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Sandblasting Pot: Outdoor sandblasting operations, closed-room sandblasting operations used in mobile sandblasting machines with pressured air. Pressure Sandblasting Pot - Technical Specifications: Working Pressure: 7 Bar Abrasive Type: Steel Grit, Steel Ball, Garnet, Glass Globe (glass sand) etc. Air Consumption: Lt / min is given in the table below. What is a Pressure Sandblasting Pot? A pressurized sandblasting machine is a kind of sandblasting machine which can be taken as a mobile whereve...
Sand blasting Cabinet, Cabinet, injector blasting Cabinet GUYSON type 400/40 Fabr. No. 45041 built about 1980 Hwwnjhopi Injector blasting principle, venturi principle Dust filter system with mechanical filter cleaning
CONSTRUCTION ROLLER BLAST MACHINE BRAND : WHEELABRATOR GROUP RB750 Blasting processing of constructions, profiles and sheets. Centrifugal wheels are arranged at an angle so that complex structures are blasted on all sides. Brand: Wheelabrator Group Type: RB 750 Year: 2008 Inlet Width: 750mm Hdo99c2ci Inlet High: 300mm Wheels: 4 x 4,0kW Wheel Type: TS 14.3 Inlet roll table: 3.000mm with 1500mm funnel and abrasive return Outlet roll ...
Used machine Year of construction: 1997 condition: workshop checked Fitting drill head drilling unit 3/4 spindles Clamping cylinder 2 pieces Engine power 0,8 kW Connection 400/50 Volt / Hz Machine dimensions length 950 mm width 650 mm Height 700 mm Weight 80 kg Bpblohukyr availability: short term Location: Hochheim
1 used fine blasting unit - micro blasting unit Make HORNISCH Model SK 1300 SF Injector Serial No.: 10965/2013 Working surface width 1200 mm depth 820 mm Height 850 mm Side openings 400 x 300 mm (can be opened if required; completely opened canopy for forklift and crane loading) Electrical connection 220V / 50 Hz, 550 W Air connection dry, oil-free max. 10 bar standard air Air consumption approx. 900 l/min (at 6 bar with air nozzle 4 mm and jet nozzle 8mm) Burixniabj External dimensions: Width 1...
180 kg charge maximum, Maximum single weight 8 kg, Trough ø: 610 mm, Wide of trough: 735 mm. Trough belt blasting machine, Electric cabinet, Filter system Buuu2o2fud
Stainless steel pot, stainless steel cooking pot -Stainless steel: stainless steel pot -Interior dimensions: 375 mm -Depth: 310 mm -Number: 2x available Sridco -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 400/H310 mm -Weight: 2.4 kg
Maków Podhalański Poland
17875 km
Working surface: Width 950 mm depth 850 mm height 700 mm side openings 400 x 300 mm, 780 x 300mm Electr. connection 400V /750W/50 Hz, air connection max. 10 bar Air consumption approx. 950 l/min (at 6 bar with air nozzle 5 mm and jet nozzle 8mm) width 1500 mm Heiwqqcyq depth 1500 mm height 1700 mm Weight approx.300kg
Used machine Year of construction: 1991 condition: normal incl. drill head for Hettich 52 / 5.5 with the number 270-4020 for all variants of furniture fittings drilling head with 4 spindles Magazine for 35 hinges Cycle time per operation approx. 4 sec Engine 1,1 kW availability: short term Slrqonitn Location: Röllbach
KÄRCHER IB 15/120 high performance dry ice blaster, standard gun with 2 flat spray nozzles, 5m hose package, year of manufacture 2020, only 21 operating hours according to counter. RRP 24.800,€ net, very good overall condition. 2s3tpu - Viewing gladly possible! - Shipping can be organized nationwide, the cost depends on the distance! - We are happy to provide you with an attractive leasing / financing offer through our leasing partner!
We are selling a 75IN from our Sandmaster sandblasting bar demonstration center. The unit was only exhibited at trade shows and in our showroom. Only used for demo purposes approx. 5 operating hours. The plant is immediately ready for operation incl. exhaust system and filter unit. Bue7x8mux8 As a factory representative we offer maintenance and service for Sandmaster sandblasting bars. Our warehouse in Stuttgart stocks the most common spare parts.
Blasting cabin, sandblasting cabin, suction blasting cabin, sandblasting system, sandblasting device -Manufacturer: Radler & Ruf, suction jet cabin 1826 -seat cabin -Underframe: additional wooden structure to raise it, can be unscrewed -Extraction: air output 600 m³/h Bspy3r3p30 -Working space: with lighting -Operation: via foot pedal -Dimensions: 785/775/H1960 mm -Weight: 264 kg
Type: STRAHLBOSS 110 B Engine number: 106 Year of construction: 1987 With dedusting system Type: AE-T0,88 Air capacity: 1200/1500 cubic meters/hour Filter area: 0,88 square meter Fan speed: 2840 rpm Jzlfgemn Motor power: 1,5 kW Operating voltage: 220/380 V With an extraction unit Inner dimensions of the standing blasting unit: 850 x 1100 mm With foot pedal as well as suction hose Overall dimensions: 2500 x 1500 x 2100 mm Total weight: approx. 500 kg
Mobile pressure-fed air blasting machine with blast gun (closed-circuit blasting machine) Application Rust removal, descaling, paint stripping, weld and mould cleaning, roughening and etching of rollers Assemblies Blast gun for simultaneous blasting and recovery of blast media and dust Pressure vessel / Storage hopper for reclaimed blast media Reclaimer (air cyclone) for separation of re-usable blast media from the recovery air flow Bqpctlfe Dust collector with dust bin for dust cleaning of r...
Pot Belt Drilling Machine Fb98e9h Blue Maxx with underframe
Used machine Fitting drill head drilling unit 3/4 spindles Clamping cylinder 2 pieces Engine power 0,8 kW Connection 400/50 Volt / Hz Machine dimensions length 950 mm 2scgse width 650 mm Height 700 mm Weight 80 kg availability: short term Location: Solingen
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
Blasting cabin, sandblasting cabin, suction blasting cabin, sandblasting system, sandblasting device -Manufacturer: Vetterkind, blasting cabin -Interior: 1740/1140 / H1200 mm Btx7c9rfz3 -E-motor: MEZ Lammers 2.2 kW -Large work area: with lighting -Operation: via foot pedal -Dimensions total: 2230/1800 / H2400 mm
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
18105 km
good (used)
GO 2017 Maximum length of the sheet metal: 3000 mm Eupmnzapa Maximum width of the sheet metal: 1500 mm Maximum profile size: 3000 mm Maximum height of blasted parts: 120 mm Minimum table capacity: 4500 kg Number of throwing wheels: 4 pcs Throwing wheel power: 7.5 kW Maximum spindle speed: 2900 1/min Total power: 50 kW Filter capacity: 5000 m³/h Amount of blasting medium in the hopper: 1500 kg Machine dimensions:: 3100x15500x5500 mm Weight: 8500 kg Equipment: Technical books
The blasting unit was only used for test purposes, so it is as good as new. Pressure blasting cabin type: BNP 721 working area size: - width 1780mm - depth 1780mm - height 1660mm turntable ø 1220mm with drive-in frame Hopper for retractable frame Rubber lining Workpiece load max. 2000kg Pavxv
Kammerstein Germany
18474 km
good condition (used)
The feed pot would be used for small stainless steel discs (approx. 27mm diameter, 2mm thickness). Mwa3gw
Pressure blasting cabin with 11 ltr pressure tank, -Front flap, large viewing window 500x400 -cabin inside with rubber lining -blasting nozzle 6 mm -2 side openings 240x240 -Air consumption Ca 1000 - 2400 ltr/min at 2 - 6 Bar -cartridge suction system -integrated Suyh2c - Filter cartridge vibrating device -Pressure reducer with water separator Cabin dimension outside (WxLxH) 1300x1750x1850 Cabin dimensions inside (WxLxH) 1000x900x900 mm Suitable for all common hand blasting media. Plant can be v...
Pot band drilling machine Qkqpopjyu -Stops pneumatically controlled -Program selection -Dimensions: 4000/1100/1800 mm
Wet sandblasting unit, Sandblasting unit - Pressure blasting unit SAPIMasch. No. 43207 Year of construction 1989Canister size 140 litre perm. operating overpressure 10 barAir requirement approx. 3000 litres/min.hose length approx. 8 meter- Valve opens and closes via pneumatic operation at the blasting nozzle- Sandblasting protective hood with compressed air connection- Complete system installed on metal pallet with forklift pockets- Accessories such as connection pieces for blasting nozzles at t...
The machine is in good technical condition, after prior consultation the possibility of testing. Gy09er8vk
Technical data: DUST FILTER - type: DM-FC 10/12 T - quantity: 1 - filter cartridges: cellulose - insert area: 21 m2 - compressed air supply: 0.7 MPa - fan capacity: 12,000 m3 / h - fan pressure: 2000 Pa - power: 11kW - controller: 230 V CYCLONE - type: 12,000 m3 / h LIGHTING - type RL-250 - the amount of 6 pieces - power 250 W FLEXMATIC ABRASIVE FLOOR Longitudinal corridor GF-BT T600 -quantity 1 - working dimensions: 7000x6000 mm Papzl - W63 drive - power 1.1 kW RECYLCULATION MACHINE - type RU...
* General * SKU071U491 * LocationBarneveld * MakeFerrum AG * TypePOT-1000 * No.47-1247/2 * Year of construction1983 * Material * MaterialStainless steel 1.4435 (316L) * Key Features * Basket centrifuge(1x) * Perforated basket * Basket sizesdia. 1000x430mm * Wall thickness6mm * Max. loading weight180 KG * Motor6,8 KW, 500 Volt (Ex) * Max. basket speed1000 Rpm * Information * Floorspace2,2x1,8 M * Total height1,5 M What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a...
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
18105 km
good (used)
Total hours: 2964 h Hours on: 1485 h Throwing wheel: 231 h Maximum workpiece diameter: 250 mm Maximum filling volume: 30 l Throwing wheel power: 2.2 kW Maximum spindle speed: 9000 1/min Hzf8n9m3e Quantity: 12-15 pcs Workpiece weight: 90 kg Machine dimensions:: 1500x1500x2000 mm Weight: 900 kg Equipment: Filtration unit with separation Universal holders 14 positions of planet gears Components - impellers
Filling volume: 0.13 m ^ 3 Blast wheel: 1 piece á 7.5kW Zvyh8uzl Blasting room diameter: 700 mm Blasting room width: 910 mm max.batch weight: 250 kg / 130 kg for rubber band for further details see attached technical data sheet
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions (LxWxH): 700 x 530 x 1100 mm Weight: 88 kg Container capacity: 23 kg Dry ice consumption: 30 - 80 kg / h Air connection: ¾ " Air volume: 2-12 m3 / min Air pressure: 1-14 bar Power supply: 110/230 V - 50/60 Hz Connected load: 750W Description: User friendly control panel / control • easy handling • One-hose system • Low weight • Easy handling • highest air / dry ice speed • Compact design with low weight • easy to transport • easy to move • Large, insulated d...
1. horizontal transport of the abrasive - flexmatic corridor 600 mm wide and 8,000 mm long - aisle drive through a 1.1 kW gear motor drive - operator platform gratings with a load capacity of 1100 kg / m2 2. abrasive recirculation Buh8wl32fi Recirculation unit for the recovery of abrasives - bucket elevator - dirt separator from abrasive with a vibrating screen - adjustable - dynamic separator with air flow regulation - a tank of abrasive recovered from the separator - waste container 3. group...
Dry ice Blasting machine set, inclusive high tech Mern Nozzle set. From global leader in Dry Ice Blasting Technology. Blasting unit Low Pressure Aero40, 220V. Gxuqc82 -- 247 uur used -- Air supply hose 1" x 25', SN0199. Hose blast, 1 x 20ft, 2N0222-G2. Applicator/with light, 2E0425-G1. Nozzle 523M1, 5E0138. Nozzle (Mern) 312V2, 5E0274. Nozzle (Mern) 523V4, 5E0257. Nozzle 309A45H.8, 5E0094 .
The machine is in very good condition. We have done automation, which can be seen in the photos. Cea7hfci
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18139 km
ready for operation (used)
Inner dimensions: 7450x4900x3980mm, with Dust Extraction TORIT TDS and documentation. Suzfxk
We offer a table blaster. Parameters: - table diameter 990 mm, throwing wheel Carlo Banfi, - diameter of throwing wheel - 300 mm - input of throwing unit - 5 kW - bucket conveyor - 0,75 kW - table rotation (gearbox) - 0,75 kW - equipment height - 2750 mm Very quiet operation of the device. The total power input of the machine without the filter unit is - 6.5 kW Bnyrtlz
An innovative leap in dry ice blasting. Aquila Triventek proudly presents the new generation of dry ice blasting machines. The device is characterized by a very good price-performance ratio. The BL25 MINI is a professional unit that has been developed for small but frequent cleaning jobs. With our special nozzles we achieve higher cleaning efficiencies at a lower pressure, even below 5 bar with a low noise level. The BL25 MINI is suitable for heavy soiling as well as for special cleaning work. I...
LTF 200 SPECIFICATIONS Control: conventional & manual Magnetic clamping surface: approx. 320 x 155 mm Grinding spindle: Grinding wheel dimensions: approx. Ø 200 x 80 x 78 mm Grinding spindle - speed: approx. 2800 RPM Power: approx. 3,0 kW Z - delivery: manual Grinding movement: manual ACCESSORIES Bdzalxiyev • Permanent - magnet • Wet grinding device • Grinding wheels - protection • Cup grinding wheel
Big Pack Sand unload station or for shotblasting material 3 Parts 1 Underframe including roughfilter und funnel (Fillingsensor) 2 Upperframe can put off 3 hanging frame for Big Pack Egpesjgg8 External dimensions: 1640 mm x 1640 mm, h. 4100 mm Usable dimensions: 1540 mm x 1540 mm, h. 1030 mm Output Ø: 80 mm Height under exit: 1250 mm With forklift shoes on the big bag frame Filter system Pick up in 15713 Königs Wusterhausen south of Berlin or transort company We have here an other Big-Pack...
We offer a completely refurbished blasting box with a filter unit, blasting equipment, floor vacuum cleaner, recuperation equipment for cleaning abrasives and monitoring equipment for the inner working space of the box. Blasting chamber with internal dimensions: length - 3400 mm, width - 2400 mm, height - 3500 mm. Total power consumption 13 kW. The device is covered by a 24-month warranty. complete equipment without compressor. Any abrasive materials can be used for blasting. The device can be t...
Baltic Filter JSC (MFilter brand) is the biggest filters' producer in Baltic region. Pvh9ia We manufacture a complete line of pleated cartridge filters for sand/shot balsting in cellulose, polyester, synthetic, coated and non-woven cartridges to fit most cartridge collectors in the marketplace today. With our team of experienced enginners, we can design and manufacture custom filters for your sand/shot blasting needs! Put us to work in manufacturing truly unique products. All products meet OE qu...
Machine is in top condition incl. accessories: 2x 7,5m hose with gun and round nozzle, overhauled discs and impeller Operating hours: 673 h Serial number: 09-238-2 Bnyniwj Machine can be inspected at our premises. Price is pick up price. Delivery is possible for an extra charge.
me 25 Worktable dimensions 2600 x 530 mm Minimum panel length/width 190/65 mm Ulqjkgtd Worktable height 904 mm Thickness of rolled edges 0,4 ÷ 3 mm Min. ÷ max. panel thickness 16 ÷ 50 mm Feed speed 7 m/min