump wood boilers Nominal thermal power: 14.9 KW Permissible operating pressure: 2.5 bar Q9wqchq Permissible flow temperature: + 95 ° C Boiler No.: 05-903434 Water content: 58 ltd. Boiler class: 1 Location: can be seen In the sales order
Woodchip boiler, Mawera FU300 R, Full automatic working, with screw conveyor, ash removal filter, fan, steering, documentation, etc. Bdpecil0xl Visit: anytime possible in Hungary. Already dismountled!
Schmid 900 kW automatic woodchip boiler, built in 2004. The system isn't leaking and works! It's all there! Moving floor, chain conveyor, screws, ash removal, incl. Boiler pump, control, incl. Chimney system. Bu8wcswdf8 The 900kW Schmid system is a grate furnace. The system is professionally dismantled!
Woodchip boiler, complete system, with complete, automatic working, with screw conveyor, flue gas fan and control. Bveia7ikxb With a very large heat exchanger, 10m3. Only 3 years in use. Technical specifications: Power: 500 kW Operating medium: hot water / warm water Fuel humidity: up to 50%, quality: W40. Fuel range: dry chips, moist wood chips, residual wood Immediately available. Viewing by appointment possible.
Mawera FSB 850 kw automatic wood chip boiler, in excellent condition! Year of production: 2004 .Hydraulically operated stepped grate, cell feeder, auger ash conveyor, fly ash separator! Pumps! Can be delivered immediately, dismantling is included in the price! Gvhnjgzp
Gilles HPK-UTSK 550 kW automatic wood chip boiler The most economical heating solution for wood factories, horticulture and agriculture! Now is a rare opportunity! New price of 80 thousand euros! Suitable for heating 2500-6000 m2 places !! - Austrian, fully automatic Gilles HPK-UTSK 550 kW wood chip boiler in excellent condition! - Year of manufacture 2005! - It is a big advantage that it has pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning so that you don't have to do the regular manual brush heat exchanger...
2piece Fröling 220 kW woodchip boiler + feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) - 2 x 220 kW = 440 kW !! Gb3w9u8vs - Disassembly/dismantle by the buyer!
Jüri Estland (Reval)
17116 km
good condition (used)
TWIN bandsaw line, loginfeed - 2 logdecks, bandsaw infeed, outfeed with boards separation, cross conveyor for slabs, original grinding equipment, dismantled ready for loading. Line in operation total 2 years Y0g2c
Rackheath United Kingdom
18638 km
good condition (used)
Working width 1300mm One rotor with 4 brushes Edge brush Additional outfeed brush Variable regulated feeder Variable regulated speed of rotor Bwmyllx7uz Variable regulated speed of brushes Electric regulation of rotor height
Wood Mizer band sawmill Type LT 300 new wersion WM 3500 SUPER Year of production 2012 The machine is in good working order, can be checked. Machine equipped with: • Log feeding table with hydraulic ejector. • Main machine equipped with debarker in front of saws. • Remote control - which allows the operator to be placed in a separate heated room. • Water lubrication system for saws • Scraper for cut material. • Outfeed conveyor behind the machine. Bwev0risfk TECHNICAL DATA: - cutting length 6...
Complete Engineered Wood Flooring Production and Finishing Line in Excellent Working Condition - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift Bhex0myuun - Min Parquet Dimensions - 60 mm (width) x 550 mm (length) - Max Parquet Dimensions - 190 mm (width) x 3000 mm (length) Line for production includes following machines: - Cold Press DA 2500-200 NEW!!! - Glue Spreader DA 200 - Circular Saw - Transversal Milling Machine - Gabbiani TM64 - Longitudinal Milling Machine - Gu...
- 22kW engine - automatic start-up star delta - 400V power supply Btwjv3wwnm
Edge demolition and grinding machine & Qick Wood wood finish and paint caching Partial length 1100 to 2200 mm Parable riding 150 to 800 mm Parts thick 20 to 32 mm Consisting of: 1 machine stand with rope-side aggregate carriers with Rolling camp linear tours for the inclusion of the processing support Bex2c9y0xs 1 charging table with fixed edition in the area of processing and transport Roll in the extended edition area. 1 page line manual adjustable on value width by hand wheel with Digita...
Automatic machine designed for brushing the upper and lower flat surfaces of the piece thanks to counter-rotating rollers positioned in the upper and lower part of the worktop. FEATURES: • Feeding of the pieces with a standard belt or ribbons with a continuously adjustable speed via an inverter • Electronic control of brush speed • Electric adjustment of working height • Suitable for mounting brushes for sanding • Prepared for enhanced engines for rustication with Tynex and / or steel Gxtakut •...
Deck Art Machines Basic Line - Completely New Engineered Wood Flooring Production Line - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Staining + Varnishing + LED UV Oiling + LED UV Varnishing Coating System Vs8ugu Line for production includes following machines: - Table Saw DA 2800 - Cold Press DA 2500-200 - Glue Spreader DA 200S - Wide Belt Sanding Machine DA 600 - 3m - Longitudinal Milling Machine DA 200B - Transversal Milling Machine DA 2500B - Tools For Profil...
Wood milling cutter, milling head, milling tool, wood milling cutter, profile milling cutter -Outer diameter: 180 mm -Number: 2 milling cutters -Price: complete Lida7 -Weight: 11 kg
Feeding device Year of construction: 2016 New device 3 feed rollers Roll diameter 120 mm Ohgxl Roll width 60 mm 8 speeds Motor 0,75 kW/400 V Weight approx. 65 kg availability: short term Storage location: Hochheim
Filderstadt - Bonlanden , Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18617 km
The ideal machine also for harder materials Special price for demonstrator . Motor: 18,5 kW; 400 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph, Blades: 14 pieces, 40x40mm, multiple rotatable, rotor diameter: 260 mm, Control: Omron SPS, cutter opening 600 x 800 mm, hopper volume approx. 0,6 qbm, hydraulically operated slide screen perforation according to choice (25 - 40mm) suction nozzle Ø 160 mm weight approx. 1.300 kg Dimensions (lxwxh) approx. 1737 x 1167 x 1650 mm . The following options are available at extra charge: -...
We offer a residual wood disposal from the company Rudnick & Enners for sale, the plant consists of. - 16m vibrating chute with metal detector and screening zone - Drum chipper type: RE/TH180/500/3, 45KW main drive, infeed height 180mm, infeed width 500mm, rotor with 2 knives, infeed unit with 3 rollers - Vibrosie trough - 2-fold trough chain conveyor for wood chips and shavings, 4 places for wood chip containers with discharge hopper and pusher. 2 sliders for chips Bvec7js0b3 The plant can be p...
NEW description - Ideal for ambitious model builders  and home improvement - Die-cast aluminum flywheels with  Special covering - Cast aluminum work table can be swiveled up to 45 ° - Equipped with a precise 3-roller saw  tape guide above and below the  table - Aluminum longitudinal stop with quick release  precisely adjustable with the help of magnifying glass and  Millimeter scale - Two belt speeds adjustable Technical specifications: Dimensions and weights Length approx. 780 mm Width / de...
Wood milling cutter, milling head, milling tool, wood milling cutter, profile milling cutter -Outer diameter: 170 mm Qlx9cix7e -Number: 9 milling cutters -4x: left -5x: right -Price: complete -Weight: 3.8 kg/piece
WEIMA WL6 Wood shredder year 12/1998 Bxxrlhka read off operating hours: 4.302 h engine power 22 kW fuse protection: 63 A power consumption: 55 A hopper volume: 0,6 m³/min. inlet cross section: 100 x 80 cm Rotor diameter: 252 mm Rotor speed: approx. 90 rpm. (low-speed rotor) hydr. push floor 21 pcs. new cutting crowns new counter knife installed perforated screen size: 15 / 20 mm incl. 2nd perforated screen: 12 / 15 mm suction nozzle: 200 mm weight: approx. 1.500 kg
In-line FMI moistermeter from Brookhuis longitudinal. as good as new. Gxselk sensortype : L100
Weight:350 kg Speed:500, 800, 1450, 2000, 2800 U/min. Motor output:1,5 kW H0ag2tgei
Low pressure hot water boiler Viessmann Vitomax 200 with boiler room / container FOR SALE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Type - M241 011 Construction year - 2005 Operating pressure - 10 bar Rated heat output - 2600 kW Water capacity - 5190 L Powered by ELCO, burner type EK6.300 LEUF Burner Control System - ELCO KLÖCKNER BCS300 Bq3wdusxln Suitable for the combustion of Fuel oil EL Other fuel types supported Vitomax industrial/commercial low pressure hot water boilers are designed for performance, reli...
NEW description - Ideal for ambitious model builders  and home improvement - Die-cast aluminum flywheels with  Special covering - Cast aluminum work table can be swiveled up to 45 ° - Equipped with a precise 3-roller saw  tape guide above and below the  table - Aluminum longitudinal stop with quick release  precisely adjustable with the help of magnifying glass and  Millimeter scale - Two belt speeds adjustable Technical specifications: Dimensions and weights Length approx. 680 mm Width / de...
Wood milling cutter inserts, knife inserts, form milling cutter inserts Lideb -Knife width: 39 mm -Knife thickness: 2 mm -Radius: 7.5mm -Price: complete -Weight: 0.8 kg
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
19092 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics Ehpn02w hydraulic advance of the cutting unit pedal control parallel guide 550 mm SIKO pneumatic pressure for clamping parts Blade diameter: max 350/400 mm Cutting length: 3200 mm Cutting height: 90 mm Power and Motors Power: 7.5 Kw Overall dimensions Length: 4500 mm Width: 1200 mm
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal Austria
18284 km
excellent (used)
automatic solid wood saw feed motor with gear box chain drive dust suction tube parallel fence electropneumatic lifting of the beam foot pedal operation automatic feed speed 0 - 80 m/ min incl. laser cutting light cutting length 4320 mm cutting width 600 mm cutting height max. 160 mm saw blade DM 350 - 550 mm motor 11,0 kW motor feeder 1,5 kW motor fence 0,75 kW suction DM 2 x 130 & 1 x 200 mm dimensions L x W x H = 6165 x 1535 x 2125 mm weight approx. 1800 kg Advise used machines: • Techn...
I sell the complete line for production of solid wood panels. Product size max. 3000X2600mm Complete line consists of: Hspd3un 6-spindle Weinig Unimat fourside moulder Cross chain conveyor Automatic Glue spreading unit with cycle programming Entry table before the press Italpresse GB/13 Super Press size 2600mm (Parallel dimension / element length) x 3000mm (Cross dimension / Working width) Output table with rollers and cross chain outfeed conveyor Stähle top/bottom sanding machine (possible to ...
with copier second hand Make Hapfo Type AP 5000-M / 4782 Distance between centers approx. 1300 mm Center height approx. 250 mm Ekff2o9 Bezel 75 mm max .; 2. Bezel 4 jaws moving center point Motor 1.0 kW Motor 2 speeds / pole-changing Speed levels 1500/3000 rpm. Required space approx. 2500 mm x 1000 mm x 1600 mm Total connected load 1.4 kW Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the current condition as viewed, without overhaul, without guarantee and warranty