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Vacuum pump Manufacturer: Becker Type: VTLF 250 Year of construction: 2001 Power: 7,5 kW Negative pressure: 20,000 pa volume flow: 250 m³/h Boujukhcgt
Radeberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18187 km
good (used)
SCM tech 100 Super used -X axis -Ball screw -L = 3920 mm -NL = 3640 mm -Diameter = 40 mm Qmpi3rq2 Article number: KUW_G170077
milling spindle scm HSK63F 8,5KW E1-NL with fan ELECTROSPINDLE HSK63F 8,5KW E1 NL GREASE/AIR **new ball bearings ceramic, balanced, cone ground, springs clamping set new**. Bnd0t0mrwi warranty 6 months Exchange price, only valid for return delivery of an economically repairable defective part!
Sladkovského 67, 530 02 Pardubice I-Zelené Předměstí, Česko Czech Republic
18125 km
excellent (used)
PLC kvara 6 4axis PLC can upload and repair Bi9va2s0cd
11 pieces with rebate dimension approx.125 mm 4 pieces with folding dimension approx. 69 mm Buvocz3omy Can also be sold individually
-2 pieces swivelling saw aggregate for saw blade 180x30x52 + Veldon-10mm Pbkg9 -for the old C-axis homag -price per piece
CNC Vacuum Suction Cup Block Pods for PTP CNC Processing Machines This CNC vacuum system is vacuum suction cups for wood working CNC router machines. The vacuum block pads is very suited for handling of workpieces in wood processing, such as furniture parts, floor boards, MDF, and particle board etc. CNC vacuum suction pods are widely used in the wood industry for vacuum suction clamp during machining, sanding etc with P.T.P. cnc machining center with vacuum pods bars. You are easily to find th...
Vecktor flange scm Record 110 reconditioned Warranty 6 months Dgmwoeh exchange price!!!
Sladkovského 67, 530 02 Pardubice I-Zelené Předměstí, Česko Czech Republic
18125 km
excellent (used)
PLC for CNC machine TECH / Morbidelli. Bi9vaiqo0b
Vacuum pump Buvnz2zft0 for CNC machine 150 mbar (abs) Power 98 m³ / h Motor 3 KW
Uniclamps for Biesse machines ; O900d Condition like NEW Price 450.- per piece
Main spindle C.M.S completely overhauled Tool holder: ISO Tool feed: automatic Tool weight: max. 6 kg Direction of rotation: right / left rotation, programmable programmable Drive: frequency controlled Three-phase motor Drive power: 10 KW in S-1 operation Btwhtxrvoo Spindle lubrication: one-time Factory grease lubrication Spindle cooling: water cooling Serial number 00.025151-116 Used spindle completely overhauled by the manufact...
CNC tool clips also are named toolholder forks, tool holder gripper, tool forks, plastic tool holder, tool holder cradle, tool holder fingers, tool holder claw, tool Holder clamp, tool changer grippers, they are all means the holder clip for auto tool changer tool station. They are widely used with carousel type auto tool changer or linear type auto tool changer CNC routers and industrial CNC robotics,such as KUKA, Yaskawa, ABB, Fanuc, etc. As there are many types of CNC tool holders, so there...
Milling spindle of scm HSK63F 7,5KW 18000 rpm with 600 Hz The electric spindle was rebuilt completely -new spindle bearings (ceramic, manufacturer GMN) -new balance -New spring package -Seals expression cylinder new -Set sensors Warranty 6 months in single-shift operation Hgpwltf Exchange price, applies to only return of economically repairable defect part!
Becker type VTLF 2.250 vane - oil-free. Rotary oil-free vacuum pumps. Simplicity of execution, only one shaft and direct drive transmission - very durable vacuum pumps, characterized by low operating and maintenance costs. These pumps are 100% oil-free. They are equipped with long-life graphite blades, integrated air filters and regulating valves. This ensures trouble-free cooperation with additional accessories. Compact housing guarantees low noise level and low heat emission. Bs9anf0w3v ...
Tauberbischofsheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18527 km
Chip pliers set from S = 6, 8, 12 mm, bulk new condition. B90yfg3g
Sell various used parts for Biesse CNC. - HSD original tool holder for HSK F63 -milling spindle ES 362L 5 axis , GENERAL OVERHAULED - Inverter Yaskawa -various Servopack -Servomotors -stepping mat switchgear ....etc. -machine computer Niu3n -tool holder made of aluminium for ISO 30 / SK30 - Stops for work table (up to approx. year 2001) -suction trolley (up to approx. year 2001) -ring for the admission of angle aggregates (is screwed on the milling spindle) -central lubrication - NC 410 control...
High precision bearings Axial angular contact ball bearings FAG Aerospace / Super Precision Bearings 4 pieces FAG Aerospace 7602030-TVP ID 30mm, AD 62mm, width 16mm 6 pieces FAG Aerospace 7603020-TVP Vtaxjq ID 20mm, AD 52mm, width 15mm Stock from the closure of a furniture factory. The boxes were labeled with " Maka Z-axis". Therefore they are probably meant for Maka machining centers, but surely they can be used for other purposes as well. The cartons have been partially opened, but the bearin...
Chuck Options: ISO/HSK/BT/VDI/CAPTO 2 serial outputs Enlargement : 40 X normal size Bkqkx727i8 USB Port for Label printer/Laser Printer Calculates the circle through 3 points Calculates the straight line through 2 points 200 mm radius 400/500 mm height 0.005 mm resolution Hpopptd Measures 1000 mm x 630 mm x 900 mm Weighs 120 kg
Milling spindle ISO 30 with gearing, 7,5KW, 18.000 upm Epghfd9p RTN INVER Vector, Author 510 - new ball bearings - balanced - cone ISO30 new ground - springs clamping set new - Cable set new Warranty 6 months. Exchange price!!!
Air capacity 129 m3/h Bs9afek890 Engine power 4,0 kW Power supply 50 Hz, 400 V Noise level 76 dB(A) Overall sizes L=873, B=470, H=336 mm Weight 111 kg
Hitchin United Kingdom
18753 km
good condition (used)
Biesse (2004) Model Excel New 5 Axis CNC Processing Centre / Routing & Boring Machine. With Asia 10 Series Control Fitted with HS6521 - 2 Axis Universal Head. Vertical Spindle. Two 10 Stations ATC's. Multi Drilling/Boring Head. Two Front Vacuum Tables - Dimensions 3100mm x 2200mm each. S/No 51546 Cl2ic03q machine in action
Syrgenstein, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18550 km
refurbished (used)
Overhauled spindle ES 362L ,15kw Bfufotw0y0
Main spindle Omlat Tool holder: HSK F63 ., Cone diameter = 38 mm similar to DIN 69893 Ci03kne Tool feed: automatic Retraction force: 11000 N Tool weight: max. 6 kg Rotation: forward / reverse operation, programmable Speed ​​range: infinitely from 1,500 to 18,000 rpm, programmable Drive: frequency controlled Three-phase motor Motor power: 12 KW in the S-1-operation Spindle lubrication: unique Factory grease lubrication Spindelkuehlung: Water cooling Constant power of 12,000-18,000 rev / min. S...
CNC Software for machining center and portal milling machine, DWG to NC Scope of delivery Original software (full version) with dongle Office version software with dongle 4 hours training on the spot 4 hours setting up the machine on site Complete video guide Drawings / CAM Import drawings (.dxf/.dwg) Easily yourself create CAD drawings (.dxf/.dwg) Milling geometries: contours, polyline, circle bags Wavy lines, rectangles, ellipses, texts and more DeskProto / DeskEngrave import files Other f...
milling spindle ISO 30 with teeth, 7,5KW, 18.000 upm RTN INVER - new ball bearings hybrid - balanced - cone ISO30 new ground K9myr - Springs clamping set new - Cable set new Exchange price!!! Currently in reconditioning, not immediately available! Raparature of your spindle possible!
Syrgenstein Germany
18550 km
good condition (used)
Vacuumcups special for flat table machines Niq93rq
LED units for table replacement or addition Vqii0q
Stop 25/45 steel compl. for side rail Morbidelli author all-inclusive shut-off valve Bbgkgmflnt features reclaimed used part left and right side of the bearing
IMA computer for milling and / or gluing machines of the 310-680 series. Ideal as an exchange of the no longer available IMA computer and hard disk. Included in the delivery is a version IMAWOP 3.0 with software dongle. The computer is tested and stored for about 10 years. Scope of delivery: Computer (PC) keyboard Bduwoac9n2 IMAWOP 3.0 software dongle on request screen against extra charge computer control cabinet keypad
Ballscrew of scm record 120 S, Y axis Ft0g2bl D = 32 P = 25 L = 1630 used, tested, nearly backlash-free
Lennestadt, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18521 km
good (used)
Tool fixture: HSK F63, taper diameter = 38 mm similar to DIN 69893 Tool feeder: automatic W7vebnz3f Retracting force: 11000 N Tool weight: max. 6 kg Direction of rotation: right / left rotation, programmable Speed ​​range: infinitely variable 1500 - 24000 rpm, programmable Drive: frequency controlled Three-phase motor Drive power: 7.5 KW in S-1 mode Spindle lubrication: unique Factory grease lubrication Spindle cooling: water cooling Constant power of 12,000-24,000 rpm Image is for orientati...
Großrückerswalde, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18266 km
good (used)
Drive motor spindle emco MC90 without frequency converter The engine get new ball bearing and was balanced 0ijf3htr 380V 2 speeds: 1.6kW 1410 upm / 2kW 2870 upm
Lennestadt, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18521 km
good (used)
Spare part for IMA 680 / 480/ 980 ( 410 under reservation ) Edgebanding Unit For edgebanding on shaped panels with fresh hot melt glue coating onto the edging material within the machine. Unit consisting of: Pressure roller: 100 mm diameter Pneumatically controlled post pressure roller: 35 mm diameter Hot melt glue applicator for the coating of edging material with temperature control Servo-drive for edge feeding with automatic adaptation to the path control IR radiator 600 W at the decorated...
Großrückerswalde, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18266 km
good (used)
Incremental e Balluff BDG6360-16 S-10-30 W127-1000-65 taken from a Weeke BP15 at their disposal Dvhn0gr complete with mounting bracket and connector
lower drilling gear cover tech 95 L, 10 spindles Natrn used, built from functioning machine. the used bearings are still installed
Basic body gearbox tech 95 L, 10 spindles used, built from functioning machine. Bbgxharerj the used bearings are still installed
Ballscrew Z axis scm Routron B Nasjn used, tested, backlash-free
E-spindle Hiteco HSK F63, 8/12 kW; 24tupm at 800 Cooling by built-in fan Fxddy7w
Nutsaege for the drilling transmission author 503 used, tested Bbglj2bi7k
Stop 25/45 steel compl. for means of rail Morbidelli author Bbgkjb98b3 features reclaimed used part
Stop 25/45 steel bolt compl. for traverse D = 25 mm, stroke 45mm, base aluminum E7puhb23g features reclaimed used part
used, functional horizon Abbey ear head Morbidelli y axis Evxh3f78y taken from an author of 510 at their disposal fits also other machines of the series
Skyline Abbey ear head Morbidelli, right left thread on the nipple side driven, taken from a U46 at their disposal, Morbidelli of similar series, fits also on other machines Lm7xzaiqa also available as 1085200141
E- spindle Hiteco HSK F63, 10/12 kW; 24tupm at 800Hz cooling by integrated fan Oyd0b 10L0036762A Exchange price!
Cylinder Vorlegehub used spindle STC, tested taken from a Morbidelli author 503 STC at its disposal Crcdjbnq
Stop 25/45 steel bolt compl. for traverse D = 25 mm, stroke 45mm, Grunkoerper cast, old version features reclaimed used part Bagtlcwkmk
Großrückerswalde, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18266 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Cross laser 15mW, D = 20, 24VDC IDT 3635 15/24 CR ID-T like new, taken from a new scm tech Z1 in the custom tag 6 months warranty Bagtbh9qxj

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