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Tire changer Sq9wko -Plate diameter: 475 mm -pneumatic tire press -Folding arm -Weight: 208 kg
Tyre Packing Machine, Tyre Tripling Machine BTS-Tyre Packing Machine The BTS-Tyre Packing Machine was designed for specialized Tyre trading companies. It is the perfect solution for cost-effective second hand tyre business. The Tyre Packing Machine solves space, storage and transport problems. It is easy to pack 2 and more used Tyres into one. Doubling or tripling creates a huge reduction of volume, benefit is more storage and loading space so transport and allowable weight that can be exploite...
No Touch Wet'N'Protect tyres, 500 ml (AUTM-01241). The revolutionary WET formula provides super-shine. Protect prevents drying out, it also protects your tyres from the harmful influence of ozone. Spray TOUCH NOW on your tyres and see how your tyres start to shine. Notouch wet look tires, Tire black, Tire polish, Tire black. Tire black you don't just use for cosmetic purposes. Yes, it's true that using tire spray will make the rubber of your car tires look like new again, but that's not the ...
For sale is a hydraulic tire press suitable for forklift tires. Hydraulic press 120T. Technical data: Model TP 120 Dimensions 21008502200 Weight: 1650 kg Tyre dimensions 8-20' Piston diameter 250 mm Piston rod diameter 180 mm Ba7hcfrpmx Servomotor 400 mm Working pressure 250 Bar Pressure 25 MPa Oil tank capacity 30 L Engine 7,5 Kw Year: 2020 Price per piece 9.990€ understands itself as net plus VAT. The main features of the offered tire press: Fixed frame Hydraulic actuator of great quality P...
Sizes: B30/13 point, B31/15 point, B32/16 point, B33/17 point, B34/18 point, B35/19 point, B36/20 point, B37/21 point, B38/22 point, B40/23 point Use with a 17mm wheel nut socket Master set of tamper proof bits for removing the locking wheel nuts on BMW vehicles Bqlf7rnu2x
max. Pneu Diameter 1.600 mm max. Pneu width 780 mm max. Pneu weight 500 kg Motor power 1,1 kw Dimension 1.990 x 1.600 x 880 mm some cable must be changed Gwm3yc 11 PCs avalible
wheel width:2-14 ' wheel diameter: 10-24 ' U3o9n0kmh measuring time: 2,5s display range 0,1-999g Max wheel weight: 65 kg
Tyre lead hammer (AUTM-00024). Tyre lead hammer for the tyre balancer. Tyre lead hammer , Tyre lead hammer . Looking for a pair of heavy-duty tire levers? The tire levers are widely used in garages and workshops for changing and / or replacing tires. The tire levers have a length of 20 cm. This length ensures that you have more power under the tire making the rim easier to remove. The tire levers are made of hardened steel and have a high quality. The tire levers are pointed. Because the tire le...
NEW Truck tire changer ATH M126 Electrohydraulic tire changer for trucks and busess; clamping range up to 26" Description Highest quality: Warp-resistant construction with high precise laser cut manufacturing and robotic welding Precise and strong mounting: Electrohydraulic lifting, lowering, clamping with four clamping claws and turning the clamping arm Powerful bead breaking: Hydraulic drive of the carriage including two different bead breaker rollers Intuitive working: The mounting arm on th...
For further information please contact the seller. Erqyvzvj
Transport and mounting car Rodcraft pneumatic tools GmbH Befcghqjdj Type RHW 700 Tragfächigkerit 700 kg
Motip Wheelwax, 500 ml (AUTM-01482). Brand : Motip Contents : 500 ml Gives shine and protects against the penetration of adhesive dirt and dust. Ensures that you now with less effort your wheels clean. Motip Wheel wax, 500 ml, Wheel wax, Wax, Wheel wax. Wheels get a lot to endure, think of brake dust, heat, contact with road surface contamination, water, brine, salt etc. The special rim waxes protect the rims against these influences. Dirt has less chance to attach to the surface, your rims sta...
Presto Wheel lacquer silver 500ml (AUTM-01234). Fast drying acrylic lacquer to embellish and repair steel and light alloy wheels and hubcaps. Presto Wheel Paint Silver. High-quality paint for steel and light alloy rims and hubcaps, treated and untreated. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Bring the spray can at room temperature. Ideal processing temperature 15 to 25C. Shake the aerosol for 2 minutes before use and spray a sample. Distance to the surface to be treated approximate...
An economic alternative to an expensive balancing machineALlows static balancing of motorcycle tires up to 740 mm diameter and 320 mm widthCentering cone: 17 to 29 mm wheel centeringPainted steel frame with a carbon steel made balancing shaftIncludes 2 centering cones for centering the wheelon the balancing shaftPrecision ball bearings provide a low-friction pendulum motion for precise balancing of the wheel Bqlb2akuwb
Tire prop rods, tire lace (AUTM-01376).These rods can be used to insert through the hole in the tire. Rods length ; approx 20 cm Number : 5 pieces Props 5 pieces Long With this set you can quickly and easily repair your tires on your car, motorcycle Scooters, trailers, quad etc independently. These rods can be used to insert through the hole in the tire. A flat tire can be repaired under some conditions: The internal structure must still be whole. Driving with a flat tire or storing a vehicle wi...
Unique Ribe Bit Set - 10pc BMW10pc Unique Bit Set for BMW Wheel Locks Master Set of Multi-ribe Bits for removing the locking wheel nuts on BMW Vehicles. Use with a 17mm Wheel Nut Socket. B11 / 15 ribs B12 / 14 ribs B13 / 16 ribs B14 / 12 ribs B15 / 11 ribs B16 / 10 ribs B17 / 7 ribs B18 / 13 ribs B19 / 8 ribs B20 / 9 ribs Bqlcal9z8t
Wheel nut wrench 21 mm, crowbar, wrench, wheel nut wrench, spanner (GERE-01158). Size: 21 mm With crowbar part the crowbar length is 40 cm The cap side length (sloping part) is 11 cm including cap. Chrome vanadium version. Wheel nut wrench 21 mm, Wheel wrench, Spanner, Wheel wrench. The wheel nut wrench with telescopic handle is designed for unscrewing wheel nuts. The long arm of the telescopic handle provides an increased transmission of applied force, making it easy to loosen wheel nuts. The w...
This trainsway balancing machine is suitable for balancing all common passenger car wheels and comes standard with: Cfkuspru
For further information please contact the seller. Bwnzzpye
Wheel nut wrench, 19 mm (GERE-01157) Size : 19 mm With crowbar portion Wheel nut wrench 19 mm , Wheel wrench, Nut wrench, Wheel wrench. The wheel nut wrench with telescopic handle is designed for unscrewing wheel nuts. The long arm of the telescopic handle ensures an increased transmission of the applied force, making it easy to loosen wheel nuts. The wheel nut wrench is space-saving because of the telescopic handle. Size: 19 mm. This wheel nut wrench also has a crowbar part. Bqly8m90xs
For further information please contact the seller. Eqv8l9kp
Air pressure tire rougher, Pneumatic tire rougher toll, air toll machine for tires, air toll machine (LUCH-00146).The sticker will adhere better during tire mounting. Speed = 2500rpm Rough wheel = 65mm Air connection = 1/4 inch Hose connection = 3/8 inch Average air consumption = 127 L/min Working pressure = 6.3 barPneumatic tire roughener, Tire roughener, Tire roughener, Tire roughener. This device is suitable for the roughening of tyres and has a variable speed, to be operated with the handle...
For replacing or changing car tires of the field, the tire lighter is an ideal tool. Bqiwkk29uu
For further information please contact the seller. Bqlbpmmzi0
Wheel wrench, 27 and 30 mm, wheel nut wrench, wheel nut wrench (GERE-01091). Size : 27 and 30 mm Model: T-handle The wrench has a length of 40 cm and the pin also has a length of 40 cm The pin has a diameter of around 2 cm. Chrome vanadium version. Wheel wrench 27 and 30 mm , Wheel nut wrench , Key, Wheel nut wrench . The wheel nut wrench with telescopic handle is designed for unscrewing wheel nuts. The long arm of the telescopic handle provides an increased transmission of applied force, making...
The valve wrench is for removing and mounting of valves. For car and truck valves. Otexn
For further information please contact the seller. Otmur
Wheel clamp Universal, Wheel lock, Lock, Wheel lock (AANH-00057). Specifications: Hardened steel Includes 2 keys Adjustable width For car, motorcycle, trailer, caravan and motorhome For a maximum width of 265mm and rim size from 6 to 16 inches Suitable for both steel and aluminium rims. Wheel clamp as preventionWhat, secure your car with it? Unknown is in this case perhaps unloved, but buying a wheel clamp as security tool is not such a bad idea at all. By putting a clamp on one of your wheels i...
BMW mounting and dismounting set of wheel bolts and nuts 10 dlg, Wheel nut lock key set (GERE-01803).Wheel lock, safety lock for the r professional disassembly of the wheel nuts with all common wheel locks of old: Number : 11 = 15 teeth Number : 12 = 14 teeth Number : 13 = 16 teeth Number : 14 = 12 teeth Number : 15 = 11 teeth Number : 16 = 10 teeth Number : 17 = 7 teeth Number : 18 = 13 teeth Number : 19 = 8 teeth Number : 20 = 9 teethThe adapters, caps have a 17mm 6 side r you can put a cap, s...
Inside valve key , Key valve , Inside valve key (AUTM-01075). For mounting and dismounting the inside valve. Inside valve key , Key valve , Key inside valve. A valve, gate or shut-off valve is a technical mechanism for controlling the flow of a physical medium, either by allowing it to pass unimpeded or by blocking it completely. A valve is used in pneumatic tyres or rims for a bicycle or car. It is a very simple form of a check valve. Air is pumped into the tire through the valve. Opening the v...
This valve turner / valve key is suitable for mounting and dismounting the inner valve. Gw20sw
Tyre chalk white, 12 pieces, Tyre chalk, water resistant, Fabbri (GERE-00595).This Fabbri multifunctional tyre chalk is suitable for marking tyres, concrete, metal, wood, cardboard, paper etc. Packed by 12 pieces 10.5 x 1.5cm Water resistant Grease Chalk Colour : White For marking tyres for classification by vehicle, tyre position, tyre defects etc. Waterproof tyre and universal crayon, also very well suited for many other applications. Fixes on dry and wet tyres, metal and alloys, plastic, ple...
Tire mounting spray universal 400ml, Fabbri (AUTM-01973).For easy and clean mounting and removal of all types of tires. Particularly suitable for run-flat and cipher tyres: Eases mounting and dismounting because the tire does not stick to the rim Very economical consumption Mounting and dismounting takes less time and effort because of the high glide capacity Has a nurturing effect on the tires Prevents cracking and aging Fast drying to prevent the tire from sliding on the rim Biodegradable and...
Mounting tool / plastic rim clamp / third hand / tyre retainer / Mounting clamp Bqitqbhw9f

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