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The used three-phase asynchronous motor has never been used, so it is as good as new! Name: Three-phase asynchronous motor Manufacturer: Siemens Type: 1LG6310-4AA91-Z Year of construction: 2010 Operating hours: 0 Std. Unladen weight: 850 kg Construction type: B5 (flange) Dimensions: Length 1500 mm x Width 900 mm x Height 820 mm Speed: 2605 1/min, nMax.=2700 1/min. Working voltage: 400 V Degree of protection: 55 IP Designation: Three-phase asynchronous motor Technical documentation: No Frequenc...
Asynchronous servo motor MAD Rated speed (1 / min): 1500 Maximum speed (1 / min): 9000 Rated torque (Nm): 117 Maximum torque (Nm): 275.2 Rated power (kW): 18.4 Rated current (A): 48.9 Maximum current (A): 93.28 130 size Overall length D Winding 150 Fan cover with fan nozzle Singleturn absolute encoder, EnDat2.1 with 2048 signal periods Electrical connection: terminal box, rotatable, B-side Shaft: Balanced with a complete feather key, without a shaft seal Without holding brake Fg9k0gedi Design: f...
New motor (4 pieces available), never used, mounted on pallet. Mentioned price is per motor and excl. Incl. motor brake KFB100 torq 1.000Nm Power: 55kW Torque 409Nm Speed 1.500 rpm Pole number 4-pole Construction form IM1001 (IM B3) Ash height 250M B7wiudzq Cooling: IC411 (closed circuit, air cooled) Protection IP55 Heating class F (155K) / F (155K) Temperature monitoring 3 PTC thermistors for switching off Weight 495 kg.
Demag/Lopez three-phase asynchronous motor /VDE 0530. From stock liquidation, unused. Type: FCP 132SA-2 shaft length: 8cm Shaft diameter: 4cm For motor performance information see pictures, nameplate. The machine is electrically and mechanically tested before sale and receives a DIN VDE 0113 test report, which is part of our service. The MMV Group offers you especially for our products the suitable financing. Calculate now with MMVfinrate easily online your monthly rate. On request you will re...
The following article is for sale: - Three-phase asynchronous motor with squirrel-cage rotor Slip-ring rotor - Type K210 112 M6 FAN HDSD FDS-K/10316 Nm2xd - 400-690V 5,35/3,1 A 2,2 KW 950 1/min - Shaft diameter 28 mm - weight 33,5kg - New with bearing marks - Condition according to photos - Shipping Germany-wide 69 € Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with tail lift) and freight forwarding. You can request all information about your purchase during our business hours fro...
Siemens Compact asynchronous motor 1PH7163-2HD00-0BA0 22,00kW 1000rpm 55,00A 3AC400-V 50HZ with fan without brake ! see photo for further details and scope of delivery. For technical data see name plate. Article condition: used, untested condition: used, untested Without OVP Without original packaging Example photos sample pictures A tour in Niederlangen (Lower Saxony) is possible! For further questions you can contact us by email. The sale is made exclusively to commercial interested parties...
Short running times due to use in the test laboratory Overhaul-Repair 2011 Bj3ut9jvkt 6000V / 1900KW / weight 7,4t / IP 23 Overhaul-Repair 2011
Heidenheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18557 km
good (used)
There are two engines of it. One was the spare motor! Fewqh3ym3 Engine short running time. Max. 1 hour a day every 4 days for testing purposes. Engine overhaul 2009. Electrodes little worn. See photo type plate for 6000V, 50 Hz, power 1000kW, 1480 1/min. V=595 / A=1020
Siemens 1FE1116-6WR31-1BC2 SIMOTICS M Compact Asynchronous Motors * Product was held in reserve only. * Used. Tdo3cw7x
With plate heat exchanger, little used. Also suitable as replacement for "oil starter". Bjq2obfji9 Calculations per application which motor is possible. Power 1900kw * 20%. rotor voltage 1160V, control voltage 230V, rotor current 998A
For sale 1 pc. vertical multistage centrifugal pump, Shimge (Grundfos) BL16-12, 12 stage high pressure in-line pump, booster, priming pump, stainless steel, 3 ~ 15 kW-50Hz, 8-16 m3 / h, 180m. 3 ~ 18 kW, (25 HP) 8-20 m3 / h, H = 218m / 60 Hz, 230 / 460V 2Δ / Δ, 3530 rpm. 3 ~ 15 kW, (20 HP) 8-16 m3 / h, H = 180m / 50Hz, 230 / 460V 2Δ / Δ, 2940rpm. DN1 = DN2 = 60 mm with flanged connectors. Weight: 184 kg. Availability: 1 item Net price: 1100.- Euro Parcel delivery by appointment. Bhmhahn089 Please...
Brendola - Vi, Italy Italy
(dealership location)
18604 km
Servo motor, electric motor, DC motor, stepper motor, stepper motor, stepping motor -Motor comes from a Weisser Heilbronn Type 29 CNC lathe Nv3bv -Speed: 2000 rpm -Power kW -Construction: B5 -Shaft diameter: Ø 30 mm -Number: 1 piece of motors available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: -Weight: 20 kg
we offer: Conveyor belt conveyor 515x80(105)x105cm 6m/min controlled by machine adjustable in height and angle, mobile on 3 stands with 6 rollers, belt is functional.from an injection molding machine. Manufacturer:? Type: 515x80(105)x105cm 6m/min Year of manufacture:? Dimensions belt: 515x80 cm Plant: 515x115 cm Height max: 1050 cm Angle: adjustable belt speed: approx. 6 m/min mobile: yes on 3 stands 2 rolls connection: 400V 3~ 0,41A 120W 50Hz Gear Motor: SEW-Eurodrive 1300/27 1/min 22Nm Bslwjvv...
Mannesmann Demag Motor Technical data: Type GCM 180 02 0905 333 V 26,5 kW 1920 1/min 90,0 A Brake 200 Nm Ckrlu3rv8 The machine is electrically and mechanically tested before sale and receives a DIN VDE 0113 test report, which is part of our service. The MMV Group offers you the suitable financing especially for our products. Calculate now with MMVfinrate easily online your monthly rate. On request you will receive your personal financing offer and competent advice.
Siemens 1HU3056-OAFO1-Z Permanent - magnet - motor expanded from a current index machine 2 units in stock No. 10571 / 10572 2rgmem
Item condition: Used from assembly line for commissioning Case: Very good, no scratches Packing: Original packing Guarantee in months: 12 voltage: 24 V Current: 6 A Weight: 0.938 kg Iwf3pc7 Storage location: Rosenfeld Storage bin: P2A2_BS2
Direct current servo motor MOTOR POWER ESA 3S 1304 Brake 24VDC with encoder ELTRA EH38M500Z8/24P6X3PR666 0758347000H Biar3pm9g9 fully functional, tested
For sale is a diesel Deutz engine in very good condition removed from an excavator. Technical data : Manufacturer : Deutz Engine : 12 cylinder F12L413 F air cooled Power : 235 KW / 320 PS RPM : 2300 rpm Operating hours : approx. 5400 h Xtysk Delivery is possible
Direct current servo motor MOTOR POWER ESA 3L 6308 with encoder ELTRA EH38M500Z8/24P6X3PR666 0758312000F Biar7cpkpb fully functional, tested
Three-phase motor with 2 speeds, electric motor -Transfer in current condition as seen -Foot damaged, see photo -Power: 2.7/4.0 kW -Speed: 950/1440 rpm -Shaft: Ø 32 mm -Construction: B3 -pole changing -Protection class: -Dimensions: 480/320/H270 mm Lm2o2ay -Weight: 78 kg
Synchronous servo motor with holding brake and gear, Bnc7yiawzn Geared motor, electric motor, angular gear motor Engine: Manufacturer: LUST LTI DRIVES Type: LSK-190-4-30-560 T1,P,KK,1R Order no.: 716090 Art. No.: 0970.8015 Machine type: Permanently excited synchronous servo motor DC link voltage of the controller Uzk: 560 VDC Nominal power: 12,13 kw Nominal speed: 3000 rpm Nominal torque Mn: 38,6 Nm Standstill torque M0: 61.5 Nm Rated current In: 26.6 A Standstill current I0 / I0max: 41 / 164 A ...
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18577 km
power capacity 11,22 kW volt 460 V ampere 24 A weight of the machine ca. 74, 158 kg Nllxf 2 brandnew motors available. 1. UD 0801/1128322-001-1 2. UD 0712/70851527-2 details see photo of type plate. price for both motors.
We are ACCEPTING OFFERS for this unit! Visit our website EQUIPPO and send us your best offer now. Buying with Equippo is easy: • Fully inspected machines • Delivered to your jobsite • Money Back Guaranteed • Safe payment methods with possibility to pay at delivery 2008 - Caterpillar 120 M | Used Motor Grader with 3.65 Blade, supplemental steering, ripper, ripper valve and AWD. CE marked: Yes EPA marked: Yes 52 Inspection points 45 Approved 7 Imperfections 0 Issues Visit EQUIPPO to see the FUL...
Motorized lapping machine Make Unknown Technical data: Lapping wheel size 1000 mm Pbtwx Lapping rings 2 x 400 mm lapping rings 3 x 150 mm drive power 5,5 kW weight approx. 1300 x 1300 x 1500 mm with - control desk - lapping time - automatic - agitator - pump - overload indicator used, in good condition
Motorized swivel bending machine Fab. OZAMECH/Knuth Typ. AK 3000/4 Brwayf2xtp very good condition, year 1995 Technical data: Make: OZAMECH Type: KM 3000/4 Year of manufacture: 1995 working length: 3000 mm Sheet thickness: 4 mm dimensions: L 4,50 x W 1,40 x H 1,60 m Weight: approx. 5 t Equipment: - Sharp rail 45° - bending rail All data without guarantee. The machine is in a very good condition. A demonstration is possible at any time in our exhibition hall
Gear motor, electric motor, three-phase motor, electric gear motor -Speed: 33 rpm Jvcmtq -Power: 3.7 kW -Construction: B3 -Diameter shaft: Ø 55 mm -Protection class: IP 44 -Dimensions: 880/305/H355 mm -Weight: 91 kg
Synchronous servo motor with holding brake and gear, Geared motor, electric motor, angular gear motor Engine: Manufacturer: LUST LTI DRIVES Type: LSK-190-7-30-560 T1,P,KK,1R Order no.: 716090 Art. No.: 0970.8016 Machine type: Permanently excited synchronous servo motor DC link voltage of the controller Uzk: 560 VDC Nominal power: 14,51 kw Nominal speed: 3000 rpm Nominal torque Mn: 46,2 Nm Standstill torque M0: 83,4 Nm Rated current In: 31.5 A Standstill current I0 / I0max: 54.9 / 219.6 A Pole pa...
Schwabach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18464 km
good (used)
. Suzbbk cutting length 1000 mm Cutting thickness 1-6 mm without problems and without adjustment of the cutting gap ! Throat 130 mm . Stroke rate 50/min Drive power 4 kW Weight estimated 3 to . Width approx. 2.3 m Depth without arms approx. 1.7 m depth with arms approx. 2,4 m . Hold-down device with rubber pressure pieces Backgauge manual 500 mm side stop 1200 mm . .....
For sale 3 pcs Power supply for DM8, DM008 servomotor controllers, 3 ~ 460VAC on, 670VDC 24A off, Bosch Rexroth VMA21KB001-D, VMA 21 KB001-D, 1070084850-108 Note: 2 pieces do not have the plastic cover covering the connection. Availability: 3 pieces Net price: 500.- euros / piece Additional discounts if you buy more than one piece. Parcel delivery by appointment. Gczarbf Please send me your questions by email.
Motorized swivel bending machine Fab. Fasti Typ. 212 - 32 - 4 Very good condition, year 1996 Technical data Make FASTI type 212 - 32 - 4 year of construction 1996 stroke: 350mm sheet width 3240 mm weight: 6,3 t Rxto0ua dimensions: 4550 x 2600 x 2200mm Equipment: - Divided cutting foot set height 130mm - controlled backgauge with ball rollers 1000mm (1500mm with repositioning) - instruction manual - Control FM 100 - sharpening rail 45° - 2 pcs. Bending rails a 18mm width - 1 pc. reinforcement rai...
Gear motor, electric motor, three-phase motor, angular gear motor -Speed: 32 rpm -Power: 0.6 kW -Construction: B3 -Diameter shaft: Ø 38 mm -Protection class: IP 44 -Dimensions: 500/250/H280 mm 2isnqyqyd -Weight: 41 kg
Linear Guide with Permanent Servomotor REXROTH INDRAMAT Type: MKD0771B-061-KP1-KN Ident No. 247238 0001 Jwnmza Year of manufacture: 2000 axis movement: 2400 mm slide length: approx. 500 mm total length: 3520 mm - pneumatic feed gripper (clamping gripper with 2 Festo compressed air cylinders) - standard linear guide 65 x 25 mm - Basic profile made of steel - ball screw Ø 32 x 10 mm - pneumatic with position indicator - permanent servo motor type: MKD071B-061-KP1-KN (Part No: 261989, S. No. MKD07...
HAUSER HSC motor spindle KM 3,5 with cooling unit W90v0 380 V * 50 Hz * 14.2 A * s/n Vl 0134 Very well used and functional Further accessories aggregates and devices in the pdf presentation
From stock liquidation, as good as new with traces of storage. Uqfmxysx 1 x Bosch SF-A4.0125.030-10.071 Brushless servo motor Type: SF-A4.0125.030-10.071 12.5Nm 9.1A 3000/min Shaft length: 5cm Shaft diameter: 2,4cm The machine is electrically tested before sale and receives a DIN VDE 0113 test certificate.