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Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17866 km
Plastic plates, plastic laminate, climate plate -Griltex EMS CoPES -Thermoplastic hot melt adhesive Be002isra3 -Price per sack -Number of 32 bags -Dimensions 400/200 / H800 mm -Weight 20 kg / sack.
Stammbach Germany
17791 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Bitumen plug 166x154x80 mm. The plugs can be used in road construction, dyke and dam construction, landfill construction, as well as for soil investigations, around inserted drillings ...to reseal it. They are conical and ecologically harmless. One box contains 10 pieces. C2y2y30o More sizes available, pictures and data on request.
Lot ball bearing ,cylindrical roller bearing Bq2xmfkruj Bearings are packed in transparent foils. The condition of the goods is top. Sale only complete.if interested we send a list. ATTENTION no kilo sale.
lot - new lashing straps - 400 pieces Manufacturer: Zurrpack Length :3,5 m strap width:50mm with scuff protection: 28 cm Sale also in small partial quantities Oi8ql
Stock of 20 powerwave broadband antennas POWERWAVE 7750 AXCM-824-960/1710-2170-65 Cvjawyahc made in china new in original box
Remaining stock about 50 units diameter: Ø 120 mm Color: Black Eeeenw2 Material: steel sheet DC 01 Material thickness: 2 mm suitable for dry operation Meets DIN 1298 / DIN EN 1856-2 Made in Germany
Skylights, roller shutters, blinds, roller shutter curtains, roller shutter motor, tubular motor Fzzo70x -tubular motor elero -T 8/08 8Nm -Dimension 540/38 / H38 mm -Own weight 1.4 kg
Stammbach Germany
17791 km
good condition (used)
Unused packing carton, bundled in pack of 5, size 114x55x10 cm, 100 pieces on pallet, gladly collection, Cbqx2pg2 shipping with extra charge,
Manufacturer: Leister Technologies AG Manufacturer's number: 123038 Type designation: 123.038/SMA-HY/5m/0.6 Suhmpw Condition: Stock Current value: 1342.- EUR >Plus over 1700 as good as new stock parts from well-known manufacturers
Salzhausen Germany
17749 km
good condition (used)
Heat lining for industrial furnaces according to photo, apparently unused,3 pallets, approx. 4,5 t. Cisqhj2
Dust mask de Luxe (GERE-00411). Universally applicable dust mask Dust mask , Dust mask , Masks , Spray mask. Most people who wear a dust mask do so as part of self-protection in a professional setting. Using your mask1. Place the mask in your hand with the nose clip on your fingers. The headbands hang loosely under the hand.2. Place the mask on the face so that the chin enters the mask. Place the top strap at the top of the back of the head.3. Place the bottom strap on the neck, below the ears....
Automatically rewinding garden hose by means of a guide rolls the hose automatically, after use again completely neat. Bqh8md39ij
Skylights, roller shutters, blinds, roller shutter curtains -Selve tubular motor -Meteor 20/17 LT50 20Nm -Dimension 570/60 / H60 mm -Own weight 2.3 kg Nttcv
Sale of spare parts for truck bodies, HMF & Palfinger cranes and other various hydraulic and spare parts. - ex location 85622 Feldkirchen - various truck body/vehicle components More data and pictures on our homepage Click for recycling truck body, crane, hydraulic and spare parts warehouse - various spare-/hydraulic parts as well as for cranes of the manufacturers HMF and PALFINGER among others - Acceptance only possible as a complete package - Inspection and address announcement on Tuesday 02....
Manufacturer: NONE Manufacturer's ref. no.: 7931806x083 Type designation: RF0,02/2-71 Ehfdd2n Condition: Stock Current value: 1500 EUR >Plus over 1700 as good as new stock parts from well-known manufacturers
VIESSMANN HEATING BOILER PAROMAT-R-13152-57 boiler has a defect, crack at the boiler door see pictures Osvut year of construction 1981 Boiler still needs to be dismantled, dismantling will be done when sold. Duration about 2 weeks.
Duct tape, adhesive tape 36 mm x 50 metres Grey (GERE-00727). 36mm wide 50 metres long Grey Extremely strong attachment The image may differ from the original product. Duct tape 36 mm x 50 mtr, Duct tape, Adhesive tape, Repair tape, Tape. Duct tape is oil and water resistant and therefore suitable for emergency repairs. This form of adhesive tape is also suitable for non-permanent suspension of something, and being able to loosen it easily from the surface, often leaving no sticky residue. It i...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17866 km
Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers, pressure hose, air hose, plastic hose, barrier fence Snow catcher fence 2.25 m wide -2 rolls of 50 m -Price complete -Dimensions per roll Ø 350/2270 mm Bhelf9ncga -Weight total 230 kg
Moravské Lieskové, Slovakia Slovakia
(dealership location)
17400 km
good (used)
Manufacturer: HEPPENHEIMER WERKZEUG Herstellernummer: NMS50-HU-7,5/1-80B14 Type designation: NMS50-HU-7,5/1-80B14; For machine 11-15/shaft 032.140+032.138 Condition: Stock Original price: 1419 EUR 2flehzib >Plus over 1700 as good as new stock parts from well-known manufacturers
Wijk en Aalburg, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
18126 km
For further information please contact the seller. Bqlhhsdoee
Fine grade lubricating oil, 100 ml (AUTM-01481) Brand : Motip Contents : 100 ml Bike Oil Motip Fine grade lubricating oil, 100 ml, Lubricating oil, Bicycle oil, Handy oil, Household oil, Oil. Lubricating oil is oil that is intended to be used as a lubricant. Our household oil is a mineral household oil that is acid free and virtually colorless and odorless. It is a universal lubricant in a convenient package, use for many purposes in and around the house, but also as a polish for your spray cans...
Skylights, roller shutters, blinds, roller shutter curtains, roller shutter motor, tubular motor Bg2zfhzfcr -Selve tubular motor -150W / 25Nm -Dimension 475/85 / H85 mm -Own weight 2.3 kg
(d)Bore Diameter: 530 mm (D)Outside Diameter: 710 mm Fhhz9vtfw (B)Overall Width: 136 mm (C)Dynamic Load Capacity: 3200 kN (Co)Static Load Capacity: 6700 kN Reference speed: 500 RPM Limiting speed: 900 RPM Bearing weight 155 kg Purchase and purchase of industrial equipment and machinery, asset management. Wide Range of Used Machinery, Industrial Equipment
Manufacturer: Norelem Normelemente KG Manufacturer's ref. no.: B64G-4GK-MD1-RMN Bphqepvpmr Type designation: Pressure regulator B64G-4GK-MD1-RMN Condition: Stock Current value: 250.- EUR >Plus over 1700 as good as new stock parts from well-known manufacturers
Presto Clear Varnish, 500 ml (AUTM-01229). Fast drying acrylic clear varnish for surfaces of wood, metal, aluminium, glass, stone and various types of plastic. Extremely suitable as a finish for acrylic and nitro-cellulose lacquers. Presto Clear Varnish. You can use clear varnish for a durable finish on woodwork of your yacht or boat. The clear varnish from our assortment protects the woodwork above the waterline against weather influences and salt and fresh water. The Presto clear coat protect...
A pneumatic grease pump is a necessary tool in the automotive industry, machine building and ship building. With the grease pump you can easily lubricate parts. Bqiebtzbpk
Plummer block housings, plummer block housings, pillow block plummer block housings, plummer block housing units, plummer block housing units, plummer block SKF, plummer block housing units, Nz2x7 -FAG plummer block housings, type SNV 140 -Price per piece -Number of 4 pieces -Dimensions 315/140 / H185 mm -Weight 9.4 kg / each
Air Italy blankets, pillows and mattresses Exclusive online sale of blankets, duvets, pillows from Air Italy’s liquidation. The goods will be sold by online auction in a single lot from 1 February 2021. Included in the lot: - Multicolour blankets Size: 130 x 170 cm - approximately 195 pallets (about 45,900 units) - Black and blue quilted blankets Size: 133 x 212 cm - approx. 193 pallets (about 12,320 units) - Grey duvets Size: 180 x 120 cm - approx. 144 pallets (about 14,400 units) Ddmyvwn - M...
Manufacturer: FEHLINGS AUTOMATION GMBH Jwedwy Manufacturer's ref. no.: Offer 270803 Pos.2 Type designation: automatic screwing machine SM25005 Condition: Stock actual value: 6808,53 EUR >Plus over 1700 as good as new stock parts from well-known manufacturers
Oil tank 65 litres Large collection tank on 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels with a large collection tray. Equipped with a pump system on air pressure. B9umvxv
PTFE spray, Putoline 200 ml (AUTM-01443) Specifications: Putoline PTFE spray is a multifunctional lubricant. Its formulation will give all moving metal and plastic parts long-lasting protection. Putoline PTFE spray will continue to provide optimum lubrication and protection even under extreme pressure and heavy loads. It has high slip properties and low friction. Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE spray, Putoline 200 ml, PTFE spray, Teflon spray, PTFE, Polytetrafluoroethylene spray. For the lubrica...
MPM Lithium Complex N.L.G.I EP-2 is a grease specifically designed for mechanisms and bearings subjected to high loads, operating at medium and low speeds in a wide temperature range. Its high dripping point makes it possible to use this grease in a wide range of applications. Cy7ibkenc
Drawer slide, telescopic slide, drawer slide, drawer slides, drawer pull, Telescopic rails, pull-out rails, heavy-duty pull-out -Retracted length 600 mm -Length extended 1185 mm -Width 23mm / height 70 mm -Price per pair (left right) Ft0wpbl -3 x pairs available -Weight 5.45 kg
various types of tractors Category: Primers Description: Primer red brown 600 Engine type: Fits for: various types of tractors VPE:1 Weight:3625 gr. OEM no: Bqufrdfciz
Manufacturer: DFS Montageautomation GmbH Manufacturer's ref. no.: 3842233598 Type designation: 3842233598 Condition: Stock Bphpx9eddh original price: 2087,82 EUR >Plus over 1700 as good as new stock parts from well-known manufacturers
Padlock Tri-Circle 38mm x 75 high shackle (AANH-00459). Including 3 security keys Dimensions: Thickness of bracket: 6.4mm Width of bracket: 32.5mm Height of bracket: 73mm A = B = C = D = E = F = Total Height = Width of case = Between bracket = Thickness of bracket = Height of case = 60 38 19 6 25 35 mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Padlock Tri-Circle 38mm, high, Padlock, Padlock, Lock, Locks. A padlock is a lock that is not built into the object to be closed, but is separately attached to it. A padlock is ...
Drawer slide, telescopic slide, drawer slide, drawer slides, drawer pull, Telescopic rails, pull-out rails, heavy-duty pull-out Jfcxbrx -Retracted length 700 mm -Length extended 1280 mm -Width 14 mm / height 38 mm -Price per pair (left right) -5 x pairs available - Weight 1,8 kg
various types of tractors Category: Primers Description: Primer grey 601 Type: Suitable for: various types of tractors VPE:1 Weight:3625 gr. OEM no: Vtx0u3
Manufacturer: Festo Vertrieb GmbH & Co.KG Manufacturer's number: 532447 Type designation: DGC-25-150-KF-PPV-A 532447 Condition: Stock Current value: 513 EUR Bpie9o38kp >Plus over 1700 as good as new stock parts from renowned manufacturers
Bucket lock small, Bucket lock, Valve lock (AANH-00130). Dimensions: 103mm x 18mm Height of construction: 11mm H.O.H bolt holes: 80mm Caution: do not forget to order the key that goes with it, this one is NOT I.D. key: in model bin lock for on - and off. Dimensions are 103 x 18 mm or 10,3 x 1,8 cm. These universal locks are used for example on the flaps of sales vehicles, but also for crates and hatches. Base plate with 2 pre-drilled holes. With spring mechanism behind the bolt. Bakesloten are ...
Flexible metal spout for the jerrycan. The spout can be attached by means of a clamp. Bqiewf0fvp
Gratings, grating, light grids -Dimensions 1110 x 1090 mm -total height 80 mm -struts wall thickness 2 mm -Bridge height 12/30 mm -Galvanized -7 pieces available -Price per piece Y7fntza2 -Weight 35 kg / each
various types of tractors Category: Primers Description: Primer grey 601 Type: Suitable for: various types of tractors VPE:1 Weight: gr. OEM no: Nvpztqa9

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