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Automatic miter saw- Bewo 250mm - Max saw diameter 85mm - Length supply conveyor 6100mm B2i9k9qbg
Fully automatic mitre band saw Automatic bandsaw for miter cuts KASTO type KastoPOS GA3 machine No. 6417 103 007 Year of construction 2001 Cutting range round at 90° Ø 320 mm Cutting range square at 90° 320 x 320 mm Cutting range Round at 45° Ø 280 mm Cutting range square at 45° 280 x 320 mm Cutting range Round at 60° Ø 220 mm Cutting range square at 60° 200 x 200 mm Pyitpylb Maximum material weight 1000 kg Saw blade dimensions 4930 x 34 x 1.1 mm saw band speed 20-110 m/min. infinitely variable ...
Semi-automatic mitre band saw Fab. Plaintiff Typ. Actron 325 G Very good condition Technical data: Make Plaintiff Bywcfo2mub type Actron 325 G Year of manufacture saw blade dimensions 3770 x 27 x 0,9 mm cutting speed 15 - 100 m/min, electronically controlled working height 730 mm drive power 2,0 KW dimensions L 1850 x W 1200 x H 1230 mm weight 610 kg feed stepless from 90° - 30° Cutting range Cutting range at 90 degrees: square: 300 x 300 mm Cutting range at 90 degrees: flat: 420 x 300 mm Cutt...
OFFER 18373 Technical data: - Saw blade dimension 350 x 3,4 x 32 mm - Saw blade speed 1700 + 3400 rpm - Cutting range - at 90° around 120 mm - or flat 105 x 105 mm Hf322z9n - 180 x 70 mm - at 45° round 110 mm - flat 135 x 60 mm - Mitre adjustable left + right 45 ° - Inclinable mitre adjustment for jack rafter cuts - Pneumatic vices - position-controlled automatic material feeder - Single stroke up to 650 mm - Multiple stroke - Mot. dust extraction + chip extraction - drive 400 V / ...
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1. mitre band saw semi-automatic, manufacturer: BULKSTON, type: BS 320-Industry, semi-automatic control, motor output power: up to 1,9 kW, 1.500 W Bypskhwvg
Minden, Germany Germany
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semi-automatic mitre circular saw in special function for inlays diameter of saw blade 400 mm working range round material 130 mm processing of solid material - profile processing *sawing time - operating hours 437* *operating period - hours "machine on" 936* cutting speed frequency-controlled continuously 20 up to 95 m/min  optimum adaptation of cutting speed to material quality feed speed of saw blade from 0 up to 1,000 mm/min fast feed / retract fast feed 3,300 mm/min manual adjustm...
AUTOMATIC MITRE SAW type OMS FC 330A second hand machine Brhdw0yj0z automatic pneumatic blade descent by pedal volt. 380/50 diam. blade mm. 330 complete with base and with dust bag
Cutting diameter 360 mm Saw band length 3830 mm Cutting width 27 mm cutting capacity - square 360 x460, 265x305 mm Cutting speed 20-90 m/min Cutting capacity - round 45° - 305 mm total power requirement 1,1 kW Machine weight approx. 0,8 t Boduyvy2o space requirement approx. 2,20 x 1,25 x 1,65 m
well preserved, equipped with simple CNC control. Saw blade diameter 400 mm here cutting range at 90° about 130 mm Rectangle 240 x 85 mm mitred for 45° profiles flat 180 x 70 mm vertical 120 x 55 mm Feed length with double lifting device up to 2 cutting speeds 10/20 m/min feed speed infinitely variable 0-1000 mm/min. drive motor 400 V, 1,7/2,6 kW Weight 1350 kg Space requirement W x D x H 2750 x 1500 x 1900 mm Accessories: Spray cooling device "Minipos 807", saw blade, roller conveyor, operating...
Semi-automatic metal band saw with high cutting accuracy. With this machine 90° cuts, as well as mitre cuts, left up to 45° and right up to 30°, are infinitely variable possible. (Swivel range left 45° and right 60°) Basic equipment: - Large rotatable support table without wear! (The cutting channel of the saw band rotates with the mitre) - band tension indicator - hydraulic control of the cast iron saw arm - hydraulic clamping of the workpiece via short stroke cylinder - Height limitation of t...
Fully automatic (horizontal) band saw (without mitre adjustment) Cutting capacity 0° (round) 320 mm Cutting speed 20 - 100 m/min the saw bow and the machine bed are made of high-quality grey cast iron, torsion-free even under the heaviest loads new, helical toothed gearbox for above-average service life with low maintenance requirements saw bow feed and cutting speed are infinitely adjustable reliable roller feed system with hydraulic workpiece clamping automatic cutting height adjustment bundle...
automatic double mitre saw OMS SALVARANI S 350 second hand CE standard : Yes n.02 motors . power Hp 3 each one blades diam. mm. 350 max. useful cutting length mm.3000 max. useful cutting width 90° mm. 165 max. useful cutting width 45° mm. 115 max. useful cutting heigth mm.115 H8lg3p7 volt. 380/50 weigth kgs.650
Horizontal bandsaw automat with mitre cut, make Meba Type 301 GA, year 1998 Byak0yads3 cutting range 90 - round 305 mm - flat 360 x 305 mm mitre left 45 - round 255 mm - flat 255 x 305 mm mitre left 30° - round 175 mm - flat 175 mm x 305 mm Cutting speed 24 / 45 / 70 m saw blade dimension 3660 x 27 x 0,9 mm weight approx. 1.220 kg Documentation available, ready for demonstration under power
Fully automatic (horizontal) band saw (without mitre adjustment) Cutting capacity 0° (round) 280 mm the machine frame is designed as a torsion-resistant double column construction and thus enables superior, precise and low-vibration chip removal the clearly arranged control panel on the control cabinet allows the operator an optimum view of the workpiece during machining a fixed vice then automatically fixes the positioned workpiece to the cutting line feed, clamping and vices are controlled by ...
Mitre bandsaw fully automatic - most modern micro-processor control - mitre r.45° in fully automatic mode - mitre r.60° in semi-automatic mode - frequency controlled drive for infinitely variable cutting speed from 18-110 m/min. Bytwrg8uci - multiple feed - el. coolant device - swivelling control panel - cutting range round 230mm flat up to 280mm
Westerheim, Germany Germany
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MEBAeco Ready-made individuality Central and easy to use control panel Movable blade guide arm, adjustable to suit material width Combined precise saw blade carbide-roller guidance Saw blade tension by torque wrench Coolant equipment can be combined with MEBA micro-coolant system MEBA power package Lifting and lowering of the saw frame with a frequency regulated lead screw drive, with automatic cutting pressure and feed regulator. Rapid lowering of the saw frame via button until material edge P...
Kap Saw Reinchardt NC 700 automatic Manufacturer Reinchardt Model / machine type NC 700 Year of production 1998 Machine category Kapła Kapowa Location Gorzów Wlkp. Conditions of delivery OWN RECEIPT Cost of delivery Customer cover H8uf7cg Start type to be agreed Description Comments CUTTING SAW FOR CUSTOMIZED DIMENSIONS, ACCURACY UP TO 1MM, NEW CONTROLLER, SAW BLADDER BY HYDRAULIC AGREEMENT
Korschenbroich, Germany Germany
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automatic feeder ja material length 460 mm material width 320 mm weight of the machine ca. 2 t documentation ja Dpj7hy7
Metzingen, Germany Germany
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cutting diameter 320 mm saw band length 4670 mm cutting width 580 mm total power requirement 7,4 kW weight of the machine ca. 3 t Sawing range, circular, max.100 - 320mm vertical, max.100/100 x 320/460mm Length of cut, min./max.0 - 580mm Distance from column to saw band, max.690mm Cutting speed, infinitely variable16 - 160m/min Dimensions of saw band, length x Ø approx.4,670 x 38mm Length of remaining pieces, automatic/single cut100/10mm Saw blade drive, approx.4.4kW Total electrical load...
Double mitre saw Mitre cold circular saw with 2 sawing units EISELE type VMS - II - PV Sawing range at 90° Ø 80 mm Sawing range at 45° Ø 80 mm Saw blade diameter max. 275 mm Saw blade speed (engine speed 1) 10 and 40 rpm. 2 levels Ocilh Saw blade speed (engine speed 2) 20 and 80 rpm. 2 levels Mitre cut up to 45 Distance of the sawing units 450 to 1275 mm Engine power 1,4 kW Mains connection 380 Volt, 50 Hz. - left saw unit 45° rotatable to the left - right sawing unit 45° rotatable to the right ...
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany Germany
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Ref. -No.: 10173 Brand: JAESPA C29filgt Storage location: Halberstadt Country of origin: Deutschland Saw diameter: 300 mm Further information: Ø 300 Video: ?v=p0qlQZ2kG0E
Wijchen, Netherlands Netherlands
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Band saw machine, Bandsawmachine Model: Automatic Manufacturer: MEBA B2jijcy0e Type: 250A-13 Year of manufacturing: 1980 Sawing capacity: 250mm
cutting diameter 350 mm saw band length 4640 x 34 x 1,1 mm cutting width 350 mm Control NC 5.0 band speed 15 - 100 m/min capacity 90 degrees: square 350 x 350 mm table height 860 mm total power requirement 4 kW weight of the machine ca. 2,8 t dimensions of the machine ca. 3,1 x 2,2 x 2,2 m Shark 350 NC HS 5.0, automatic hydraulic band saw machine in two-column design for 0 ° cuts on solid material and profiles made of steel, stainless steel and steel alloys up to a maximum of 350x350 mm. T...
Automatic circular saw Make Berg & Schmid type VKS 350 A saw blade diameter 350 mm Ppapl 4 sawing speeds: 9 - 18 - 36 - 74 m/min. mitre 45 degrees YEAR 1998 space requirement: Width 1800 mm depth 1000 mm Height. 2100 mm Documents available
Ennepetal, Germany Germany
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cutting diameter 0570 mm saw band length 7800 mm cutting width 1,6 mm capacity 90 degrees: square 550 x 550 mm capacity 90 degrees: flat 550 x 700 mm feed length 1-1400 mm sawing stroke 650 mm Pcvhgmur coolant tank 120 l hydraulic power unit 36 l control Halbautomatisch total power requirement 9 kW weight of the machine ca. 7 t required space 3,7 x 1,4 x 2,6 m New horizontal full automatic bandsaw. Machine is a two column type with linear guides. Machine automatic material feed and bundle c...
Mitre - cold circular saw PEDRAZZOLI type Super Brown 300 Saw blade diameter 300 mm Saw blade speed 45 and 90 rpm. Sawing range at 90° Round 85 mm Sawing range for 90° square 75 x 75 mm Sawing range at 90° rectangle 120 x 70 mm Sawing range at 45° left Round 70 mm Sawing range at 45° left Square 55 x 55 mm Sawing range at 45° left rectangle 55 x 55 mm Sawing range at 45° right Round 70 mm Bgwefi9k Sawing range at 45° right Square 55 x 55 mm Sawing range at 45° right rectangle 55 x 55 mm Motor po...
NEW No.1 available for immediate delivery CE Warranty The MACC SPECIAL 335 MS is a semi-automatic band saw for the cutting of solid bars and profiles of small dimensions, with high efficiency and excellent precision. The robust structure gives the machine the necessary rigidity and precision to the cutting group. The belt drive is equipped with a two-speed motor and a special reducer complete with bronze gear with hardened and ground worm screw. The flywheels are suitably sized and the belt guid...
Fully automatic circular saw- Imet Velox 350 AF-E - Control by means of keyboard Gxxgck - 1,8kW Main motor - Saw blade 350mm
STROMAB automatic cross cutting saw CT600 Machine specifications: - for angle cutting - Infeed length 6000 mm Yt8meo - Cutting capacity 310x160 / 390x80 mm - Saw motor 7.5 kW - Length measurement - Outfeed table
Double mitre saw Omga TR2-A Blades diameter 300mm Maximum cutting height 80mm Maximum cutting width 120mm Possibility to set the saw blades at an angle up to 45° Pneumatic lifting of saw blades Pneumatic pressure Motor power 2x 1.6kw Cutting width max/min 2800/250mm Stub diameter 2x 80mm Hdgozeml Machine dimensions 365x90x130cmH Weight about 500kg
Code: 0472 Brand: PUTSCH MENICONI Model: SVP 950/A - CE Standard Automatic vertical panel saw for cutting of wood panels, composite materials, fibers and other materials either vertically or horizontally - CE Standard Technical data: Automatic vertical cut Automatic horizontal cut 2tkcia Length of cut mm 5300 Max height of vertical cut mm 2200 Max height of horizontal cut mm 2100 Max depth of cut mm 80 Motor Hp 7,5 Blade diameter mm 300 - Rpm 5000 Attachment for cutting short panels Stop fo...
MITRE Cap saw for aluminum (special machine building) Year of manufacture 2002 Saw blade diameter 400 mm Cutting area at 90 ° round ø 180 Bc9vfjzgkx Rectangle 350 x 140 mm (longitudinal) Cutting area at 45 ° round ø 180 Rectangle 350 x 100 mm (longitudinal) Führunslänge base support 1100 mm Infrastructure on the base support (forward backward) 650 mm Infrastructure on the stand (up-down) 120 mm Blade speed until about 3000 rpm (stepless) Motor 2,2 kW Power supply 400 Volt, 50 Hz -controlled long...
I sell the double mitre saw OMGA TRF 527, year 2005. Cutting length 390 - 2800mm Cutting width max. 170mm Cutting height max. 90mm Tilting heads 0 + - 45° Cgtulztsc 2 Horizontal + 2 Vertical pneumatic Material pressures 2 Motors x 1,62kW (2,2 HP) Good condition. Available immediately.
Fully automatic Panel saw- Elcon 185 RSXL-E - Maximum cutting width 4150mm - Maximum cutting height 1850mm - Maximum cutting depth 80mm Bdres7zh - 3kW motor - 4200 rpm - Saw blade diameter 300mm - Air pressure required 6 barMachine dimensions: 5550 * 1600 * 2730mm (L * W * H)
STROMAB cross cutting saw TR500 with Tigerstop push feed system Bytuml9apb Consisting of: - Tigerstop push feed system, working length 6,5 meter - Stromab cross cutting saw, type TR500 - Outfeed table, length ca. 3 meter
Brand: SOCO Type: MC-350 Suitable e.g. for cutting aluminium, brass, copper, PVC and carbon Cutting capacity tube at 90 °: 101.6 mm Cutting capacity profile, 90 °: 76.2 x 127 mm saw blade dimensions: 355,6 mm automatic dosing length: 685,8 mm grades: 2 shortest cutting length (automatic): 1/4"6,35 mm saw motor: 5 hp 1750 rpm Ncd7sat9 voltage: 220/3/60
Technical description:-Qualitatively highly processed and equipped metal band saw-metal band saw is best suited for sawing profiles, pipes, solid materials etc.-Robust construction, therefore quiet and vibration-free running-Optimal cutting results due to ball-bearing 3-point saw-band guide torsion-resistant grey cast iron construction prevents the saw-band lowering of the saw arm via hydraulic cylinders from 0 to max. infinitely variable and precisely adjustable-The 3 saw blade speeds are conve...
Velen-Ramsdorf, Germany Germany
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capacity 90 degrees: round 680 mm capacity 90 degrees: square 640 mm 1250x600 mm capacity 45 degrees: round 680 mm capacity 45 degrees: square 600 mm capacity 45 degrees: flat 870x600 mm capacity 60 degrees: round 580/550 mm capacity 60 degrees: square 530/450 mm capacity 60 degrees: flat 550x450 mm saw band length 8140 x 54 x 1,6 mm band speed 15 - 90 m/min table height 855 mm Nw8nl total power requirement 7,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 5,3 t dimensions of the machine ca. 5,75 x 4,2 x 2,75 m
Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany Germany
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Mitre circular saw PEDRAZZOLI type Brown 250 make no. 044284 year of construction 2001 Sawing range at 90° round Ø 70 mm Sawing range at 90° square 60 x 60 mm Sawing area at 90° rectangle 100 x 50 mm Sawing area at 45° round Ø 70 mm Sawing range for 45° square 60 x 60 mm Sawing range at 45° rectangle 70 x 50 mm Mitre cut 45° to 90 Bqdetff9ej Saw blade diameter 250 mm Saw blade speed 37 / 74 rpm. Motor power 0.75 / 1.1 kW Mains connection 400 Volt, 50 Hz. - 2 motor speeds - manual operation via h...
Double crosscut sawSaw blade diameter 500mm Axle hole 30mm Cutting width min/max 280/5100mm 45 degrees 400V, 50Hz 3kW Motor Uobmvls 2850 U/minDouble-hand operation and&nbsp:Hydropneumatic cylindersTransport dimensions 6000x1300x1800 (L*W*H) 675kg
Bühl, Germany Germany
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cutting diameter 320 mm saw band length 4623 mm cutting width 1,3 mm cutting range - flat - 460 x 320 mm dimensions of saw-band 4623 x 38 x 1,3 mm feed length 580 mm feed length: multiple 5220 mm cutting speed 16 - 80 m/min feed speeds 3 m/min sawing motor 4 kW total power requirement 6,8 kW weight of the machine ca. 2,7 t Bfqbnhyfvy dimensions of machine L x W x H 2,26 x 2,63 x 1,58 m/min Accessories: chip conveyor, coolant
- saw blade diameter max. 400mm Vus9m3 - max. cutting height 130mm - mitre cuts possible - clean, ready for use condition
Dreieich, Germany Germany
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saw blade diameter 370 mm cutting range round 115 mm cutting range square 105 mm cutting length min. 730 mm cutting range flat 70 x 240 mm cutting lenght max. 4000 mm saw blade turning speeds 1250 / 2500 U/min table rotating 180 ° stroke 120 mm feed stepless 0 - 500 mm/min coolant Mulv80 capacity 45 degrees: square 95 mm capacity 45 degrees: flat 50 x 200 mm cutting speed 1250 / 2500 m/min weight of the machine ca. 1,1 t dimensions of the machine ca. 5,00 x 1,30 x 2,00 m - Fabr. - No.: 2823...
Velen-Ramsdorf, Germany Germany
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capacity 90 degrees: round 520 mm capacity 90 degrees: square 450 mm 680x400 saw band length 5870 x 34 x 1,1 mm band speed 15 - 100 m/min table height 840 mm total power requirement 3,0 kW weight of the machine ca. 2,85 t dimensions of the machine ca. 5,4 x 3,3 x 2,45 m Nwz2d
Karlsbad, Germany Germany
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cutting diameter:10-250 mm saw band length:4100 x 34 mm cutting width:1,1 mm Xqo8gm32 cutting lenght:3 - 9999 mm sawing motor:5,3 kW total power requirement:8 kW weight of the machine ca.:1,7 t dimensions of the machine ca.:1,65 x 1,95 m hydraulic bandsaw machine in double-column design with double reciprocating piston, hydraulic work piece feed, max. feed length 600mm/stroke, multiple stroke, stepless VARI-drive, stepless adjustable saw blade pressure via hydraulic valve,piece counter with...
Radial sawHarwi 625 H Year of construction 1996 2800 rpm Weight 211kg Saw blade max 400mm Cutting height max 135mm Height adjustment 95mm 3kW Pkfxp 400V
. Technical data : . pole-switchable motor 1,7 / 2,2 kW saw blade size max. 275 mm . cutting speed approx. 40 / 80 rpm . Mitre infinitely variable by 90° left and by 90° right Cutting range approx: 90° profile , square / round : 75 / 80 mm Weight estimated approx. 400 kg space requirement , W x D x H approx. 0,7 x 0,85 x 1,75 m Dyl0g3 . Features : - bevel gear - 2 pieces of two-round-column-guided vices, laterally displaceable - saw head can be swivelled 90° on both sides .
Two head cutting machine Extraction belt Pneumatic clamps cutting angle 90-45-22 Saw blade 450 mm Eegxdhd