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Sharpening machines for sale

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Travel distances: X: 210 mm Y: 240 mm C: 400 mm Tool holder: ISO 50 / SK 50 Tool diameter: 400 mm Machine weight: 1750 kg It is used for sharpening diamond tools (PCD) for the furniture industry. Accesories: Gouyirn Saw blades up to 600 mm diameter Shank heads more
CATALOG NO. 3664 PRODUCT FEATURES Sharpener is designed to sharpen: - planing - maximum length of sharpened blades 800mm ADVANTAGES - German production M8dot - very good condition - used shelling - robust design, low price - is intended for professional use TECHNICAL DATA engine 0.75 kW the largest displacement of the tool carrier 800mm machine + cooling + dimensions of length / width / height 1420x810x1160mm weight 378kg Net price: PLN 7500 Net price: EUR 1724 Net price, calculated at... more
Circular saw sharpening machine Vollmer type CNE, for sharpening circular saw blades, Bmwrgw90k0 incl. grinding wheels. more
Scheeßel, Germany Germany
dealership location
17792 km
reconditioned (used)
3 speed quick adjustment, completely disassembled and workshop reconditioned Ne73t more
Sharpening machine for circular saw blades with straight or inclined cutting edge or alternate toothing Ohu2h more
For the production of profile knives and for grinding the profile knives and planer blades Bm03lf8onw more
Technische Daten: - Sägeblattdurchmesser min./max. 80-800 mm - Sägeblattbohrung 10-200 mm - Max. Sägeblatt Dicke 1 - 7 mm - Neigungsbereich 7-100 mm - Schleifbereich für Spanwinkel-3Cbis +30C - Schleifbereich für Freiwinkel 6C bis 40C - Schleifbereich für Nachspanwinkel Zahnspitze/Zahnoberfläche 45 Grad - Verstellbereich des Schleifzyklus 0 - 25 mm - Schleifgeschwindigkeit 0.5-6 mm/s - Geschwindigkeit max. 20 Zähne/min - Negative Anfasen Schleifen: -27 Grad - Schleifkopf kann gedreht werden im ... more
CATALOG NUMBER 5224 TECHNICAL DATA Bdxyescnrw - automatic teeth feeding - wheel height adjustment + at an angle - wheel diameter 200mm - 25mm diameter grinding wheel hole - tooth pitch up to 50mm - tooth height up to 25mm - sharpening account adjustment 0-30 degrees - max blade height 190mm - min. blade length 900mm - extraction diameter 80mm - engine power 0.65kW - 0.12kW feed motor - 400V supply voltage - overall dimensions length / width / height 2510x900x1630mm - weight 530kg - angling th... more
Circular saw sharpening machine Vollmer type CNE + Locking device Meinert type PH2, Coq2hn9 for sharpening and setting circular saw blades, incl. grinding wheels. more
for tool sharpening machines, exhaust 0,37 kW/380 V, tube inside Ø 60 mm, filter housing incl. vibrator frame and manual drive, moveable dust collecting box, dimensions 0,40 m x 0,72 m x 0,60 m high Bevi3bmytw more
San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine), Italy Italy
dealership location
17769 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine Condition: Used Bipa code: 900050 Manufacturer: Rocast Model: 300 Machine Condition: Used Drum knife sharpening machine for Moulder's knives, brand Rocast, maximum knife length 300 mm Bg0e7ku2lh more
Automatic carbide saw grinder VOLLMER model CHC 20 H Ddzo3lp2 more
SHARPENING ISELI BS 5 for blades from 60 to 360 mm Bivswsneus more
ID000255Grinder for ARI Vislanda chipper you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager.  Izd8xdkj more
Automatic saw sharpening machine Loroch type JLM B 50 for sharpening band saw blades and circular saw blades in straight grinding, Band saws of about 10-60 mm width and 6 m length, Circular saws from approx. 50 -150 mm diameter. Bmwqt8fx32 more
Technische Daten: - max. Arbeitsbreite 4000 mm - Linearführungen in X-Achse - automatischer Arbeitsablauf X-Achse - automatische Verstellung der Z-Achse - Magnetspanntisch 2 x 2050 mm x 200 mm - Schleifwinkel Verstellung +/- 90C - Drehzahl Schleifscheibe 1440 U/min - Schleifscheiben FI 205 x 115 x FI 145 mm - Vorschubgeschwindigkeit 0 - 12 m/min stufenlos einstellbar mit Frequenzumformer - Motor 5,5 kW / 400 V 0vvlbza - Motor Vorschub 0,75 kW - Motor Kühlmittelpumpe 90 W - Kühlmitteleinrichtu... more
Knife length:640 mm Knife width:35 mm Knife thickness:3 mm Begb3nbsju more
sharpens circular saw blades up to 800 mm Ø in straight or alternate bevel grinding, 3 working speeds, 2 tooth shapes (pointed and hooked tooth), grinding dust exhaust, 2 motor protection switches, completely disassembled and fully reconditioned Cw73f7iw more
ID000251Used grinder for circular rip you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager. Daddhgu8k more
These are new Reform brand knife sharpening machines for chipper and planer knives. length 800 mm Clamping table infinitely adjustable according to scale Gwo7zk more
San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine), Italy Italy
dealership location
17769 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine Condition: Used Bipa Code: 500132 Manufacturer: Schneeberger Model: Apus Machine Condition: Used Technical data : Diameter 80-250 mm Long without integrated clamping system 340 mm Long with integrated clamping system 375 mm Bore 30 - 60 mm Grinding motor: 0.55 kW - 2,800 rpm 380V 50Hz Grinding spindle revolution number: 2800 U / min Grinding wheel: Diameter 100 mm Bore 20 mm Target reciprocity 440 mm Target feed stroke 130 mm Clearance angle of one position 0-30 ° Water pump Motor power ... more
Technische Daten: - max. Arbeitsbreite 800 mm - automatischer Arbeitsablauf in X-Achse - Linearführungen in X-Achse mit Staubstutz - manuelle Verstellung der Z-Achse - Magnetspanntisch 120 x 820 mm - Schleifwinkel +/- 90C - Drehzahl Schleifscheibe 2800 U/min - Schleifscheiben FI 150 x 60 x 32 mm - Vorschubgeschwindigkeit 0-10 m/min - Motor 1,5 kW / 400 V - Motor Vorschub 60 W - Motor Kühlmittelpumpe 40 W - Kühlmitteleinrichtung verhindert ein Überhitzen der Messer Bhhhsl7d3a - Halogenlampe mit v... more
with machine stand used, top condition Nygrd manufactured by ISELI type FL motor ca. 0,5 kW, 400 V for Hobelmesser chisels required space ca. 800 mm x 600 mm x 1200 mm weight ca. 40 kg total connected power ca. 0,5 kW located in 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked sale in current condition as seen, without revision, without guarantee and warranty more
Band saw blade width 70 to 360 mm, saw blade thickness 0.7 to 3.5 mm, tooth pitch 20 to 100 mm, tooth high min. 8 mm, electro hydraulic control, band saw blade guide with magnetic roller Bqwkh3l more
ID000278Grinder Stehle SMML included you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager. Bhmibapf0n more
The Vollmer CANA grinding machine and Vollmer HGS saw setting machine are very helpful to maintan the gang saw blades. Ysvlh8 more
Code: 0597 Brand: 3M - ITALIA Model: 250 Sharpening machine for cutters Traverse of longitudinal carriage mm 250 Traverse of transversal carriage mm 120 Motor vertical traverse mm 120 Motor angular displacement on axis 360° Motor Kw 0,37 - Rpm 2800 Motor-driven cooling pump Ehxz2q2p Max wheel diameter mm 150 Overall dimensions: mm 1000 x 800 x 1450 h Weight kg 240 more
Technische Daten: - Sägeblattdurchmesser min./max. 80-815 mm - Sägeblattbohrung 10-220 mm - Max. Sägeblatt Dicke 6 mm - Zahnteilung 7-100 mm C2cujdnl3 - Spanwinkel -10Cbis +40C - Schleifkopf hinten 6 bis 45C - Links-Rechts-Teilung der Zahnzahnspitze 45C, Zahnfläche 45C - Verstellbereich des Schleifzyklus max. 25 mm - Schleifgeschwindigkeit 0.5-6 mm/s - Vorschub Geschwindigkeit max. 24 Teech/min - Schleifscheibe Durchmesser125-32 mm - Umfangsgeschwindigkeit 28 m/s - Kapazität Kühlmittelpumpe 25 ... more
Sharpening machine for circular saw blades with straight or inclined cutting edge Jxi92tu or alternate toothing more
Circular saw Ø up to 500 mm, blade thickness up to 4.0 mm, with new dial gauge, with spindle height adjustment, for wall or table mounting Bmctkgy8kn more
saw height 150 mm. Ofpf2 chian infeed 6.000 mm outfeed sytem more
Weinig Rondamat 931 Profile Tool Grinding machine Choice of arbors available. Tool width maximum 240 mm Tooling diameter min. - max. 100-300 mm Bmgi8h2ond Machine suitable for -MANUALLY PROFILE KNIFE GRINDING -MANUALLY STRAIGHT KNIVE GRINDING -MANUALLY TEMPLATE MAKING Documentation included. Ready to work. more
SCHNEEBERGER sharpening machine for profiling tools, type Sculptor K9lch9o7 more
Well maintained knife grinding machine. Grinding length 820 mm. Clamping bar 130 / 80 mm wide. Automatic adjustment of the grinding wheel. Pump for cooling. Grinding motor 1,5 KW Passed in the meantime. B0t328wg more
Planer knife sharpening machine up to 600 mmm with hand plane or chisel sharpening device Ofqxr more
hydraulic blade clamping, pneumatic swaging and equalizing, automatic control Panel and teeth Counter, saw blade width 50 to 330 mms, saw blade thickness max. 2,0 mm, tooth pitch 25 to 80 mms, blade guide and guide supports with central high adjustment for blades until 150 mms, 1 new swaging bolt 10 mm Ø in reserve Ifquuhzgq more
height 150 mm infeed 6000 mm outfeed 2500 mm Rjuektvv year 2000 including sticker printer more
Technical data: Max. Length of sharpened knives: 620 mm Sanding disc diameter: 125 mm Automatic feed Cooling system Bmf9i3w8uv Automatic addition Voltage: 380V more
VOLLMER sharpening machine for HM circular saws, type CHC 250 Bl9xevt8be Manufacture year 1997 With hollow face grinding device see pdf for machine specifications more
Technische Daten: - Schärfen und Herstellen von Profilmessern aus einem vollem Blankett nach einer Schablone - stabiler Ständer- und Aggregate Aufbau - max. Messerlänge 300 mm - max. Werkzeug FI 355 mm - Schleifaggregat horizontal + /- 45C verstellbar Gruof99 - Rückenwinkel durch verstellen der Schleifscheibe nach Skala - Motor 2,2 kW / 400 V - Schleifscheibe FI 205 x 32 mm - Aufspanndorn FI 25, FI 30, FI 40, FI 50 mm - Drehzahl Schleifscheibe 4500 / 10.000 U/min - Kopierfingerträger ... more
2 x straightening bench with rolling machine for straightening and clamping of 0jxqnuy Band saw blades and 1 x straightening bench for gang saw blades. with straightening plate with lighting in the table heavy rolling machine very good condition more
for leveling of band saw blades until 300 mm width and 6 - 12 m length, incl. electronic messure systeme and 2 pair pneumatic leveling rollers, incl. automatic controll of the tracking way Iouwsugwq more
height 150 mm. infeed: 6000 mm. Outfeed: 2500 mm. including sticker printer Mvfvzs more
with lightening 7usqgxre0 used manufactured by Vollmer type CNG built in 1963 sanding disc diameter 200 mm for saw blades CV diameter max. 1250 mm square grind sprocket pitch from 5 to 60 mm sprocket height from 3 to 30 mm located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition as on Fotos seen - free on truck - more
Saw grinding/sharpening machine Producer: NEVA Czech Republic Type: SGB-100 CNC Very good condition Saw blade capacity: Saw blade length 200 - 1000 mm Saw blade thickness 0.5 - 3.0 mm Tooth pitch 3 - 45 mm Tooth depth max. 15 mm Rake angle 0 ° - 30 ° Clearance angle 0 ° - 20 ° cycle time max. 50 teeth / min. Bjougotqf8 Grinding wheel speed 3800 / min. Grinding wheel diameter 150 - 200 mm Shaft diameter for mounting a grinding wheel 32 mm Grinding wheel thickness 3 - 6 mm Main spind... more
Technische Daten: - Sägeblattdurchmesser 80 - 700 mm  - Schwenkung der Sägeblattaufnahme -30C bis +45C Zf9o7ua - Schleifwinkel -20C bis +20C - Drehzahl 2850 U/min. - Schleifscheibenabmessungen 125 x 10 x 32 mm  - Motor 250 W  - Anschluss 230 V / 50 Hz  - Gewicht 30 kg Lieferumfang: - Diamantschleifscheibe für Hartmetallkreissägeblätter - Grauguss-Untergestell für erhöhte Präzision - Gummifüße für gedämpften und geräuscharmen Betrieb - Distanzscheiben für unterschiedliche Sägeblattbohrungen more
The machine is in excellent condition and equipped with original rail for gang saws Qbmvtdov more
Manufactured by Vollmer CNH type For sharpening saw blades 200 mm wide Height 20 to 50 mm 4 tooth shapes Variable feed Sawdust exhaust High frequency machine inductor for good hardness of blade teeth Air cooling Bmcjfvipum 1.500 EUR more
Used Vollmer Tensioning bench Good condition, completely reconditioned. New Rolls, etc. Edr92szo For Band saw blades up to 206mm wide and 10000mm long more

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