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A refurbished Günther PI 16 pickle injector with the following connection data is sold here: machine number 96 12 87, 400V, 50Hz, 2.2A, 16A fuse, 16A plug, overhauled, overhauled, new hoses. The injector has 16 needles. CE mark, Made in Germany. machine characteristics: weight 210kg external dimensions width / depth / height 50/ 133/ 180cm open space for product (free passage) 28x18cm permissible ambient temperature -5C to 30C electrical equipment: 3 push buttons & dosage valve regulator 2 row...
Meat grinder, automatic grinder Bslzdcwaia -Manufacturer: TCM, meat grinder housing stainless steel -Motor power: 0.730 kW -Voltage: 230 V -Accessory is missing -Dimensions: 450/230 / H390 mm -Weight: 23.4 kg
Electric, universal smoker/cooker. Power 16 kW Electric current 32 A Works with smoke concentrate. O0kkt Comes with cart. Please check out our other listings as well.
Lohr am Main Germany
17937 km
reconditioned (used)
Rühle vacuum cooling Mixer tumbler MKR 130 130 liters Scraper arm O0kjv
You can rely on our worldwide experience in the field of smoke! With us you find universal smoke plants from a loading of 15 kg-30 kg-50 kg-80 kg-90 kg-150 kg-200 kg up to large industrial plants. We offer Small Smoker 4 for roasting, drying, baking, smoking, steam smoking, cooking, loading 30 kg with manual control Bsncibr7od Circulating air triple adjustable Smoke density adjustable Cooking with integrated steam generator Minimum temperature 28 degrees Maximum temperature 160 degrees We guaran...
Sabac, Serbia Serbia
(dealership location)
17282 km
ready for operation (used)
Highest throughput dicer High cutting performance: up to 2 t/h  Up to 50 cutting programs Grvlnrp Cutting chamber size of 550 x 96 x 96 mm Length/Width/Height mm 1,740/1,479.5/1,200 Gridsets 4 Weight 500 kg
The machine is in very good condition. Continuous vacuum filling machine for filling in straight operation and for portioning Machine equipment: - Conveying element: rotary vane pump, stainless steel, 4 vane (=8 chambers) Standard. - divided 105 L hopper with counter holding curve - built-in vacuum pump with suction capacity 16 cbm/h - VEMAG stainless steel bottom and lid - integrated CAN-BUS control graphic display of all settings, functions and error information on touch screen display - progr...
Electric, universal smoker/cooker. Power 19 kW Electric current 32 A Bsndschwwq Works with saw dust or wood chips. Comes with cart. Please check out our other listings as well.
Lohr am Main Germany
17937 km
reconditioned (used)
Rühle Vacuum Tumbler TR 170 liter Fh8pdrd New gears New logic control New manometer
Koblenz Germany
18055 km
reconditioned (used)
nach Bezahlung sofort Lieferbar. Funktionsgarantie 3 Monate Bslqe9nhka
Bones crusher for pigs and beefs bones and heads Bsgnxyeh7b
Tube track sliding hook, Euro hook, meat hook, meat hook -clear width: 307 mm Qk0fde9fd -Upper part: flat steel 35 x 12 mm galvanized -Lower part: stainless steel Ø 16 mm -Load capacity: 250 kg -Number: 248 hooks available -Price: per piece -Own weight: 1.4 kg
Townsend DMM10 Baader 600 meat recovery line Superb condition meat recovery line from Marel paired to a Baader separator. Have a look at the photo’s and video for an overall impression. Marel DMM10 Suitable pork bones, such as neck or loin, are fed into the DMM filling chamber, from where the main ram transports them to the pressing chamber. Gentle pressure scrapes the meat from the bones and allows it to pass through the 10 mm filter perforation. The bones are retained inside the filter and di...
Electric, universal smoker/cooker. Power 18 kW Electric current 32 A Works with saw dust or wood chips. Bsndpmnech Comes with cart. Please check out our other listings as well.
Lohr am Main Germany
17937 km
reconditioned (used)
Treif Dicer Felix 100 CE with Grid set 24 x 24 mm Additional Grid set size on request! Xzkec30
Limburg an der Lahn, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18023 km
refurbished (used)
The freezer cutter FROMAT 042 Profi. Overhauled in 2021. Engine:4,0KW 3.transversal knives. Feeding: Pneumatic. The machine has been blasted. Up to 1.500 kg/h. Especially suitable for sausage production in the handicraft and in middle-sized companies. They cut all Bpacfwkkcc common freezer block shapes and sizes. Machine is in mint condition, after the overhaul the machine was not put into operation. Errors and prior sale reserved. All information is non-binding. The accuracy of the information ...
Meatballs machine, schnitzel cutting machine, shaped meat production, shaped Fh03yll -Body: made of stainless steel -cutting with a guillotine (knife). -The meat is pressed into a mold and cut, -then placed on a conveyor bath by vacuum. -Working method: electro-pneumatic -Dimensions: 2600/700/H1730 mm
Type Vacuum Tumblers Width 1600 mm Length 3500 mm Capacity 4000 l Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N Main material Stainlees Steel Time of realisation 4-6 weeks Load 2800 kg Description Bmx0xf0u Vacuum Tumbler NIEROS Microprocessor Controller MIKSTER MCM 023
Electric, universal smoker/cooker. Power 16 kW Electric current 32 A Works with saw dust or wood chips. Comes with cart. E77kl9lge Please check out our other listings as well.
Technopack - Tipper Tie Semi-automatic double clipper Typ KDC T 90 string dispenser with yarn support Bsndagbfeu Loops Manuel Movable Base
Sold is a functionally tested and ready-to-use clipper from Tipper Tie, controlled by compressed air. Dimensions W/D/H 20/35/80cm Gwjxvw Weight 12kg Type: Pneumatic clipper Tipper Tie TCN75.1917.101 2 YOUTUBE videos available
Koblenz Germany
18055 km
refurbished (used)
Schröder Injektor zum Injektieren von Fisch-Fleisch-Geflügel 2suxhy
Trolley, dolly, wheelchair, transport dog -Angled frame: 825 x 550 mm -Angled frame made of: stainless steel VA -Castors: made of polyamide -Diameter: 160 mm -2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors -Number: 15 cars available -Price: per piece Qksokxm2h
Type Smokehouses Height 3500 Width 1600 mm Xjbdw Length 4500 mm Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N Installed Power 12 kw Main material Stainlees Steel Time of realisation 4-6 weeks Smokehouse Version Steam Smokegenerator type Detached, woodchips Trolleys per batch 4 pc Standard Trolley (1000 x 1000 x 2000 mm) Yes
Capacity: 2500 kg/hr Power 4 kW Filler capacity: 80 L Machine size: 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.7 m Please check out our other listings as well. Bsndlz9ar2
Vacuum tumbler with a cooling jacket and a cooling unit. The cooling system in the Ulbricht meat tumbler is controlled by the Siemens Simatic OP7 controller. The highest quality of manufactured sausage products can be achieved thanks to the external system of cooling the drum with glycol. The refrigerated tumbler allows full temperature control during each stage of the meat massaging process. Refrigeration unit dimensions: 100 x 85 x 125 cm Bsd3kn7jt2 MANUFACTURER Ulbricht VKTH 2000 MODEL TYPE...
Sold here is an air clipper Polyclip SCD700 in very good condition, functionally tested and ready for immediate use. Connection 5-7bar, machine no. 3047/02. With this clipping machine you can work very fast, the ideal tool for the small to medium sized butchery. It is recommended to operate the device with a maintenance unit. DIMENSIONS Base area: width 25cm x depth 37cm height: 95cm Die of the Clipper is in good condition. worldwide shipping no problem. Bilytedo Price has been greatly ...
Die Linie ist bis zum letzten Tag in Betrieb gewesen. Folgende Kaufmöglichkeiten sind möglich. Kauf wie gesehen oder Funktionsvorführung der angeschlossenen Linie nach Anzahlung und Absprache Bshmlu8kdz
Tube track sliding hook, Euro hook, meat hook, meat hook -Upper part: flat steel galvanized -Lower part: NIROSTA -Number: there are several hooks Jfakuhx -Price: per piece -Total weight including storage box: 390 kg
Type Grinders / Mincers Height 2550 Width 1500 mm Length 2750 mm Gr9cgafr Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N Installed Power 142 kw Main material Stainlees Steel Time of realisation in stock Throat Diameter 400 mm Grinder Type Feeding System Hooper Throat Material Stainless Steel Auger Material Stainless steel
Capacity: 2500 kg/hr Power 4 kW Filler capacity: 80 L Machine size: 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.7 m Please check out our other listings as well. Ycihlvy
I sell Wolf W130 with a grist separator after a complete overhaul . Bsbda9ttyh
Bayern, Deutschland Germany
17851 km
ready for operation (used)
Area: - For washing/drying of glasses or cans - Frame: stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) Dimensions: L x W x H = 4,000 x 1,000 x 1,900 mm Weight: +/- 600 Kg Vs7czm Power supply: 380 V - 50 Hz - 2.2 kW Miscellaneous: - Steam-heated - Switch cabinet with control panel - Circulation pump - Dosing pump for detergent - with three blow-off nozzles: 1 x 6 inch nozzle for blowing off the containers from above 2 x 12 inch nozzles for blowing the containers from the side Included: - Side chann...
Sausage warmer -Connected load: Gltj3ol -230 V/50-60 Hz/600 W max. -hinged lid -Control light -W310/T260/H250 mm -Weight: 6.70 kg
LASKA Model: KU 500V Type: Bowl meat cutter Capacity: 500l Hsnsuo7 Dimensions: 3500 x 4000 x 3350 Power supply: 400V 50 50Hz 3N Material: Stainless steel Knife speed adjustment Hydraulic: Opening / closing the lid Hydraulic: Opening / closing the knives Hydraulic: Discharge of bowl contents
Maja SA-205 Capacity 200 kg/ day Please check out our other listings as well. Bsndjeen7s
Cutter K+G Wetter SM90, machine in stainless steel, bowl black, with unloader, stepless knife speed, noise protection cover, lap counter, thermometer, 6 and 3 knifes head, 6 spare knifes, all knifes in good condition, wrenches. Weight approx. 1.220kg machine used, in good condition, fully functional. J7ik7ei
Attec fully automatic pork cutting line consisting of steel hanging line, dimensions: 6500 mm x 400 mm x 1700, automatic 2 saw leg cutting unit with s/s outfeed belt for waste pork legs, belt width: 290 mm, automatic measuring system for precise and individual cuts of individual pork carcass, plastic belt, belt width: 800 mm, Attec splitting circular saw with outfeed belt, plastic belt, belt width: 1300 mm, 500 mm, 300 mm, 100 mm and s/s protection fence, total dimensions: 9800 mm x 4200 mm x 22...
MEAT, VEGETABLES AND CHEESE DICER – RUHLE SR1 The Ruhle SR1 meat, cheese and vegetable dicer combines productivity of up to 1500kg/h and care for high hygiene standards. It perfectly slices raw, frozen and cooked products, characterized by greater fragility. It combines the characteristics of a meat slice and an diced machine, producing perfect slices and cubes from a variety of foods including sausages, cold cuts and fish. Innovative knife shape The basis of the dicer SR1 products is an extr...
Derinding machine, derinding machine Qkzksmkok -Weight: 120 kg -Surface: made of stainless steel
Height 1250 Width 900 mm Length 1200 mm Weight 350 kg Capacity 130 l Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N Nxyrt Installed Power 3,2 kw Main material Stainlees Steel Vent valve Yes, mechanical valve Drum rotation adjustment Variable drum rotation adjustment Vacuum Tumbler with cooling coat Yes, with integrated cooling aggregate
Alexanderwerk HTC-65MS rust-free cutter Two-speed plate: 10/20 RPM Bsncz7yo99 Two-speed knife 1500/3000 RPM Two knife holders Digital thermometer Digital plate speed meterő, digitális tányérfordulatszám mérő. Power 15/20KW Size: 1,2m*1,2m*1,1m Weight: 1000kg Please check out our other listings as well.
Loop device Wiegand Hängfix B-20 FY, Dimensions LxWxH approx. 78x75x119cm, weight approx. 145kg, Gr9dtza very good condition, works perfectly
all stainless steel belt width 600 mm speed of the belts is separately adjustable with outfeed belt mobile 0,5 kW dimensions (l x w x h) : ± 2.000 x 1.200 x 1.950 mm Br9rg2sgnc
Meat grinder, automatic grinder Camsygbs -Motor power: 2.8 kW -Voltage: 380V -Slug -Perforated washers and knives -Weight: 90 kg

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