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Schwindegg, Germany Germany
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Complete pallet system with block saw, template nailing machine, furnace, turner, brush, turntable, corner saw, pallet stacker Output up to 70 pallets / h - from 2 employees Clpkva7i ready for use - can be viewed by appointment
Verkstadsvägen 52, 714 36 Kopparberg, Sweden Sweden
17107 km
Pneumatic Deck-Machine for production of pallet decks/tops and box sides and 2-way pallets in sizes 600*600mm - 1500*3500 mm, 5 chanels for stringers. Bmt7gia0m7 The stringer chanels have individual positioning for possibility of assymetric placement of the stringer boards.
For sale is a good condition automatic cube cutter, stepless sizing, pneumatic feed, also suitable for cutting Epal billets, millimeter accurate. Bjmr8tx8tv
Šiauliai Lithuania
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good condition (used)
Pallet nailing line Coralli produce pallet 1200x1000 and 1200x800 we produce Epal pallets Hlytoind
Year of production: 2017 Bnluvx9dfk BOLDREW pallet collector, base and side walls made of cast iron. Machine disassembled, not tested during operation
Carousel saw for pallet blocks - machine in stock - CE certificate - Technical Documentation - year of production 2013 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: - main engine 5.2 kW - blade diameter 400 mm Parameters of cut blocks: - width 65-80 mm - length 10-150 mm - cutting height 80-140 mm - 9 magazines for the raw material - carousel work system - speed control on the inverter Bnvmsh92p2 Machine dimensions: - length 170 cm - width 135 cm - height 205 cm - weight 450 kg
CATALOG NUMBER 5318 TECHNICAL DATA - min board length after formatting 800mm - max board length after formatting 1300mm - max board width 200mm - max board height 70mm - max blade diameter 300mm - shield for shields (serves as a pressure) - spindle diameters 40mm - spindle length 260 mm working part - main engine power 7.5 kW - feed motor power about 0.55kW - 2 feed speeds on the belt - cutting width adjustment - dimensions of the top 1530x1500mm - overall dimensions length / width / height 159...
Verkstadsvägen 52, 714 36 Kopparberg, Sweden Sweden
17107 km
good condition (used)
Block Cutter for pallet blocks, optimizing function. Omgrn
Technical Details : - Capacity - 5 Pallet/min. - Year - 2014 - Model - GSI 150 TA - Working hours - 2000 - number of workers - 5 - The line is designed for the production of disposable pallets ! Line Consists : - Block cutting machine - Block box - Automatic feeding of cross elements - Transporter elements for the first Nailing Head - First Nailing Head with 24 output of the nails - First Rotate unit 180 degrees - Transporter elements for secound Nailing Head - Secound Nailing Head 12 ou...
Vall de Uxó Spain
18891 km
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yokes machine (American pallet) Bkvyrbqsac
Skid nailer Rimac Skit 1500 Year of manufacture 2003 Engine power 3 Kw Bjcxfxkwho Voltage 380 V Minimum pressure of the supply network Air consumption per cycle (5 bar) 80 litres/min Pressure Production rate 8 - 12 pieces per minute (variable depending on the number and nails used)
PALLETMAX: Less workforce more productivity! Make your customized pallets easilly. Ntnl2 Machine has replaceable pallet templates. Templates can be changed within 10 minutes. With this solution, you can produce many different kind of pallets. Do not need to adjust the entire machinery and spend a lot of time for adjusting. The best and easiest way to produce different pallets.
Box nailing machine Bohm and Kruse working width 800 mm 9 hammer motor 5,5 kW table height adjustable by 700 mm machine is in good working condition dimension 1400 mm x 1800 mm x H 2100 mm Z8ekcgb
AUTOMATIC DOUBLE CUTTING MACHINE for PALLET SLATS cutting lenght: 750 mm min - 1500 mm max cutting height: 10 mm min - 60 mm max manual lenght adjustment Ebgcbvr blades diameter 350 mm blade motors power 3+3 hp feeding motor power 1,5 hp pneumatic pressors for slats locking
CATTELAN - ZIMAC planing and profiling line For pallet wood with jumping spindle, chamfering units, automatic de-stacking and stacking automatization. Consisting of: - ZIMAC vacuum de-stacking - ZIMAC automatic infeed system, type CN\2 Bl2kjvoemr - CATTELAN moulder, type KSA 320 with jumping spindle and chamfering units 6 spindles with 2 pc. chamfering units Max. feed speed 60 m/min - Transport belt - CATTELAN double en tenoning machine 2 x 3 working spindles - ZIMAC transpor...
Technical Details : - Full automatic Pallet production line STORTI - Capacity - 7 pallets / min. Blz0zybp7f - Year - 2004 - Number of workers - 3 - Model of nailing machine - GSI/150-TA.9 - The line is equipped with completely automatic feeding of elements
Nail machine Bohm & Kruse, Bremen, Automation Goege, Hagen/TW Year of manufacture 1997 Control Siemens S5 plant components: Magazine feeding with handover protocol year of construction 1997 - 9 Deck board magazines - 4 cross board magazines - Portal gripper for board transport to the lidding machine - Cover nailing machine Bohm & Kruse No. 3/18/1250 - incl. one nail template for lid and one nail template for 2-way pallets - 18 nail droppers and hammer boxes - 2 nail dropping controls - Cover l...
Hydraulic platform nailer for pallet Nailing with continuous cycle and transverse board loader. Nail loaders, hammers, hydraulic system Bmdaons08p
Via Umbro Casentinese, 154, 52010 Subbiano AR, Italy Italy
17906 km
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Stitching machine for pallets with 3 fixed heads no zig-zag Width max / min mm 1400 / 700 Length max /min mm 1100 / 700 Max heigth mm 180 Minimun pitch of stitching mm 30 Machine length 6200 mm Vlcug72b Machine width mm 2900
Verkstadsvägen 52, 714 36 Kopparberg, Sverige Sweden
17107 km
good condition (used)
IM Hart R-1000 nailing machine with Corner-cutter,Turner and Stacker Bl9vcqo7cg
Technical details : Capacity - 1200 pallets/8h Number of workers - 4 Very good condition Line Consists : Bdaecodvqy 1) elements Input trasporter 2) 1A nailing machine STORTI GSI 150T.A. with 24 Nailer 3) runs crooked pallets 4) 90 degree turn 5) stacker 6) final shutter 7) Block cutting machine STORTI
10 nail feeds 22l9vn Nail length 40 mm
Alternating cycle hydraulic nailer. Long cart for reversible or perimeter pallet. Ofegj Nail loaders, hammers, hydraulic system
Anlage ist komplett demontiert und Besichtigung vorort möglich. Hgqqqqn Preis ab Werk, Abholung
1100 026 pallet nailing machine Vanderloo type 1600-E-27 for the production and stacking of pallets, Technical data on request Bjeifkto20
Budget-friendly, semi-automatic nailing machine for pallet decks as an stand-alone solution, in line with other machines from the 1000 series or as a performance-enhancing addition to assembly machines with templates such as the Kombiflex R series or others. Deck size: Min / max length: 600 mm - 1 600 mm Width min / max: 600 mm - 1400 mm Operator 1 Length 4.0 m Width 3.0 m without platform ladder Height 3.6 m Power requirements: Electrical: 14 kW, 3x400 V + N, Hydraulic: 22 kW...
Cutting width: max. 1.350 mm W0mszaez Cutting height: max. 70 mm incl. 150 new saw bands
- in stock - reconditioned 7bqko7f7 - very good condition TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: - max. The length of 1200 mm - max. height of the 80 mm - element width of 70 to 145 mm - 6 comprises a drum slides DIMENSIONS: - the length of 500 cm - 230 cm width - height 135 cm
Stapler CoraliYear of construction: 1991Type: M166AMaschine number: 2798 E29sivt
Gluing cardboard decks with 9 or 15 cardboard blocks in different different dimensions Machine description: -Lift and a gate valve with vacuum -Machine frame made of profile steel/aluminium profiles with a transport system -For the transport of the deck is attached to the belt system to the frame. This is the cardboard deck through the machine and under the block- Magazine carried. -Machine frame are 2 heads for gluing station, Klotz- magazine with electronically controlled width adjus...
Production line MS 2500 HYD for large formats Length 800 mm - 2 500 mm Width 800 mm - 1 800 mm Wing -20 mm to +200 mm Maximum Size with additional modifications: 3.000 mm x 2.500 mm Should you be looking for production equipment for even larger sizes please don´t hesitate to contact us. We have it as well. Change the size and the design of the pallets in just a few minutes. MS-2500HYD are reliable machines for industrial production of special sized two-way pallets and decks comb...
BOHM-KRUSE NAILING MACHINE for pallet size approx. 1.500x5.000mm OUTLINE SIZE 10.50X3.00X3.50m Bfngwgktbl
Canter for logs diameter max. 28 Ciy3xp8g Entrance of trunk and canter. Structurally blasted machine and application of black anticorrosive primer. To condition.
Pallet production line producer: Bohm und Kruse, Vanderloo year of manufacture: 1992 Parts of the line: Skid nailing machine Bohm und Kruse H 27 1500 Jcfz8zxma Assembling nailing machine Vanderloo SPKR Pallet turner Pallet stacking machine The line is in good working condition
Make Storti Bwvsb3p Production of euro pallets / EPAL / CP1 - CP6 pallets Year of manufacture 1998 Consists of: - Automatic block feeder DAT 2003 -crossboard feeder DTT -nailing machine hydr. GSI 150 -Pallet turner GGS/210 -nailing machine hydr. GSI 150 TA -corner saw / branding stamp machine GSM 2 -Pallet turner GSA 180 -pallet magazine
For the manufacture of pallets of the furniture and door industry It will be the part of batch prepared for shipment on a sub plate supported on rollers. The company missed the block machine plate length and width and sticks from below the required Amount of range blocks of plywood on the bottom plate. Then, the part of stack with the forklift can be moved. consisting of: -Machine frame with height-adjustable feet Nikgr -3 piece masts with motorized lifting motion, with 2 pieces powered hea...
MyChrome Compact Line - 18m x 12m - 1- 2 Operators Depending on the selected equipment, you can flexibly produce EPAL / EURO, CP and disposable pallets of various types with minimal changeover times. Bjcoq2wlwn Attached you will find various line-modules for automation and pallet after-treatment. Custom-made production lines save both time and money! We’ll always make sure you get the most suitable line according to your needs. More efficiency and less manpower is our motto. Most of our prod...
SIZING CUTTING MACHINE for TIMBER PACKS - 125x125 working dimension 1250x1250 mm chain rotation motor power 7,5 hp Cnrfv8zf chain up/down stroke motor power 3 hp controlled by inverter loading motorized roller length 6200 mm unloading motorized roller length 6200 mm SPECIAL PRICE IN CASE OF ORDER CONFIRMATION BEFORE DISMANTLING PLANNED UNTIL THE 26th of June 2020
Hydraulic pallet stacker and turner Drag with chains, protections, roller transfer for pallet entry Cip8uhfi
BURNER 1,25m WIDTH CIRCUIT 3 tablespoons HEATED PUNCH 5 x 15 cm. euro 500 + VAT Nxs2d
Make : ESM / 2000 / 5000 Year of manufacture 2001 Fully automatic nailing machine make BOSITICH Max. Working area width 1600 x 5000 mm Control SIEMENS Jvkz2e Equipped with new BOSITCH / N -COIL nailers, Kontakt 60 incl. JUMBO magazines
Pallet Production line for 4-way skid pallets used, functional Pallet dimensions up to 1300 x 1500 mm consists of: Bi20fumvz3 - LUDWIG block saw with block feed - Bohme & Kruse skid nailer, incl. Skid turning and Turning device - SODEME stitching system as a deck paver with a buffer for approx. 6 stacks. - Inlay robot for the pallet decks - Bohme & Kruse nailing machine for assembling decks on runners - Bohme & Kruse Eckenkappen- u. Burning station - Bohme & Kruse pallet turner - Bohme & Kru...
LEG MACHINE OM-1000 Budget- friendly semi-automatic nailing machine for pallet legs as stand-alone solution or performance enhancing add-on for assembling machines with fixtures such as Kombiflex R-Series or others. Material: Solid wood or pressed blocks Length min/max: 600 mm - 1 600 mm Bjbcmrcggk Width min/max: 16 mm - 150 mm Operators 1 Length 2,0 m Width 2,5 m excluding platform ladder Height 3,6 m Power - Electric: 6 kW, 3x400 V+N - Hydraulic: 15 kW, 3x40...
Varese Italy, Italy Italy
(dealership location)
18124 km
Nailing machine for 2 and 4-way pallets and crates, nailing carriage and Robot - stacker. 9nrr82qn9 ROTOR TM2 Automatic machine with numerical check, the machine has an electronic check on the axis of shifting of the bridge and the one who allow the shifting of the small nailing heads. Big nailers have a manual regulation with left - right pneumatic movement. Small nailers have a manual regulation and automatic motorized movement. Manual vertical regulation for products of different height. The...