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Fruit-, & vegetable processing for sale

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Identified location: New Zealand (Edit)
MANZINI MODEL TE 30 used full remanufactured (bearing change, seals, operation adjustment) - It has automatic adjustment of knives, with motor and terminal switches - It has an electrical panel (completely new and unused) - It has 25hp engines at 970 rpm - It is mounted on a metal frame - available with 2 sieves (1 + 1) of your choice. Btummj2qhw
Bielefeld Germany
18419 km
ready for operation (used)
Bizerba PC scale Type: KH 800 II Bttoj9wz8z Receipt/linerless printer or 3" label printer Intel Celeron Processor N3160 Quad Core Up to 2,24 GHz clock frequency with DDR3L memory 4 GB RAM Windows 10 with LAN connection as well as USB connection with lower cash desk height: 63cm width: 45cm depth: 50cm
The Model GK-A produces crinkle slices, three-dimensional cuts having four crinkle surfaces, and plain cuts from a variety of fruits and vegetables. This machine is especially suited for the production of crinkle french fry strips from potatoes. Maximum infeed product entering either machine should not exceed 5-1/2" (140 mm) in any dimension. A wide selection of interchangeable cutting parts enables the user to obtain gentle, clean cutting through a wide range of sizes at high production capaci...
ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables. Btsftktk0g This machine dates from 2014 but has never been used.
Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Germany
18608 km
good (used)
Filling machine / Round filler Manufacturer: Schmid Type: 10/1 Year of manufacture: 1988 General overhauled: 1994 For sauerkraut, red cabbage, green cabbage and similar products Filling material is filled by a screw drive Feeding screw: adjustable Speed: 6-8 cans per minute Direction of rotation: counterclockwise size of cans: 10.200 ml or volume: 10 kg diameter 23 cm Height 26 cm Bct7vaio8x Volume of cut material: 10 kilos Plate for 6 cans length of conveyor belt: 3,65 m dimensions of the machi...
Vegetable cutter /Planetary mixer (1x), Make Alexanderwerk, Type GKM, No. 21313, Year of construction unknown, Material Aluminium, Stainless steel, With motor 1,1/1,3 KW, 380 Volt, With hopper , Mounted on legs , Mounted on wheels , With switch , Extra Specifications - With "Schneidaufsatz" - With "Zweikammeraufsatz" - With "Planeten-Rühr- und Schlagmaschine" type PMA-20 What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are re...
Filler ½ kg and 1 kg Cf3rekoa Completely reconstructed of Italian origin in working condition
Vegetable polishing machine by Wyma. Working principle shown on the video attached. Used to wash potatoes, beetroots etc. Btn9wbyk32 Machine fully made from stainless steel. Recently all the brushes has been exchanged for new, machine is fully operating, ready to work. Equiped with dripping pan, frame and electrical cabinet. Dimensions: Total length: 3700mm Frame width: 2100mm Polisher width: 1600mm Drum diameter: 1200mm Rotating brushes length: 3000mm (14pcs) We have to machines available for s...
Set with a hopper and a feeder. Adjusting the speed of rotation of the brushes and drum. Hydraulic tilt adjustment. Number of rollers: 15 pcs. Roller length: 2.0 m Hard brushes: 0.5 m Soft brushes: 1.5 m Dimensions: Width: 1.6 m Length: 3.0 m Length with a feeder: 7.0 m Made entirely of stainless steel. Condition: very good, machine ready to work Bq0knto7bo
Very robust & simply barrel washer - one those that last forever. Key fact: year: 2005 drum dimension: 2000mm x 900mm suited for carrots, potatoes, red beet, celecriac, etc. made in stainless steel capacity: appr. 10 t/hr scope of delivery: - complete barrel washer - integrated waste water tank C3nya3ae - outfeed conveyor - option: sludge pump (HB TEC pump service can offer used overhauld pumps)
Wallern an der Trattnach Austria
18327 km
ready for operation (used)
Bellmer beltpress beltwidth 1200mm Capacity up to 10 t/h Qofwgtf weight 6750 kg
Very well preserved belt press Flottweg B FRU 800LR with a capacity of approx. 5 t, year 1991, 3050 Bst (Info Flottweg) complete with applicator roll, belt cleaning with sheet screen (water saving) and all accessories. Bsyrecqvre Screw elevator with washing system and mill Voran WAR 65 Bj. 1995 (Info Voran) Pomace elevator 3m CMA year 2007 Conveyor belts 8m, 4m, 3m with control from the fruit silos The whole plant is designed for 1000t and higher. All components are made of stainless steel. Pl...
Bin tipper. O2aub Facilitates the unloading of fruit / vegetables. Lifting system: hydraulic. Working Load Limit : 500 kg
measures: length 3300 mm width 1700 mm height 2185 mm weight 820 kg infeed / feeding height 1222 mm power: total power 0.55 kW voltage 230 V N/PE frequency 50 Hz water: Bnwqh9imts water connection Nein pneumatic: operating pressure 6 bar air consumption 36 Nl per cycle processing data: strokes per hour 1200 strokes/h processing volume per hour 2400 pc/h max. height of raw product 220 mm max. diameter of raw product 130 mm
We are currently finishing the overhaul of a used Wyma Polisher. The following parts were replaced by new items, or, if suitable, also overhauled: - support & guide rollers - bearings - v-pulleys - central greasing - drive motors (overhauled) - infeed site holding plate - outfeed gate drive - new control cabinet (can also be integrated into an exisiting line) All new installed screws and nuts are in stainless steel. The frame was brushed to remove all rust and then newly coated. The polisher is...
Complete potato peeling line consists of the: product bunker, Finis destoner and carborund peeler, Sormac knife peeler, Finis mini potato peelers, inspection table, blancheur for hot and cold water, Newtec weigher, filler, Ulma packing machine and all neccessary belts and water pumps connecting the line. Bssi3i9rnh Capacity 600-2000kg/h, depending on the processed product. The whole line is in very good condition, still operating. Videos also available.
Kronen Fruit / veg prep machine Bmaaghvu Stainless, for cutting into four quarters, manual cut, mobile frame
The semi-automatic line for processing pomegranate and prickly pear is composed of a first washing and product loading station inside the crusher. A second station for the separation of the external peel and the arils. The machine is equipped with aluminum rollers, crushing blades and 1.5kw motor. For the transfer of the pulp inside the pulper: - for PRICKLY PEARS a transfer pump is installed with loading hopper (available in the manual or automatic control version). Ewt032hmw - for POMEGRAN...
The fruit is poured into the washing container where it undergoes initial cleaning. Afterwards, the elevator transports the fruit towards the grinder, where it is cleaned with water using flat stream nozzles. The conveyor belt speed can be controlled with a potentiometer. Cleaned fruit is forwarder into the grinder where it is crushed and ready for further processing. Hjpn20x TECHNICAL DATA Output 1000 kg/h Installed capacity 3,5 kW 230/400V Weight 300kG
The machine is designed for cutting oblong products into slices, such as: carrots, parsley, celery, cucumber, zucchini, peppers, potatoes, etc. Can be cut into flat or corrugated slices. Cutting is performed so that one piece after another is cut off so that the material to be cut is not crushed. It is possible to adjust the thickness of the patch. The machine ensures high efficiency during continuous operation, and thanks to its simplified structure it is easy to clean and maintain. Max. prod...
Purpose: it is used for coarse crushing of various whole fruits (mainly harder flesh, larger size) to help the fruit to be cooked, seeded, passed, to reduce losses during further processing. The crusher consists of two rollers rotating opposite each other, which rotate at different turns, thus facilitating more intensive shredding and exploration. The distance between the gap, i.e. the nearest points of the two rollers, can be set between 6 and 65 mm, depending on the desired degree of chopping....
New MCR drumwasher, carrot washer, potato washer drum length depends on product and capacity. capacity from 10 until 100 tonnes/hour USP's - Lean design: - All stainless steel; - Running wheels at the front and rear for smooth operation Jv0qda - Internal spraynozzles in drum - 2 drummotors for best reliability - Drum suspension with 3 belt which are adjustable and replace-able independently. - Washing time in drum adjustable with valve. manually or automatically. - - Central auger waste ...
Walkeringham United Kingdom
18607 km
good condition (used)
Kronen belt slicer H0yn9q2n Model: GS25 STD Serial: 272 2007, stainless frame, variable speed belt and blade, slicing range from 1mm to 50mm, 250mm belt width, with hold down belt, iceberg lettuce, carrots, apples cucumber etc
The automatic line for apple processing includes a first unloading and selection station (1mt removable table) and apple washing (loading hopper equipped with separation grid). The elevator belt transports the fruits to a first continuous jet washing station and to a subsequent crushing station by means of the integrated mill. Upon request, the mill can be supplied separated from the elevator belt. The crushed fruits are automatically processed by the machine which eliminates the waste parts (...
Single Belt Press PT-1000 Bhxibwkqpt The pulped mash is conveyed via the washing-pulping mill into the press in-feed hopper. The pulp is distributed across the main pressing roller and between the belt to start the initial juice extraction. This pulp will be progressively squeezed to the maximum over a series of additional rollers and mash deflector blades in order to achieve an optimum juice yield of up to 75%. At the exit of the press, the pomace is automatically scraped from the belt. CAPA...
The dipping basin enables the washing of your product in one dipping process, in a bubble bath fed with air. The exchange basin is particularly suitable for lettuce, lamb's lettuce, cucumber spinach parsley Functionality of the dipping basin the vegetables are washed in the vegetable crates the crate moves with the vegetables under water with air-fed bubble bath water circulation washes out the soil between the lettuce leaves belt speed individually adjustable is rinsed with fresh water throughp...
Purpose: for washing and transporting (lifting) raw materials for the canning industry, especially fruits. Transport is carried out by a plastic-belted, shovel conveyor, driven by a motor-driven drive via a frequency converter. The frame structure and the soaking tub form a unit where the nozzles are also mounted. The device is placed on 4 fixed legs. Main dimensions: - length: ~ 3500 mm - width: 1050 mm - output height: 1360 mm Power: max. 2000 kg / h fruit The equipment is so new that it has o...
Willich Germany
18579 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Walkeringham United Kingdom
18607 km
good (used)
FAM Dicer Model: MCS 3D Iqihdlb Stainless frame, strip cutter or dicer, up to 2000Kgs per hour, currently set for 5mm dice, previously used on carrots, 3Ph
Cutting machine, chopper, cabbage cutter for e.g. red cabbage, white cabbage, red cabbage. But also tubers such as potatoes or celeriac, etc. The system consists of a core drill and the horizontal cutting machine. The cutting machine has 2 cutting knives (circular knives). Machines are dismantled. Available now. Cofyo3wk
High performance round filler Niko Crolx0sdq Year of manufacture 2000 -45 stations -Equipped for glass guides: 70mm, 90mm, 110mm, 130mm -Available screws: 87/108mm (3 pieces), 70mm, 75/88mm, 90mm (2 pieces), 100mm, 103mm
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18139 km
ready for operation (used)
There are two identical MÜLLNER Lux TS4 available, with two motors each. Dsaqrp33m
Purpose: for manual sorting and transport (lifting) of raw materials for the canning industry, especially fruits. The transport is carried out by an endless food rubber belt, the drive is carried out by a motor-driven gearbox. The frame structure forms a unit, the 4 adjustable legs can be removed. Main dimensions: - length: ~ 2500 mm - width: 700 mm - output height: ~ 900 mm - conveyor width: 600 mm Power: max. 2000 kg / h fruit The equipment is so new that it has only been used in trial operati...
2 pieces of cabbage defoliating machines, make Niko, overhauled for the removal of the outer leaves of white and red cabbage, is suitably connected downstream of the strunkohr machine, 10 counter-rotating cleaning rollers with angular profiles for loosening the loose outer leaves of the cabbage, in the transverse direction of the machine, between the cleaning rollers, a height-adjustable grid is installed. By raising or lowering this grid, the cleaning intensity is either reduced or increased. T...
Walkeringham United Kingdom
18607 km
good condition (used)
FAM dicer Owzkv Model: MCS 3D Stainless frame, strip cutter or dicer, up to 2000Kgs per hour, currently set for 10mm dice, previously used on carrots, 3Ph
Gam Pratic 3 vegetable cutter Cutter Pratic 3 is made entirely of stainless steel. The cover of the bowl is made of food-grade plastic and is extremely resistant to breakage. Soemyaef The table cutter has four special rubber feet that ensure high stability and slip resistance. For safety, microswitches are attached to the cover so that the cutter can only be operated when closed. The models of the Pratic series are equipped with a motor brake, which ensures a quick stop of the cutter blades. ...
Cutting machine for transverse discs FAM Bqauehw8wj Type: TS - 1D
11 m² dryingsurface, powersupply:7,5 kW, totally in inox-steel Rm3o9kn2s with temperature and humidity control, for fruits and vegetables, meat,...
Purpose: delivery of minced, pitted, pressed fruit pomace from canning, fruit processing plants from the hopper of the peeling, pressing or passing publisher. The discharge is continuous at a steady rate. The transport is carried out by a screw placed on the shaft, which ensures a continuous discharge with a suitable pitch. The application is max. It can be up to a height of 2000 mm. Main dimensions: - length: ~ 5500 mm - screw diameter: ~ 210 mm - output height: ~ 2000 mm Power: max. 2000 kg / ...
URSHELL Cutting Machine (INOX) Capacity: 2 - 2.50tns / h It has 16 circular nickel-plated and hardened knives Orgu2 Cube-shaped, stick, feta slice 10mm Delivered with a set of knives.
Eillert Potato peeler Model: C70 H Brln7zsq8s Stainless frame, 70Kg capacity, 2.2Kw motor, 3Ph
Cutting machine for transverse discs 3 pieces each 12.000€ net C2eaq9bi type 1: -diameter cutter head: approx. 42cm -electrics new -length belt: 3,30m type2: -Electrics new -diameter cutter head: approx. 47cm -24 knives -2 pieces available -length belt: 3,40m
1000l/h Stainless steel frame on 4 adjustable feet Minimum / Maximum Level sensor in the pressure tank Stainless steel pressure vessel The product is pressed through a multi-nozzle head in the tank ; Product Pump: Inlet check valve of the product Sight glass at the inlet of the product CO2 pressure control valve for installation on the CO2 bottle Sight glass in the pressure vessel Mfc8b Max. Pressure : 6 bar incl . electronic control incl . booster pump
The equipment consists of two main parts: a mixing vessel and a geared dosing pump The mixing tank is used for mixing various food liquids, for mixing additives, primarily for dissolving citric acid. The mixing tank is a cylindrical vessel with a vertical axis consisting of three tubular legs, with a stirrer driven by an electric motor driven at the top. Mixing vessel main dimensions: - length: 547 mm - width: 512 mm - height: 1200 mm Useful capacity: 100 liters The device is so new that it has ...
Semi-automatic - the cabbages are placed by hand on the carriers that transport the heads to the drilling station, two-lane design, Output of the machine in standard version: approx. 20 cycles/minute The drilled-out strunks are disposed of via the underneath conveyor belt. Bpi0p3zckv The cabbages are automatically discharged from the pick-ups into the following machine at the discharge side. The defoliation, which can be seen on some pictures, can also be taken over. Shortly we will also have a ...
Walkeringham United Kingdom
18607 km
good condition (used)
NNP Cabbage cutter Brlnyn7lwa Stainless frame, previously used for shredding cabbages,
Pasteur Ten Brink Year of manufacture: 2007 Bqatpvv0qe Total length: approx. 22.500 mm Total width: approx. 2.155 mm Usable width: approx. 1,700 mm capacity, related to 720 ml jars: approx. 5.000 pcs/h one pasteurising zone (55 %): approx. 11,600 mm three cooling zones (45 %): length 9,000 mm, with infeed and outfeed conveyors

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