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Cnc laser cutting system for sale

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table length 2500 mm table width 2000 mm Ihjh7al burner heads -- laser capacity in Watt 100 - 1000 W work piece lenght 10,6 µm power constancy +/- 2 % beam diameter 14 mm total power requirement ca. 53 kW weight of the machine ca. ca. 10 t dimensions of the machine ca. m Control more
X Working range max.: 4000 mm Y Working range max.: 2000 mm Z Working range max.: 115 mm Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D Laser power: 3200 Watt Laser beam on: 13672 h Sheet thickness St. Max.: 20 mm Sheet metal thickness Va. Max.: 12 mm Sheet metal thickness Al. Max.: 8 mm - Hi-Las high pressure cutting - Laser cutting head with 5'' lens - Laser cutting head with 7.5" lens - Cutting head quick change device - autom. sheet metal outer edge detection - Position laser diode - progr. cuttin... more
X working range max .: 3000 mm Y Working range max .: 1500 mm Z working range max .: 115 mm Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D SL Laser power: 8000 W Plate thickness St. Max .: 25 mm Plate thickness Va. Max .: 40 mm Plate thickness Al. Max .: 25 mm Standard Configuration: Machine - Closed frame with integrated cabinet - Automatic longitudinal pallet changer - Axis drive by linear motor technology and Torque motor - Optical fiber laser beam transmission - Machine cooling group (water-air) ... more
Bystar 4025; 4.4 KW Year of construction: 03. 2006 for sheet sizes up to 2500mm x 8000mm Duration: 76843 hours Runtime CNC cabinet: 32096 hours Running time PC: 34818 hrs. annual maintenance by Bystronic employees Resonator revision in Jan. 2015 Glass revision in Dec. 2016 Conversion PC in May 2019 Bhwwjlyhya Release November 2020 more
CNC laser cutting machine CNC TRUMPF L3050, 6kW, exchangeable table, Liftmaster, suction Oai0x Year of construction: 2005 Laser power: 6 kW Table: 3,000 x 1,500 mm Control: CNC Siemens more
Make: TRUMPF, Type: TRULASER 7025, Year of construction: 2008, Ser.No. A0310A0043, control, make: Siemens, type Sinumerik 840D, laser power 2x 3.600 W, series TruFlow 3600, pallet changer, 2.500 x 1.250 mm, filter plant, cooling unit, make: KLH, switch cabinet plant, loading equipment, make: TRULASER 7025 Trumpf, type Loadmaster, chip conveyor, 6 cutting heads, 3,75/5/7,5", platform plant (for machine periphery) - resonator EIN 82.051/ 58.615, beam EIN 53840/ 23.767 - No. 54, Pos. 384 On behalf ... more
Highly flexible and universal CNC laser cutting machine Turntable machine with seperate loading and working area Loading area with rolling door and scanner Working area for cutting: 1500 x 1000 x 800 mm Parts are clamped on two-axis-positioner – developed be BENTELER itself Easy to program via CAD CAM tool Eqcd8dd “TrueTops Software” is also implemented for programming Faster than robot-guided systems with better cut quality Cutting area is completely protected with normal metal sheet fenc... more
X working range max .: 3000 mm Y Working range max .: 1500 mm Z working range max .: 115 mm Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D SL Laser power: 5000 W Plate thickness St. Max .: 25 mm Plate thickness Va. Max .: 20 mm Plate thickness Al. Max .: 20 mm Standard configuration Machine - Working range in 3000 x 1500 mm - Closed machine - Integrated cabinet - Automatic pallet changer in longitudinal direction - Torque drive in combination with direct linear drives - Enclosed beam delivery via fiber o... more
Bystar 4030; 4.0 KW until 2009 6,0 KW from 2010 Year of construction: 04. 2002 Sheet metal formats up to 3000mm x 12000mm Duration: 4.0 KW; 36911 hours 6,0 KW; 45551 hours Running time CNC cabinet: 12799 hrs. Running time PC: 14784 hrs. annual maintenance by Bystronic employees Cleaning resonator optics in Dec. 2017 Exchange of all bellows in Dec. 2017 all components concerning table change renewed in Jan. 2019 Rack revision in Jan. 2019 Dkroikjqg Revision Z-axis in Jan. 2019 Exchange of v... more
CNC laser cutting machine TRUMPF L3050, status table, Liftmaster, suction Year of construction: 2003 Stuf8c Laser power: 5 kW Table: 3,000 x 1,500 mm Liftmaster - year of construction 2005 more
control, make Siemens, type 840D, laser power 2x 3.600 W, series TruFlow 3600, pallet changer, 2.500 x 1.250 mm, loading device, make Trumpf, type Loadmaster, cooling unit, make KLH, filter system, switch cabinets, chip conveyor, 6 cutting heads, 3,75/ 5/ 7,5". Bjob2bv9ml No. 54, item 378 On behalf of the entitled persons we sell a CNC laser cutting machine from Trumpf. The AGB of Lüders & Partner GmbH apply. more
Nukon Fiber laser Working range: 3000 x 1500 mm Changing table Model ECO BJ 02 - 2014 Laser power 2 KW Weight 10500 kg Djkk70z little running, regularly maintained under electricity more
CNC 3D laser cutting system TRUMPF LASERCELL TLC 1005 Begnnvcm3l Year of construction: 1999 country of origin: Germany laser strength: 3 000 W work area on the table: 3 000 x 1 500 mm control: CNC SIEMENS 840 D Gesamtanschlissbedarf: 75 kVA more
BYSTAR 4020 Producer Bystronic laser AG Switzerland model Bystar 4020 Year of build 2006 4,4 kW Rated wide of the plate x = 4000 mm y = 2000 mm maximum positioning speed parallel to the x, y - axis 60 m / min Maximum sheet thickness Structural steel - 25 mm of stainless steel - 20 mm Aluminium - 12 mm heads 5 "; 7.5 " Hours of operation 46243 h cutting hours 27766 h Operating hours turbine 13456 h Machine is serviced regularly commissioned by Bystronic technical condition very good, (service re... more
CNC laser cutting machine TRUMPF TRUMATIC HSL 2502 C, 2 heads, 2 Rezonator, 2 Exchange tables Built in 2003 country of origin: Germany laser power: 2 x 3 200 W work area on the table: 2 500 x 1 250 mm overall connection requirements: 123 kVA control: CNC SIEMENS Begnkcujl9 more
CO co² Bystar 3015 4.4 kW, 1500 x 3000 mm, table size incl. removable table, without loader, without extraction, BJ. 2006,. Glass revision in November 2015 to visit under current 2png9p20i Laser: 28.000 h Power: 50,000 hours Commissioning on request immediately available. more
TRUMPF TRUMATIC L2530, extraction Year of construction: 1997 country of origin: United States laser intensity: 1 500 W work area on the table: 2 500 x 1 250 mm Office connector needs: 54 kVA control: CNC SIEMENS 840 d Nkuud more
CO ²-laser, Bystar 4020, 4,4 KW Table size 2000 x 4000 mm, Axis of rotation incl. removable table,. including extraction, year of construction: 2004 2pneaedr8 more
CNC laser cutting system BYSTRONIC BYSPRINT 3015, 2 exchangeable tables Year of construction: 2007 Country of origin: Switzerland Laser power: 3 000 W Table area: 3 000 x 1 500 mm Control: CNC BYSTRONIC 2 heads: 7,5` i 5` P7q33n more
Byspeed 3015 4400 W Bystronic 2006 Bag8g3cp3z Duty hours: 58800 h cutting hours: 27510 h laser power: 4400 W workspace: 3000 x 1500 mm maximum thickness: structural steel: 20 mm stainless steel: 12 mm aluminium: 8 mm machine weight: 21000 kg Accessories: Byloader 3015: sheet dimensions: 3000 × 1500 mm Blechtaf Download eldicke: 0.8-25 mm-maximum sheet metal Panel weight: 890 kg documentation more
Czestochowa, Poland Poland
dealership location
17261 km
good (used)
TRUMPF TRUMATIC L2530, Suction Year of construction: 1997 Country of origin: USA Laser power: 1 500 W Working area of the table: 2 500 x 1 250 mm 9yc2yvcbz Total connection requirement: 54 kVA Control: CNC SIEMENS 840D more
Bystar 3015 5.2 KW Hours of operation: 30.100 h (stand 11.04.2017) Cutting hours: 10.760 h (stand 11.04.2017) Year of construction: 2004 Ssmk08 Available from: August 2017 more
Laser cutting machine AMADA LC1212 Alpha II Year of construction: 1996 ( 2011 general overhaul ) Laser power: 1,5 kW Work area: X- 1,270 mm N9lvnhwd Y- 1,270 mm Z- 300 mm Control: Fanuc Series 16L Cooler Donaldson more
Laser cutting machine Bystar 3015 Bylaser 4000, 4 kW Laser source incl. shuttle table system, cooling system, compl. Cabinet combination with CNC and laser- 39loxux8k Control, protection in the cutting area, 2 Cutting heads, reflection absorber, cross-Jet, extraction system Documentation Laser a 19, 000 h Maintained by Bystronic. more
Laser cutting machine make LASER LAB type CONTOUR 3015/DCO20SLAB Technical data: Laser source Rofin-Sinar DCO20 Suction power 200 - 2000 W Power stability +- 2% Gas consumption 0,15 NIH max. current consumption 55 A cutting area 3000 x 1500 mm Cxzapr9r Rapid traverse 10 m/min. programmable Z-axis 175 mm High pressure cutting up to 20 bar Beam data 10,6 kg Beam quality 20 - 25 mm K09 Directional stability 0.15 mrad. Polarization linear 45°. Pulse characteristics 2 - 5000 Hz Laser gas 0,15 NL/hour... more
Serial No. 1360 Equipment number 10070608 / 30030386 Control ByVision Capacity 3 kW Thickness of cut Steel 20mm, Stainless steel 12mm, Alumimum 12mm, Brass 6mm, Copper 6mm Maximum material size 3000mm x 1500mm Maximum material weight 890kg Max, positioning speed parallet axis X,Y 100m/min Max, simultaneous positioning speed 140m/min Cutting area X, 3048mm./ Y, 1524mm./ Z, 70mm Input 400/3/50hz Fitted with Dust collector Equipment Sheet storage rack, Zi83qpk Features Abus crane and vaccum sh... more
CNC control TRUMPF Siemens Sinumerik 840D CO2 Working area of X and Y axes: 3000 x 1500 mm, in the Z axis direction 115 mm Max. material thickness 20 mm 73 kVA electrical connection max. workpiece weight 900 kg infinitely adjustable power range 160 W - 3200 W Czrk3298 Machine weight 11500 kg Machine dimensions: d. 9800 x W 5300 x H 2000 mm more
CO2-Laser C30W1 in workstation / housing Laser safety class 1 Power: 30 watts Brand: KOLLTRONIC Made in Germany Wavelength: 10.064 nm Marking field: 140 x 140 mm Pusanm Cooling: watercooled Combined seat and stand workplace. Front door with laser safty protection glass = view of the workpiece. Work room is illuminated. Z-axis motorized. Quick positioning of the workpieces on a special magnetic worktop with hole pattern. Ex works price. Installation and trainig as option available. more
The Fibre Laser Coil Cutting Machine is able to cut very precisely 2-D structures out of metal sheets from sheet metal coils or plates and is also able to inscribe or mark sheet metal parts, using laser radiation. It is possible to cut one or optionally two parts at the same time. The processing of all metals and metal alloying is possible. Bjobme2gcz more
Laser cutting machine with 1kW fiber laser - very few operating hours (approx. 50 hours) - Demonstration machine / exhibition machine with minimal signs of wear - Visits are possible at any time - 1kW laser source Cutting of sheet steel up to 10mm Cutting of stainless steel sheets up to 5mm Cutting of aluminium sheet up to 3mm N0t9h - Exhibition machine (second-hand) - travel 1300 x 900mm - Drives are Servo Motors / Yaskawa Driver and Motor - Linear guides on all axes / Hiwin ,Apex Axis Rack ... more
Long Foam Cutting Tools EPS Foam Milling Router Bits Ball End and Flat End Model: Ball End and Flat End Long flute foam cutting router bits These long series foam end mill and ball nose router bits are widely used with robot milling machine and huge CNC router which used to cut molds from EPS foam, polyurethane foam, eva foam, plastic, etc. The long foam cutting tools are great for extended reach machining, deep foam cutting, cnc sculpting big items, cnc routing foam. They are helpful mills for... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
X-travel: 500mm, y-travel: 275mm, z-travel: 300mm, max. feed rate: 15m/min, max. laser power: 700W, clamping stroke: 4mm, control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 407. Bj8bkpvsat more
Cortina DS 3100, working range: 8,000 x 2,000 mm, built in Dec. 2004 CNC controlled cutting machine with sturdy bridge suspension, interlocking longitudinal drives and precise machined leadership profiles, supply voltage: 400 V 50 Hz, TN-S Network (§ / PE/N) Track width: 3100 mm Working width: 2000 mm Dead length: 1500 mm Total width: 3525 mm Operating side: left Power supply: right Fuel: Propane Including: OmniCom Explorer C drive 15 m / min DC Hkcqaup28 Carrier for double-sided longitudinal d... more
Mileage: 5,479 mth Bh2vhxl0jl Technical specifications Curb weight: 5,500 kg Dimensions - length: 8.6 m - width: 6.4 m - height: 4.8 m Engine power: 55 kW Meter count mth laser: 1313 h Laser power: 4.0 kW Work area: 3000 mm x 1500 mm x 80 mm Cutting tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm Equipment: Procutter cutting head with 125 mm focal length IPG cooling system 4.0 kW Fiber IPG resonator Screw compressor R 11 more
Laser cutting machine with 150 Watt laser power (laser class 1) - incl. completely installed and adjusted Windows PC (used) - Exhibition machine with approx. 20 operating hours (it is worthwhile to have a look) - heavy industrial quality, suitable for continuous use - travel 1300 x 900mm - Drives are hybrid servo motors (not simple steppers) (feed rate up to 36 metres/min.) - Linear guides on all axes - reci laser tube with 150 Watt power - incl. honeycomb table top (removable / extendable) - ... more
Laser fine cutting machine, jear of manufacture: 2001. In the past this laser fine cutting machine was used for full automatic serial production of metallic cell phone cases and keyboards. The machine works at two working positions at the same time and it is able to cut metal sheet thicknesses up to 3 mm (depending on material) with a focus diameter of 0,15 mm. This machine reaches a cutting kerf width of <0,2 mm (depending on material). The linear axes are high precision servo motor axis wit... more
TL 3015 PWD FiberModel with shuttle table / with housing / with roofLaser class 1 - housing according to European standard fiber laser cutting system with a working range of 3000mm x 1500mm- Powerful laser sources including optics for best possible cutting results; different laser sources (500 - 6000Watt) available, according to the material to be machined - Fast shuttle table (15 s) - Cutting of various materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and metal alloys with exc... more
CE-certified water jet cutter flowJET-2015 Abrasive cutting unit with 30kW high-pressure pump with abrasive dosing and storage tank ***Manufactured to customer order***Delivery time approx. 13 - 16 weeks*** proven RaptorX-SL technology equipped with quality components from the manufacturers HAMMELMANN® and ALLFI®. different high-pressure pumps with 3800 bar selectable with an output of 15 kW or 30 kW available in different versions as pure water system or as abrasive cutting system the abrasiv... more
. MACHINE IS SOLD . DELIVERY TIME CA. EIGHT WEEKS . Laser cutting machine with 150 Watt laser power - Exhibition machine ( approx. 50 operating hours ) - very versatile cutting machine. - cutting wood up to 20mm thick - cutting of acrylic glass and many other plastics - cutting of fabrics, plastic fleece etc. - cutting of rubber mats - engraving on wood, concrete, stone, many plastics - Production of stamps - cutting of thin steel sheet possible (up to 1,5mm) - heavy industry quality -... more
It is a fiber laser cutting machine with a working range of 3000mm x 1500mm. You can choose between different power classes, 500Watt - 8000Watt. The machine has a shuttle table (optional) and therefore offers the advantage to cut and load and unload at the same time. Furthermore the machine has a rotary axis of 3000mm (optional 6000mm, 9000mm) with a clamping range of 20mm - 400mm. Technical parametersMachinen Model TL3015DualLaserpower 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W(Optional)Dimensions 780... more
TL 1530 Model without shuttle table / without housing / without roofLaser class 4- Fiber laser cutting system with a working range of 3000mm x 1500mm- Various laser cutting optics (500 - 4000Watt) available; Different laser sources (500 - 4000Watt) available depending on the material to be processed; according to the material to be machined - automatic distance control - automatic focus adjustment - 2x proportional valves (working gas nitrogen, oxygen) - pilot laser - automatic oil system - docu... more
sheet length: 3100sheet thickness: 13,0total power requirements: 30weight approx.: 12 tomessurements (LxWxH): 39502240x2100 Our strong brand KK Kletzer                    TAFELSCHER Vibration cut version Model SWT has everything you need for cutting.  We have also raised the standard in the vibration cutting design and deliver ours as well  Plate shears with automatic cutting adjustment via the touchscreens Control ELGO P40T without surcharge.  NC slotted table shears KKI Technological adv... more
max. module 2 pitch 0,5 - 25 mm number of starts mehrgängig / multiple max. workpiece diameter 40 mm max. workpiece length 180 mm cutter diameter max. 80 mm max. cutter width 12 mm Z-axis (hobbing length with counter centers) 90 mm Z-axis (hobbing length without counter centers) 113 mm pivoting angle milling head 30° / 30° Lyswri3t Gear Hobbing and Thread Cutting Machine LAMBERT - 124 CNC The machine is in a well-maintained condition. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ... more

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