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Positioner's Rotating Table Bcaofh2mwu in a state of the art state of sale, solid aluminum positioning grille, .heating table. Bbxguvnw2b manufactured by Sheldon - 4 rows of holes diameter 1400 mm sheet thickness: 30 mm drive belt drive + servomotor pneumatic brake 2 pcs height 270 mm more

Linear unit BAHR ELZ 125/100/ ELVZ 100

Hermann Hesse Str. 35, 47918 Tönisvorst, DEGermany
6366 km
good (used)
Various timing belt driven linear units bahr. 9wavnpmtv 1 x Type ELZ 125 x 4600, 1 x Type ELVZ 100 x 3150 mm, 2 Slides one driven, unused! Bearing tracks. Technical data can be viewed online at Bahr! more
Have different types and different heights. Endless rotating. The construction height of the rotary table is approx 80 cm. EDF710/0040/Flex stand height: 60 cm 1 x available EDF710/0041/Flex stand height: 60 cm 5 x available EDF710/0041/Flex stand height: 75 cm 3 x available N8h3q3jl EDF710/0040/Flex stand height: 75 cm 1 x available EDF710/0040/Flex stand height: 85 cm 7 x available EDF710/0035/Flex stand height: 105 cm 9 x available EDF710/0067/Flex stand height: 105 cm 2 x available... more
Machine frame with XY Kreutz table: (is reserved) Table top steel chem. Nickel Dimensions: 1260 x 1000 x 30 mm Steel plate XY-stage chem. Nickel Dimensions: 1000 x 700 x 37 mm Lxpnz0azd Steel columns Sthl chem. Nickel Diameter 40 mm, length 725 mm Height 1660 mm 400 x 300 mm more
DRILLMATIC TA 325 / P / H / 12/2   Rotating Indexing Table with 2 Locking Valve Rotating Table / Mounting Station board 2 x 1040x800 mm pneumatic / roller clamp Bcansysp3w OMRON control Max carried load With horizontal axis 80kg With vertical axis 250 kg mounted on a tripod assembly station more
2 available Bagtzmoyn0 Brand of expert-tuenkers type EDF710/0005/fl Not clocked more
Rotary actuator of F.EE stand height 1200 mm The bearing has a slip ring carrier to the through conductive of electricity and air. We each give to the flange plate that can adapt them according to their needs. Very hochwertigund robust design, as manufactured for the automotive industry. Multiple same and available in different heights and finishes. Kscbm3o more
Length stop systems opperating by hand readout via scala or digital. Bi7s7ick Electronic automatic positioning system. more
Light curtain receiver Item condition: new / very good In stock: 1 piece Available: immediately from stock Ogsdvjlmv Warranty: 1 year Item condition: used * / well In stock: 1 piece Available: immediately from stock Warranty: 1 year * Price reduction 30% for used goods more

Scale Heidenhain ULS 300

Steyr, AustriaAustria dealership location
7039 km
HEIDENHAIN dipstick ULS300 Baz7rshrcv more
Light curtains NA2-N24D-PN Item condition: new / very good D27iabyz In stock: 1 pair Available: immediately from stock Warranty: 1 year more
Rotary table Pt182RH15752 FERGUSON - see pictures Cjzsmqae more
Position switches BNS 819-D03-D12-100-10 Item condition: new / very good Ljcfp In stock: 1 piece Available: immediately from stock Warranty: 1 year more
Linear module MnR: R005516670 SYN: R114026010 Haosl0b CS: 1001328165 / 10 / 3 Length 1300 mm MKR25-100 more


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