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- Wood dryer in condensation system Bq0g8xzqf0 - Automatic manual control - Ebac multi control - Room humidity measuring point - 2 wood moisture measuring points - incl additional cross-flow fans - System installed in overseas iso-container - Drying guidance automatically - Feeding by means of stacking trolley incl. infeed rail system
UV dryer, UV lamp, UV high-performance lamp Unifygusz -The lamps come from a UV paint drying process -Working width: 1400 mm -Double housing -UV range: 180 - 450 nm -UV tube type: CK 110/80 -Emitter power: 80 W/cm -Number: 3x tubes available -Price: per piece -Transformers and accessories: available for an extra charge -Dimensions: 1720/400/H630 mm -Weight: 126 kg/piece
San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine), Italy Italy
(dealership location)
17769 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine Condition: Used Bipa Code: 800016 Manufacturer: Vanicek Model: 70 Biugociqmb Machine Condition: Used Oven for drying wood, brand Vanicek with control Ares 2800, with dimensions of 470x670xh300 cm. for about 70 m3 useful for drying. Used.
Technical characteristics Interior length: 5000 mm Interior width: 1000 mm Power and Motors L0fvztg8 Overall dimensions
used refrigerant dryer Year of construction: 2001 Technical data : Volume flow 0.6 m³/h Refrigerant: R 1354a filling weight: 0,290 kg Operating pressure HD: 18 bar Operating pressure: 16 bar Ambient temperature: min. 5 / max. 43 degrees enn voltage 230 V 7 50 Hz availability: short term Bmw2liqja2 Storage location: Röllbach
Recirculation/exhaust air dryer - longitudinal flow system Bq0gzmek7i - Feeding from above - stacking size L= 3000 mm H=600 mm W=600 mm - 2 wood moisture measuring points - Room humidity measuring point - control manual/automatic - Price incl. loading
UV dryer unit, UV dryer, UV lamp, UV high-performance lamp -The lamps come from a UV paint drying process -Working width: 1400 mm -One housing -UV range: 180 - 450 nm -UV tube type: CK 110/80 -Emitter power: 80 W/cm -Number: 3x tubes available -Price: per piece Lvvsr -Transformers and accessories: available for an extra charge -Dimensions: 1720/340/H630 mm -Weight: 94 kg/piece
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06536, Deutschland Germany
17780 km
Vacuum press drying plant, make OPEL Therm GmbH, process licensed, expected expiry 05/2021, plant consisting of: 2 vacuum press dryers, Sigma 9 TMT, thermal oil heated, flow temperature 150 Mbar, year of construction 2009, approx. 8 m long, 2,50 m wide, with 125 special chamber plates, 3 special trolleys, 1 double sliding platform, 1 lifting platform, 2 roller tables for feeding the plant, (with pos. 37, thermo oil heating plant, fabr. AURA, type AKL 404 6, 400 kW, Therminol 59, 1 cooling tower,...
Rail loadet timber kiln including rail cars Wgxrbk 2 x 1,2m Stack in hight 1 x 1,2m Stack 10m length Heating about 150kw Elektric power 12kw
Åkervägen 18, 696 32 Askersund, Sweden Sweden
17172 km
good condition (used)
Drying oven with hot air,Ir lamps Cefla, UV oven with 2 lamps Drying oven hot air Brand:.Cefla Type:FEV EU 2/7-12 IRM, FEV EU 2/9-12 IRM No:11261/9, 11261/10 Year:2001 Drying oven UV and cooling (flash-off) Brand:Cefla Type:TLF MM2/IC/CRU-FEV RU2/5 Nr:11261/13-1126112 Year:2001 This oven is used to dry finishes applied to workpeices. A system which combines strong hot air currents and infrared rays emitted by the lamps is employed. Cone shaped nozzles connected to the intake duct are used to p...
ISVE vacuum dryer Machine: Length: 6,00m width: 1,10m Height: 1,50m Wood stack: Length: 5,00m Bplke3rzj8 width: 0,7-0,8m Height: 0,6m Heating: Continuous flow heater with 8 heating plates Electrical connected load: 4,5 KW Tank made of stainless steel Accessories: track; 8 pieces heating plates
Scholz compact boiler pressure/vacuum impregnation plant M.-Nr. 34081, year 1981, 1.600 mm Ø, 12.500 mm charging length Wahfyuv9 capacity 14 bar and vacuum, door manual, 4 filling trolleys, wood package size 1,00 x 1,00 m possible vacuum pump approx. 6 kW, incl. control and switch cabinet liquid tank approx. 28 thousand ltr. volume incl. mixing tank approx. 1700 ltr. with all accessories Kaeser screw compressor type SK 26 with 1000 ltr. Compressed air tank 11 bar, with refrigeration dryer type S...
Fans wood dryer + EBAC dryer Electronic control device AC-2000, which allows for precise setting of the drying process of 98 types of wood, storing the last 10 drying processes. Bpbz9e8tjj Wood drying capacity m3 Volume of circulating air m3/hour. Water intake l/24hour Total connection power kW
Technical data: Manufacturer: Henan Haokebang Machinery Equipment Co.Ltd. China Type: HY - 1590 Year of construction: 2019 Throughput: 5 t/h (depending on material) Power consumption: 25 kW Input material: biomass (e.g. wood chips) Temperature, max.: 120 degrees Celsius Dimensions: 12.000 x 2.400 x 4.000 mm Weight: approx. 12.500 kg Suction: condensed steam, dust/ fine particles Miscellaneous: Rotation speed of the drum infinitely variable by means of frequency converter Operating principle: B...
Technical characteristics FLEXI_SECHAGE_CAPACITE2 m3 FLEXI_SECHAGE_PLATEAUX8 Power and Motors Overall dimensions Cs0ynl98
Only 3 month used drum dryer. Include full electric cabinet for control the drying process. Automatic, wood chips fired fire place. Direct heat exchange, working on 600-800 C degrees. Zq7hbh0d
Here is the following information: Cefla UV oven model UV2000 with 3 lamps, no. of serie 06115/4, 56 KW, complete with electric control panel - loading cost is gratis - cost of delivery- We do not provide delivery of machine - year of production- manufactured in 2006 - total length of the machine- 3300 mm - number , power and type of individual lamps (UV or IR) - 3UV lamps- 1Ga and 2HG, no IC lamps GA lamp is 120 W / cm2 HG lamps are 80 W / cm2 All of the lamps are changed recently and transform...
Mittweida OT Lauenhain, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17676 km
excellent (used)
This is our second condensation dryer of the brand Antifukt Type VT 700. This is a Swedish manufacturer. It was used for drying firewood. Under ideal conditions the unit can dry up to 700 litres in 24 hours. It has no own heating. Ys28pk Height: 153 cm Width: 118 cm Depth: 87 cm Unfortunately we do not know the year of manufacture. Machine was bought from another firewood company.
Kozieł-Elvac vacuum dryer, wood charge capacity 10 m3. Year of production 2011. Dimension of heating panels 1400x6200 mm, number of panels 25 pcs. Very fast drying time of wood, especially hard as beech. For example, square 90x90 - wet drying time, freshly cut to a moisture content below 10%, is 20 days. This year the drying room was sandblasted inside and painted with a special paint. Along with the sale of the dryer, I will give you all the tips on how to dry the wood - how to do it correctly ...
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
18505 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics Bmdg3b8e3b chaudière eau chaude électrique Interior length: 5400 mm Interior width: 1000 mm FLEXI_SECHAGE_CAPACITE1.6 m3 Power and Motors Overall dimensions
Trentino, Italy Italy
17942 km
good (used)
Drying kiln for wood treatment 80 m3 Internal size m 10 x 6 x 4,10 h K3r88qts Nr. 08 fans managed by PLC Computer model LEONARDO
Mittweida OT Lauenhain, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17676 km
excellent (used)
This is a condensation dryer of the brand Antifukt Type VT 700. This is a Swedish manufacturer. It was used for drying firewood. 3el2blxe Under ideal conditions the unit can dry up to 700 litres in 24 hours. It has no own heating. Height: 153 cm Width: 118 cm Depth: 87 cm Unfortunately we do not know the year of manufacture. Machine was bought from another firewood company.
The characteristics of the Termowanie wood at temperatures up to 230 ° c Protection of wood against flammability The process of combined drying and termowania Loading wood carts on Rails Heating medium: electric current Automatic process controller Possibility of remote control of process The device consists of: Bedbacjtir · Chamber drying and heat treatment, · loading system, · wood heating system, · the cooling system of wood, · vacuum system, · ...
MAKOR UV drying tunnel Bei8e7sk2h Type FTL 4 production year 1994 a tunnel equipped with 4 brand lamps Fusion lamp model I300NP worked in the line behind the spray booth
Technical characteristics FLEXI_SECHAGE_CAPACITE5 m3 FLEXI_SECHAGE_PLATEAUX16 FLEXI_SECHAGE_PANNEAUX5000 x 1120 mm Power and Motors Bmdg38rvye Overall dimensions
Drying kiln for 6 m material. You can insert package 1.1 x 1.1 x 6 m. Kiln is in good condition. Oijnl
Zum Verkauf wegen Umstrukturierung, Wir sind der erste Besitzer, Maschine trocknet in ± 2 Wochen von ± 60% zurück auf 8% bei einer Dicke von ± 35 mm durch Vakuum extrem stabiles Ergebnis. Sehr gute Ergebnisse auch bei sehr empfindlichen Hölzern. Wenig in den letzten 5 Jahren verwendet, kann nach einem Schritt-für-Schritt-Plan vollständig manuell bedient werden. Die Maschine ist mit einer computergesteuerten Steuerung ausgestattet, so dass sie auch vollautomatisch bedient werden kann, sie ist nic...
Chips - belt dryer M8yg9l - Make Rudnick & Enners / Swiss Combi - TYPE: RE - KBT 2,6 - 16 - Power output approx. 2.5 - 3 to - Heat source HW - Heat requirement 2,200 kW/th - year of construction 2018 (as good as new) - Autom. conveyor control via SPS Siemens S7 displayed via Touch Panel - Two pcs. exhaust air fans a` 30 kW - Belt cleaning wet - Dimensions: width 5.200 mm, length 19.240mm, height 5.000mm - Weight 17.000 Kg
Technical Details : – Manufacturer – BISON – Capacity – 8t/h – Diameter of Dryer – 3200mm – Boiler – 5 mw – Three-pass – Year – 1987, complete reconditioned in 2017 – Automatic and manual boiler feeding Bdleqwct
Offer a drying plant for up to 6 roll-on/roll-off containers. 1,5 - 7 KW power consumption Fan with frequency converter 2sboia Heating register with large lamellas Spacing for little dirt 350 KW power at 80 VL / 50 RL
Installation for drying and stabilisation of wood, the installation can be used with all kinds of wood. Independent functioning with electrical system that controls the main parameters of the wood drying process. Technical details: Length: 11 m Width: 4,5 m Height: 5,8 m Content of kiln: 60 m³ Heating performance: 160.000 kcal/hour Number of chimneys: 6 Number of ventilators: 6 Electric installation: Bmfmr22sn2 Voltage: 380 V Frequency: 50 Hz Maximum charging voltage: 45 A Installed electrical...
Bad Salzuflen Germany
17898 km
excellent (used)
Drum dryer with hot air boiler FRIEDLER 1 MW FY 2006 Scope of delivery: 1. boiler Friedler 1 MW with mixing chamber 2. hopper with dosing screw 3. drum dryer 4. drum frame with drive Bmfjgsujct 5. cyclone, fan and cell wheel assembly 6. feeder screw 7. SPS control cabinet capacity of the dryer approx. 1000 kg chips /hour
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
17379 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Vacuum dryer ISVE ES3 Year of manufacturing: 2004 Pwy7wv2b Capacity 3
Mils, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
17886 km
good condition (used)
Belt dryer raw materials Wood chips and sawdust Inlet moisture content 50% humidity Mzxvukk2 Input consumption 32 t / h at 55% H 2 O Output power 16.0 t / h [1] at 10% H 2 O Usable area of ​​the dryer 344 m2 please contact Intersse directly Dryer is in middle of Germany
Optimal press dryer for drying sawn timber, lamellas or cut to size elements in incorruptible quality in short time, without delay. Located in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. In well condition. External sizes L x B x H: 14200 x 34000 x 3700 Internal sizes L x B x H : 13600 х 3000 х 2000 Weight without heting plates: 21000 Bmallc0iy7 Heating plates weight: 12 000 Amount of heating plates: 112 In the complectation goes Opel Manual for Vacuum Pressdryer Sigma.
Åkervägen 18, 696 32 Askersund, Sweden Sweden
17172 km
good condition (used)
Cooling/ventilation zone Brand:Cefla Serie no:03122/2 Year:2003 Type:CR/U Conveyor type:TR 2000 Ventilator type:CA 310, 1,1 kw 2 pcs Year:2003 Techn info: Cooling zonewith driven roller conveyor Length 2000 mm variator for adjustable feeding speed 2 ventilators each 1,1, kw Power 400 volt, 50 Hz, 3 phase Oewmx Stock no::104328