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Engine reconditioning machines for sale

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When replacing a timing belt it is very important that the timing remains the timing between the camshaft and the crankshaft. With this set you can block the camshaft, the crankshaft or sometimes both. This way you can replace the belt without endangering the timing. The set is suitable for a large variety of engines and comes in a convenient case. Suitable for Diesel and Gasoline engines of eg: Opel, Vauxhall, Saab, Rover, Volkswagen, Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Peugeot and Isuzu. Camshaft: Opel Calib...
Completely equipped injector workshop with all special tools to start immediately. for all common-rail and piezo injectors car, truck and commercial vehicle and high pressure pumps as new !!!!! Bqhzuefkal DAYEL CRIST 400 DAYEL CR4 PLC E DAYEL CR CODE Ima Generator
Engine codes: A10XEP, A12XEL, A12XER, A14NEL, A14NEL(LUH), A14NEL(LUJ), A14NET, A14NET(LUJ), A14XEL, A14XEL(LDD), A14XER, A14XER(LDD), A14XFL(LUU), A14XFL(L2Z), A14XFL(LDD), A14XFL(LWD) Enbxbngj
Geldrop, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
18120 km
good (used)
-suitable for engines up to 3000 Nm, so you direct test engines up to 550kW or gas engines with transmission up to 1000+HP -acoustic protection cabin included (also 2x) with Euchner security switch Mtwdk0 -Motor: Siemens AC servo motor 1PL6 286-3FD230AJ3-Z, 410kW S1 (3 motors: 2 used in good condition, 1 new as spare) Cmkdhaes -frequency converter Siemens S120 with Profinet (for motors up to 600kW) (2x available) -conditioner for fuel (at the moment used for diesel, probably adaptable for gas) ...
Crankshaft / camshaft gasket, rubber (de)assembly kit, (AUTM-01151).Professional tool to quickly remove and assemble without any damage the seal rings of radial crankshaft as camshaft. This extensive 27 piece set contains seal removers and seal rings in different sizes and lengths and is suitable for various purposes. The tool is very durable due to high quality material. For oil seals from 28 to 68 mm To assemble and disassemble gaskets and rubbers of crankshafts and camshafts. Universal suitab...
Schenck TBsonio Balancing Machine for Turbocharger Fuselage Assemblies Fast and precise balancing of turbocharger fuselage groups Unbalance correction without unclamping directly in the machine Display of the measured values in mg and the exact angular position Display of the run-up curve Specific mounts with quick clamping system available for many turbocharger types CE-compliant safety concept Monoblock housing for minimum space requirement and optimum damping of external vibrations Simple typ...
Compression tester for diesel engines. Suitable for truck and somewhat older diesel engines. With this tester you can measure the condition of your diesel engine. Bqidtkatn0
Fits a wide range of VAG group 1.8 & 2.0 petrol engines. Includes essential tooling required to remove the camshaft adjuster valves and a useful crankshaft pulley holding tool. Some applications and repair operations will require additional tooling. OEM Tools: T10355, T10368, T10352, T10352/1, T20208, T40011, T40267 Applications: Audi: A3 Saloon (8VS) (13-15), A3/A3 Sportback (8PA/8P1) (07-13), A3/A3 Sportback (8VA/8V1) (12-16), A3 Cabriolet (8P7) (08-16), A3 Cabriolet (8V7) (13-16), A4 (...
Diesel Timing Set Opel, Vauxhall, Saab, GM 2.0 and 2.2 DTi Ecotec, block brake set, distribution set (AUTM-01526). Includes an important tool for the following work on 2.0 and 2.2 DTI Ecotec diesel engines: Installing and removing the camshaft Professional engine repair Checking and adjusting the camshaft timing and setting and locking and removing the old of this blocker set is : Timing adjustment fixture bracket: KM-933, 83 95 394 Timing adjustment fixture bracket: KM-933, 83 95 394 Timing ad...
Stethoscope listening to the inside of the engine Otc8h
EngineTiming Tool Set BMW B38 B48 B58 Camshaft Timing Unit Installer Remover Kit Used for installing and removal of camshaft /variable camshaft timing unit. Checking and adjustment of timing Applicable:BMW B38 B48 B58 Engine Boto7z73
A luxury spark plug wrench with articulated arm of 21mm, glow plug wrench, glow plug, glow plug (AUTM-00098). This luxury spark plug wrench from Seneca has a magnitic head to not lose your spark plug at the bottom of the engine. The ergonomic handle is very user friendly. A luxury spark plug wrench with articulated arm of 21mm, glow plug wrench, glow plug. The spark plug wrench has a t-handle that gives you extra power when unscrewing. The 21 mm spark plug wrench is one of the most widely used s...
Specialised kit for timing belt replacement of VAG vans with 2.4/2.5D diesels, including the latest common rail engines. Kit includes crankshaft pulley holding tool, camshaft setting plate, injection pump and crankshaft locking pins and tensioner adjuster. OEM Tools: T10025/3248/3419, T50009, 2064, 2065A, 3355 Applications: VW: Crafter (06-12), LT (96-06), Transporter (90-03) Engine Codes: 2.4D: AAB, AJA 2.5D SDI: AGX 2.5D Tdi: ACV, AHD, AHY, AJT, ANJ, APA, AUF, AVR, AXG, AXL, AYC, AYY, BBE, B...
Universal crankshaft gasket disassembly kit, oil seals, oil sealing rings set (AUTM-01387). Universal use by using a wide range of oil seals between 27mm and 58mm Different adapters for correct centring Blue adapters consist of manufactured aluminium foam to prevent damage Supplied in a plastic case with handle Gasket adapters sizes : 23mm, 34mm, 42mm, 46mm, 49mm, 56mm and 64mm Bolt adapters : 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm Height or reamers : 10mm, 18mm, 22mm and 27mmReplacing the c...
The valve spring pliers are indispensable when changing valves. Bqie3oc20e
Suitable for setting and locking 2.0 dCi chain drive engines fitted to Renault, Vauxhall/Opel with M9R engine ludes a crankshaft holding tains: Auxiliary Belt Tensioner Locking PinCrankshaft Pulley Holding Tool (OEM: MOT 1770 / EN48334)Camshaft Setting Tool (OEM: MOT 1769 / EN48332)Camshaft Gear Alignment Bracket (OEM: MOT 1773 / EN48331)Crankshaft Locking PIn (OEM: MOT 1776 / EN48330)Chain Tensioner Locking PinM6 Bolt (For use with camshaft setting tool)4mm Hex Key (For use with alignment brack...
CDI glow plug puller and drilling set, removal of broken glow plugs on diesel vehicles. (AUTM-00005). With this set, it is possible to remove stuck glow plugs and clean glow plug holes. Suitable for mercedez benz, bmw and ssangyong CDI engines but also for other brands using the same engine type. 1: Clears passage between pre-combustion chamber and cylinder. 2: Reams and cleans bore between glow plug and combustion chambers. 3: Extractor for distribution chain tensioner on mercedes and BMW car...
Diesel injector tester, suitable for most (old) injectors, not for HDI injectors. Bqicu7ivsu
Suitable for engine code: F1AE0481C, F1AE0481D, F1AE0481N, F1CE0481A&DAlso suitable for Iveco DailyIncludes the following tools:- camshaft locking pin, 2 be used as OEM 99360614- crankshaft locking pinto be used as OEM 99360615- camshaft locking pin, 2 be used as OEM 1 860 617 000 - crankshaft locking pinto be used as OEM 2 000 018 200 C2w8afgsa
The brand new update for SUN PDL 3000/4100/5000/5500/5600/8000 diagnostic devices: Highlights: Secure Vehicle Gateway™ is a SUN software solution for vehicles with restricted access. For Fiat Alpha Chrysler vehicles from 2017 onwards, the new software enables this access. Screenshots are now also automatically uploaded to the Snap-on®-Cloud - for PDL 8000/5600/4100 The new ADAS calibration protocol covers all your calibration work - only PDL 8000/5600/4100 Comprehensive coverage for MG™ - now fo...
Diesel injection test, common rail tester, diesel injection tester, diesel injection tester (AUTM-01379) This test can be applied to CDI engines, for example, with starting problems, this injection tester can be connected to detect leaks or determine that more diesel must be injected. This set is made by means of a metal plate, where the tubes can be hung on by a hook that is attached to the tube. Comes in a plastic storage case Adapters 4 x 6 Bosch solenoid valve, Delphi solenoid valve, Denso s...
Piston ring assembly tensioner for easy assembly of pistons. Ehfgtf7
Multilock: For 2 or 4 overhead camshafts. Ideal for use when space is limited. Keeps the camshaft in position when changing the timing belt. Can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, according to the space between the camshafts. Otmfr
Camshaft and crankshaft locking tools, distribution tools, Timing Locking Set, 19 pieces (AUTM-01412). The set is suitable for: Citroen: Synergie 2.0/Turbo ZX 1.9D/TD Xantia 1.9D/TD Berlingo 1.9 D Ulysse 2.0/Turbo Ducato 2.0Ford: Fiesta 1.25/1.4/ 12.8-XR2i/1.8-16V ab 1995 Mondeo 1.6/1.8/2.0-16V ab 1993 Escort/Orion 1.6/1.8-16V ab 1992Honda: Accord/Prelude 1.8/2.0/2.0i/2.2/2.2I 2,3i ab 1993 Accord/Prelude 2.0-16V ab 1990 Prelude 2.2 V-Tec SOHC Shuttle 2.2i Civic 1.6 VtiMazda: 121/1.25Opel: Calibr...
Suitable for the following models of Mercedes-Benz: W 176 and W 246, A 180 CDI and A 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, A 200 CDI and A 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and W / V 639 Vito 110 CDI, W 906 Sprinter 210 CDI, 310 CDI and 510 CDI Sprinter 210 BlueTec, 310 BlueTec and 510 BlueTec, Sprinter 213 CDI, 313 CDI and 513 CDI Sprinter 213 BlueTec, 313 BlueTec, 413 BlueTec and 513 BlueTecW / S 204 C 180 CDI and the C 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, C 200 CDI and the C 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, W / V 447 V 200 CDI, C 117 CLA...
Timing belt wrench, arc wrench, tension wrench, v-belt wrench, bent wrench 10 pcs, tension wrench set, multi-tooth ring spanner, tensioner set (GERE-01925).Ergonomic with soft handle shaped ring spanners especially for e.g. hard to reach timing belts and r the long narrow holder and the 45° bend, these ring spanners are excellent for hard to reach places in the r operating the automatic tensioning device of V-belts and flat belts Also suitable for tensioning pulleys, belt tensioners of old of th...
Oil filter caps set 14 pieces, for most common sizes oil filters. Otcwx
For removing the camshaft gear on Ford engines with engine numbers F8M,J8S,S8U,F8Q and S9U. C2wvcb7zc
Compression tester kit oil gasoline 20dlg, fuel injection tester, Pressure tester, fuel pressure gauge. (AUTM-00058) Compression tester set oil / gasolineFuel injection compression gauge for gasoline fuel pressure Tester Kit for Motor and AutoInjection fuel pressure gauge , Injection tester , Fuel pump tester , Master Fuel Injection Tester , Pressure tester fuel. With a petrol pressure gauge you check the correct operation of the petrol engine fuel pump, valves, valve timing, combustion, false a...
Valve spring assembly set 9 pieces in case. This set makes it a lot easier to assemble and disassemble valves in a cylinder head. Bsttxdk0
Allows inspection and adjustment of engine timing on following models and engines: Peugeot: 807 (05-11), 407 (05-11), 607 (05-09) engine: DW10UTED4 (RHK), DW10BTED4 (RHR) DW12BTED4 (4HS), (4HP), (4HT), (4HR) Citron: C4 (04-10), C5 II (04-10) engine: DW10BTED4 (RHR) Land Rover: Freelander (06-10) engine: DW12BTED4, 224DT Volvo: S40 (03-10), V50 (06-10), C70 (06-10), S80 (07-10), C30 (906-10), V70 (07-10) engine: D420T 2.0D Ford: S Max 2.2 (08-10), Galaxy 2.2 (08-10), Mondeo 2.2, 2.0 (07-10) engi...
Very luxury timing set, adjustment tools, blocking tools for the VAG group. (AUTM-01324).Locking and adjusting, Blocking tools of the timing belt, camshaft timing chain and timing belt tensioner for Diesel and petrol VAG e luxury timing set for multiple brands is very heavily equipped with the most used parts tools for the job. Parts and tools for: Flywheel Camshaft Crankshaft Injection and fuel pump Camshaft pulley Tensioner and timing beltEngines suitable for this set: Petrol engines: 1.2 6V -...
This tester set is suitable for measuring compression loss in diesel engines of trucks. Bqitnlnek3
Specially designed to hold the crankshaft pulley for removing and installing the crankshaft central bolt. Applicable: AUDI A3, A6, Q5 2004> TSI/ TFSI engine with chain 1.8T, 2.0L 4V. VM number: T10355. Bqk7l8wihb
Timing set, distribution set, BMW V8 and V12, N62 and N73 (AUTM-01613). Checking and adjusting the engine and engine timing. Use for locating and setting the intake and exhaust camshaft,on the BDP when adjusting / setting correct position of the contents of the set includes:Crankshaft wrench Chain tensioner angle indicator 27mm cap camshaft aligner and locking pin Flywheel locking tool Intake camshaft locking tool Exhaust camshaft locking toolLock set suitable for BMW models: E53 X5 4.4l Engine ...
To test if the engine sparks via spark plug wire. This tester is suitable for all kind of gasoline engines. Crqs8qj
Engine codes: JD, JX, CS, CW, CP, KY, 1X, 1Z, 1W, JP, 1V, AAZ, AAT, AEL, AHU, ABL, ADG, AAB, ACV, AHY, AJT, AXG, AVF, AXL, AYC, AFN, AEY,AFF, ,AVG, ALE, AHH, AJA, ADG. Contents : 1x Camshaft ruler OEM 2065A to use 1x Tuning pin injection pump OEM 2064 to use 1x Tuning pin injection pump OEM 3359 to use 1x Adapter for clock micrometer OEM 2066 to use 1x Adapter for clock micrometer OEM 3313 to use 1x Probe pin for clock micrometer 1x Clock micrometer Bqk30cpwvf

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