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Cnc plasma cutting machine for sale

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The machine is fully functional and can be tested by us. cutting thickness/current: 45 mm ( 130 A ) Piercing thickness: 25 mm ( 130 A ) max. open circuit voltage: 400 V max. pilot current: 19 A Duty cycle: 100 Ignition: max. 10kV with pilot arc Plasma gas Pressure: Air 0.5 - 0.6 MPa (5-6 bar ) Volume flow: Air=1100 to 1700 l/h, Use as: air=ignition gas, Hose package length: 5m Network side: 3~ 400 V, 50 Hz: Fuse protection, slow= 50 A, power cable= 4 x 6 mm² Cutting page Range: 40 - 130 A Op... more
CNC plasma cutting machine ESAB Size Work area 8500x2500 Number of burners 3 x autogenous (up to 200 mm) Bl0b9q3bri 1 x plasma (Hypertherm HPR260 since 2016) Operating data: Cutting capacity unalloyed steel Beardless* 32 mm Hole piercing (production) 38 mm Maximum cutting capacity 64 mm Cutting capacity alloyed steel Hole piercing (production) 32 mm Maximum cutting capacity 50 mm Cutting capacity aluminium Hole piercing (production) 25 mm Maximum cutting capacity 50 mm With Nesting Software This... more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Messer Bieemcthle Type: Omnimat L 6500 Year of construction: 2008 CNC control: Global Control plus track width: 6.500 mm Running track length: 35 m Vibrating conveyor table Size: 5 x 30 m 2 plasma torches with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 360i 1 REA-Inkjet marker 7-nozzles Donaldson filter system ... more
Cutting table: 6.000x2.000mm, with high plasma deficinion "Hypertherm" HD-3070; Cutting capacity: 20mm; materials: iron, stainless steel and aluminum. Retrofit complete in 2019: motors, drives, wiring motors and cnc. Servo motors ac brusslesh on all axles. Digital drives with ethercat communication Sprocket/zipper movement system (helical) on all axes Guides and linear skates Vacuum displacement: 30 meters/min. Numerical control: Eurosoft, model: ECP-1000 version 2019 Eurodoft cutexpert nesting ... more
The CNC plasma cutting machine P-Cut220 is used for the cutting of profiles and tubes. The included cutting calculation software LIBELLULA TUBE® imports 2D and 3D geometries as well as assemblies in SAT format and create a cutting order in the form of a DIN file for the machine. Maximum capacity: 220mm round tube or 150x150mm square tube Maximum workpiece length: 6m Loading: manual Cutting process: fully automatic (with automatic height adjustment THC) Machine control: WINDOWS 10 Panel PC Dul8gi... more
Max. plate thickness st. 45 kg./mm² 50/40 mm X-travel 3000 mm Odk33xk Z Travel 1500 mm more
PLZ-01 PLASMA CUTTER The machine, which is able to make fast, precise and high-quality cuts up to 6 mm, was specially developed for manufacturers of ventilation ducts, advertisers and customers using thin sheets. Together with the economic price, this machine CNC plasma cutting machines equipped with ergonomic functions have become an indispensable helper for customers in this matter industry. Technical data: Hypertherm Powermax plasma source Power: 45A Max power consumption 11 kw Speed m / min... more
Sato LS 3000 Ijbkxzucu working area: 2500mm x 6500mm track length: 8000mm 1 x Plasma 360i Kjellberg with automatic gas console (cutting data see PDF) 2 x oxyfuel (propane) Includes Donaldson DFPRO 12 filter and software more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Lind Type: King P 4500 Year of construction: 2005 CNC control: NBS400 track width: 4.500 mm 1 x plasma torch with power source Kjellberg FineFocus 800 Running track length: 18 m Water table Npt3b Working area: 3 x 16 m cutting thickness: grooving 40 mm .. more
CNC Flame & Plasma Cutting Machine Kgvjgxbd Useful cutting width : 2.200mm Useful cutting length : 4.000mm Plasma generator : HP100 Software : FastCAM Professional Edition ''Cutting table not included in the price'' more
The Zinser burner is synonymous with quality and precision in the technology of a wide range of smoking devices. The Zinser device, with decades of experience, has become the leading machine contractors in the field of metal cutting technology. Plasma Zinser 2215 CNC500 is a precise, high-quality CNC burner. A wide range of the working table with dimensions of 2000 x 8000 mm and the possibility of firing various grades of sheet metal up to 160 mm thick, as well as the software you have, gives y... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
Working area: 1500x6000mm, max. material thickness: 200mm, track width: 3100mm, software: OmniWin 3 CADNest, with extraction and documentation. Tgcjkl9p more
HPM High Performance Machinery plasma and oxyfuel cutting area of 2500 x 6000 mm, Bmvge8ubol Plasma cutting thickness 3 - 35 mm, 1 x plasma cutting source HPR 260 XD with 260 AMP 1 x oxy-fuel burning unit 1 x drilling unit for drilling and thread cutting including extraction table, filter unit, rails, software, hardware and programs more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Messer Type: Cortina DS2600 Year of construction: 2001 CNC control: Explorer 1 plasma torch with Hypertherm HD3070 power source Grooving up to 15 mm Cutting up to 20 mm Working range: 2 x 8 m or with 2 x 4 m Suction table Filter system S7ojth more
Make ESAB, Type Ultrarex UXE-P 3500, year of manufacture 2003 With CNC control VISION PC Bmasnjgw3u track width 3500 mm, track length 6000 mm Cutting length 4000 mm, cutting width max. 2700 mm, Table size 4000x2200 mm 1 x plasma system from Kjellberg Fine Focus 450 PGE 1, structural steel see brochure 1 x oxyfuel cutting thickness max. 150 mm With suction system from Vaupel, type VARIOLINE, with cartridge filters and exhaust air pipe With programming software from ESAB CO... more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Messer Type: Multitherm Eco Year of construction: 2011 CNC control: Global Control S Dxcdli 1 plasma torch with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 161i Grooving up to 30 mm Cutting up to 50 mm Working area: 1.5 x 3 m Suction table Filter system Cutting software Omniwin 2011 more
CNC plasma and flame cutting machine Bach Multicut suction table: 2000mm x 3000mm (extendible) 1 x Plasma , 160 i Kjellberg with automatic gas console (cutting data see PDF) Bly0mufvqn IHT 3000, distance control 1 x oxyfuel support Control: MyBach inclusive suction ( filter system ) Commissioning on request more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Microstep Type: CombiCut AB 6001.25+S880 Cx2v7uhk Year of construction: 2011 CNC control working area: 2.500 x 6.000 mm Shaft 800 mm for pipe processing 1 plasma torch with Hypertherm HPR260XD power source 1 oxyfuel torch gas type acetylene 1 drill spindle up to 30 mm and thread M20 with 6-fold tool changer 1 Pipe cutting device RSV500 for diameter 30 to 500 mm Filter unit TEKA ZPF6H with spark separator .. more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Microstep Type: CombiCut 3001.15 Bhqfmnbtpb Year of construction: 2000 CNC control 1 plasma torch with power source OTC D-12000 (newly installed in 2018) cutting thickness up to 20 mm 1 oxyfuel burner Harris suction table: 1.600x3.100 mm Filter unit Kemper System 8000 incl. SparkTrap spark pre-separator ….. more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: MGM Type: Omnicut Year of construction: 2009 Maintained by MGM: 04/2019 CNC control: MS200 track width: 4.000 mm 1 x plasma torch with Hypertherm HPR260XD power source Running track length: 10 m Beucyhqfpz Working range: 3.0x6.0 m Without filter system and table, can be offered separately . more
CNC plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Messer Type: MetalMaster 6020 Year of construction: 2007 CNC control: Global Control 1 plasma torch with Hypertherm HPR130 power source Grooving up to 25 mm Working area: 2 x 6 m Btwf77f few operation hours Weight: approx. 4.000 kg Available from 10/2020 ! more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Kombi Manufacturer: Microstep Type: SPL-PrA 12001.20 Year of construction: 2004 CNC control working area: 2.000 x 12.000 mm 1 plasma torch with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 160i automatic gas console 1 oxy-fuel burner Pugvxe Plasma rotator for automatic weld seam preparation Water table Availability: 09/2020 ! . more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine + autogenous Manufacturer: Messer Type: Omnimat L 5600 Year of construction: 1999 CNC control: Omnicom track width: 5.600 mm Bfkcsoktzn Running track length: 25 m working area: 4 x 22 m 1 plasma torch with Hypertherm HD3070 power source 2 oxyfuel burners 1 powder marker Suction table Donaldson filter system . more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Zinser Type: 2425 N Year of construction: 2007 CNC control: CNC2050 1 plasma torch with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 160i Working area: 2x4 m Running track length: 6 m Bjtlzmgggt Table and filter on request more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine Manufacturer: Microstep Type: SPL-PA 6001.15+S Year of construction: 2005 CNC control working area: 2.000 x 6.000 mm Shaft: 500 mm 1 x plasma torch with Kjellberg HiFocus 160i automatic gas console 1 x oxy-fuel burner Fb29ox27e Donaldson filter system more
Table: 1500x3000 mm 2sc8s3 Max. cut size: 1500x3000 mm Thickness of cut materials: Steel materials: max. 25mm (30mm) Stainless materials: max. 25 mm Aluminum and aluminum alloys: max. 25 mm Technical condition: good, fully functional, new transformer, new hoses, possibility to test more
CNC control TRUMPF Siemens Sinumerik 840D CO2 Working area of X and Y axes: 3000 x 1500 mm, in the Z axis direction 115 mm Max. material thickness 20 mm 73 kVA electrical connection max. workpiece weight 900 kg Czrk3298 infinitely adjustable power range 160 W - 3200 W Machine weight 11500 kg Machine dimensions: d. 9800 x W 5300 x H 2000 mm more
Cortina DS 3100, working range: 8,000 x 2,000 mm, built in Dec. 2004 CNC controlled cutting machine with sturdy bridge suspension, interlocking longitudinal drives and precise machined leadership profiles, supply voltage: 400 V 50 Hz, TN-S Network (§ / PE/N) Track width: 3100 mm Working width: 2000 mm Dead length: 1500 mm Total width: 3525 mm Operating side: left Power supply: right Fuel: Propane Including: OmniCom Explorer C drive 15 m / min DC Carrier for double-sided longitudinal drive on Sc... more
CE-certified water jet cutter flowJET-2015 Abrasive cutting unit with 30kW high-pressure pump with abrasive dosing and storage tank ***Manufactured to customer order***Delivery time approx. 13 - 16 weeks*** proven RaptorX-SL technology equipped with quality components from the manufacturers HAMMELMANN® and ALLFI®. different high-pressure pumps with 3800 bar selectable with an output of 15 kW or 30 kW available in different versions as pure water system or as abrasive cutting system the abrasiv... more
table length 2500 mm table width 2000 mm burner heads -- laser capacity in Watt 100 - 1000 W work piece lenght 10,6 µm Ihjh7al power constancy +/- 2 % beam diameter 14 mm total power requirement ca. 53 kW weight of the machine ca. ca. 10 t dimensions of the machine ca. m Control more
max. module 2 pitch 0,5 - 25 mm number of starts mehrgängig / multiple Lyswri3t max. workpiece diameter 40 mm max. workpiece length 180 mm cutter diameter max. 80 mm max. cutter width 12 mm Z-axis (hobbing length with counter centers) 90 mm Z-axis (hobbing length without counter centers) 113 mm pivoting angle milling head 30° / 30° Gear Hobbing and Thread Cutting Machine LAMBERT - 124 CNC The machine is in a well-maintained condition. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ... more
Plasma cutting system / power source Manufacturer: Kjellberg Type: PA-S75 CNC Year of construction: 1994 cutting current: 40 - 130 A Quality cut: 35 mm separation cut: 45 mm Gas console: PV-S75W-1 without hose package Gva2mc … more
Machine number: 415 G7rw90h max. sheet thickness: 6 mm Axis travel distance: x = 1500 / y = 750 Weight: 5 to. Accessories: fast hydraulics, punching slug suction Revotool more
CNC cutting machine Fabr. ESAB type Numorex NXB 6500 89022 Masch.#, built in 1989 Technical data: Gauge 6500 mm Track length 12000 mm Cutting height 700 mm Number of 6 oxy-fuel burners Type of control CNC 510 with -Exhaust system used from big business, in good condition C0gfpoge more
Punching force: 600kN, max. punching stroke: 45mm, throat depth: 510mm, max. material length: 12.500mm, max. load: 500kg. Bhekduy0c more
Plasma and firing cutting system Promotec Ector 30 / 170 Working range: 3000mm x 17000mm 1 x Plasma Ht 2000 Hypertherm Cutting up to 25mm 1 x Autogen support up to 100mm With career. Without table and filter immediately available Ba3yrrymqa Installation and commissioning on request more
Specifications Catalog No. : 4333 Type: RUM 3000 P HD Producer: Pierce Made in: 2014 Characteristic: Length of the working table: 12 m Width of the working table: 2.5 m Total power demand: 200 kW Material thickness:: 2-40 mm Equipment: Steqf0 Extraction table Programming software LANTEK Plasma source HPR260 Retractable portal with burning nozzle more
Working area 1500x3000 mm Current rating 45 A Delivery time approx. 10 weeks from order placement working area: 1.500 x 3.000 mm bridge passage: 120 mm Plasma power source: HYPERTHERM Powermax 45 grooving capacity: 12 mm separation cut: 25 mm recommended thickness (unleg. steel): 4 mm max. thickness (unleg. steel): 6 mm Bdsjpxqntv Current: 45 A 50% ED, 32 A 100% ED Rapid speed: 24 m/min Repeat accuracy: under 1/10 mm Max. coating weight: 400 kg/m² Volume water tray: approx. 630 l Length: 3,560 m... more
Cutting machine CNC Infotec working dimensions 3000 x 2500 mmstroke 50 mmspeed X-60 m/Min, Y-60 m/Min, 20 m/Min Bfnvpovzc9 more
Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic Czech Republic
dealership location
17458 km
excellent (used)
Parameters: Processing size: X-axis range 6,060 mm Y-axis range 2,060 mm Z-axis range (for each material) 320 mm Repeatable positioning accuracy +/- 0.020 mm Bm7yw9me2u Repeatable approach accuracy +/- 0.020 mm Operating speed range 0.1-20,000 mm Movement accuracy of the cutting tool +/- 0.080 mm Power supply and power consumption 3x400V AC max.16A The abrasive water jet cuts hard materials such as metals, stones, composite materials and ceramics. A water jet without abrasives can be used to cut... more

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