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Sweeper "PowerPro" 1,50 Euronorm with heavy-duty shovel The PowerPro is especially characterized by its large capacity. The exact fitting to a heavy-duty bucket guarantees an even greater dirt absorption. In addition, the resistant scraper ensures a clean and reliable loosening of earth and silage residues. Technical details: Sweeping broom with robust plastic bristles (Ø 500 mm) Two adjustment spindles ensure an optimum floor sweeping connection With robust internal oil motor - optimum protecti...
Metal washer Fabr. Barca CLEANER type 5 H Fabr. # 8022 built in 1980 Technical data: Dvzbvy Internal dimensions 1500 x 1500 x 1000 mm Basket size 1250 x 1250 mm Water capacity 300-500 l maximum heating temperature 70 ° Heating-up time of the washing machine 1 hour Spray pressure 4.3 bar Cleaning time 10-15 minutes 7.5 kW Heating power 9.0 kW Dimensions L x W x H 2000 x 2000 x 2400 mm with -Time-thermostat -Flap door -Feed carriage with 2 baskets used from operating resolution
Honda 4-stroke engine,stock location: Bvmopzzb9x
Demonstration unit with full warranty! The cleaner with low-speed motor and the PLUS in comfort. Hose reel with additional rewind aid, 15 m steel-reinforced high-pressure hose, second blasting pipe with rotor nozzle, wear-resistant, ceramic-coated pistons, ergonomic STIHL professional spraying device, detergent tank, pressure/quantity regulation, pressure gauge, large water filter. Standard equipment Detergent dosing system Integrated hose reel Quick coupling - professional spraying device Secon...
Steffenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18515 km
For further technical data please contact the seller. Bvmodjhvwn
High pressure hose rewinder,storage location: Brv0sj2g
with dirt grinder,storage location: Dgmv9pp
10-195 bar, hose & gun, dirt cutter, storage place: H2nb0qt
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
18794 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition Used This listing is for a Woodley Equipment Clinispin 642E Horizon Centrifuge Bnnupzxylo
LiYu PZ Maxima Inno Ecosolvent Large Format Printer. Very minimal usage, less than 5000m2 printed on it. Supports a whole variety of materials for ecosolvent printing, e.g. Wallpaper, Leather, Textile and a bunch more. Can be transformed into a flatbed printer with some workbenches because the printing head enclosure can be lifted. Low ink and production costs and excellent quality prints. It can be upgraded in the future with 4 more printing heads to double the printing speed Computer + Mon...
lifting height 3600 mm lifting capacity 1500 kg centre load 600 mm fork length 115 cm width over forks 57 cm fork height 86 mm width between forks 230 mm turning radius 1342 mm total length 1656 mm total width 795 mm height mast at forks at 3600 mm 4043 mm height mast at forks below 2390 mm 2x 12v 125ah battery 1.27 kw traction motor 5.5 km/h no load 5.0 km/h loaded 3 kw lift motor lifting: loaded 130 mm/s no load 200 mm/2 lowering: loaded 130 mm/2 no load 130 mm/2 internal charger 24v Disadvant...
Cleaning bucket Width 267cm Verachtert CW40 connection Neat and good condition bucket Stocknr.: UR0499 Y7eqrl
Three-printhead models can generate and Gixu0bj expose full-size images in less than a minute • i-Image STE exposes emulsion with a scanning UV LED light source on the outward pass • i-Image STE II exposes emulsion with a secondary UV LED light source following the inward pass, with a scanning UV LED light source on the outward pass—or with both light sources in the same imaging/exposure cycle • The high density of M&R’s UV LEDs ensures the quickest exposures and the most uniform coverage availa...
Dimension: 1200x800x900mm Material Weight: 49kg /pcs Wire Diameter 6.0mm , Buyzddcq20 Mesh Pitch 50*100 mm Solid Bottom: 0.8mm thick steel plate Load Capacity & Stacked: Load 600kg/pcs Using ,Stacked 6 layers up 1 000 pcs. available
LCT bio. X A 100 Biologically based small parts cleaner including 80 liters LCT Bio Liquid cleaning fluid Bag filter Magnet for separating metal chips Washable prefilter Cleaning temperature is a comfortable 41 ° C Environmentally friendly Long service life of the cleaner little space required Nvl9j additional options are possible: Filter housing with washable nylon filter Insert sheet made of V2A to protect the plastic surface Trolley cover
lifting height 3300 mm lifting capacity 1200 kg centre load 600 mm fork length 115 cm width over forks 57 cm fork height 86 mm width between forks 230 mm turning radius 1342 mm total length 1656 mm total width 795 mm height mast at forks at 3300 mm 3871 mm height mast at forks below 2256 mm 2x 12v 85ah battery 0.65 kw driving motor 4.5 km/h no load 4.0 km/h 2.2 kw lift motor lift: 110 mm/s no load 210 mm/2 lower: 120 mm/2 no load 110 mm/2 internal charger 24v Disadvantages compared to Everlift s...
Ferro Dec 56 Decoating Medium. For sale due to outsourcing of coating to a third party supplier. Buex83cpar Total 50 canisters á 10 kg each = 500 kg. Price EUR 5,00 per kg. ex works, incl. packing from stock.
We're selling a brand new, literally twice used fully functional and in perfect working order PFK-2800 Slitter Rewinder for Jumbo Reels of Tissue, Kitchen Towel and napkin paper. It is the last of our rewinders and it's the best price that we can offer for such a new machine! Bofbohuge Specification: Raw tissue weight: 11.5 - 37.0 gsm Raw tissue jumbo max width: 2800 mm Raw tissue jumbo max diameter: 2300 mm Raw tissue jumbo core diameter: 330 mm / 76.2 mm Winded tissue roll max diameter: 1800 ...
Year built: 2018Condition: nvtAccessories: Capacity: Work width: Pump capacity: Equipment: Computer: Lighting: nvtReduced/trailed: nvtDrive: nvtSize: Hose length/diameter: Sprayer: nvtNumber of nozzles: 0Type of nozzles: Boom/canon: nvtTire size: Tire brand: Tire condition: VDBK Outrigger - Year: 2018 - Condition: New - With lighting plug Options: - Hydraulic steering - For a symmetrical or symmetrical sprayer cart - Tipper collection knob or hitch lip - Customizable to your liking Xtle8hw
handy and compact powerful motor Li-Ion battery technology charging time 2,5 hours 3-4 hours working time Low dead weight Brvznbmaw0 Load capacity: 1500 kg Gradient up to 10% with load
- New machine made entirely of stainless steel including washing pump - Automatic basket drive - Touch button to turn the basket outside of the cleaning procedure - Tank cover and mesh filter under the stainless steel basket - Protection against dry running - Door security switch - Connections for plate phase separator (oil separator) Izfjft9 - Inner basket width 790 mm - Usable height of the basket to the lower edge of the nozzle holder 430 mm - Flat jet nozzles - washing pressure 3 bar - in...
lifting height 3600 mm lifting capacity 1200 kg centre load 600 mm fork length 115 cm width over forks 57 cm fork height 86 mm width between forks 230 mm turning radius 1342 mm total length 1656 mm total width 795 mm height mast at forks at 3600 mm 4115 mm height mast at forks below 2390 mm 2x 12v 85ah battery 0.65 kw driving motor 4.5 km/h no load 4.0 km/h 2.2 kw lift motor lift: 110 mm/s no load 210 mm/2 lower: 120 mm/2 no load 110 mm/2 internal charger 24v Disadvantages compared to Everlift s...
Doxato/Drama Greece
17582 km
refurbished (used)
Year of first use: 2009 Nhw3x Total weight: 13200kg max. frequency: 2050 tpm max. centrifugal force: 1750 kN max. pressure/flow: 350 bar / 860 l/min Line Pull Cap. / Preload: 400 kN/ 400 kN Eccetric moment: 0-38 kgm
Walkeringham United Kingdom
18607 km
good condition (used)
Cove Equipment Shredder Model: SH-5 Hsohyh7 Stainless shredder, continuous process, ideal for chicken and pulled pork, 750Kgs per hour, 1Ph
Overall Rating: Make selectionRear Tread(%): Front Tread(%): Gross weight (kg): 0Front tire size: Rear tyre size: Wheelbase: Load space dimensions: Maintenance contract: NoExtra options: Make selectionNumber of previous owners: 0Construction type: Make selectionManufacturer: Axle type: Make selectionBrakes: Max. loading capacity (kg): Suspension type: Make choiceOutside dimensions vehicle (m): Colour: Body options: Make choiceVDBK Equipment 25000 hook arm carrier, 2020, air suspension, air brake...
We sell an LCT bio.X C 500 washbasin with a stainless steel structure for washing heavy parts up to 1500 KG, which can easily be washed or rinsed on the frame using a washing brush. The price includes 100 liters of LCT Bio Liquid for washing at an optimal 41 ° C. Equipment of the washbasin: Drain cock Side filter set with washable filters Hsyfim8 Round perforated sheet in the washing area can be removed Filter sieve in the drain also for washing out Circuit board for time control of the pump and...
De Rips, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
18586 km
Lighting: YesTowed/towed: Carried frontTire size: OptionalTire brand: OptionalCustomized pressure wheels for various brands and types. 079wj8ml
Ennepetal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18538 km
total power requirement / kW weight of the machine ca. / t required space / m 3dzv9aeh
Cleaning container Bfkr07byyu -Large: cleaning container -Interior dimensions: see photos -Performance levels: 5 -Price: per piece -Number: 2 pieces -Dimensions: 595/380/H660 mm -Weight: 38 kg
2-chamber ultrasonic cleaning system (cleaning - rinsing) - MOD-2x60L-DIS tank made of stainless steel and fully insulated, incl. stainless steel hinged lid incl. level control in chamber-1 and chamber-2 external dimensions, approx.: LxWxH 1.150x720x900 mm frequency: 38 kHz Bath volume: approx. 60 litres per chamber Incl. the special options: Cfqt2wpi - Surface wash-off and oil separation - Medium filtration/candle filter - 2x stainless steel wire mesh basket with the dimensions 460 x 350 x 220h...
For cleaning the dampening roller covers with water only ! For 3 rollers up to 100 cm length Advantages: - Long service life of the roller covers - Drying without manual treatment Bvqfn2rlk0 - Very short cleaning time
Machine type Cleaning machine Manufacturer Roll Bvp97xkoml Model RCTS Advantage Year of construction 2017 Control System Siemens SPS
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18377 km
Container content: 400 l Flow rate: max. 60 l / min Filter fineness: greater than 0.003 mm Connected load: approx. 2.0 kW (400 V / 50 Hz) Dimensions W x D x H: 1000 x 1000 x 1370 mm Bvagwip0zc Weight: approx. 200 kg colour: Gray Description: Suitable for cleaning cooling oil used for grinding of carbide metals.
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
18685 km
CONTROLS .. conventional ELECTRICAL FURNACE WITH TRANSPORTBELT FOR HEAT TREATING UNDER PROTECTIVE GAS DOMAIN handling: annealing and relaxing Hnoiuhax Technical details: Max. working temperature: 900 degrees Numbers of zones with separate temperature regulation: 3 - automatic transport system for loading and unloading!
max. paper size 102 x 142 cm dimensions of press (L x W x H) 250x190x220 cm weight 250 kg serial no. M-0514-005-05/05-08 frequency 50 Hz Beoqq80vfy voltage 400 V palletising unit
Parts cleaning machine make AUTOP PERKUTE type JET 82 T make # 177471 year of construction 1981 technical data: basket diameter 785 mm usable height 630 mm basket load capacity 500 kg tank capacity 130 l pump power 2,0 kW Yttzvg heating power 6,0 kW power supply 380 V / 50 Hz weight approx. 250 kg with - mobile - heating - driven basket - nozzles from top and side used
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18260 km
lifting capacity: 300-400 kg height over floor: mm weight: 97 kg Lifting height: max 350 mm dimensions L x W x H: 0,85 x 0,60 x 1,50 mm Built from sturdy steel construction, welded. Brl7di77vp The lifting device is movable. Movable by the 4x wheels (2 of them swivel) and with brake. Hydraulics: Manufacturer ORSTA-Hydraulik The lifting is done by hand lever at 15 MPa The load is carried/lifted by a steel plate 400 x 400 x 3mm.
Cleaning booth, cleaning booth Puer8m -Working space: -Construction: very stable -Door: 1 -Lighting in: work area -Dimensions: 520/915/H1570 mm -Weight: 118 kg
On board computer ,Cabin ,Air conditioning rti termischwagen FTP Engine 151 kW-206 hp Turbo Intercooler (Tier IV) Max. travel speed: 40 km/h Cab EVO version Can Bus System (on board computer) Multifunctional handle on the armrest Mode switch: working or transport Travel drive with automatic system & ECOMODE Hydraulic front independent suspension w. McPherson guide system,front disc brake Axle w. controlled locking system. McPherson guide system, front disc brake Axle with controlled limited slip...
Technical condition: very good Serial number: 15A001705 Brbjconbir Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 1.27 x 0.7 x 1.59
Steffenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18515 km
Thread head,Bearing location:null Bvhsze8vji
gebr. Dragone flail mower Walterscheid PTO shaft hydraulic lateral adjustment as standard equipment Omml9
Cleaning tank, warming basin -Bank: made of VA -Useful height: 250 mm -Heating power: 3 kW -Voltage: 220 V -Dimensions: 880/360/H765 mm Fg9b2ekyk -Weight: 24 kg