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Sandblasting Pot: Outdoor sandblasting operations, closed-room sandblasting operations used in mobile sandblasting machines with pressured air. S3skhidt Pressure Sandblasting Pot - Technical Specifications: Working Pressure: 7 Bar Abrasive Type: Steel Grit, Steel Ball, Garnet, Glass Globe (glass sand) etc. Air Consumption: Lt / min is given in the table below. What is a Pressure Sandblasting Pot? A pressurized sandblasting machine is a kind of sandblasting machine which can be taken as a mobil...
Basket centrifuge (1x), Make Ferrum AG, Type POT-1000, No. 47-1247/2, Year of construction 1983, Material Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L), Perforated basket , Basket sizes dia. 1000x430mm, Wall thickness 6mm, Max. loading weight 180 KG, Motor 6,8 KW, 500 Volt (Ex), Max. basket speed 1000 Rpm, Floorspace 2,2x1,8 M, Total height 1,5 M What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are ready for shipping to any destination world...
Categories: Grease PotPart number: 6905505Vehicle(s): L512/L522/L531/L541/L551/L554/L564/L574/L580Stock number: 9001158In stock: 3Warranty: 1 monthCondition: UsedBrand: LiebherrLocation: ZR3-03-02 Psm27j7l
Categories: Grease PotPart number: 6905505Vehicle(s): L512/L522/L531/L541/L551/L554/L564/L574/L580Stock number: 9001158In stock: 3Warranty: 1 monthCondition: UsedBrand: LiebherrLocation: ZR3-03-02 Ourvr
Categories: Grease PotPart number: 10008515Vehicle(s): A312 Li /A314 Li/A316 LiStock number: 9001169In stock: 1Warranty: 1 monthCondition: UsedBrand: LiebherrLocation: ZR3-03-04 Dgx0dmw0c
Categories: Grease PotPart number: 6905505Vehicle(s): L512/L522/L531/L541/L551/L554/L564/L574/L580Stock number: 9001158In stock: 3Warranty: 1 monthCondition: UsedBrand: LiebherrLocation: ZR3-03-02 Ouy2h
Data: Br9vjmvgsy - Manufacturer: Fratelli Pezza - Type: Mistral 200 - Serial number: 380698 - Height: 2000 mm - Max. Glass dimension: 200 mm Height, Lenght unlimited - Year of construction: 1998 - Weight: 1600 kg - Power: 380 V, 50 Hz, 6.5 A, 3kW Pric eon request
Wet sandblasting unit, Sandblasting unit - Pressure blasting unit SAPIMasch. No. 43207 Year of construction 1989Canister size 140 litre perm. operating overpressure 10 barAir requirement approx. 3000 litres/min.hose length approx. 8 meter- Valve opens and closes via pneumatic operation at the blasting nozzle- Sandblasting protective hood with compressed air connection- Complete system installed on metal pallet with forklift pockets- Accessories such as connection pieces for blasting nozzles at t...
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
17477 km
good (used)
GO 2017 Maximum length of the sheet metal: 3000 mm Maximum width of the sheet metal: 1500 mm Maximum profile size: 3000 mm Maximum height of blasted parts: 120 mm Minimum table capacity: 4500 kg Number of throwing wheels: 4 pcs Throwing wheel power: 7.5 kW Maximum spindle speed: 2900 1/min Eupmnzapa Total power: 50 kW Filter capacity: 5000 m³/h Amount of blasting medium in the hopper: 1500 kg Machine dimensions:: 3100x15500x5500 mm Weight: 8500 kg Equipment: Technical books
Used machine Fitting drill head 2scgse drilling unit 3/4 spindles Clamping cylinder 2 pieces Engine power 0,8 kW Connection 400/50 Volt / Hz Machine dimensions length 950 mm width 650 mm Height 700 mm Weight 80 kg availability: short term Location: Solingen
me 25 Ulqjkgtd Worktable dimensions 2600 x 530 mm Minimum panel length/width 190/65 mm Worktable height 904 mm Thickness of rolled edges 0,4 ÷ 3 mm Min. ÷ max. panel thickness 16 ÷ 50 mm Feed speed 7 m/min
Automatic Blasting Machine for sale. Machine is in very good condition. Br0xe8x7qe Beam height 1400mm The machine has 2 Turbines. Highest point of the machine is 5400 mm. The extractor is equipped with cartridge filters that are cleaned by means of an air pulse. Various spare parts are included, including new throwing blades.
Sand blasting Cabinet, Cabinet, injector blasting Cabinet GUYSON type 400/40 Fabr. No. 45041 built about 1980 Hwwnjhopi Injector blasting principle, venturi principle Dust filter system with mechanical filter cleaning
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
17477 km
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Total hours: 2964 h Hours on: 1485 h Throwing wheel: 231 h Maximum workpiece diameter: 250 mm Maximum filling volume: 30 l Hzf8n9m3e Throwing wheel power: 2.2 kW Maximum spindle speed: 9000 1/min Quantity: 12-15 pcs Workpiece weight: 90 kg Machine dimensions:: 1500x1500x2000 mm Weight: 900 kg Equipment: Filtration unit with separation Universal holders 14 positions of planet gears Components - impellers
Used machine Year of construction: 1997 condition: workshop checked Fitting drill head drilling unit 3/4 spindles Clamping cylinder 2 pieces Engine power 0,8 kW Connection 400/50 Volt / Hz Machine dimensions length 950 mm width 650 mm Height 700 mm Weight 80 kg availability: short term Location: Hochheim Bpblohukyr
Art. No.: 12-87 Un72unmh Ø 250 mm Ø 100 mm Ø 140 mm Ø 175 mm Ø 100 mm
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
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Device dimensions 1.5x1.5x2m Nwhucj0p Number of pieces 12-15pcs Maximum product diameter 250 mm Weight 900 kg
We offer OTECO blasting equipment: type J 10-14-T-2 / 7.5. RV 2007. Equipment in perfect condition. Machine for surface cleaning of metals, with two throwing wheels with a diameter of 360 mm and a power input of 7.5 kW each. The machine includes a filter pulse unit, bucket conveyor + abrasive recuperation. The total power input of the machine is 22.5 kW. The device has complete documentation + regular service. The machine is put into operation immediately. Maximum dimensions of the blasted part ...
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Kirchlengern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17895 km
Dry ice blasting unit, manufacturer: COLD JET, type: Aero 40, COLD JET Aero 40, not in operation Pve7my
Stainless steel pot, stainless steel cooking pot -Stainless steel sink Sridco -Interior dimensions: 375 mm -Depth: 310 mm -Number: 2x available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 400/H310 mm -Weight: 2.4 kg
Barcice Rososkie Poland
17103 km
good condition (used)
Machine is used to clean the inner surface of the copper tube in a continuous process of blasting. Machine can process at the same time 6 tubes ( diam. 10,12,15,18,22,28mm) or 2 tubes (diam. 32,45,54mm) up to a lenght 5 or 6m Eecj7dipe
tunnel sand blasting machine , double crane , max weight 4000kg , work dimensions w=1000 h=2000 , any dip needed , with recovery and extract unit filter Oxtn9
Pot hinge drilling machine for Hettich fittings Brq9e3jbvh very good condition
We offer a drum blaster - TOSCA, type: FC 85 1/70. Equipment with one throwing wheel, bucket conveyor and filter unit. Height - 700 mm, width of the inlet opening - 730 mm. Total power consumption of the device 10 kW. Equipment in operation, the possibility of testing. Ytg2m8
Product description: Oxgk7 Casting, forging, pressing, heat treatment, finished product, semi-finished product, steel fabrication etc. It is preferred for surface cleaning, pre-coating preparation or revision works. Its distinct advantages are that it enables versatile sandblasting, and that large and small parts with irregular geometry can be sandblasted. With the help of the digital clock we use in our machines, the sandblasting time can be adjusted according to the part type and desired sand...
Used machine Year of construction: 1991 condition: normal incl. drill head for Hettich 52 / 5.5 with the number 270-4020 for all variants of furniture fittings drilling head with 4 spindles Magazine for 35 hinges Cycle time per operation approx. 4 sec Engine 1,1 kW availability: short term Location: Röllbach Slrqonitn
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Markranstädt Germany
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Steel shot blasting plant, make Wheelabrator, plant type Schlick DHB 8/17, make.No. 71364, year of construction 2006, in addition 1 continuous conveyor, total length: 274 m, hook spacing 420 mm, 1 pre-treatment plant/washing line, make: SMT, 1 adhesive water dryer, make: SMT, year of construction 2007, serial no. TRHW 02 00 0000, not in operation, incomplete, with 2 powder coating plants, fully automatic, manufacturer: Wagner ESB, renewed in 2012, type 311-0.35, make no. 1421, max. part dimensio...
Manufacturer: Schlick Machine: continuous blast machine Machine type: Rot-Jet 125.04 Year of construction: 1979 Total length: 31.2m (space required without feed belts approx 8x5m with housing) Width overall: 2.4m Total height: 3.93m Total weight: 15200kg Brntwjkrev Loading opening: 1250mm Height: 700mm Max. Size of the workpiece: 600x1100 Number of centrifugal wheels: 4 Total power requirement: 46.7kw Air requirement: 25m³ / h No significant defects known The machine has always been maintaine...
Pot band drilling machine Qkqpopjyu -Stops pneumatically controlled -Program selection -Dimensions: 4000/1100/1800 mm
We offer continuous blasting equipment OMSG Lauco 250th year of manufacture - 2008 number of operating hours - 2420 total power input - 139kW number of throwing wheels - 8 power input of the throwing unit - 11kW max. Size of blasted part: width - 2500 mm height - 600 mm Machine parts: - suction with automatic filter unit - roller conveyors with sensors - 18m Equipment with complete documentation, the possibility of testing. The listed price does not include disassembly and loading on the truck. ...
automatic sheet metal & profile shot blasting machine Eadf3rn3s It is preferred for surface cleaning works of products such as sheet metal, NPI, NPU, angle, profile etc. The parts to be sandblasted move with the help of roller conveyors located at the entrance and exit of the machine. Turbines are placed in the machine body at appropriate angles so that the part surface can be sandblasted from the bottom and top. Its distinct advantages are that the products can be sandblasted quickly in length...
Blasting frame for overhead conveyor - blasting machine Core, suspension, outer rings and support arms made of manganese high-manganese steel Mesh wire support made of spring steel Fwuvmfr2o 2-point suspension (can be changed) Total length UK Inner suspension eye to UK guide rod 1450mm diameter 1000mm Other sizes on request!
Combined blasting/painting/drying chamber 4 x 4 x 7 m (W x H x L) In case of sizable and heavy work pieces or lack of space it is possible also to use combined blasting and painting/drying room where after blasting the stage will be switched to painting and finally to drying. This enables fast complete painting process without moving the objects and only a third of normal building cost. Bgsush3vyy For smaller pieces mobile container solution provides possibility to take the process quick where...
Schlick-roto-jet overhead conveyor blasting system 10/12-5,4-/7,5 2rowle still in use
We offer a completely refurbished blasting box with a filter unit, blasting equipment, floor vacuum cleaner, recuperation equipment for cleaning abrasives and monitoring equipment for the inner working space of the box. Blasting chamber with internal dimensions: length - 3400 mm, width - 2400 mm, height - 3500 mm. Total power consumption 13 kW. complete equipment without compressor. Any abrasive materials can be used for blasting. The device can be tested in operation. Condition of the new machi...
Speedblast is a pure natural product and consists of a group of minerals, the main ingredient r this unique composition is speedblast tough, hard, iron free and contains no free silica. Cy3nhakci
Pressure blasting cabin (sand blasting cabin), second-hand Manufacturer: Franz Klein GmbH - blasting technology Type: S69-DII special Year of construction: 2008 Complete with pressure vessel, separate dust filter system and accessories, especially low noise (noise level approx. 74 - 76 dB A). Incl. trolley 7 m to the left and 8 m to the right extendable outside the cabin. Cartridge filter system Manufacturer: Deichmann Filtertechnik Type: PF 4-L Year of construction: 2008 Dimensions pressure b...
Londerzeel Sint Jozef, Belgium Belgium
(dealership location)
18220 km
The IBIX 60 HD blastpot is the largest and most powerful blastpot in the range, allowing you to work dust-free. This powerhouse retains the convenience of the lightweight and compact design, but offers twice the power. With the robust outdoor tyres this unit is also at home on rough terrain. The machine is made entirely of aluminium and comes with a standard 5-year manufacturer's warranty. The IBIX 60 HD blast machine is designed for intensive professional use. The IBIX 60 HD blastpot is widely...
The Sapi blasting container with 20 feet, consisting of a sturdy box section frame with welded-in wall and ceiling plates made of steel beaded plates. Including crane eyes at the upper corners. Bottom steel plate smooth prepared for blasting medium transport. With front door, approx. 2.90 x 3.50 m, 2-leaf. Inactive leaf DIN left with viewing window and rubber protection as well as handle and lock Inactive leaf DIN right with supply air louvre and external rod lock. Bj8oqv3i
1 used micro blasting machine make Peenmatic type 75 S Optimal for the surface treatment of workpieces with the dimensions of width 500 x depth 400 x height 200 mm Charging door, hinged, opening with gas pressure cylinder support. With integrated inspection window, Gzesexyt front loading door, width 710 x height 280 mm, hinged opening Blasting gun unit with carbide blasting nozzle adjustable by means of pressure reducing valve, 0 - 8 bar, blasting pressure readable at manometer Blasting medium ...
We offer suspended blasting equipment SIRSI METALLISATOR, type - SELBA 0-8 TR SM 260. Year of production 2009. The size of the through chamber is: width - 800 mm, height - 1500 - 1600 mm. Sweeping device with 8 sweeping turbines and frequency converters - (speed control). Each throwing wheel with a power input of 5.5 kW. The equipment includes a filtration unit with a capacity of 7000 m3 / hour. Number of suspension hooks - 28 pieces, travel speed - 2.9 m / min., Load capacity of one hook - 150 ...
This universal abrasive is extremely suitable for the removal of paint layers, rust, roughening and matting. Corundum aluminum can be used with pressure- and injection blasting systems. Cdddyjke
Minimise lost (evaporating) of dry ice with TRANSFORMER. This powerful dry ice blasting machine using dry ice nuggets and rise for cleaning! The innovative grinder (!) and supersonic nozzles (!) allow for ultra-aggressive and gentle cleaning. Properties: up to 12 atm; up 10 000 L/min, up to 120 kg/hr. CE-components inside Cnyf0rqo8
Blasting container for blasting glass beads and ceramic balls with drum magnetic separator and stainless steel grating floor. Inner dimensions L=5850 W= 2300. Side Door Open for easy loading with the forklift. Bp733b8y7q
Litostrojska Cesta 42 B, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia
17683 km
good (used)
Shott blasting machine dia 1200 mm, height 300 mm, load 500 kg, 1xturbine 7,5 kW, dedusting 3000 m3/h, 4 kW Bjdkabdakt
Weischlitz OT Gutenfürst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
17764 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Demonstration unit with only 8 operating hours. Almost new. With 5m blasting hose 1/2", gun and round nozzle, 10m compressed air hose. Air hose connection: 10m 3/4" claw Bpvkqjplu3 Air pressure: Min. 2 bar, max. 10 bar Air flow range: 0,6-8 m³/min. Power supply: 110V-230V / AC50-60 Hz Delivery possible. Preferred is pick-up by house forwarding agency!