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Cnc bed mill for sale

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Serial No. 9211604 Control Heidenhain TNC 320 Table Size 2500mm x 800mm X Axis Travel 2200mm Y Axis Travel 1000mm Be9t8pdwot Z Axis Travel 1000mm Spindle Taper ISO 50 Head Swivels 360 degrees on 2 faces Input 415/3/50hz Spindle Speeds 40 - 2000 rpm Feed Rate 10 / 5000mm / min Fitted with Coolant, Hydraulic Tool Clamping, Pendant Control Length 4400mm Width 3100mm Height 3250mm Nett weight actual. 11,900 Kgs. / 11.75 Tons. more
Serial No. 2317 Control Heidenhain TNC415 Table Size 5500mm x 950mm Longitudinal Travel X Axis - 5000mm Cross Travel Y Axis - 1200mm Vertical Travel Z Axis - 2000mm Longitudinal Travel & Vertical Feeds 10,000 mm per minute Spindle Taper ISO 50 Head Swivels Universal Head Input 380 Volts 50 Cycles Spindle Motor 22 kW Spindle Speeds 50 - 3000 rpm Feed Rate 4000mm per minute Tpamj98p Fitted with 16 Automatic Tool Changer Equipment Swarf Conveyor Nett weight approx 32,000 Kgs more
Serial No. MQ 134 Control Heidenhain I530M Bed Size 6500 mm x 1200 mm Integrated rotary table C axis 1000 mm diameter via 0.001 degree increments 4th axis U axis Spirsin 800 mm diameter vertical rotary table size , with tailstock. Longitudinal Travel (column) X axis 6000 mm Headstock Rise & Fall Z axis 2500 mm Spindle Bored ISO 50 Ram In/Out Y axis 1500 mm Head Swivels 360 degrees on 2 faces, A & B axis via 1 degree increments Input 415/3/50 37 kW Cagwf8ko Spindle Speeds up to 4000 rpm... more
Serial No. 97030095 Control Heidenhain 426 Table Size 3200mm x 1000mm Table Load 11000kgs Longitudinal Travel, X Axis 3000mm Cross Travel, Y Axis 1000mm Vertical Travel, ZAxis 1000mm Spindle Taper 50 BT Head Swivels Manual 360 degrees on two faces. Input 415/3/50hz 40kW Spindle Speeds 40 - 2500rpm variable Feed Rate 0 - 4000 mm/min Fitted with Hydraulic tool clamping, Coolant, Splash guards Length 7850mm V0iny2y9 Width 390mm Height 2700mm Nett weight actual. 13,850 Kgs. / 13.6 Tons. more
Serial No. C20038 Control Fanuc O - T Turning length 400mm Max, machining diameter 250mm Swing over Covers 530mm Swing over carriage 330mm Spindle speeds 3500 rpm variable Bar capacity 65mm Number of stations on turret 12 Spindle bore 77.5mm Tail stock 5 morse taper Bjbdjxvnrm Z axis working stroke 400mm X axis working stroke 215mm Feed rate Rapid traverse X axis 10m/min, Z axis 20m/min Bed type Slant Input 415/3/50hz / 15 kW 3 jaw chuck 254mm Fitted with Suds, parts catcher, Swarf tray Bar fee... more
Serial No. 890276 Control Heidenhain TNC 355 Table Size 1200mm x 700mm Table Load 850kg X - Axis 1200mm Y - Axis 700mm Z - Axis 660mm Spindle Taper ISO 50 Input 400/3/50hz Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z 600 mm/min Spindle Speeds 20 - 2000rpm Feed Rate 1 - 3000 mm/min Fitted with Hydraulic tool clamping, Coolant. Nwa7t Length 3500mm Width 2800mm Height 2600mm Nett weight actual. 10,070 Kgs. / 9.9 Tons. more
Serial No. 70011 Control Heidenhain TNC 415 Table Size 3100mm x 1200mm Table Load 12,000 kgs X axis 3000mm Y axis 1380mm Z axis 1050mm Spindle Taper 50 int Dwvwpi Head Swivels 360 degrees Input 380/3/50hz Rapid Traverse 10 meters per minute Spindle Speeds 20 - 2000 rpm Feed Rate 5 - 2500mm per minute Equipment Handwheel, Coolant Features Hydraulic tool clamping Length 7500mm Width 3500mm Height 3900mm Nett weight actual. 19,540 Kgs. / 19.25 Tons. more
Serial No. 29125 Control Heidenhain TNC 430 CA Reciprocating Table Size 4000mm x 1000mm Bimkcrdrji Table Load 10,000 Kgs Longitudinal Travel X = 3713 mm Cross Travel Y = 1214 mm Vertical Travel Z = 1005 mm Longitudinal Travel & Vertical Rapid Feeds 15000mm/min Spindle Taper 40 INT Head Swivels 180 Degrees on 'A' Axis, 360 Degrees on 'B' Axis Input 415/3/50AC 50KVA. Main motor 8kW Max, Height Spindle Nose to Table 1090mm Spindle Speeds 3000 - 15000 rpm Feed Rate 6 - 5000 mm/min Fitted with 30 T... more
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
17477 km
good (used)
Control system: HEIDENHEIN 426 Travel length X-axis (mechanical feed): 3000 mm Travel length Y-axis (mechanical feed): 1000 mm Travel length Z-axis (mechanical feed): 1000 mm Tool taper: ISO 50 Machine height: 2500 mm Machine width: 7000 mm Machine weight: 14 t Equipment: Vices Tools Spindle manually tilted to the Y axis 2rrcw3 Angular head MIMATIC Aluminum blocks for placing long profiles GO 2002: modification to CNC control more
Stock Nr : 13163 Manufacturer : Colchester Machine : CNC 2000 YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE MACHINE CNC Control Fanuc 0T Y.O.M. : 1990 Condition very good. Z & X ballscrews replaced two years ago. Machine is in operation daily. Turning length 1250.0 Diameter above the bed 420.0 Diameter above cross slide 240.0 Spindle taper MK5 Spindle bore 54.0 Number of turrets 1.0 Number of tools on turret 4.0 Turning speed 2750.0 Gearbox speeds: 3 Spindle motor power 7.5 KW Tailstock YES Included: Hhnmdydak Power c... more
table clamping surface 1850 x 710 mm 7 T-slots, width 18 mm Permissible table load 3000 kg Length of the bed 2740 mm width of the bed 605 mm width of the Y-slide 300 mm Movements Longitudinal, automatic (X) 1600 mm Transverse, automatic (Y) 710 mm Vertical, automatic (Z) 850 mm Milling spindle Recording ISO 50 Number of speed levels 2 range 20-3000 rpm distance between spindle nose/table surface 70-920 mm Feeds Rapid traverse 6000 mm/min Working feeds, AC motors 2-2000 mm/min Drive power Main mo... more
One of the most compact CNC lathes ever produced, this Colchester Tornado 110 CNC lathe features a Fanuc 21iTB CNC Control. Specification Colchester Tornado 110 CNC Slant Bed Production Lathe Swing over covers 420mm Swing over carriage 280mm Maximum machining diameter 186mm Maximum turning length 410mm Spindle centre height from floor 875mm Spindle nose A2-5 Hole through spindle 61mm Bar capacity 52mm Front bearing (internal diameter) 90mm Maximum spindle speed 4000rpm Spindle motor power 7.5 /... more
CME, BF-02 CNC vertical milling machine, 50Int Universal Knuckle Head , Table 700 x 1800mm, Serial No. 02-132 (1996) with Heidehain 407 CNC controls, Indramat Drives Qpgayci8 more
FERMAT machine tool, s.r.o., Prague / Czech Republic Fk2zobn Universal cylindrical grinding machines BHC 63 CNC with cast iron bed * max loop length of 6,000 mm * swing up to 1,000 mm * workpiece weights up to 5,000 kg (with Bezel)-general product description Machine base made of cast iron Machines are with control Siemens 840 d sl (828 D sl) or B + R delivered power Panel 900. Remote Diagnostics free to current warranty and beyond! CNC Schleifscheibe Abrichtung Reference visits throughout Germ... more
Bed type milling machine FIL Mod. FA 250 Used Year 1998 Numerical control HEIDENHAIN TC 407 Table dimensions mm 3000 x 800 Capacity kg 4000 Racing : Longitudinal (x): 2500 mm Vertical (y): mm 1200 Transversal ram (z): mm 900 Table (v): mm 850 Bigq7hsbt8 Spindle power: Kw 16 Range change: 2 ranges Rotation speed: 10-2000 Rpm Cone: ISO 50 Horizontal spindle Spindle power: Kw 16 Rotation speed: 10-2000 Rpm Cone: ISO 50 Total installed power: Kw 18 Total machine weight: Kg 13000 Machine dimensions: ... more
table size: 500 x 1200 mm movement x: 1000 mm movement y: 550 mm movement z: 600 mm spindle taper: ISO 40 spindle turning speed range: 60 - 2700 rpm Hcutb0e spindle drive: 10 kW electrical connection: 380 V, 20 kVA kW space needed: 3200 x 2800 x 2650 mm weight: 7,3 t more
automatic 4-fold tool changer stepless spindle speed small space requirement manual central lubrication Ball screws electronic handwheel as standard Standard equipment GPlus 450 Control 3-B chuck Ø 125 mm automatic 4-fold tool changer Central lubrication undercarriage Operating tool operating and programming instructions Technical data Work area turning diameter over bed 250 mm Bed width 135 mm workpiece length 550 mm Travels Cross slide travel 75 mm Main spindle Speed range 150 - 1,750 rpm Spin... more
Yam CNC CK 2 inclined bed lathe D2gp8sf Year of construction 1983 CNC Fanuc D06-09 Sys 3 T-F verse. 06 more
Jánská 12, 602 00 Brno-Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
17477 km
excellent (used)
CNC Bed typ milling machine KIHEUNG COMBI-U7 Power on time: 2590 h Total Operation time: 2389 in h High speed - high accuracy and high cutting performance Control system: HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 Clamping surface: 1800 X 700 mm T-slot/Width/Distance: 5/20/125 mm Max permissible load: 3000 kg Travel distances: X: 1600 mm Y: 750 mm Z: 900 mm Feed speed: 16000 (X.Y) mm/min 12000(Z) mm/min Drive motor: 22(X) Nm 26(Y) Nm 18(Z) Nm Spindle: Tool holder: ISO50 Speed: 4000 r... more
Mönchengladbach, Germany Germany
dealership location
18084 km
turning diameter:300 mm turning length:340 mm control: 840 y-axis:+/- 40 mm c-axis:0,001 ° spindle hollow:42 mm main spindle speeds::10 - 4000 U/min Bfs8ufa3cr spindle motor:12 kW rapid traverse:30/45 m/min weight of the machine ca.:3,8 t total power requirement:20 kW dimensions of the machine ca.:3,1 x 2,5 x 2,1 m Machine with SIEMENS 840 D control - Main and subspindle with C-axis - sub spindle max. 5500 rpm - Y-axis - 12-fold revolving head with driven tools - driven toolings max. 6000 rpm... more
turning diameter 900 mm turning length 5000 mm Yeqsax83o control SIEMENS Sinumerik 3 T total power requirement 85 kW weight of the machine ca. 22 t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
turning diameter 645 mm turning dia. over face-slide 445 mm turning length 750 mm control TX-8 hollow 80 mm turning speeds 3150 U/min Tool changer total power requirement 57 kW 2r0w7m weight of the machine ca. 6 t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
TOS Kurim CNC bed type FSQ 80 G with automatic head for vertical and horizontal milling. Control Fanuc 0i-M control. The machine is equipped with a 20 position tool changer. ISO 50 spindle holder. Maximum speed 3.000 rpm. Table size 2000 x 800 mm. X, Y and Z axis travels are 2000 x 900 x 700 mm. The machine is in good condition. Available at short notice) Subject to prior sale. Oouoh3hl more
CNC bed-type milling machine make Zayer, type 20 KFU 2500 Year of manufacture 1997 Travels: Longitudinal (X): mm 2200 Countersink (Y): mm 1500 Cross (Z): mm 1200 Table size: mm 800 x 800 Tool holder: ISO 50 DIN 69871 B50 Control: Heidenhain control TNC 426 The machine is equipped with: - Universal milling head with automatic swivelling infinitely variable rotation, controlled as C-axis - Tool magazine with 30 magazine places - turntable 800 x 800, make Spirsen Mvhl98 - Coolant system - Chip conv... more
turning diameter:275 mm turning length:600 mm total power requirement:32 kW x-axis:200 mm spindle bore:65 mm spindle turning speed range:1 -5000 U/min rapid speed:24 m/min main drive:22 kW swing diameter:470 mm tool taper:VDI 30 weight of the machine ca.:4,6 t dimensions of the machine ca.:4 x 2,5 x 2 m Machine with CNC SIEMENS 810 D control - 14 stations turret head - C-axis, driven tools - 3-jaw chuck RÖHM KFD - HS 160 - various accessories Bl90mmnd3a more
turning diameter 400 mm turning length 1065 mm control HEIDENHAIN EPL 2 swing diameter max. over bed cover 600 mm swing diameter over slide rest 420 mm x-travel 275 mm z-travel 1065 mm spindle bore 85 mm spindle turning speed range 16 - 3200 U/min max. torque on the spindle 800 Nm spindle drive 27 kW 500 daN 1000 daN rapid traverse X-axis 10 m/min rapid traverse Z-axis 15 m/min tool turret 12 Pos number of driven tool stations 6 tool shaft (cylinder shaft DIN 69880) 40 mm spindle drive of ro... more
turning diameter 600 mm turning length 1500 mm control C200 T turning diameter over slide rest 425 mm spindle passage 100 mm Tool changer live tooling turning speeds 10-2800 U/min transmission ratio 4 chip conveyor 3 jaw chuck Forckrath 315 mm steady tail stock c-axis total power requirement 53 kW Hjzilka weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany Germany
dealership location
18160 km
turning diameter durchgehend 310 mm turning length 2000 mm control Gildemeister centre height 450 mm turning diameter over bed 850 mm z-axis 2060 mm x-axis 510 mm spindle head 11 spindle diameter in front bearing 200 mm spindle bore 128 mm spindle motor 50 kW spindle turning speed range 11- 1400 U/min max. torque on the spindle 3700 Nm tooling places 13 chain magazin total power requirement 78 kW weight of the machine ca. 14 t dimensions of the machine ca. 7,4x4,5x2,6 m - power chuck SM... more
turning diameter 390 mm turning length 572 mm control MSC 501 swing over bed 700 mm swing diameter over slide rest 560 mm main spindle speeds: 3.500 total power requirement 49 kVA weight of the machine ca. 7,6 t 2rtyry dimensions of the machine ca. 5,0 x 3,0 x 2,2 m more
Used L A G U N CNC universal bed milling and drilling centre FBF-1800, Year of manufacture 1992 Technical data: Travels: Longitudinal (X): mm 1700 Countersink (Y): mm 600 Cross (Z): mm 600 Table size: Length: mm 1800 Width: mm 550 Max. Table load: kg 1800 T-slots: mm 5 x 18 H8 Ie9nkhbww Drive power: (option) 100 % ED kW 7.5 Tool holder: ISO 50, DIN 69872 Speeds: (option) min -1 20 - 2000 Speed control: 2 ranges Feed range: X, Y, Z axis mm/min 10 - 3000 Rapid traverse: X, Y and Z axis mm/min 1000... more
Dreieich, Germany Germany
dealership location
17997 km
turning diameter 210 mm turning length 350 mm control CNC Pilot HEIDENHAIN swing diameter max. over bed cover 440 mm swing diameter over face slide 210 mm travel -x axis 160 mm travel -z axis 350 mm Nvi7z spindle bore 43 mm spindle turning speed range 25 - 5.000 U/min tool taper VDI 20 turret head 12 Pos. 3-jaw-chuck diameter 140 mm rapid speed 20 / 30 m/min taper in tailstock-quill MK 3 pinole diameter 80 mm power requirement 9,0 kW coolant voltage 400 V total power requirement 35 kVA weigh... more
Bühl, Germany Germany
dealership location
18088 km
turning diameter 120 mm turning length 650 mm control SIEMENS control SINUMERIK 840 D swing diameter 250 mm spindle distance 900 mm travel x1 300 mm travel z1 650 mm travel x2 180 mm travel z2 650 mm travel y1 +/- 40 mm travel sub spindle x3 175 mm travel sub spindle z3 670 mm main spindle bore 42 mm Main spindel power 25 kW main spindle speed 35 - 7000 U/min max. torque max. 200 Nm sub spindle bore 42 mm sub spindle - spindle speed range 35 - 7000 U/min sub spindle - spindle torque max. 200 N... more
turning diameter 580 mm turning length 1600 mm control Siemens 810 T turning diameter over slide rest 320 mm spindle passage 85 mm Tool changer turning speeds 12,5-4000 U/min transmission ratio 4 chip conveyor 3 jaw chuck Forckrath 315 mm Bkpmdeokgd steady 170 mm tail stock total power requirement 53 kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
turning diameter 350 mm Bla2yiamaa turning length 800 mm control SIEMENS 840 D SHOP TURN swing diameter max. over bed cover 385 mm travel -z axis 800 mm spindle bore 65 mm spindle turning speed range 0-4500 U/min turret head 12 Pos. spindle taper A6 DIN55026 rapid speed 30 m/min taper in tailstock-quill MK 3 power requirement 12 kW coolant voltage 400 V Dimensions (L/W/H) 2450 x 2000 x 1800 mm cross movement 255 mm centre distance 800 mm weight of the machine ca. 3,5 t Spindelstunden 420... more
Date of Manufacture 2009 Siemens 828 CNC Control Max Swing 400mm Max Turning Dia. 200mm Collet Chuck 3 Jaw Chuck (New & Unused) X Axis Travel 115mm Z Axis Travel 290mm 12 Station Turret Oajdf Spindle Speeds 5000rpm Spindle Borer 61mm Bar Capacity 52mm Dimensions 1689mm x 1241mm x 1715mm Weight 2520kg Recently serviced with new Renishaw probe Selection of tool holders with the machine plus extras available at additional cost more
turning diameter 675 mm turning length 2000 mm control SIEMENS Sinumerik 840 C Bhtt080xrv greates pass round over bed 920 mm spindle diameter in front bearing 200 mm spindle bore 125 mm spindle head DIN 55021 Gr. 15 turning speeds - automatic switchable 7,1-1800 U/min worktool system TWS rechts tool taper DIN 69880 slide travel of turret 1 in X direction 600 mm slide travel of turret 1 in Z-direction 2200 mm main drive motor 60 / 75,5 kW dia. of quill 160 mm quill stroke 160 mm tailstock qui... more
turning diameter 720 mm turning length 1000 mm control SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D total power requirement 60 kW weight of the machine ca. 10000 kg dimensions of the machine ca. m H E Y L I G E N S T A E D T (Germany) CNC - Controlled Slant-Bed Universal Lathe with SIEMENS CNC 840 D Model HEYNUMAT 21 K / 1000, Year 2001 _____ Height of Centres 350 mm Max. swing Ø above bed 720 mm Max. swing Ø above tool slide 450 mm Bjxzyezc88 Distance between centres 1.000 mm Tool slide travel longitudinal /... more
greates pass round over bed 750 mm swing diameter over bed slide 520 mm turning length 2660 mm movement of facing slide 460 mm spindle head DIN 55022 Gr. 11 spindle bore 105 mm Beohy0jmym max. torque on the spindle max. 5000 Nm max. workpiece weight between centres 1200 kg turning speed range - stepless 11,2 - 1800 U/min spindle motor 52 kW tailstock quill diameter 125 mm tailstock quill stroke 150 mm tailstock taper MT 6 control BOSCH CNC System 5 floor space required (w/o switchgear cabinet)... more
turning diameter 440 mm turning length 1500 mm control C 200 Tool changer 16 Tgxff0yv 3 jaw chuck Forckrath 500 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Driven tools 0 Mhvp29vh turning diameter over bed 440 mm turning diameter over slide 210 mm turning length 350 mm cross movement 160 mm longitudinal travel 350 mm turning speeds 25-5000 U/min rapid power traverse in X-and Z direction 20,30 m/min tailstock taper MT 3 power capacity 35 kW tooling places 12-fach weight of the machine ca. 2,5 t dimensions of the machine ca. m control Heidenhain cnc-Pilot 3jaw chuck tail stock chip conveyor coolant device pindle hole tie rod 56 mm more
turning diameter:660 mm turning length:545 mm control:INDEX C 200 turning diameter over bed slide:425 spindle bore diameter:100 mm spindle turning speed range:10 - 2800 U/min rapid traverse speed:10000 mm/min spindle drive:53 kW total power requirement:65 kW weight of the machine ca.:8 t dimensions of the machine ca.:4,8 x 3 x 2,45 m CNC control INDEX C 200 Chucker with 3-jaw 400 mm power chuck 12-fold revolving head with 50 mm shaft arbor Bumopf2z chip conveyor, oil mist exhauster, misc. to... more
turning diameter 250 mm turning length 500 mm Sdwsopff control Fanuc total power requirement 38 kW weight of the machine ca. 7,1 t dimensions of the machine ca. 7,0 x 2,5 x 2,6 m more
turning diameter max. 240 mm turning length 300 mm control GE FANUC 18 T swing diameter max. over bed cover 269 mm pass through collet 42 mmø x-travel 134,9 mm z-travel 353 mm Distance main spindle - counter spindle max. 337 mm travel sub spindle 292 mm spindle taper ANSI A 2-5" spindle turning speed range 50 - 5000 U/min spindle motor 7,5 kW rapid traverse X-axis 12 m/min rapid traverse Z-axis 16 m/min sub spindle - spindle head ANSI A 2-5" sub spindle - spindle torque 60 - 6000 U/min sub sp... more
turning diameter 280 mm turning length 800 mm control Siemens type 840 D c-axis live tooling Tool changer turning speeds 4000 U/min swing diameter 320 mm 3 jaw chuck Forckrath 250 mm tail stock Gb2ejorwi total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
turning diameter 290 mm turning length 850 mm control Sinumerik 840 D SIEMENS swing diameter 434 mm travel -x axis 220 mm travel -z axis 950 mm spindle bore 65 mm spindle turning speed range 4.500 U/min turret head 12 Pos. tool taper VDI 40 DIN 69880 spindle taper A6 DIN 55026 feed speeds 25.000 mm/min rapid speed 25 m/min Beomb7giwy taper in tailstock-quill SK 30 DIN 2079 tailstock adjustment 740 mm power requirement 36 kW coolant chip conveyor voltage 400 V total power requirement 60 kvA w... more