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Doxato/Drama, Greece Greece
(dealership location)
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refurbished (used)
Hydraulic pipe end forming machine make BLM Curvatubi type AST 102/5 P Machine # 411705017 M9djpd Technical data: min. pipe diameter 20 mm max. pipe diameter 102 mm pressure capacity 22 t max. stroke 200 mm max. expansion length 150 mm feed speed at 100 mm stroke 1,9 / 2,6 sec. drive power 20 PS weight approx. 2300 kg dimensions approx. 2200 x 2100 x 1600 mm with - 5 workstations - foot switch - emergency stop - 1 lot forming tools used, in good condition
1 used automatic pipe end forming machine make: BLM TYPE: AST 50 NC Control: Cybelec DNC 20 year of construction: 1997 Technical data Maximum pipe diameter: 50 x 1,2 Minimum tube diameter: 6 Maximum forming length: 100 mm Lead and return time for 100 mm. Stroke: 1,4 second Working cylinder pressure: 8 t Main motor pump: KW 7,5 Rpm 1450 Bz8hnkqzy Lubrication pump: KW 0,09 Rpm 2800 Engine cooling air/oil: KW 0,45 Rpm 2800 Secondary circuit: 110 V / 24 V
Voltage.: 3 - 380 V 50 Hz Pdalp Total engine power: 8.48 kW Total heating power: 74.2 kW Forming area (mm): 680x280 Foil width (mm): 730 Deep drawing height (mm): 125 (THE THERMOFORMING MACHINE ILLIG RDM 70K IS INLINE IN PRODUCTION WITH AN EXTRUSION SYSTEM FOR PS, PP) Which is also for sale together with an extruder if you are interested.
Roll forming machine double shape profile OLMA Fe9fvpz With all his double series of rollers and cutting mould for 2 kind of shape profiles Compact and versatile N.14 stations x 2 different profile series Distance between rollers 150mm Rollers fast change Entry guide rail Independent cutting mould - L shape profile 30x30 - F shape profile 45x13x40 Motor power 4.5Kw + inverter Shaft diameter 35mm Lower rollers diameter from 70mm - to 100mm Steel sheet thickness from 0.20mm to 1.5mm (de...
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18260 km
ram force: 6,3 t material thickness: 12 mm Ehdhkyv centre distance: - mm flat material: 80x12 slide stroke: 0...250 mm ram speed - forward: 0,053 m/s ram speed - reverse: 0,086 m/s clamping surface area: 200x490 mm total power requirement: ca. 4,0 kW dimensions of machine: L: 1,7xB:0,8xH:1,35 m HYDRAULIC BENDING MACHINE FOR FORMING AND FLAT PARTS Machine body fixed with inclination of 10 ° Bending ram: ram stroke 0 ... 250mm; Ram speed forward / rewind 0.053 / 0.086 m / s; One-handed operation;...
Steel scaffold metal board manufacturing and trading business, with Automatic Metal Sheet Scaffolding Plank Pedal Panel Roll Forming Machine, Automatic blanking/bending line with 100T press machine and automatic welding machines Bpgslpciu
Solingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18564 km
centre distance 770 mm Height of centres 350 mm Bxwpgogvtz weight of the machine ca. 5 t
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
18646 km
excellent (used)
Handtmann FS 510 forming machine with flow divider, Flow divider is model 545 Machine is model FS 510 year 2016,  never used,  Cxqele7 as new,  12 lane divider   
St. Gallen Switzerland
18674 km
excellent (used)
Equipment / Additional information: Forming area (VxH): 450x220 Drawing depth: 150 mm Bu982baucx (min.) material thickness: 0.65 mm (max.) material thickness: 2 mm
New Technology Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine consists of these parts; Hydraulic Roll Opening and Roll Loading Trolley, 10 T Polyethylene Protective Film Coating Unit, Metal Sheet Aligning Unit, Metal RollForm Generating Unit, 18 & 36 Stations According to Form Type, Flying Continuous Length Sizing Shear Unit, Automatic Stacking and Packaging Unit, Automatic Siemens Electric Control Unit. All of our machines have CE MARKING. Please contact us for additional information and technical docu...
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18514 km
workpiece diameter:500 mm (min. max) centre distance:800 mm max. workpiece length:500 mm spindle turning speed range:800 1/min tailstock quill stroke:600 mm total power requirement:161 kVA kW Jic3taj ejector:300 mm draw-off device:35 mm Leifeld is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of machine tools for chipless metal forming. Leifeld's high quality and innovative metal spinning machines produce the best results possible for serial production needs. Metal spinning provides ma...
equipped with: 1 grip feeder sysetem right hand side 1 eccentric press 50 kN 5 slide units working range: wire diameter range: 0,5 - 2,5 mm Pmaaf stripmetal width: max. 24 mm feeding length: max. 80 mm output: max. 700/min
Our demonstration case sealer type VOGEL MH-FJ-1AW has a side drive belt system. A forward and backward table is optionally available. Carton sizes: Length 150 - ∞ mm Qh77miq Width 100 - 480 mm Height: 120 - 480 mm Technical data: Length 1,090 mm width 890 mm Weight 180 kg Operating voltage 220 V CE marking Accessories: To our VOGEL carton sealer range we offer rollers, forward and backward tables, roller conveyors.
Volkach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18482 km
offer consists of: EXTEND CORP. TAI-CHUNG carton sealing machine EXC-103SD We can also organize the following for you: 9tvuhas packaging, loading, transport ( by ship or plane) including customs
Machine for producing concrete pipes C-1200 produces concrete pipes diameter from 300-1200mm by vibrating of core. Machine is placed in concrete base built according to manufacturer’s layout. Forming head, electric and hydraulic controls are placed above surface. Main parts of C-1200: - Main hydraulic cylinder stand - Hydraulic cylinder with core bearer - Core with vibrators - Chassis with steel plate Technical data of Concrete Pipe making machine C-1200: - Pipe diameter: fi200 - fi1200 ...
Fully automatic roof tile machines with metal presses in tile appearance in desired sizes; Please contact us for additional information and technical documents. X7yp0
Tilburg, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
18616 km
/ new (2020) / CE-conform / suitable for: two lane-production (one product) / materials: paper board 200 - 600 gsm / corrugated board paper with thickness not exceed 1.5 mm / max. production speed: 400 pcs/min. (according to manufacturer) / configuration: manual adjustment - Siemens PLC - glue bottles - counting system - 1 mold / option: glue spray Bmrpw92h38
equipped with: 1 pce. right hand feeding system 1 pce. eccentricpress 250 kN 5 pcs. slide units working range: wire diameter range: up to 6,0 mm stripmetal width: up to 80 mm feeding length: up to 520 mm output: 10 - 250/min. Bd3znxneg3
PRESSING AND JOINT FORMING MACHINE MODEL; MAGRAF PK-50x40 PLUS YEAR; 2021 Btbuca22nl Hydraulic pressure; 4000kg
Coventry CV7 7DG, Vereinigtes Königreich United Kingdom
18731 km
good (used)
Choice of two used Finzer ZUB200 multislide wire/strip punching and forming machines. Each equipped with 4x forming slides and press station. Gripper feed on right-hand side. Air Clutch, central mandrel (ejector). German origin. Years of mfg 1974 and 1975 respectively. Bx02psf7wq
Bežigrajska cesta 9, 3000 Celje, Slovenia Slovenia
18294 km
refurbished (used)
On offer is cold forming machine EXCELLO,typ ROTOFLOW XK 325,still under power.For gears forming,shafts,etc. Bbnv8aeri
Sealing machine for sealing cartons with self-adhesive tape. The Heripack sealing machine takes over the cartons to be folded from the previous working process. Due to batch production, only one carton size is ever sealed with tape on the bottom and lid sides. The carton sealer is manually adjusted in advance to the desired carton size. The carton is fixed with the lateral conveyor belts and conveyed through the sealing process. Due to the large taper rolls, 990m running length (400mm outer...
Our demonstration case sealer type VOGEL MH-FJ-1AW has a side drive belt system. A forward and backward table is optionally available. Carton sizes: Length 150 - ∞ mm Width 100 - 480 mm Btw3anawk3 Height: 120 - 480 mm Technical data: Length 1,090 mm width 890 mm Weight 180 kg Operating voltage 220 V CE marking Accessories: To our VOGEL carton sealer range we offer rollers, forward and backward tables, roller conveyors.
Carton sealing machine 3M 3M-Matic 700AKS-E Carton sealing machine for sealing particularly large cartons in industrial applications. Manual adjustment of the carton formats and top and bottom drive. Output up to 30 cartons/minute. Type 19300 YEAR 2006 Phdir 400 Volt functional passage width max. 650 mm passage height max. 915 mm minimum length: 150 mm Minimum width: 175 mm Minimum height: 140 mm A total of 5 pieces are available. Years of construction 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2006
Ref:10389 . 2015 Zechini X Case Casing-in Machine. Semi automatic casing-in machine with press & joint forming for digital, book-on-demand production. Ideal for medium-sized production and for oversized books. Comprising; Manual feed of book block without settings Vertical wing action Twin PVA cold glue tanks with application rollers Bxonkfyokp Manual positioning of case with guides Working in conjunction with: - ​ 2015 Zechini Cimatic Pressing & Joint Forming Machine. For pressing a variety of ...
One used Finzer ZUB50 multislide wire/strip forming machine. Year of manufacture 1986. German origin. Equipped with 15x forming slides. Gripper feed on both working faces. Feed length infinitely adj. 0-60mm. Strip material up to 30mm wide. Strip thickness up to 1mm. Wire or profile material, depending upon hardness up to 4mm. Czlnlz8k Number of strokes infinitely adj. 50 to 1000 RPM approx. Weight of machine approx 1500 kgs.
The product mass is dropped into the hopper of the forming machine, with the help of a Stork Titan lifting and tilting device, for instance. In this hopper there is a coil-shaped screw which conveys the mass to the pressing chamber at a controlled rotation speed. The product mass is then pressed into the form plate. After it has been ejected from the form plate the product is placed on a discharge conveyor and is ready to be transferred to the next operation. One-way-flow forming principle The ...
Disposable paper cup making machine for sale. Victory HSZB / W "Single PE" is automated device for forming single-walled paper cups. 8 oz (220ml) and 12 oz (320ml) cup shapes and die cutt shapes are added. The single-walled paper cups are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. This type of paper cup machine is mainly used to produce single sided PE coated paper cups. Basic technical data: Suitable paper 130-400 g / m2 (180-300 g / m2 recommended) ~ 45-55 pcs. in a minute, depends on paper. P...
Our case sealer type VOGEL MH-FJ-1A is a demonstration machine. It has a side drive belt system and an additional drive belt in the upper part of the machine. The advantage lies in the stability - high cartons cannot tip over to the side. Cardboard formats: Length 150 - ∞ mm width 120 - 480 mm height: 120 - 480 mm Technical data: length 1,090 mm width 1.050 mm Bv97cvecqz Weight 200 kg Operating voltage 220 V CE Marking Accessories: For our VOGEL carton sealer program we offer rollers, pre- and ...
Complete production line for the manufacturing of packing buckles (poly strapping / cord straping). Modern production line with semi automatic machines from top German brand Finzer, including decoilers and conveyor belts. 2x ZUB 360 to produce buckle of 13mm, capacity up to 140ppm 2x ZUB 360 to produce buckle of 16mm, capacity up to 140ppm 2x ZUB 360 to produce buckle of 19mm, capacity up to 140ppm 1x ZUB 360 to produce buckle of 25mm, capacity up to 50ppm 1x ZUB 360 to produce buckle of 32 m...
Coventry CV7 7DG, Vereinigtes Königreich United Kingdom
18731 km
good (used)
Used FINZER ZUB220 multislide wire/strip punching and forming machine, equipped with 25 ton press station, 7x forming slides and gripper feed on right-hand side. Country of Origin Germany. Year of mfg 1979. Operating speed 25 to 250 strokes per minute max. Strip width max 60 mm. Wire diameter max 3 mm. Bx02jj7hr2
Shutter funnel forming machine RSB, year 2015 Cq9gg0vw
Our demonstration carton sealing machine type VOGEL MH-FJ-2 is equipped with a side drive belt system. The machine automatically adapts to the respective carton size within the specified range. Cardboard formats: Length 150 - ∞ mm width 140 - 480 mm height: 120 - 480 mm Technical data: Length 1,150 mm width 1.005 mm Weight 250 kg Operating voltage 220 V Air 5 kg/cm2 Iqw7uwjuw CE Marking IMPORTANT: To operate the machine an air pressure supply is required, which is not included in the scope of ...
Profile T35 inlet width 1250mm material thickness 0,5 - 0,75mm year of construction 2004 Control Siemens SPS (new) price 36.500,00 € net profile T6 infeed width 1250mm material thickness 0,5mm year of construction 2006 Control Siemens SPS (new) Price 27.500,00 € net profile T18 infeed width 1250mm material thickness 0,5 - 0,63mm year of construction 2002 Control Siemens SPS (new) price 32.000,00 € net Profile T20 infeed width 1250mm material thickness 0,5 - 0,75mm year of construction 2003 Contr...
One used BIHLER RM35 multislide wire/strip punching and forming machine, year of mfg 1980. Equipped with 5x forming slides and 7 ton press station, single gripper feed on right-hand side with straightener. Air clutch. Weight approx 2000 kgs. Max width of strip 32 mm. Max wire diameter 3 mm. Standard feed length 170 mm. Max operating speed 250 strokes per minute. Bitueg730
Make: siat Type: semi-automatic carton taping machine top/bottom Model: SM-2 Frame: steel, painted Range: max 500mm wide and 540mm hight Dimensions: L x W x H = 1470 x 600 x 1.900 mm Bwywpr3vda Weight: 200 Kg Power-supply: 380 Volt - 50Hz - 0,75KW Pneumatic: > 6 bar Features: on-off switch with thermal motor protection pneumatic two-hand operation
equiiped with: 1 Eccentricpress 70 kN 5 Slide units working range: Be07rwhqr8 wire diameter range: 0,5 - 3,0 mm stripmetal width: max. 32 mm feeding length: max. 170 mm output: max. 250/min *machine is been partly reconditioned in 2013*
for band saw blades width 60 - 420 mm, thickness 1 - mm, tooth pitch minimum 20 mm, weight about 400 kg, automatic stellite forming by gear motor and feed switch, electric feed drive by gear Motor 380 V, incl. 3 rollers for moving the forming machine to the saw blade at the tensioning bench Vsps8u
Sind - Hamburger forming machine, NEW Bmabinnu
Semi-automatic machine EXC-103 SD with side driving belts. Carton size adjustment is manual (suitable for sealing cartons of the same size). Excellent rate price / output. Tape 36 (1.5") to 50 mm (2"). Belt speed 23 m/min. Weight 160kg. Bws2xtdjam
One used BIHLER RM35 multislide wire/strip punching and forming machine, year of manufacture 1973. German origin. Each equipped with 5x forming slides and 7 ton press station, Gripper feed on right-hand side with strip straightener. Bx007v9meu Max width of strip 32 mm. Max wire diameter 3 mm. Air clutch. Power supply 380/400V, 50 Hz. Approx weight 2000 kgs.
Tavşantepe, Turan Güneş Cd. No:372, 41050 Çayırköy/İzmit/Kocaeli, Turkey Turkey
17103 km
Machine Dimensions (meters) :11x2,3x2,4 Total weight:15MT Total Power:23,5KW 55KW Electric Generator included 5MT coil openner Fully Remote and strong bottons with PLC controlled 2tcq2a Color Sheet input mm :914mm width, 0,60-1-5mm Thickness Output sheet width 610mm with 203mm dept curve Speed of output: (Straight sheet:15m/min) ,(Curving sheet:13m/min)