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Paternoster / Storagelift for sale

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Identified location: New Zealand (Edit)
Used paternoster system Inspections and maintenance were fulfilled every year. construction height: 5,00 m fabric width: 3,00 m Depth: estimated approx. 2.00 m capacity: 67 rolls Load capacity per roll 100 KG Total load: 4,000 KG Max. diameter per roll: 300 mm Construction: Solid steel frame construction in special device stress-free welded. All load carrying devices dimensioned for 10-fold safety. Control: Main switch or emergency stop switch Position controlled with Siemen...
Warehouse lift LRK-500-2450x813 30 trays Required room height 7570 mm However, the machine can also be built lower. 500 mm steps Trays Standard Medium trays Total number 30 pcs. Max. Max. load per shelf 370 kg Shelf height 53 mm Clear shelf width 2,450 mm Clear tray depth 813 mm Storage area per tray 1.992 m² HSD250 Power frequency converter 5,5 kW Power consumption max. 8.6 kVA Rated frequency 50/60 Hz Supply voltage 3/N/PE 400 Recommended mains fuse 25 A Mains current 17 A Supply cable cross-s...
Make: KARDEX INDUSTRIEVER, Type: SYSTEM-250-3015-15, Ser-No. 192/38862, permissible total payload 6,960 kg, permissible shelf load 232 kg, unload max. 1,000 kg, base area without shelf, each 1,200 x 3,000 mm, H 6,500 mm, each 26 shelf supports á 2 levels Item 225, No. 67 O7yel By order of the entitled persons we sell a tool paternoster from KARDEX INDUSTRIEVER. The general terms and conditions of Lüders & Partner GmbH apply.
Torrejón de Ardoz Spain
19891 km
good condition (used)
We have 2 SYS 252 equipment of the Paternoster type. Ctadgbm0m They are equipped with 33 trays each and are in good mechanical and external condition.
SOLD - Sold Fw2b297 Used KARDEX paternoster, fully installed and in working condition in your warehouse. Used CLEANROOM table : Kardex Type : Industriever Model : SYS-351-1316.5 Series no.: 01.004450/001 Year : 2001 Height : 3700 mm Width : 3070 mm Depth : 1760 mm + 300 mm extension Number of boxes : 13 pieces Useful width box : 2500 mm Useful height box : 370 mm Useful depth box : 620 mm Max. load per box : 350 Kg Max. Total weight : 4190 kg Max. imbalance : 700 kg Connection voltage : 380 Vol...
Gmatick Storage Paternoster (roll rack) The foil storage Paternoster foils is suitable to use for the storage of all 3D-films, it is used as a high storage at the membrane press or as a space-saving storage solution for the 3D foils. With our Paternoster you can storage on very small area approximately 2, 4m x 1, 2m a lot of film rolls (up to 32 rolls of a Ø 300 mm). The required film is thus immediately available at the push of button. Our Paternoster are available from 2.8 m up to 6, 0 m as ...
Paternoster system (6 pieces available) 4 pieces Overall height: 2.60 m Fabric width: 4.00 m (total approx. 4.85 m) Depth: 1,00 m Capacity roll: Ø 300 mm = approx.11 pieces 2 pieces Height: 3,60 m Fabric width: 4.00 m (total approx. 4.85 m) Depth: 1,00m Capacity roll: Ø 300 mm = approx.16 pieces Details: Machines are inspected, tested and given a test seal before sale. Dismantling is carried out by a specialist company. Bfhyihduqb The machine complies with the Operational Safety Ordinance...
We are selling our storage lift KARDEX SHUTTLE 2300 x 825 NT which is still in operation. Load capacity per compartment approx. 150 kg Compartments approx. 25 pcs. Height 4900 mm The machine can be inspected under power at any time. The machine is in our spare parts warehouse daily in operation. Price without transport Price without assembly Brnwvcaogt Machine is sold only with assembly! The frequency converter was converted to a new generation approx. 3 years ago. Available from week 19/2021
Selm, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18498 km
excellent (used)
7 pieces storage paternoster Logimat, year 2007, height 8.815 mm, width 2.765 mm, depth 3.270 mm, number of shelves 82 pieces, different shelf heights 100 - 300 mm, load capacity per shelf 400 kg, total load capacity 40.000 kg. Colours RAL 9010 RAL 1018, steel construction and shelves electrogalvanized, operating opening stainless steel polished. Top condition, constantly checked and maintained. Price VB. Yjsns
Dispensing machine to have control of industrial supplies and personal protective equipment or PPE. It has 18 fully configurable columns depending on the needs. Management software G-BOX included. Btn2had8n2 Dimensions: Height: 1866mm Width: 1030mm Depth: 1030mm
Storage paternoster, Electrolux, 300kg / gondola, height approx. 5.10m - second-hand -: Price: only 11.995.-€ (net), disassembled and loaded! Manufacturer: Electrolux / Constructor Type: IPN 7000 Year of manufacture: 1995 Unit dimensions: Height: approx. 5,10m width: approx. 3,44m Depth: approx. 1,40m plus 0,30cm deposit table S8dlnx Number of nacelles: 20 Gondola dimensions: 2740mm x 420mm with one intermediate shelf each max. load per gondola: 300kg - or with intermediate shelves = 150kg p...
The following offer is for sale: For roll storage Technical data: Machine: Paternoster carousel rack Height: 2,20 m - 5,90 m (other sizes on request) Fabric width: 2.0 m - 5.0 m Connection: 400 V / 16 A Control: Key switch Safety precaution: Protective grille on front / chain guard Gondola: 14 pieces - depending on height [...] [...] Hgywphiy8 General Information: Are you looking for a carpet paternoster? We have used - generally overhauled - plants of all current types and manufacturers in...
Megalift FSE 7.1 2244/816-9010 Year of construction 2007 Dimensions W/D/H in mm 2632, 2930, 9010 (The machine can be individually adapted to your room height) Useful area carrier WxD in mm 2244x816 corresponds to 1.83sqm/carrier Bryixj0ne9 payload425kg/carrier optional 650kg/carrier Colour RAL 7035 light grey Number of basic carriers 40, more if required unit is "checkbook" maintained Bryipikvie Special equipment: sliding door, emergency stop left Unit is delivered with 1 year warranty for end c...
Bad Liebenzell Germany
18638 km
ready for operation (used)
Unit width: 3700 mm Unit depth: 1780 mm + 450 mm shelf Bromon909x Unit height: 3660 mm Number of compartments: 12 + 8 shelves Load capacity per compartment: 350 kg Shelf width: 3005 mm Shelf depth: 600 mm Shelf height: 410 mm Power supply: 380 V Disassembled, palletized, stored.
Torrejón de Ardoz Spain
19891 km
good (used)
We have 1 SYS 502 Rotary type equipment Construction height: 6350 mm Construction width: 3100 mm Build depth: 1600mm + 300mm counter Year of construction: 1993 Number of compartments: 44 trays Shelf load: 350kg Tray width: 2500 mm Tray depth: 520 mm Bqcgoox22e Shelf height: 200 mm The device has already been dismantled and is in our warehouses.
2 pieces storage paternoster, Kardex, 640kg / gondola, height approx. 5,95m - second-hand -: Cbwnphzo Price per unit: only 13.995.-€ (net), disassembled and loaded! Manufacturer: Kardex type: SYS-652-4014-108 year of construction: 1997 Machine dimensions: Height: approx. 5,95m width: approx. 3m Depth: approx. 1,60m plus 0,30cm storage table Number of gondolas: 23 (one unit with 12 shelves, one unit with 13 shelves) gondola dimensions: 2500mm x 520mm max. load per gondola: 640kg average load ...
Type: 1056/305/17 Instrument no:12726 Year:2001 unit height: ca.3320 mm unit width: ca.3280 mm unit depth: ca. 1430 mm +300 mm table top Number of shelves: 17 Shelf width: approx. 2890 mm Grvpuj9 Shelf depth: approx. 520 mm Shelf height: approx. 300 mm Shelf load: 150 kg total load: 2550 kg Control : MM 235 colour: beige
Megalift FSE 3.5 1836/816-5010 Year of construction 2006 Dimensions W/D/H in mm 2300, 2750, 5010 Useful area carrier WxD in mm 1836x816 corresponds to 1.49sqm/carrier Load capacity 290kg/carrier Colour RAL 7035 light grey Number of basic carriers 25, more if required unit is "checkbook" maintained Special equipment: sliding door, emergency stop left Unit is delivered with 1 year warranty for end customer Transport and assembly included Tests according to DGUV 108-007 / DGUV V3 by qualified perso...
Construction width: 3460 mm depth: 1700 mm + 400 mm shelf Overall height: 4860 mm Broluqjrra Number of compartments: 16 + 16 intermediate shelves Shelf load: 200 kg Shelf width: 2950 mm Shelf depth: 620 mm Shelf height: 420 mm Unit has already been disassembled.
Vertical carousel Storage lift Paternoster Length: 13,7m width: 6,4 m height: 5,60 m Dead weight: approx. 60.000 kg 57 gondolas of 5.2 m length each, loadable with 3300 kg each. Brgbu83luq Total approx. 159,600 kg For storage of e.g: Tools, metal, cable reels, tyres etc. The plant is dismantled, is located in 77855 Achern. The assembly by us is possible, WITHOUT electrical connections!
Lift systems, Megamat, height 5.70m, approx. 318kg / tray, dimensions per tray: approx. 1.60m x 0.8m - second-hand -: Price ex location: only 15.950.-€ (net), disassembled and loaded! Assembly costs by a specialist company: approx. 4. - 5.000.-€ (net), depending on the assembly location, plus position of forklift truck. Manufacturer: Megamat Type: Megalift FSE 3.5 Year of construction: 2004 height = 5,7 m x width = 2,0 m x depth 2,9 m dimensions per tray: approx. 1,65m x 0,82m Number of trays: m...
modernized machine with new control LTG-StoreControl Basic Control extension to Extended version optionally possible only 1 of formerly 2 identical paternosters are still available external dimensions: overall height 8050 mm construction width 3500 mm Depth 1760 mm 32 carriers with 225 kg load capacity each in the clear useful dimensions: H = 4250 mm W = 2870 mm T = 630 mm Chain jump 457 mm Storage table in 1000 mm above OKFF with worktop with corrugated rubber ESD colouring light/dark grey, sur...
Fully functional warehouse lift in excellent condition. Dismantling and collection at own expense. Equipment No. : 16134 Last inspection : 2019 Bqn8zssnr8
Manufacturer: Kardex Type: horizontal carousel Year of construction: 2011 Load capacity per compartment: 90 kg System dimensions (area): Height: 2.6 m Width: 2 m Oskop Depth: 20m Number of baskets per carousel: 32 baskets Dimensions of the storage spaces or baskets: Height: 2,159mm Width: 960mm Depth: 610mm There are 6 intermediate levels installed per basket Condition: like new Available now
Goods lift Gebhardt 145.1 Exit height 210mm Gwnw0o Interior width 1 x 1 m Load capacity 500 kilos There are two of them. Price per piece for self dismantling
Wang, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
18260 km
good (used)
In the field of 3D Thermoforming, we also offer presses, Turn over systems, film storage brushing machines, and membrane on machineseeker! Paternoster For the membran press membrane press FOILS-STORAGE-PATERNOSTER for the foil-roles stock and at the membrane press Technical Description: Height of the paternoster 3800mm Lb7nr9jz0 Max. foil width 1500mm Max. foil diameter 500mm 12pcs bearing rods Size of the paternoster 1000x2370x3800mm Inclusive foil transporter (trolly) Drive capacity 1,...
Still 2 of 3 x lift systems, Kardex, height 9,40m (can be shortened), approx. 200kg / tray, dimensions per tray: 0,82 x 1,25m - second-hand -: FIXprices!! Since these prices are already very favorable, the prices are understood as FIX! Price per unit: only 13.995.-€ (net), disassembled and loaded! For an extra charge, higher surrounds (see photos) are also available! Manufacturer: Kardex Type: Shuttle 1250x825, resp. Shuttle 1250x825x9400 Year of construction: 1 x 1993, 2 x 1994, Height: ca. 9,4...
900994 Paternoster system ZAMBELLI type Cargo 2503, Carousel, total approx. LWH 4200 x 1800 x 5600 mm, Compartment size: 3500 x 600 x 170 mm, 2ijhco0jh 20 shelves with 2 compartments each, Permissible shelf load: 160 kg
Torrejón de Ardoz Spain
19891 km
good condition (used)
KARDEX Shuttle XP500 vertical storage system: Manufacturer: Kardex System type: SHUTTLE-XP-500- Year of construction: 2008 Device dimensions: Height: 9,980mm "Can be modified" Width: 3,170mm Depth: 2,960mm Number of trays: 50 Tray dimensions: Depth: 810mm width: 2,850mm Jwgyvq Load capacity per tray: 375 kg. Total load: 65,000 kg. condition: very good The equipment has been disassembled by professionals and is palletized in our warehouses.
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18139 km
ready for operation (used)
Number of rolls: 48, length: 6700mm, width: 4000mm, height: 2800mm. Nmntr
Geraetenr: 95.003231/001 Unit height: 10,000 mm device width: 1580 mm depth: 2680 mm shelf number: 52 shelf depth: 830 mm shelf length: 1320 mm total load: 2 x 5000 kg shelf load: 200 kg Bbv7mxgbmu Colour: light grey
Storage paternoster, Kardex, 400kg / gondola, height approx. 9.40m - second-hand -: Construction site price: Price: only 14.500.-€ (net), dismantled and loaded! Manufacturer: Kardex Type: SYS-651-3518-130 Year of construction: 1997 Device dimensions: Height: approx. 9.40m (exact height to be determined) width: approx. 3,67m Depth: still to be clarified (should be about 1,90m - 2m) Number of nacelles: 35 Gondola dimensions: Depth: approx. 65cm width: approx. 3,04m height: approx. 40cm V3zvf...
construction width: 2650 mm construction depth: 1160 + 300 mm construction height: 2300 mm Number of subjects: 14 Shelf load: 100 kg shelf width: 2200 mm shelf depth: 325 mm shelf height: 240 mm Bloeng72u7
Gebhardt freight elevator / type 146.2 / year of construction 2001 / lifting capacity 980kg / inner height 2.000mm / very good conditions Dimensions cabin width (not yet available) Be3t0smeyc Exit heights / height of the shelves 3.200mm and 6.300mm Total height approx. 8.500mm Elevator A with 2 x exits at the back / entrance at the front Motor mounting top / lateral
modernized machine with new control LTG-StoreControl Basic Control extension to Extended version optionally possible only 3 of formerly 4 identical paternosters are still available external dimensions: overall height 3980 mm construction width 3500 mm Depth 1530 mm 24 carriers with 350 kg load capacity each in the clear useful dimensions: H = 220 mm W = 2850 mm T = 490 / 530 mm Chain jump 267 mm Storage table in 1000 mm above OKFF with worktop in VA steel 97u79gsxj colouring GREY / BLUE, surface...
construction width: 3270 mm construction depth: 900 mm + 300 mm shelf construction height: 2900 mm Number of subjects: 13 Shelf load: 100 kg shelf width: 2900 mm shelf depth: 320 mm shelf height: 320 mm Power supply: 220 V Bnvtsvfh2m
Type: Rotomat 900 Equipment: 57.566 2-2 Ewbpya9 Year: 1990 Device height: ca.3440 mm unit width: approx. 3270 mm Device depth: approx. 1000 mm +300 mm Table top Number of shelves: 29 Tray width: approx. 2860 mm Tray depth: approx.330 mm Shelf height: approx. 170 mm shelf load: 107 kg total load: 3103 kg With article management Colour: beige
Geraetenr: 72050 Unit height: 13310 mm device width: 3200 mm depth: 2060 mm shelf number: 60 shelf depth: 620 mm shelf width: 2880 mm C3qv0swo Load capacity per compartment: 330 kg total load: 40,000 kg control: 260 MM Color: beige/Green Automatic doors can be changed to 3 outlets-
Type: Rotomat 900 Equipment: 57.566 1-2 *1 Year: 1990 Blao39jye3 Device height: ca.3440 mm unit width: approx. 3270 mm Device depth: approx. 1000 mm +300 mm Table top Number of shelves: 29 Tray width: approx. 2860 mm Tray depth: approx.330 mm Shelf height: approx. 170 mm shelf load: 107 kg total load: 3103 kg With article management Colour: beige
Type:138/266/42Geraetenr:10488Bj.:1991Height: ca.6200 mmWidth: ca. 3350 mmDepth: ca. 1380 mm 300 mm TabletopNo. of shelves: 42Shelf width: ca. 2650 mmShelf depth: ca. 380 mm Height: ca. 230 mmShelf load: 188 kgTotal load: 7896 kgColor: beige Bftijzwrpa
Type:138/228/50re SoGeraetenr:10490Bj.:1991Height: ca.6200 mmWidth: ca. 3350 mmDepth: ca. 1380 mm 300 mm TabletopNo. of shelves: 50Table width: ca. 2650 mmTable depth: ca. 380 mm Height: ca. 200 mmShelf load: 149 kgTotal load: 7450 kgColor: beige Bftikmy3xc

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