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Bayonville-sur-Mad France
18783 km
good condition (used)
Warm Wasser Kesselanlage von dem Kesselhersteller Weiss France - Baujahr 2002 - 87g9stri Typ SRTC - Leistung 2500kW (bis 3500kW möglich abhängig mit die Feuchtigkeit in Brennstoff). With modern Austastung (nasse Entaschung + Rauchgasventilator + Multizyklon). Sehr gutes Zustand. Wenig verwendet. Fotos nach Anfrage. Bei Metz (FR). Herr Bert RUTTEN Bert Rutten
Wood gasification boiler, 38 kW with flue gas fan. The boiler was little in use. Bt88ggurvg
Mawera 440 kW wood chip boiler + woodchip feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) - In disassembled/dismantled condition, can be shipped immediately !! Btrdblx30h
ENDRESS WOOD COMBUSTION PLANT USF-W 800 Underfeed firing incl. control system Bi7qje3exo Power 800kW Water capacity 2500 l Permissible operating overpressure 3 bar permissible operating temperature 90°C The following peripherals are not included in the price but are available on request: - Conveying technology - Flue gas filter multicyclone - Heating circuit distribution - Buffer storage 22000 - Heating circuit manifold 5 heating circuits - Reflex pressure maintenance ...
Wood chips steam boiler plant good condition still in operation due to downsizing for sale! Bjxzfl9aq9 Boiler system with ecomiser and electrofilter with hydraulic insertion and drop stage with two backburn valves and scratch chain conveyors! Without push rods bunker discharge, but can be taken care of!
Gilles 145kw wood pellet boiler. This boiler has only consumed 2 tonnes of fuel during it life and was removed to allow for extention to Factory. Bjbcyfabtr Comes with auger feed system and control system
Fröling TX250 kW wood chip boiler + woodchip feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) - In disassembled/dismantled condition, can be shipped immediately !! Btrckd3f9z
LA 150 wood chip warm air generator Standard execution O370p - axial pressure fan for fresh air, combustion gas air heat exchanger, combustion chambr Bjk0xk2msl - easily transportable container design with forklift pockets, extinguishing water container with temperature monitoring, level monitoring, heat-resistant combustion and burnout chamber cladding. Gear motors, control and switch box. Wood chips from the forest W30 / G30 *Pellet hot air heating systems *Pellets are used as the energy sou...
Wood combustion system, with complete, automatic working, with screw conveyor, multi-cyclone, ash removal, control. Remote maintenance via mobile phone / Fire View 2000. Technical specifications: Power: 450 kW Operating medium: hot water / warm water Grate design: Fixed bed grate with air cooling Fuel humidity: up to 50%, quality: W40. Fuel assortment: dry Spoaene, moist schnitzel, waste wood Already dismantled. Loading asa. possible. Bzqegkeo Visit anytime possible by appointment.
Type: HDG SL 14 Q9wqchq Lump wood boilers Nominal thermal power: 14.9 KW Permissible operating pressure: 2.5 bar Permissible flow temperature: + 95 ° C Boiler No.: 05-903434 Water content: 58 ltd. Boiler class: 1 Location: can be seen In the sales order
2x Herz 200 kW woodchip boiler + PELLET feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) Btrelmnwcu - 2 x 200 kW = 400 kW !! - In disassembled/dismantled condition, can be shipped immediately !!
Woodchip firing system, with complete, automatic working, with screw-conveyor, flue gas fan and steering unit. Technical data: Omtm9 Power: 350 kW Operating medium: hot water Fuel Humidity: up to 50%, Quality: W40. Fuel range:chip: dry, shredded material wet, and residual wood. Already dismantled. Ready for loading. Visit by appointment.
Woodchip boiler, Mawera FU300 R, Full automatic working, with screw conveyor, ash removal filter, fan, steering, documentation, etc. Visit: anytime possible in Hungary. Already dismountled! Bdpecil0xl
Urbas 600 kW automatic woodchip boiler Tjevwccz - In disassembled/dismantled condition, can be shipped immediately !!
2piece Fröling 220 kW woodchip boiler + feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) - 2 x 220 kW = 440 kW !! Gb3w9u8vs - Disassembly/dismantle by the buyer!
Fröling 320 kW woodchcip boiler + feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM) - Disassembly/dismantle by the buyer! O8daf
Gilles 150 kW automatic woodchip boiler + woodchip feeder (COMPLETE SYSTEM !!) Austrian Gilles fully automatic wood chip boiler! With all the options! - Pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning! - Cellular feeder guarantees that it works perfectly even with sawdust! - Oxygen sensor regulates the optimal air supply according to the moisture content! - Automatic ignition, ash removal! - Inverter control, so you can modulate from 40 to 150 kW! - Complete with 4 m spring-loaded screw feeder! - Suitable f...
Gilles HPK-UTSK 550 kW automatic wood chip boiler The most economical heating solution for wood factories, horticulture and agriculture! Now is a rare opportunity! New price of 80 thousand euros! Suitable for heating 2500-6000 m2 places !! - Austrian, fully automatic Gilles HPK-UTSK 550 kW wood chip boiler in excellent condition! - Year of manufacture 2005! - It is a big advantage that it has pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning so that you don't have to do the regular manual brush heat exchanger...
TP 800 Log diameter up to 0.9 m Automatic feed with variable speed control (frequency converter) Programmer of cutting thickness (electronic reader) ISP 010 NT Barking machine Cutting head motor 11 kW Gjogxnyh3 Hydraulic log handling kit: -hydraulic loading arm 2+1 -chain turner for the log -hydraulic levelling roller Double log clamp system Hydraulic angle stops 4 meter bed extension Adjustable track support legs
- 22kW engine Btwjv3wwnm - automatic start-up star delta - 400V power supply
Deck Art Machines Basic Line - Completely New Engineered Wood Flooring Production Line - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Staining + Varnishing + LED UV Oiling + LED UV Varnishing Coating System Line for production includes following machines: - Table Saw DA 2800 - Cold Press DA 2500-200 - Glue Spreader DA 200S - Wide Belt Sanding Machine DA 600 - 3m - Longitudinal Milling Machine DA 200B - Transversal Milling Machine DA 2500B - Tools For Profiling (Tw...
Åkervägen 18, 696 32 Askersund, Sweden Sweden
17594 km
Multi router / Spindle moulder Model:Woddmizer Type:MF30 Description MF130 Vertical Spindle Moulder (Swedish made) The MF130 is the answer when you need more flexibility to produce many varieties of unique products in your workshop. Designed for ultimate versatility, you can use the MF130 for straight moulding, curved moulding, routering, tenoning and more! The spindle can be raised or lowered, and with a tiltable range of 270 degrees, the cutter or router bit can machine the board from below...
Semi-automatic polyamide putty filling machine (wood repair system), that is designed to fill and repair knots and cracks in wood flooring and other products. Ovhmh Video: youtube.com/watch?v=UlJBUkQ0sKI
Edge demolition and grinding machine & Qick Wood wood finish and paint caching Partial length 1100 to 2200 mm Parable riding 150 to 800 mm Parts thick 20 to 32 mm Consisting of: 1 machine stand with rope-side aggregate carriers with Rolling camp linear tours for the inclusion of the processing support 1 charging table with fixed edition in the area of processing and transport Roll in the extended edition area. 1 page line manual adjustable on value width by hand wheel with Digital meter dis...
Automatic machine designed for brushing the upper and lower flat surfaces of the piece thanks to counter-rotating rollers positioned in the upper and lower part of the worktop. FEATURES: • Feeding of the pieces with a standard belt or ribbons with a continuously adjustable speed via an inverter • Electronic control of brush speed • Electric adjustment of working height • Suitable for mounting brushes for sanding • Prepared for enhanced engines for rustication with Tynex and / or steel • Suitabl...
Complete Engineered Wood Flooring Production and Finishing Line in Excellent Working Condition - 5000 m2 Monthly Production - 10 Engaged Workers in One Shift - Oiling + Varnishing + Stain + UV LED Oiling + UV LED Varnishing System - Min Parquet Dimensions - 60 mm (width) x 550 mm (length) - Max Parquet Dimensions - 190 mm (width) x 3000 mm (length) Bhex0myuun Line for production includes following machines: - Cold Press DA 2500-200 - Glue Spreader DA 200 - Circular Saw - Transversal M...
Wood milling cutter, milling head, milling tool, wood milling cutter, profile milling cutter Y3htyddx -Outside saw blade: Ø 245 mm -Milling width: 54 mm -Socket: Ø 39 mm -right: 1 -left: 1 -Price: complete -Weight: 27.8 kg
used, top condition Ft2oxnd cleaned, function checked, test run, manufactured by Hapfo type AP 1000 built in 1986 mach.-No. 44 top width ca.1000 mm top height ca. 200 mm 6-Zackmitnehmer live centre motor 0.75 PS revs 750 - 1500 - 3000 required space ca. l x w x h mm 1600 x 600 x 1400 located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as seen - free on truck -
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18579 km
Exhibition machine Year of construction 2017 (standing by Holz Her in the showroom) with 6 months factory warranty KP 5052739* BASIC MACHINE NEXTEC 7707 10.7 Push Machining length 3100 mm (without tools) Control cabinet integrated Machine frame in welded construction with ground and hardened prismatic guides for the moving column in gantry design, unit head and consoles Moving column in single-arm design Double rack and pinion drive, helical toothing, in X direction, Ball screw in Y and Z dire...
1 used steam boiler ----- - mounted on a frame - manufacturer : LOOS, Offenbach type : FH 2000 heating surface approx. : 36 qm capacity : 2.000 kg/h allowable working pressure : 10 bar increased test pressure : 18 bar water contents low level approx. : 2.370 l water contents full approx. : 3.200 l year of construction : 1999 equipped with Weishaupt oil burner L8Z version D, Ysuo0 50-230 kg/h, 593-2.728 kW, switch cabinet, feed water pump and the existing small and large-scale...
Extraction system Schuko S 300 / G / L1 Year of construction 2007 Net capacity 5637 m³ / hr Motor power 7.5kW 48 filter bags Filter surface 48 m² Filter bags: Length 2000mm Diameter 160mm U7jtrvgz 4 mobile collection trays
Power range: 31.9-110 kW Boiler length: 1570 mm Boiler width: 820 mm Boiler height: 1750 mm Flue height: 1730 mm Feed nozzle size: 2 "mm Lower auger connection height: 710 mm Ashtray width: 330 mm Lower auger length: 820 mm Boiler weight 1050 kg Recommended fuel: natural wood shavings, dust, shavings Price (including chip storage container): 3,6M EUR + VAT Buvn3rtyid
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
Wood milling cutter, milling head, milling tool, wood milling cutter, profile milling cutter -Manufacturer: Leitz, milling head -Type: Dufix, 126012079 TT 303-2 802G 176 E23 -External milling cutter: Ø 180 mm -Height: 47 mm -Socket: Ø 60 mm E9ahiiv -Hole circle: Ø 75 x 7 mm -Number: 2x milling cutters available -Price per piece -Weight: 2.5 kg/pc.
new - - Verwindungssteifes Graugussmaschinenbett for hohe Laufruhe and Präzision - tailstock and Spindelstockebenfalls aus stabilem Grauguss - width, leicht verstellbaright hand Drehstahlauflage - tailstock with Schnellspannhebel and hand wheel - tailstock (stroke 50 mm) serial-production with mitlaufender grain cone point D3u0kecci - Reitstockpinole with internal diameter zur Bearbeitung langer Werkstücke - Variable Drehzahlregulierung from 500-2000 min-1 with digital rev counter - D...
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18579 km
Used machine Year of manufacture 2018 X = 1200 mm Y = 600 mm In 18 mm Koskisen panels consisting of a milling table (X axis), a portal (Y-axis) and a Z-axis. Bt9grrdifh Milling bed in 19 mm MDF as sacrificial plate with guide rails and groove blocks as clamping method. Base frame with struts, filled with polymer concrete, prepared for transport by pallet truck or forklift. Mechanics set consisting of profile guides incl. carriages, as well as recirculating ball screws for all axes. Shaft couplin...
1 used steam boiler ----- manufacturer : LOOS, Gunzenhausen type : U-HD Wjfjtxr9 heating surface approx. : 53 qm capacity : 3.200 kg/h working pressure : 16,0 bar increased test pressure : 29,6 bar water contents low level approx. : 2.650 l water contents full approx. : 3.770 l year of construction : 1992 equipped with Weishaupt gas burner yoc 2011, fittings for gas supply, switch cabinet, built on boiler body, feedwater pump and the existing fine and coarse fittings.
Blomberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18400 km
The variable assembly station for universal use in the assembly of one or two sides planked walls, gable, roof and ceiling elements and knee sticks in frame design. Heavy basic structure of the machine frame for absolutely flat work surface. The width setting and pressing the elements is motorized touch of a button. The exact positioning of the framework via a movable press beam, with Btohwu3w2y motor-driven threaded spindles. With split press beam for simultaneous processing of two different h...
Boiler height: 1620 mm Flue height: 1670 mm Feed nozzle height: 1425 mm Return nozzle height: 270 mm Drain nozzle height: 140 mm Bottom screw connection height: 650 mm Boiler width: 770 mm Overall width with bottom screw: 1530 mm Bottom screw Distance from the edge of the boiler to the auger connection: 470 mm Boiler length: 1570 mm Total length with ash container, flue gas fan: 1920 mm Distance from the rear of the boiler to the auger connection: 1045 mm Price (incl. Chip storage tank): 4.2 M E...
Type 800 Motor power 4.5 kW, 1450 rpm Blade length 5611 mm Blade width 19-50 mm Bmr2ppxq Blade speed 18 m/s Throat / max. cutting width 800 mm Max cutting height 470 mm Table dimentions 840 x 500 mm Tilting table 0°- 45° Dust port diameter 2 x 100mm
7.500 €
Starting bid plus VAT
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Kalkar Germany
18547 km
excellent (used)
Year: 09/2017 Dx8xyi