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For wood chips and wood dust. Designed for commercial use. All clean air extraction units of this series are dust-tested according to H3, residual dust content less than 0.1 mg/m³. High extraction capacity with low space requirement Maximum performance in this class Wq7a807g0 Very quiet Range of application Clean air extraction systems for wood chips and wood dust Designed for commercial use For all woodworking machines with corresponding extraction nozzle diameter Can also be used for several d...
Al-Ko clean air deduster year 2021 Exhibition piece - Immediately available Absolute special price Technical data Power Unit 250 P Intake manifold: 250 mm B9dcj3kk3 Nominal motor power: 6,5 kW / 3 Ph voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz max. volume flow: 4900 m³ / h nominal volume flow: 3524 m³ / h negative pressure: 2451 Pa filter surface: 22,4 m² Spa collection volume: 2 x 250 L Dimensions (L / W / H) in mm: 2305 x 994 x 2351 Weight: 758 kg Location: ex stock 54634 Bitburg
Description: IE 3 motor as standard max. volume flow up to 8.500 m³/h at the fan approx. 73 m² filter surface, residual dust content according to H3 Pre-separator as standard 71 dB (A) at full load (according to DIN EN ISO 11201) already complies with prEN 16770 Models with type-tested rotary valve (FSA) Tested back pressure flap Integrated automatic venting system Intake manifold: 350 mm Nominal motor power: 11 KW Voltage: 400 V/ 50 HZ Max. volume flow: 8500 m3/h Nominal volume flow: 6927 m3/h ...
For wood chips and wood dust. Designed for commercial use. All clean air extraction units of this series are dust-tested according to H3, residual dust content less than 0.1 mg/m³. High extraction capacity with low space requirement Maximum performance in this class Very quiet Range of application Wq7jtnalx Clean air extraction systems for wood chips and wood dust Designed for commercial use For all woodworking machines with corresponding extraction nozzle diameter Can also be used for several d...
Respiratory protection filter -Clean AIR: basic 2000 -P SL R Art. No.: 80 00 10 -Price: per piece -Number: 17 pieces -Dimensions: Ø 131/54 mm -Weight: 0.1 kg/piece Be2whotnmy
Dimensions: 610-610-292 Air Flow: 3400 m3/h Pressure Drop: 250 Pa Efficiency:99.95 % Baxmo8z0
200mm inlet connection - right Nominal volume flow 2300 m³/h H3 "GS" dust tested Manual cleaning Chip container with 400 l capacity Ced7lkss 4 kW fan as good as new
Clean air extraction system RLA 200 ME Year of manufacture 2009 Engine power 2,9 kw nominal speed 2825 1/min 2s3fnu weight approx. 300 kg Air pressure connection 8 bar chip collecting volume 2 x 250, 1 x 225 Suction connection 200 mm length approx. 2325 mm width approx. 830 mm
Connection diameter 100 mm Bvohsmptti Motor power 1,95 kW nominal volume flow 730 m³/h with 1 chip bucket with lever for closing mobile filter cleaning with crank good condition
The bags are as good as new, thus saving several 1000 euros compared to used and eternal waiting time for the new acquisition! The large dust extractor Vacomat 250 XP is the ideal dust extractor for multi-machine extraction. Air volumes of up to 4,400 m³/h can be conveyed with this clean air extraction system, which also makes it interesting for CNC machining or wide belt grinding machines. To ensure that the powerful extraction system is not forgotten or operated in idle mode, the Vacomat 250 X...
As good as new room ventilation system by Kemper for stand-alone installation; layered ventilation principle. Filter stages:2; Filter method: Cleaning filter cleaning method: Pressure surge cleaning Filter area: approx. 58 m²; Filter elements: 1 pcs. Filter material: PFTE membrane; Separation efficiency: >99.9% Dust class M Extraction capacity: 6000 m³/h Height: 3545 mm; ø 1172 mm; weight 653 kg; motor power 5,5 kW, supply voltage 3x400V/50 Hz Sound pressure level 69 dB(A) compressed air supply ...
Clean air dust extractor AL-KO POWER UNIT 250 P Motor power: 7.5 kW / 3 Ph / 400 V / 50 Hz suction nozzle: NW 250 nominal volume flow: 3.534 m³/h according to GS-HO-07 max. volume flow: 4.900 m³/h Negative pressure at nominal V: 2,451 Pa Filter area: 22,4 m² Compressed air cleaning Jet cleaning incl. integrated pre-separator incl. integrated automatic extinguishing system 2 filling tanks 165 L each (net) in stock immediately available Briinutln9
Process air fan from Gebhard-Ventilatoren (now Nicotra-Gebhardt) Volume flow 8615 [m3/h] Ptot: 3954 [Pa] Pstat: 3751 [Pa] Density 1.20 [kg/m3] Drive: M-50 [type/frequency] Speed: 2945 [1/min] Power requirement motor shaft: 11.85 [kW] Max. power requirement motor shaft: 12.96 [kW] Dx8yla motor power: 15.00 [kW] Efficiency: 80 [%] Sound: LWA2 87 [dB] Sound: LPA2 72 [dB] Max. speed: 3600 [1/min] connection: 400 NW Wheel diameter: 562 [mm]
Extraction unit Nestro NE 160 mobile extraction unit V nominal: 1780cbm/h V min.: 1447cbm/h year of construction: 1997 Suction tube Diameter: 160mm Filterfl. 11,5qm Engine power: 2,2kW Vt39ai Rated speed: 2800min Operating voltage: 380V Rated current: 4,7A Automatic vibration Location: ex stock 54634 Bitburg - free loaded -
Nail series: 34° paper magazineed strip nails Bfeqbk8j0l Wire diameter: 3.8 - 4.6 mm Nail lengths: 100 - 160 mm Working pressure: 5 - 8 bar Weight: 7.10 kg Magazine capacity: 72 nails
Coral clean air extraction Eurofilter M300 suction capacity 6000 m3/h Engine power 9,2 kW mobile Fire extinguisher H3 tested Residual dust content 0.1 mg/m³ Dimensions: length 2730 x width 1100 x height incl. silencer 2520 mm Noise level 75 dB(A) Chip volume 3 tons a 300 l Bjvvx9pkcy year of construction 2015
-KOM 1506- Bov2pk3an2 Clean air extraction system BGU 2000 S A clean air extraction system BGU 2000 S is offered here. Machine type: Clean air extraction system Model: RLG 2000 S Machine number Extraction connection 160 mm - Nominal operating voltage: 400 V - Power P1: 4. 2 Nominal current: KW 6. 2 A - with driving direction Collection is free of charge - Shipping by arrangement.
Technical data POWER UNIT 200 P - Intake socket-Ø: 200 mm - Nominal motor power: 2.9 kW; 400 V/50 Hz - max. volume flow: 3010 m³/h - Nominal volume flow: 2262 m³/h - Negative pressure: 2174 Pa - filter area: 13,7 m² - Filter cleaning: Compressed air cleaning - 2 pieces of filling containers (roller containers): a. 241 litres Galln8un8 - Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 2322 x 830 x 2050 - Weight: 320 kg - Version / operating side left Location Ex warehouse Bitburg
Exhibition piece- is sold at a special price Will be sold at a special price Technical data 300-P Intake manifold: 300 mm Nominal motor power: 7,5 kW / 3 Ph voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz max. volume flow: 6 000 m³ / h nominal volume flow: 5 089 m³ / h negative pressure: 2 280 Pa filter surface: 30 m² Spa collection volume: 3 x 250 L Dimensions (L / W / H) in mm: 2963 x 994 x 2346 Weight: 880 kg Special: unit is equipped with sound absorber - therefore extremely quiet - can be sold with or without Locat...
AL-KO POWER UNIT® 250 P-BP intake manifold : 250 mm nominal motor power : 6,5 kW / 3 Ph Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz Maximum volume flow: 4.900 m³ / h Nominal volume flow : 3.534 m³ / h Negative pressure 2.451 Pa Filter surface 22,4 m² Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm 2.305 x 1.333 x 2.609 Briquetting capacity 30 - 50 kg / h Machine stands 5 days on a fair Approx. 5- 10 operating hours. Yqd3aw Sold at a special price. Location: Comes to stock 54634 Bitburg Subject to prior sale
IE 3 engine as standard maximum flow rate up to 10,000 m³/h to the fan about 73 m m² filter area Pre-filter as standard 71 dB (A) at full load (according to DIN EN ISO 11201) Certified according to GS-HO-07 H3 residual dust content 0,1 mg / m ³ safely complied (wood dust) Models with construction pattern tested rotary valves (FSA) Approved non-return valve Built-in automatic fire extinguishing system 9zr2y8g 350 + P Intake manifold 355 mm Rated motor power 15.0 kW/3Ph Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz maxi...
Technical data: Hpmdzxd ALKO clean air - extraction unit mobile, type Mobil-Power Unit APU 120, year of construction 2021 engine power 1,5 KW, intake Ø=120 mm, silenced, mobile separation bin 135 ltr, automatic control, filter cleaning, dimensions: L= 1,085 mm, W= 650 mm, H= 1,985 mm, volume dust bin: 135 liters, weight: 117 kg, nominal volume flow (after cleaning): 814 m³ / h, Exhibition piece At an absolute special price Location: Ex warehouse Bitburg
Al-Ko clean air dust collector year 2020 Exhibit (no operating hours yet - new) Technical data Power Unit 250 P Suction port: 250 mm Nominal motor power: 6.5 kW / 3 Ph voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz max. volume flow: 4900 m³ / h Nominal volume flow: 3524 m³ / h Negative pressure: 2451 Pa filter area: 22,4 m² Spare collection volume: 2 x 250 L Dimensions (L / W / H) in mm: 2305 x 994 x 2351 Weight: 758 kg Location: ex warehouse 54634 Bitburg Oo09x0tzo
Compressed air breathing apparatus -Accessories: CleanAir CA Basic 2000 -Price: per piece -Number: 3 pieces -Dimensions: 200/120/H190 mm -Weight: 1.8 kg/piece Bfguszmjal
Used unitCondition: Function testedEquipment and technical data:Filling quantity: 60 lExhaust air volume flow: 280 l/hMax. Max. load: 60 kgCompressed air connection: max. 4 barLocation: High availability: Short term Bmn0ikn7c0
Sprue picker of the Enmair Group ER series - 550 / 650 / 750 / 850 (V) Application range from 50 - 250 to. injection moulding machine Horizontal travel depending on type 550 / 650 / 750 / 850 mm Vertical travel depending on type 125 / 125 / 170 / 170 mm Swivel angle 50 - 90 ° Gripper angle 90° Lifting weight max 3kg bracket on the backside allows easy change to Swivel angle to the right / left, as required C3zuhaom required operating air pressure 5 - 7 bar 220V 50 Hz Several of these devices can...
White Air conditioning Ultraclean ULTRA 55.2 Air conditioning cabinet ULTRA 55.2 DXU Manufacturer: Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH Device type: Ultraclean, ULTRA 55.2 DXU Year of construction: 2007 Nachheitzer 10,5 kW Cooler: 12,7 kW Humidifier: 3 kg/h Filter class: F7 Supply air volume 2500 m{h Rbzzo72n ext. ext. compression 200
2 lifting devices Fabr. Schairer Type H 400/700 Type 1 DT NSG year of construction 2008 Payload : 400 kg Useful stroke 700 mm Electric drive Power : 0,55 KW loading tongue (l,w) : 460 x 280 mm Bhiw9j8adc Loading dimensions (Euro pallet/screwed) : 1000 x 800 x 2200 (1500 without cable duct) mm Both lifting devices fully functional, more lifting devices available on request !
Blower filter device, welding smoke filter, welding smoke extractor, breathing apparatus Niwfb -filters -in the suitcase -with out battery -Dimensions: 420/165/H335 mm -Weight: 3.2 kg
Coral type AIRCOM 36IL 2000 Hx3b9hnx Extraction and filter system for welding smoke, plasma, laser etc. Pneumatic cleaning of the filter bags Teflon-coated filter material 28m² filter area little used
München, Germany Germany
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as good as new (ex-display)
Cleaning of Tig welding seams, dark sign. As a pure AC device Cleanox 2.0 is designed only for cleaning of weld seams with a carbon fiber brush. He can however as well as its big brothers. The ease of use makes the unit ideal for construction and installation in the pipeline construction. With the optional sign set, dark captions can be applied, E.g. batch No. or nameplates. The type of machine cleaning and signing system Make Reuter Type Cleanox 2.0 1 x 230 v supply voltage Performance 1,0...
Here we offer an EYE UV-OZONE CLEANER. The UV / ozone cleaning process is an effective method for removing a variety of contaminants from surfaces. Ultraviolet (UV) / Ozone surface cleaner EYE UV-OZONE CLEANER 50Hz Input 3ø 200V 6A 800W Lamp QGL90U-36x5 Bwqwnvi8 Type: OCT-900525-D Scope of delivery: (see picture) 2 weeks commissioning warranty The device comes from a warehouse liquidation. We also deliver with express shipping (DHL, UPS, TNT) We can answer further questions for you on the phone....
For cleaning the dampening roller covers with water only ! For 3 rollers up to 100 cm length Advantages: - Long service life of the roller covers - Drying without manual treatment Bvqfn2rlk0 - Very short cleaning time
Stair string milling device, router, groove milling machine, stair string milling machine -2x stair string milling devices -hardened guide shafts -complete stop system Qku9dgbpw -max. intermediate dimensions: 1550 mm -Table dimensions: 4000 x 1900 mm -Table height: 770 mm
Description : Device with rollers Function Easy handling thanks to fully automatic cleaning process. Thus, skilled personnel can concentrate on other important tasks. The washing tank is filled with a mixture of water and water-soluble IBS special cleaner (washing lye). The soiled cleaning material is placed in the rotating washing basket and the lid is closed. After setting the desired washing temperature and time, the device is switched on and the lye is heated in the tank. When the appliance ...
BAG Dustfilter, with Air JET Cleanig, Filtersurface aaprox. 60m2, with Blower, 6000m3/hour/250 mmWs/ 7,5 Kw., Hoper and Feet. Bvnxl0rwm3 Very good Condition, ready for usw. Picture shows on side laying Filter, because of Transport.
Floor cleaning device Kärcher Br 55/60 W Eco Bu90dbi80z
mechanical filter system for soldering work stations and laser systems volume flow max. 500 m³ / h compression max. 21,000 Pa preliminary filter mat - HEPA filter - activated carbon cassette control interface electrical data 230 V / 2.4 KW space requirements length - 810 x width - 365 x height - 740 mm weight approx. 70 kg Bsxtppccbv  
The device is a facade cleaner of the brand Falch with extensive accessories. It was only used for demonstration purposes and has accordingly only 0.5 operating hours on the counter. Most of the accessories are as good as new, some even unused. Invoices, as well as operating instructions are of course enclosed. The device itself has the following technical data. Djl7ker Pump capacity: 13kW Maximum pressure: 300bar at 18l/min Electric motor: 400 Volt 32A Operating hours: 0,5 hours Accessories of ...
Power 9 kW(380 V) max.pressure 10 bar Temperature at the nozzle 150° C Volume in water tank 20 ltr. Bslmukqywg Volume in detergent tank 20 Ltr. Steam production 12 kg/h Empty weight 80 kg
1. cleaning tank with ultrasonic Size dimensions: 1000 x 1720 x 1700 room contents: 1 m3 inner dimension 127x60cm depth 130 cm 2. rinsing, aeration tank Size dimensions: 1000 x 1720 x 1600 inner dimensions 125x60cm Tiefe130cm Capacity: 1 m3 3. containers for draining and drying 83gjquoc0 Size dimensions: 1000 x 1720 x 1600 cubic capacity: 1 m3, inner dimension 125x60cm depth 130 cm 4. containers for the formation of layer against corrosion Size dimensions: 1080 x 1690 x 1700 capacity: 1,1 m3 ...
Cleaning of exhaust air from processing machines, coating plants or food processing lines, such as cooling lubricants or spray mist Complete unit Bjgcduhlwi Power 0,57 kW - 400V 50 Hz Rated current 1.05 A Air volume 1100 m³/h. was used on a processing machine. We still have more extraction units. Please inquire.
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
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Electr. Connection: 220 V, 400 W Zsfwniz Spiral inserts 25 mm Ø: 2 pieces each 4.6 m Spiral inserts 15 mm Ø: 1 piece 2, 3 piece 2,3 m, 1 piece of 2.3 m (damaged) 3.5 m guide hose for spiral Ø 25 mm 1.8 m guide hose for spiral Ø 15 mm
Electrostatic air filter Indusa elstar EL4001 NVAS R/O There are 36 pieces available in different versions of intake and air outlet, but the majority is R/O. The air filters are from 2013 and only very little used since the company has changed to a central extraction system in 2014. Some are still new and unused. All used air filters are cleaned and disinfected and give the optical impression of a new system. There are also some EL 2001 NTD VA and EL 2001 NVAS The well thought-out design, the hi...
Item type: Power Wash 38 further data on request! Condition: used Scope of delivery: 1x Tecan Power Wash 384 * Invoice including VAT. Bo7oizznur Customs notice: When shipping to non-EU countries, additional taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties) are incurred in the context of your order, which are not paid by us or billed by us, but by you directly to the responsible person Customs or tax authorities are payable. Please contact these authorities for details. The buyer is expressly adv...
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The most efficient and easiest way of escalators and moving belt cleaning. Ideal for airports, shopping malls, retail stores, subway stations and hotels, as these escalators and treadmill cleaning machine has a powerful cleaning and suction. It is efficient and easy to use. The bracket can be folded and thus the rugged device is to be transported in almost any car. The X46 is equipped with power-driven, rotating brushes, which provide a fast and effective cleaning and a powerful vacuuming the du...
Dortmund-Wambel, Germany Germany
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2. air cleaning plants Flow rate Max 1450 m³/h Speed 0.7 m/s Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz Dimensions L x W x H 800 x 800 x 1250 mm / system Weight: 160 kg / plant New price: €7.200,00 / PCs. Need new replacement filters and parts about us can be ordered! Price: €3.990,00 / PCs. plus VAT VAT Siegfried Volz machine tools Rüschebrinkstr. 151-153 Ga0lhffwi D-44143 Dortmund - Wambel
* General * SKUR1083 * LocationBarneveld * MakeDynamic Air (USA) * TypeBella B320E-XN * No.1096976 * Year of construction2009 * Material * MaterialStainless steel 1.4404 (316L) * Key Features * Paddle mixer * Double shaft * Useful capacity320 ltr * Trough sizes1325x1105x850mm * With cover(2x) * Inletdia. 260mm (1x) dia. 115mm (1x) dia. 100mm (1x) * Outlet1200x160mm (2x) * Glands air purged * Motor15 kW 380-420/660-725 volt (2x) * Speed mixing shaft112 rpm * Information * Floor space2,6x1,4 M * T...