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Bun roll divider for sale

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6 rows Hourly capacity to 18000 pieces with 1 volumetric flask for various weight ranges also suitable for soft dough 2tqbkep7h more
Bielefeld, Germany Germany
dealership location
17913 km
good (used)
- weight range 35-80 gramm - round bun Rgm9avldk - 2-row - lacquered - on rolls - checked and cleaned Dimensions: High: 170 cm Width: 100 cm Depth: 70 cm more
manual head to clean 30s division dough range 32-80 gramm automatic working 380V / 50Hz Xho0lsvuy Dimensions: High: 150 cm Width: 60 cm Depth: 40 cm more
It is a used, reconditioned Fortuna bun roll press size 4 (semi-automatic, 30-piece) for sale. The bun roll press is in top condition, fully functional and runs very quietly. A new stainless steel knife star was installed, no wear visible. The engine was re-stored and a new main switch was installed. The machine has been repainted. The weight range of the machine is 40gr. - 110 gr. per piece of dough (30 pieces). Dough insert: 1200gr. – 3300gr. If dough pieces are only pressed and cut, a higher ... more
Fortuna / Trima Bread Roll SystemTM Quadrangle and Ciabattaanlage Model: Type: TM-T5 with BAK Bh8n7zzco8 Dough dividing machine 5 rows square bread roll line Weight range 40 to 200g Head machine for square rolls with dough strand infeed conveyor Peel-off tape sheet removal 3 flour with sprinkling station Touch screen control Output max. 6000 pieces / hour Bakery machine in stainless steel Connection 400V, 4 kW, 16A-CEE plug Dimensions: 6415 x 1100 x 1850 mm, WxDxH Used machine in the bakery st... more
Consisting off:weighing bunker 100kg bowl lifter hefts bun roll divider rounder, stainless steel hopper, flour dusters, 6rows,make -up units, retracting belt,tray transport incl, tromp egg spray unit by movable pressure bar, transport conveyor through proofer cabinet , elevator proofer cabinet , capacity 480 baking trays, dimension 80*40 cm, climate control , lighting , isolated cabinet, discharge transport including decoration loop with 6 decoration units through oven loader , oven loader , tur... more
-bun roll line -Koevy -6 row -with Fortuna head machine Nm9bnihuk -up to 80gramm more
Theline is in a good condition - it's ready for work. The set consists of 3 machines: 1)Koenig Classic Rex 5 rows 2)Koenig Intermediate Proofer with a stampler 3)Koenig Final Proofer Efficiency: 4.500 pieces / hour Bemn2dx2ga You can check the machine yourself in Warsaw (Poland). If you wish, I can send you a video of the workcycle! more
It is a used Kemper Quadro bun roll line 5-row with punch and settling device for sale. The system is in the bakery state and is fully functional. Rustic /angular dough pieces can be produced. Suitable for the following doughs: wheat dough, wheat mixed egg, rye mixed, multigrain dough. - Weight range: 40gr. – 150gr. Xcv2e02t - Power: 2000 - 7000 pieces / hour - incl. 2 x different knife rollers Price on request. more
König Mini Rex 4000 with proofer G 2000 For round, stippled, long-rolled and wrapped-long rolled, as well as rustic rolls 2-ring head machine, swiveling up to 45 ° SK 58 + RK 58 Weight range: 35 - 85g piece of dough Output up to 4000 pieces / hour Proofer 2 rhg. with long roller and bread roll Output up to 2000 pieces / hour Bread roll line in stainless steel Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug M8idll Used machine more
Daub Model: DV10 J8n3gr bun divider / rounder Daub semi automatic bun divider rounder For dividing and rounding rolls, 36 divisions at a time, 3 phase, 3 moulding plates" more
Machine after overhauling. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail. Mppz9ihp more
It is a used, program-controlled Kemper dough bun divider and rounder Mini Quadro Round / MQR 3-row (BJ 2004) incl. 3 x chamber drums (45gr., 60gr., 80gr.) for sale. The machine was thoroughly cleaned and a customer service was carried out, defective parts were renewed. Round and rustic / angular dough pieces can be produced. Processing of all bread rolls: wheat dough, wheat mixed egg, rye-mixed, rustic angular rolls, round rolls, cobbler boys, mini baguette, ciabatta, triangles and diamonds. -... more
Machine has been refreshed and is ready for use. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail. Bc2b7r2tuv more
It is a used Fortuna bread roll line (BJ 2004) with head machine 5 rows (BJ 1999) for sale. The line is thoroughly cleaned and customer service is carried out. Defective parts are renewed. Tapes can be exchanged on request (at an additional cost). The system has a proofing cabinet with an integrated stub station for round, stippled dough pieces (e.g. Kaiser rolls). Round, smooth dough pieces can also be produced. Bh2vltldny The system has an automatic depositing device with which the pieces of d... more
W&P Rollmeister bread roll line with MUS G head machine Cast8odg - Head machine W&P Multimatik MUS G - Head machine is year of construction 2010 - 4-row - with pretzel discharge - Stainless steel - Rollmeister bread roll line from year of construction 2006 more
Bread roll line Head machine dough part and rounding machine Trima KE4 / 5 rows Weight range from 45 to 110 grams with spreading tape, touch panel BA 1600 depositing device Bl3tm2c90o Stainless steel version for various products DGUV V3-tested Connection 400V, 2 kW, 16A-CEE plug Dimensions: 3580 x 1100 x 1700 mm, WxDxH Used machine cleaned and checked Visit our Milbrandt outlet with a show bakery and many bakery machines and devices! more
It is a used Kemper Polymat (6 rows) with pros scoop and settling device for sale. It lacks four small dosage piston. The machine should be overhauled. -Weight range: approx 50gr. -120gr. -incl. Chamber drum for 120gr. Dough pieces Ng3jp Price on request. more
Dough dividing and rounding machine W&P Rotamat EN Roll press with 3 kneading plates Floor machine 30 pieces, Weight range 30-80 g = 900-2400 g, Roll press Rotamat EN from the manufacturer WP is ideal for dividing and rounding dough new plastic knife star, newly coated dough ring, with protective visor DGUV V3 tested Connection 400 V, 1kW, 16A-CEE plug, Dimensions: 650 x 670 x 1610 mm, WxDxH Used machine overhauled Bl3takrtre Visit our Milbrandt outlet with a show bakery and many bakery machin... more
Bun roll wrapping machine Frilado Model: AN 2 / Type 2 for manual assignment with serving plate holder long discharge belt can be folded down Machine mobile Connection 220V, ready to plug in Used machine overhauled Hqnw7lhh0 Visit our Milbrandt outlet with a show bakery and many bakery machines and devices! more
dist. between pillars (left to right) 600 mm stroke 50 mm max. loading 100 kn total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. 1500 kg dimensions of the machine ca. m Bjxzx2h7k7 Universal tensile tester, Software ZWICK Testexpert more
Used Treif Divider 440 automatic slicer. The compact and space-saving design of the DIVIDER 440 ensures optimum use of space and combines this advantage with the performance of much larger machines. The slicer allows a high degree of flexibility as the product can be replaced without having to change any mechanical components of the system. The machine can be used in many different ways due to its ability to work within production lines. -Product presentation: Stacking, rosette, portioning, off... more
Hardness Tester Zwick Roell TC-HZHU250 large support plate and base cabinet, with operating instructions and accessories. very good condition C0oip0x more
Drum cleaning machine type RCTS 067-048-030-03 Machine number K4539 for goods carriers LxWxH: 670 x 480 x 300 mm General overhaul for the use of halogen-free hydrocarbons (VbF AIII), with CE mark, in Roll standard version (equipment regulations can be taken into account at an extra charge), similar to the description below. The optimal method in each case depends on the very specific application situation and requires coordinated system technology. Advantages of the cleaning machine type RCTS: ⦁... more
tank volume 40x45x50 mm number 3 Becken heating capacity 10,2 kW total power requirement 6 kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. 2,4x1,0x2,1 m Nlnx2 3 pools LxWxH: 40x45x50 mm with versatile accessories Casing inclusive Heated pool 3x Basin 1 automatic vertical and rotating movement Basin 2 and 3 automatic vertical movement continuous water flow switchable Ultrasound on the left pelvis Tank drainage possible individually - manually corner lid hinged Temperature readin... more
Longitudinal multi-station system Troken with heating and transport systems Control - S5-115 Workflow Station 1: Clean in aqueous solution, hot with ultrasound Filling 710 liters, heating capacity 27 kW Station 2: Rinse in aqueous solution Filling 710 liters, heating power 18 kW Station 3: Passivate, watery hot Filling 720 liters, heating power 27 kW Bjmrw7c3 Basket Dimensions: Lenght-800mm, Breight-600mm, Height-140mm Batch weight - max 100kg Mains voltage - 380V / 50Hz Compressed air - 6 bar D... more
Double-Chamber water spraying system Basket 600 x 600 x 500 Bejuieirjm more
Zwick Roell universal hardness tester Type H04. 3106.100 The unit is universally applicable. You can like to come for a visit. You will receive a regular invoice. Also a net invoice can be created for foreign customers. Prerequisite is a valid Ust.Indent.Nr. Subject to prior sale. Specified trade names, and trademarks are property of their owners and are used only for identification and description of products. Deviations from specifications as well as errors in the description of the ar... more
Serien-Nr.: K04865, int. Nr: 94, Reinigungsmittel Wasser, mit Ein- und Ausgabeplatz Npzrj more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
Volume flow: 41m³/min, connected load: 92kW, controls: SIEMENS SP. N23j2 more
Stone slabs car for Heuft VTR Thermoroll oven suitable for a 2-deep oven 80 cm wide with 9 runs Dw7oeyy38 more
Well preserved Lösemiitel complex with loading unit Nk9nn Basket 480 x 320 x 200 more
Zwick Roell universal hardness tester Type H04. 3106.01 The device was used in a laboratory. For the test of plastic For the testing of metals need one other signal conditioning unit. These can easily be replaced. Cost around 2000 euros for other processing unit. These can be ordered from the manufacturer. The unit is universally applicable. You can like to come for a visit. You will receive a regular invoice. Also a net invoice can be created for foreign customers. Prerequisite is a val... more
Albany RapidRoll 5300x5300mm industrial high speed door removed, including all accessories, fragments sale price. Door construction, canopy panels, switch cabinets. Motor, a control cabinet. B9rs9t7 Needs to be / broken 1 piece leg, replaced / Manufacturer: RapidRoll 600 Albany Size: 5300x5300mm Year of production: 2004 more
automatic cleaner for metals based Perchlohrethylen (Per.) Vxpal7lt more
Current type: 400V, 50 Hz, 96 kW, 188 A Heating capacity: 216 kW Cleaning supplies: aqueous solutions 5 baths: 1. - 1880 l, 45 kW 2. - 1100 l, 45 kW 3. - 1720 l, 36 kW 4. - 1880 l, 36 kW 5. - 1880 l, 36 kW Intermediate containers 2 x 250 l Spldyoih Dryer 18 kW washing nets 18 x 1000 x 800 x 350 mm more
folder 92CD max. Paperwidth: 495mm/19,5" formats 6-16" long table with vertical stacker VST190 Lfzw9 option: 1 handtrolley Wanne skateboards w/o arch possible all printerinterfaces possible speed 108m/min fully maintenanced through manufacturer 50 Hz Units will be fully refurbsihed. Maintenance and guarantee in Germany possible more
Refurbished metal degreasing plant immediately ready for use Cleaning medium (Peer) 54 KW Hpoejgl more
Internal item No.: 18130 Universal Härteprtüfgerät Connection 220V Bd9bhzh0d2 Tellerdurchm. 155mm incl. weight 451N with steel stand 700x400mm Type: H04. 3106.01 YEAR: 2008 The device was used for plastic testing in a laboratory. Test methods of metals requires a different signal conditioning unit E.g. Rockwell. These can be purchased at Zwick more
Here we offer you a material testing machine.Load frameTest force in tension / compression: 5 kNHeightLoad frame height: 1303 mmmWith levelling elements: 1331 mmWidthLoad frame width: 770 mmmWith electronics: 930 mmDepthLoad frame depth: 356 mmmWith electronics: 437 mmHeight of working area, without fixturesBottom working area: 1070 mmWidth of working area: 440 mmWeight with electronic unit: 110 kgmWith typical fixtures approx.125 kgA stand area: 154 cm²Loading frame base area: 2741 cm²Specific ... more
Zwick / Roell ZMART.PRO HTM 2020 has been dismantled by Zwick. with documents and spare parts Complete and ready for use Xkvr0 more
New cleaning system hardly used for aqueous cleaning agents Vsrii3 Plant with three tanks , oil separator and vacuum drying, more

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