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Track width: 2100 mm Working width: 1500 mm Working length: 3000 mm Total width: 2650 mm CNC control Omnicom Explorer Color LCD display 1 plasma burner suspension pneumatic moving roll scanning Option: Conversion to electric arc scanning possible plasma source of Hifocus 100, burner head Percut 100 Zxckxn9x incl. Lantek software expert 2000 Extraction system as good as new. The plant is built in our factory demonstration ready
CE-certified water jet cutter flowJET-2015 Abrasive cutting unit with 30kW high-pressure pump with abrasive dosing and storage tank ***Manufactured to customer order***Delivery time approx. 13 - 16 weeks*** Nwpp2 proven RaptorX-SL technology equipped with quality components from the manufacturers HAMMELMANN® and ALLFI®. different high-pressure pumps with 3800 bar selectable with an output of 15 kW or 30 kW available in different versions as pure water system or as abrasive cutting system the a...
CNC portal cutting machine plasma and oxyfuel, 12000 x 3000 mm Flame cutting table / processing area 1st portal 9000 x 3000 mm plasma - permissible sheet thickness up to 120 mm plasma - MicroStep cutting support Rotator R5 Plasma Kjellberg - MicroStep calibration station for Rotator R5 - Kjellberg plasma source HiFocus 440i neo with autom. Gas console, stepless adjustable from 10-440 A. - Kjellberg KWE cooling water unit 360 - Kemper filter system 912200280 - Kemper SparkTrap Flame cutting tab...
Plasma-gas cutting machine ECKERT JANTAR 2 was produced in 2007. Technical parameters: – CNC control: ECS 859 – table: 9 sections, 1.62 m long each – table width: 3.2 m – table length: 14.58 m – number of slides: 3 – possibility of communication with a computer – possibility of plasma and gas cutting – 2 Harris gas burners – plasma cutting thickness: 8-10 mm – gas cutting thickness: up to 90 mm – power supply: 230 V Bvcn7h9iub – rated current: 12 A – plasma aggregate: PA-S45W
Oberösterreich, Österreich Austria
18332 km
ready for operation (used)
- Retrofit 2012 (Retrofit Vision T5 and Oxy VBA) - New hoses in X & Y and compl. service Nov./Dec. 2020 - Track width 6000 mm - track length 18000 mm (not included) - without cutting table Tool stations: - 1x Plasma ESP400 and external cooling system: Plasma VBA Expert 540 ° - 1x ARC marker (defective) - 1x Oxa VBA (New 2012) as retrofit (Acetyl) - 1x Oxy Man +/- 90 ° Specification: Yt7x7s Cutting width: 6000 mm Cutting length: variable max. feed rate: 18000 mm/min Supply voltage: 3x 400 V
CNC cutting machine Fabr. ESAB type Numorex NXB 6500 89022 Masch.#, built in 1989 Technical data: Gauge 6500 mm Track length 12000 mm Cutting height 700 mm Number of 6 oxy-fuel burners C0gfpoge Type of control CNC 510 with -Exhaust system used from big business, in good condition
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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Ref. -No.: 10223 Brand: ESAB Type of control: CNC Control: ESAB Storage location: Halberstadt I3gobbb Country of origin: Schweden Max. Cutting thickness: 300 mm Torch spacing: 200 mm Max. Workpiece size: 22.000 x 5.000 mm Number of burners: 2 X-axis travel: 4.600 mm Y-axis travel: 22.000 mm Z-axis travel: 235 mm Sick capacity: 50/ 5 t
Székesfehérvár Hungary
18033 km
reconditioned (used)
Table size 4000 x 2000 mm Power: 4,4 kW Working hours: - Power ON 40784 - Vacuum pump 6543 - Turbo blower 2711 - Reflector 1147 A full refurbishment has been completed short time ago as follows: - Sensor of vacuum pump - Vacuum pump - Cartridge Change Kit - O-Ring - Gasmix MFC Bürkert - Mirror - Mirror sealings - Mirror sets - Radial blaser (Turbo) Bykuzw2d8c - Diode holder - Frequencychanger
This budget cutting machine is created for both method of cutting as a plasma so as a oxy cutting up to 150 mm thickness of material. The high level of reliability with low cost make this machine absolutely competitive in ratio price-quality. Width of cutting-1.5-2.0 . Length of cutting 30-12m. Quantity of tools (supports for torches)-1(oxy+plasma). Max thickness of material for cutting by plasma-50. Max thickness material of cutting by Oxy- 120. Max cutting current of plasma (A)- 200. Type of C...
CNC ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine SAME /Bogacki - 2515 BA 2D -demonstration machine - travels: 2.550 x 1.550 x 200 mm Control system: BOSCH MTX Aquacut edition - CAD / CAM system - Operating PC with portable electronics. Handwheel Bt0azkefbb incl. high pressure pump HB 50 incl. stainless steel working table ( 2.700 x 1.700 mm) incl. CE- safety device (light barriers) incl. splash guard (see pictures) incl. abrasive container (250 kg) incl. abrasive cutting head Allfi in...
cnc plasma cutting machine brand HACO Bbyhcboy cutting source brand Hypertherm 130 Including exhaust Size: 3000x1500 For questions call 0541-353528 (ask for Gerrit Ruël) or +31650248030
CNC laser cutting machine make AMADA type LC 2415 A3 year of manufacture 2004 technical data: medium format 2500 x 1250 mm laser power 4,0 kW connected load 65 kVA weight approx. 6,7 t operating hours 35000 Turbobooster changed in 2017 Pmvsf used, in very good condition
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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Ref. -No.: 10219 Brand: ESAB Type of control: CNC Control: ESAB Powav Storage location: Halberstadt Country of origin: Schweden Max. Cutting thickness: 300 mm Torch spacing: 200 mm Max. Workpiece size: 22.000 x 5.000 mm Number of burners: 3+1 X-axis travel: 4.600 mm Y-axis travel: 22.000 mm Z-axis travel: 250 mm Sick capacity: 50 / 5 t
Bystar 4020, 4,4 Kw, 2007 Byvision 81.05 A Laserview P 8806 With byloader The cooling system was almost completely replaced and the entire beam path, including the bellows, was completely renewed. Nominal size of the sheet x= 4000 mm y= 2000 mm Maximum positioning speed 60m/min Pnd3t Maximum sheet thickness Mild steel - 25 mm Stainless steel - 20 mm Aluminium - 12 mm Heads 5" ; 7,5" Incl. suction
14 days left
Kirchlengern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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CNC pipe profile cutting machine, manufacturer: MÜLLER OPLADEN, type: RB 950/2000/6 MP, year of construction: 2010, 6 CNC-controlled axes, 1. rotation of the pipe = Y-axis, 2. longitudinal movement of the cutting head along the pipe axis = X-axis, 3. Pendulum movement of the cutting head +/- 70 degrees = B-axis, 4. rotation of the cutting head by 380 degrees = C-axis, 5. height adjustment of the cutting head by a laser-controlled measuring system in case of surface deviation on the pipe surface ...
Machine defect Control System: Charmilles Fanuc Working Piece size max.: 900 x 600 x 400 mm Byai3fjgek Working Piece weight max.: 1000 kg X x Y x Z: 400 x 300 x 400 mm U, V: 500 mm, 400 mm Clearance Angle: ± 30°
cnc plasma cutting machine brand HACO Pogcv cutting source brand Hypertherm 130 Including exhaust Size: 3000x1500 For questions call 0541-353528 (ask for Gerrit Ruël) or +31650248030
Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Germany
18608 km
good (used)
CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer: ESAB Type: Eagle 2000 Year of manufacture: 2007 Control: Vision 52 0kwz7mgv working area: 1500 x 3000 mm 1 plasma torch with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 160i Hole piercing up to 25 mm suction: Dodek .
PLA-65A PLASMA CUTTER The machine, which is able to make fast, precise and high-quality cuts up to 25 mm, was specially developed for manufacturers of ventilation ducts, advertisers and customers using thin sheets. Together with the economic price, this machine CNC plasma cutting machines equipped with ergonomic functions have become an indispensable helper for customers in this matter industry. Technical data: Hypertherm Powermax plasma source Bltpkhxf8m Power: 65A Max power consumption 11 kw ...
Year of manufacture 2002 Total length : 7500 mm Pedcn width table+shaft : 2000 mm Length table : 6000 mm width over all : 3600 mm CNC MSC 500 1 x Plasma Hypertherm HD 4070 1 x autogenous in stock , immediately available
CNC flame cutting machine BACH type ACW 2500 Flame cutting machine with CNC control NBS 400 machine No. 14 561-06 Year of construction 2006 cutting range 2500 x 6500 mm Omhud Raceway length 8000 mm track gauge 3345 mm Height of the raceway 650 mm 2x machine cutting torches with firing table
Control System: Charmilles X: 628mm/Y: 398mm/U+-48 mm/ V+- 48 Z 158mm Max. length work. piece: 1290x690x360mm Max. weight work. piece: 800 kg (without bath) Clamping base: 3R-Systems-clamping strip Working table: 950x620mm Konik: 30°/ 60mm Wire thread: automatic Wire diameter: 0.07-0.30mm Pndmv Cooling system: water bath machine
Technické údaje: -otočná hlava pro 3D pálení pod úhlem -řezání černých a nerezových ocelí Ojxll do tl. 50 mm -pracovní plocha stolu 2000 mm x 6000 mm -řezání trubek v průměrech od 30 mm do 700 -tvarové řezání do trubek a uzavřených profilů -vřeteno s vrtací hlavou pro řezání závitů a vrtání otvorů Čas provozu 600 hodin.
CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer: ESAB Type: SXE-P1 3000 Year of manufacture: 2009 E3asgfd CNC control: Vision 55 working area: 1,5 x 6,0 m 3 oxyfuel torches 1 plasma torch with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 360i cutting thickness: approx. 50 mm piercing Suction table: Dodek ...
Niederlangen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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table length 2500 mm table width 2000 mm burner heads -- laser capacity in Watt 100 - 1000 W work piece lenght 10,6 µm 2s7n2m power constancy +/- 2 % beam diameter 14 mm total power requirement ca. 53 kW weight of the machine ca. ca. 10 t dimensions of the machine ca. m Control
Flatbed laser with tube cutting unit; size 3.000x1.500mm; Laser Trumpf TLF 6000 TM Qdclonvj sheet thickness: Mild steel/25mm; stainless steel/20mm; aluminum/12mm; operating hours beam on: 14.916h incl. Trumpf Liftmaster and manipulator Schmalz VacuMaster 250kg
CNC laser cutting machine with automatic feeder and sheet metal warehouse by Yamazaki, serial number 207619. F8x2mw7le Max dimensions of the cutting sheet: 1250x2500 mm. Maximum sheet thickness for cutting: steel
CNC laser cutting machine Bystronic Bystar 3015 (2013) Year of manufacture: 2013 Power 4,4 kW table: 3 000 x 1 500mm Control: CNC Bystronic Bxixldkil3
Brand: TRUMPF Model: TRUMATIC L 4050 Type: CNC Laser Cutting Machine Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D Year: 2005 Working Area: 4000 x 2000 x 115 mm Max. Laserpower: 6000 Watt Max sheet thickness steel: 25 mm Max sheet thickness s steel: 25 mm Max sheet thickness alu: 15 mm Positioning Speed X/Y: 200/300 m/min Dimensions | Length 13000 mm x Width 5400 mm x Height 2400 mm | Weight: 14,000 Kg Work hours: On beam 9973 Laser on 24149 Pldlj Additional information: in 2019 replaced with new plate fi...
Nürtingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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good (used)
CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer: Messer Type: Multitherm Eco Year of manufacture: 2011 CNC control: Global Control S 1 plasma torch with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 161i Dxcdli grooving up to 30 mm Cutting up to 50 mm working area: 1.5 x 3 m Extraction table Filter system Cutting software Omniwin 2011 ...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
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ready for operation (used)
X-travel: 600mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 400mm, quill stroke: 200mm, feed rate: 0-8000/min, table dimensions: 1000x500mm, max. load: 600kg, controls defective. Daohw2t
There is only for air plasma cutting method. It is light, easy assembling profile cutting machines with high level of accurassy. Integrated cutting table is included on the cost of machine. An effective exhaust of the combustion products protects health of cutting machine operators. Main features: 1) Position accuracy-up to +0,15mm 2) ARC Voltage torch height control with ohmic contact 3) Cutting widths from 1000mm up to 1500mm 4) Cutting length from 2000mm up 3000mm 5) Cruising speeds of up to ...
Ebersbach an der Fils Germany
18593 km
excellent (used)
Travel X-axis 600 mm Travel Y-axis 400 mm Z-axis travel 310 mm U/V axes ± 100 mm Max. workpiece size workpiece size 1.050 x 775 x 300 mm Filling height of working basin approx. 300 kg Wire coil system 16 kg Brjvpy7drg Workpiece weight in bath 1.000 kg Work table 890 x 620 mm work tank 1.100 x 770 mm Power consumption 13 kVA
CNC laser cutting machine Bystronic Byspeed 3015 (2007) Bxixe2bshh Year of manufacture: 2007 power: 4,4 kW table: 3 000 x 1 500mm Control: CNC Bystronic ByVision
Make: TRUMPF, type: Trumatic L3030, year of construction: 2000, ser.No. 111775, CO²-laser, TLF 3000, laser power 3.000 W, control, make: Siemens, type: Sinumerik 840D, sheet size 3.000 x 1.500 mm, pallet changer, cooling unit, make: Riedel, filter system, compact storage, 10 storage places, loading device, safety light barriers, steel cabinet, 2 doors, workbench, content: set-up tools, laser cutting head 5"/7,5", technical documentation - pos. 466, no. 76 I0bbl3bfa
Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Germany
18608 km
good (used)
CNC Portal flame cutting machine Manufacturer: Sato Type: Satronik D5765 Manufacture: 2016 CNC control: Satocontrol CNC 3010 Btuir0ih82 Track width: 5.750 mm 6 x oxyfuel torche without tracks without table without filter
MICROSTEP CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Type:PL 4501.20 Year:2000 Control:MSNC500 Pvthwm Torch:HT2000LHF Working range: 4500 x 2000 Machine weight ca.:6500kg Please Note: The above information has been obtained to the best of our ability and belief, and from the manufacturers where possible. It is given in good faith, but its accuracy can not be guaranteed. Accordingly, it will not form a representation or constitute contractual terms. Specific tooling must be requested before purchasing, sinc...
- Closed machine frame with integrated laser cavity - Moving unit for optimal machining speeds - Automatic pallet changer - A cutting head strategy - Longitudinal conveyor belt for slag / Small Parts - Gantry drive in combination with linear direct drives - Fast Line - NitroLine - High pressure cutting - FocusLine - Plasma Line Bvw9xhjgtj - Sprint Line - Contour Line - Microweld - Automatic nozzle cleaning - Spraying - Position the laser diode - Programmable cutting gas pressure - Automatic swit...
Very good condition. Immediately ready for use. Completely new control system installed in 2018 by service technician ! Bwe0srahni Easy to use and very accurate with lots of accessories.
CNC laser cutting machine TRUMPF TRUMATIC L3050 (2006) year of construction: 2006 power 5,00 kW table: 3000 x 1500 mm Vuod0y CNC control: Siemens 840D
Key facts The OFS-HE contour cutting machine is used for cutting soft polyurethane foam for example for the upholstery and mattresses production. An endless band knife allows cutting according to the material of up to a max. speed of 20 m/min. Producer Albrecht Bäumer Year of construction 2001 Caracteristics of the machine cutting height: 1,300 mm table length: 3,200 mm table width: 2,200 mm The OFS-HE machine has also a plate holding down device which holds down the block on the table....
CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer: Microstep Type: SPL-P 9001.25 Year of manufacture: 2007 CNC-Control working range: 2500 x 9000 mm 1 plasma torch with power source Kjellberg HiFocus 280i without filter Bxdvywldjx
For sale is a joinery machine of the company Hundegger model P10. The machine is in a very good condition, fully functional. Year of manufacture is 1994. The pick-up table is designed for a length of 13.00m. Space requirement: approx. 27.00m x 5.00m. Technical data: - 5 strand feed cross conveyor - under-table pivoting cross-cut saw - automatic log ejector - cervical tenon cutter - horizontal cutter (blade cutter) - rafter nail drilling machine - 3 chain mortisers - top, bottom, rear - fully aut...
Make ESAB, Type Ultrarex UXE-P 3500, year of manufacture 2003 With CNC control VISION PC Bmasnjgw3u track width 3500 mm, track length 6000 mm Cutting length 4000 mm, cutting width max. 2700 mm, Table size 4000x2200 mm 1 x plasma system from Kjellberg Fine Focus 450 PGE 1, structural steel see brochure 1 x oxyfuel cutting thickness max. 150 mm With suction system from Vaupel, type VARIOLINE, with cartridge filters and exhaust air pipe With programming software from ESAB CO...
Zuchwil Switzerland
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as good as new (ex-display)
1. SCOPE OF SUPPLY - Totally overhauled and since then unused Wahli W90 CNC gear cutting machine - Control: Delta Tau Advantage 400 2. DOCUMENTATION - Operating manual of the machine (German) - Operating instructions of the control - All electrical diagrams Bnyoaej 3. CONDITION DESCRIPTION Both the machine and the control system have been thoroughly tested. Thereby it could be stated that besides the optical condition of the machine, also the operational condition is in no way objectionable. 4. ...