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Dairy plant equipment for sale

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Type of machine: Homogeniser Capacity: 11.600 l/h Number of stages: 2 stages Bk9py9qgeo Max. Pressure: 320 bar Piston diameter: 54 mm Velves: Poppet velves more
General Location 33442 Herzebrock Condition used Tank volume 200,000 litres Max. permissible operating temperature 95 °C Vertical design Standing design Stand frame Insulation Insulation existing Insulation jacket hermetically welded Material insulation jacket stainless steel Technical data / dimensions Diameter inside 3,300 mm Diameter outside 3,420 mm Cylindrical height 24,000 mm Total height 28,160 mm Year of construction 2005 Mhxslcc Equipment Technical documents Drawing Equipment Ventilatio... more
Cheese processing line Bertsch Laska, practically never used, consist on: - 8 processing vats Bertch Laska 15 t each (Austria) - whey separator (Laska-Austria) - Dosing unit Unimat 4 (Waldner-Germany) Bma09yrunn - Vacpack VC 999 (Australia) to pack cheese into plastic tray The line is completely assembled, condition is very good. Sales by auction. more
Used stainless steel tank with agitator 2 pieces available Item number: 10265 Bdx8i8zjcj Final use: food Volume: 17000L Operating pressure: ATM Type: Standing on feet Material (wetted parts): 1.4301 / AISI304 Execution: Objection Underbody: conical bottom Top soil: conical bottom Tank dimensions: Container inner diameter: 2400mm cyl. height: 3000mm Total height: Approx. 4580mm height of the feet: 1010mm distance drain to floor: 230mm materials: Interior: 1.4301 / AISI 304 Outside: 1.4301 / AIS... more
Secondhand Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Votator II. Type: For over eighty years, Votator® II Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers have been raising productivity, lowering production costs, and delivering more uniform end-products for a wide range of processing industries. With Votator® units, companies in the food, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and allied industries have reduced labor costs substantially, because their reliance on expensive artisan skills have been minimized or eliminated... more
Used 10-effect falling film evaporation plant with mechanical vapour recompression (MVR). Product is whey with 6% DM. Year of construction is 1995. Odyxb Total power consumption incl. fan approx. 220kw The plant is still in operation until mid 2021. more
Type of Machine: Homogeniser Capacity: 10.000 l/h Stages: 1-stages Max. Pressure: 175 bar Motor: 55 kW Ghle77mu3 Weight: 2.500 kg This machine is a APV Gaulin MC18-2,5TPS homogenizer. Homogenizers are used to break up the fat globules contained in the milk under high pressure and thus distribute them evenly in the milk. The fat droplets are crushed by forcing the milk through fine nozzles under high pressure. This process prevents a layer of cream from forming on the milk. more
General Location Bremen Condition used Heat exchanger last use dairy N0rn9 more
Plate pasteurizer built on a stainless-steel frame with adjustable calotte feet, electric heating, heat recovery and hot holder with coiled tube. The system is heated via a supply vessel with the circulation (leakage valve). As soon as the temperature is reached, the system goes into production via an inlet valve. After the end of production, the system is rinsed with cold water. The cleaning is carried out in the circulation process. The pasteurization temperatures and valve switching are el... more
For sale is a complete pasteurization plant with a capacity of 1000 l/h including transport tank The plant includes a homogenizer and two "Etscheid" cooling tanks. One tank received a brand new refrigeration machine two years ago. The circuitry on both tanks is also as good as new. The flow heater brand "Fischer" got new plates about three years ago. Furthermore, there is no disposable filter, but a high-quality stainless steel filter of the brand "GAF Filters". The automatic flushing of the tra... more
Technical details : 6 channels Kvpud clip seals 2005 reconditioned, top condition documents of Technical Control Board available more
Item: M-2366 APV Cheese Vat 4.000 L Cheese Vats Open Type, Capacity 4.000 L, Dimension: L 5200 X 1530 X 925 (total H 1720) mm Stainless Steel Complete very good vat with equipment for agitation, cutting etc.. Few pieces identical! B3atkp93 Good condition. more
Type of Machine: Homogeniser Capacity: 11.600 l/h Stages: 2 stages Max. Pressure: 275 bar Motor: 110 kW Weight: approx. 4.000 kg Velves: Poppet velves Ogfrf This machine is a APV Gaulin MC 45-4TPS homogenizer. Homogenizers are used to break up the fat globules contained in the milk under high pressure and thus distribute them evenly in the milk. The fat droplets are crushed by forcing the milk through fine nozzles under high pressure. This process prevents a layer of cream from forming on the mi... more
General Location Bremen Condition used Tank volume 20,000 litres Design horizontal Standing feet Number of feet 4 pieces C7njmob Heating/cooling jacket Temperature control cylinder Double jacket Technical data / dimensions Cylindrical length 3230 mm Total height 3,450 mm Total width 3,200 mm Total length 5,450 mm Features Equipment Ventilation, crane eyes Outlet 100 mm Remarks Double jacket with trickle ring - only suitable for cooling; interior height. approx. 3,030 mm; rectangular opening 450 ... more
used falling stream Evaporator WIEGAND, 3 effcts with mechanical vapor re-compression. Product: skimmilk 9%DS Input: 6.600 kg/h Concentrate out: 1.200 kg/h 50%DS Bk3mmy7dk9 Equipment still installed more
Manufacturer: Sprinkler Tech GmbH Robert Bosch Strasse 23 85235 Odelzhausen VDS diesel fire extinguishing pump unit Monitored execution VDS approval no.P 4850418 Pump output: 566 liters per min. Delivery head 63 mWS Speed: 2,940 rpm Battery voltage 12 V Battery chap. 100 working hours Diesel tank volume: 200 liters Exhaust pipe DN 120 mm Fuel consumption diesel engine: 227 g / KWh 2 pumps Manufacturer Holzhusen, Karben Obbr9 more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
Capacity: 20,000l, no documentation available. C0jfu0yo more
Item: M-4855-Round Cheese divide machine Alpma Cheese divide / cutting machine, semi automatic pneumatic type, Blkzd9uqm7 stainless steel for round cheese, tools at machine for cheese Ø up to 250 mm. more
Tetra Pak UHT FLEX Sterilizer system 2004 year Capacity 8000 litters /hour Consisting of Tetra Pak spiral flow THE tube heat exchanger, deaerator, electric cabinet with Allen Bradley PLC. 2rweky The OM manual is available. more
Bremen, Germany Germany
dealership location
17830 km
ready for operation (used)
General Condition Used Location Bremen Other This evaporation plant, year of construction: 1995, is used for concentrating coffee extract and consists of two identical lines, each with a pre-evaporator (4 stages; solids content from 7 to 40%) and a high concentrator (solids content from 40 to 55%). The feed capacity is 15,000 L/H each. The high concentrators are available immediately, while one evaporation plant will be available during 2021 and the other only at the end of 2021. The evaporation... more
for 75 mm cups and for cup with 2 cups in one cup with Amman cup packaging machine with Ammann carton manufacturing machine with empry caron deliver plant with electronic cabinet manufacturer year is 2000 Capacity 7.200 cup per hour constructed as a long round cup filling machine Length of the machine with cup packaging machine is 14,9 m, breadth 2,35 m High included filling station pipe connection and cup magazine: 3,65 m Looking from the cup outlet against the running direction are install... more
Pasteurizer for cow's milk 5000 litres per hour composed of Bjyfyadrhg 100 litre constant level tray complete with pump suction connection cover, water connection and milk return diverted legs on adjustable feet Plate heat exchanger pre-heating from plus 4 to + 38 degrees and pre-cooling from plus 72 to + 38 degrees by means of recirculating water 8000 litres per hour in a closed loop that heats and cools down due to the heat released by the heated milk 5000 litre straight tubular stop now compl... more
Process line for Cream Cheese with SPX homogenizer Homogenizer Type 15-30-56X from 2005 Cream cheese Homogenizer Capacity 1188 l/h, Press: 300 bar 15 kW, 975 rpm Feed pump, Mono pump Bkm7szwhgv Booster pump, Control unit! Complete mounted at Stainless Steel frame. Like new one, condition, Not used last two years!. more
We offer: Milk receiving unit with air separator Bcqao9iy Type: optimate Modular construction on frame capacity: 120,000 litres per hour Available end of 2020 Prior sales reserved more
General Location Bremen Condition used Other Single-shaft mixer Type VM 300, manufacturer Amixon Mixing Technology (formerly Ruberg-Mischtechnik KG), was last used for mixing powder alloys. However, these precision mixers are universally applicable for almost all kinds of dry, moist or suspended solids. The mixer VM 300 has a useful volume of 300l and a gross volume of approx. 425l. For the purpose of cooling or heating, the apparatus is equipped with a double jacket in the area of the cylinder ... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
Feed rate whey/ skimmed milk: 7000/ 5600kg/h, output water evaporation whey/ skimmed milk: 4000/ 1568kg/h, concentration temperature whey/ skimmed milk: 69/ 58°C, controls are missing, machine is currently not functional. Bjvu7owvl9 more
Pos. 1 1 Tetra Pak TBA 19 200 filling machine for Tetra Brik packaging 200 ml Performance 7,500 E/h Nameplate Info TBA 19-200 B Drawing 648160-0101 Masch. No. 0698-83444 Year of construction 1998 Modema Italia 76.5 million packaging, 32.4 million h runtime After the outlet of the Tetra Pak machine the single 200 ml pack will run past under the video yet plant to get some printed information. With 3 nearly equal installed Polycetting transport conveyor plants the single pack from 3 Tetra Mach... more
Tetra Pak aseptic filling line A3Flex 1000 Base 2004 year include: A3Flex filling machine -5 400 working hours Tetra Pak cardboard packer TCBP 70 Conveueyer 25 m. Bjroibmnyd Excellent condition Ready for delivery more
Pasteuriser Milk 1000 litres/hour Balance tank Product pump Valve for non pasteurised product Stainless steel frame mounted Chart recorder Bffqn2xy9b more
Westfalia Milk Separator Type MSB60-01-076 Capacity 5.000-7.000 L/H Solids kg/dm3 1,1 RPM of Bowl 6450 Power 3 X 380/400 V - 15 kW Complete dismounted Separator I9egmyl Year of Production 1987 Part of Tools Base plate documentation more
for sale brand CIP Unit 2 x 2500 L single track used Brand: SAP IT Dimensions: 5100 x 1700 x 2800 mm (L x W x H) 2 tanks of 2500 L each solenoid valves pumps 2 x Dosing pumps Piping in the frame of the CIP station Tees, elbows Accessories Documentation: yes Place: Around Wroclaw/ Poland The SAP CIP washing system is adapted for cleaning closed-circuit technological equipment. The station is constructed and controlled in accordance with HACCP principles. The station has one track whic... more
Description Brand NIKOS X8fachgz Model RCS6-2SPC ID 442341 Status Active Price 1.500 € + VAT Year of manufacture 2008 Location Dobrich (BG) Mozzarella and cheese processing line | NIKOS RCS6-2SPC manufactured in 2008. The necessary refurbishment is around 9.600 EUR and includes: • Replacement of all augers and seals’; • Replacement of hot-water tanks and the heat-exchanger with a bigger one; • Replacement of all pumps • Replacement of all motor-gears (variators) • Additional work on the auger... more
with Twist odd caps closing machine . juice filling without pulp ist possible Capacity: 7.000 bottles per hour, 1,0 and 0,5 glass bottles Manufacturer year: 19901 Augenstein glass bottle flipping machine to 360° to blow out the empty bottle with hot steam. Length 3 m. with steam exhaust van, and with a single bottle transport plant (approx. 45 cm) to the inlet of the bottle filling machine 1 bottle transport line to the Twisst off closing machine (The closing machine from Schmalbach Lubeka is... more
Complete with cyclone, motor, baseplate and tools Vizhyfm more
DAIRY – EXCELLENT COMPLETE EQUIPMENT   Dairy worked with the reception of milk 45.000 l/day. Objects A. B. and C. are related to one energy production facility. The powered milk production plant  can be sold separately, but other two parts of dairy can be sold separately if the customer has own energy.   Remark: The powered milk production plant: production of powered milk, instant milk, proccesing of powdered whey   The height of production plant: the powdered milk production plant  ... more
M-7330-Kit machine-cheese washer APV Stainless Steel Washing Tunnel for cheese. Conveyor width 200 mm. side holders width 400 mm (adjustable) Total length 3100 mm. Brushes horizontal and vertical at both sides Bfkdm9diqg Exit to the right side. Complete with control and pump equipment. more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
There are 100 Double Seat Mix Proof Valves APV SPX DE34-70 and DEX34-80 available, were only recently disassembled and regularly maintained. Bdcyrqmjeg more
Machine for food wax distribution on cheese wheels Tecnomeccanica Pepe brand Motorised track transport Water tank for continuous washing of the transport tracks 20 litre rotating tank for the plasticizer product Aisi 304 stainless steel self-cleaning gun Ek0jbh0j0 Dust extractor with interchangeable filter Automatic shape centering controlled by PLC. Hourly production: 900 moulds/hour with total treatment of one plate and the heel more
int.no. TL 01 - 20, 19 and 18 single-walled, bottom with dished bottom, Manhole below Jvvnp3 standing on 5 feet, with RW on top and paddle wings Bearing slightly from the center on the floor, motor drive on top Contents per tank: about 35,000 l Outlet in the middle of the dished bottom in the direction of the manhole D = 2.65 m, height x 7.50 m, foot height 70 cm more
MRPX514 HGV-74C, complete with motor, cabinette, baseplate, cyclone and tools for bowl. Capacity 20.000L/H 9vpwxchwy more
SC 150 – This segment cutter is particularly compact and can feed products fully automatically to downstream line components. Whatever size of segment you need, it will find the optimum weight for it. The space marvel: Feeding Center cut-out Cutting into segments Separating the segments Discharging Nlztr All over a area of just 2.5 m2 more
DK-Thisted, Denmark Denmark
dealership location
17593 km
ready for operation (used)
Cheese Cutting machine for cheese rectangular cheese blocks 300 x 300 mm maximum 400 mm, Complete Stainless Steel, pneumatic semi automatic type. Complete with many tools frame. 3cb0bzgid Semi-automatic machine for cutting larger volumes of square and rectangular cheeses into consumer portions. Cheese is placed on place pneumatic cylinder pushes cheese through the knife and cuts it into portions on out-feed conveyor. Machine comes with trolley to store the different knifes/wire that are include... more
Volume: 12000l, double jacketed, frequency controlled stirring and cutting tools, 4-step whey extraction, CIP cleaning possible, wihtout control. There are 3 units available. Mttcis more
Alipak packaging machine . Automatic in-line heat-sealing machine for high productions suitable for the packaging and sealing of plastic containers for food by means of heat-sealing film. Particularly suitable to be used in gastronomy and dairy industries and for the packaging of ice cream and desserts. Of robust construction, it is made of materials suitable for use in the food industry. The structure is made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL by TIG welding and parts of mechanical structure made of... more
Int. No. TL 01-21 21 single-walled, with dished bottom, Manhole below Bk2linfsdz standing on 5 feet, with RW on top and paddle wings Bearing slightly from the center on the floor, motor drive on top Contents: about 33,000 l Outlet in the middle of the dished bottom in the direction of the manhole D = 2.54 m, height 7.50 m, foot height 70 cm The lower tank segment is angular on the inside Tank wall indentation because a wall protrusion had to be taken into account when building tanks ... more