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Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
17194 km
good (used)
Cutting height 125 mm On9zj Saw motor power 5.5 KW
saw-blade dia. 600 mm Cutting height 160 mm Motor output 5,5 kW SALVADOR SUPER ANGLE 600 OPTIMUS Benqmf9yj3 Automatic pushfeed for angle cutting, wood and optimization Defects capping. Detailed description see accompanying PDF. (Technical data according to manufacturer - without guarantee!)
automatic double mitre saw OMS SALVARANI INVINCIBILE OK SUPER 350 second hand machine CE standard : Yes n.02 motors . power Hp 3 each one blades diam. mm.350 max. useful cutting length mm.3000 max. useful cutting width 90° mm. 175 max. useful cutting width 45° mm. 120 volt. 380/50 weigth kgs.700 Iwgmfbn
The principle of our loading and unloading systems is: All “stupid” actions and movements can be done automatically with solutions that can be amortized within a limited time. THE CURSAL AUTOMATION SYSTEMS ARE PERFECTLY INTEGRATED TO THE VARIOUS TYPES OF CROSS-CUT SAWS CREATE FULLY AUTOMATIC CYCLES. The perfect solution for optimizing the entire production process, reducing labor costs. The feeding of the tables, first manual with idle times and very slow phases, becomes continuous, with the be...
- machine in stock - after the technical review - very good condition Capacity: 3000-6500 mb / 8h Control: Controller with color touch display   Functions: - year of production 2009 - Full optimization of 30 dimensions and grade - 30 dimensions of the 2nd grade + extra-class dimension - Recipes - 1000 sets of dimensions - Cut into a fluorescent crayon - cut at the point of selection - Margin clipping - board start and end - Cutting with packages - several elements at once - Meters- Total, sh...
Ebersdorf, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
17559 km
excellent (used)
optimizing cross cut saw Opticut 350-4 with lengths of max.6.3m; 5 drop out boxes; Dx0g9nab machine still in use
saw-blade dia. 500,550 mm Cutting height 120,150 mm Motor output 5,5-7,5 kW SALVADOR SUPERPUSH 200 OPTIMUS ----- Pusher saw with optimizing and failure recognizing and cutting Benqmzcdr8 Maximum entrance length: 6.200 mm Maximum thickness 120 mm, optional 150 mm Maximum width 300 mm Detailed description in german see pdf-file. !!!! We have showroom machine available - see stock number 1305-2332 !!!! Inspection in showroom Oberkochen always possible. (technical details according to manufa...
Essepigi COMPOSIT 240 5 Axis Machine for Coffin production double end cutting off and milling Double angular adjustment Saw group : Ø500 ( shaft Ø30) / 2500rpm / 11,5kW Milling group : Ø180 (shaft Ø30) / 5.500 rpm / 2HP Fz0fltp dimensions: 6,1m x 2,5m x 2,75m
cutting saw with pendulos swing OMEC SP 400 second hand machine CE mark : YES Manual feed Roller conveyor of mt. 2 to the right of the blade Roller conveyor of mt. 2 to the left of the blade Technical data : Blixg3djly Motor power Kw 4 Blade diameter 400 mm Blade hole diameter 30 mm Blade speed g./min. 3.200 Cut-off capacity mm 500 x 120 (H) Net weight Kg. 400
NEW GENERATION OF CROSS CUT SAWS TOTALLY PROJECTED IN 3D: TVM Ø 500 TVM 500 is in the most claimed products range on the market. Thanks to the cutting section usable for the 90% of prismed boards, it’s used in the sectors who requires quality and big quantities, such as packaging, building, and the production of sofa’s structures, honeycomb, etc. It’s usually combined: • With electro pneumatic beats (for the cut of board packs with repetitive sizes) • Or with a numeric control stopper(where th...
Saw blade diameter: 500 mm, Saw stroke: pneumatic, Further data: See PDF, dismantled and cleaned, Eefesbd Optional: New 12" touch panel with extra charge.
Complete line for timber cutting and ripping. It have been in birch production and includes big amount of mechanisation and saws. - timber infeed max. ab. 6x1x1 m stacks - 3 stack cross converyor - stack separation system what lifts and turns stack automaticly and feeds each timber piece to saw line (slats can be taken away) - quality check up station (operator can see both sides of timber - normally it were unripped timber what they feeded in) - laser marking + PAUL 20 E - optimaizing saw - s...
saw-blade dia. 550 mm Cutting height 150 mm Motor output 7,5 kW Dimensions (L/W/H) 11300x1800x1800 mm SALVADOR SUPERPUSH 200 OPTIMUS, out of out exhibition room ----- Pusher saw with optimizing and failure recognizing and cutting Maximum entrance length: 6.200 mm Maximum thickness150 mm Maximum width 300 mm Ntnyv Detailed description in german see pdf-file. Machine can be seen producing in our showroom! (technical details according to manufacturer - wihout guarantee!)
WoodEye 6, W6-SC-444RR-SortCut, Fully automatic frieze sorting and optimization system Equipment of the plant: 2 pcs. Bunker/silo feeding Collection Bkyvd90poy Division into 2 parallel lines Sorting waste Two pcs. Costa frieze planing machines Merging/separation for scanners WoodEye SortCut Scanner Feeder Scanner WoodEye 6 SortCut 4-sided black/white and colour 4-sided profile measurement 4-sided fiber/texture analysis/angle measurement 4-sided roughness analysis for hard and soft wood Sorting i...
ANGLED CUTTING FROM 20° TO 160° FOR SINGLE AND PACKS OF TABLES As for the pushing TRSI cut saw, the TRGSI is also structurally a monobloc (speed of installation, anti-vibration system, to cite few of the benefits) Cutting program for individual boards and packs • Cutting in fixed sizes – Sequence of measures • By a CNC industrial computer you can quickly create and store a variety of cutting plans, while working up to 25 different sizes, each with cylinder heads and independent options. • The...
New Optimizing saw SALVAPUSH 2000 by SALVAMAC The Salvapush 2000 comes with a brand new version of software that allows anyone to manage it in a simple and complete way like a smartphone, with a website graphic and all the practicality of setting data of a large touch screen, in digital communication between all the electronic components. New exclusive mechanical solutions are also present both for the cutting system and for that of the pusher, solutions that are demonstrating all their potent...
Șicula, Romania Romania
(dealership location)
17123 km
good condition (used)
Have been developed for the CNC- controlled cutting of large cross sections of waney or square-edged solid wood or glue-laminated sections. Segmented top and continuous bottom feed rollers of a large diameter ensure precise guidance of even dificult timber- a prerequisite to the millimeter-accurate timpber positioning and the resulting high cut to length accuracy. Movable measuring carriage for the non-contact cutting point and defect marking Modern CNC control with touch screen Bgo0l3i2kx O...
saw-blade dia. 1 mm Cutting height 160 mm Motor output 7,5 kW Control ja SALVADOR SUPERANGLE 600 OPTIMUS from our demonstration room in Oberkochen ----- Automatic sliding saw for angle cutting, wood optimization and Defects capping. Material length before cutting max = 6,100 mm, min = 1000 mm Cross sections max. at 0 degrees: 100 x 380 - 160 x 310 mm at +/- 45 degrees: 100 x 260 - 160 x 220 mm at +/- 70 degrees: 100 x 120 - 160 x 100 mm For a detailed description, see the adjacent PDF. ...
80-241 Poland
17192 km
ready for operation (used)
Hello I've got a dip bathtub for sale. The bathtub's working. Condition as shown in the pictures. I'm inviting you to buy it. Eqwwbsp0a Catalogue number 649
WEINIG DIMTER OPTICUT 200 ELITE OPTIMIZER - 2007 production year - In a warehouse TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : - Input length of the element min / mx 400-3000 mm - Element input width max 230mm - Input thickness of the element min / max 20-65 mm - Hard / soft wood type - 7.5 kW saw motor - 3 kW feed motor Bgrfhwfgr8 - Feed speed Max. 180 m / min - Acceleration 10m / s - Saw diameter fi. 520 mm - Saw hole diameter 30 mm - Number of saw spindle revolutions 4600 U / min - Duration of 1 cycle 0...
TRSI Ø600 CUTTING 90 ° Pbfepp8 THE SOLUTION FOR BEECH SAWMILL Sturdy, automatic and optimizing cross-cut saw with pusher feeding and modular monobloc structure, equipped with a Ø 600 blade. The big cutting widht makes this cross-cut saw is suitable for cutting beech boards, normally with constant thickness and variable widths. It uses two types of software for: – PROGRAMMED CUT (sequences of fixed measures) – OPTIMIZED CUT (optimization on the total length or with complete elimination of the...
Our Dimter cross-cut for sale. This is located in our company near Katowice (Poland). The cross-cut system is in very good condition and has always been well maintained. Please contact us for more information. Bijxuxmnyv
Zakrzewo Poland
17379 km
as good as new (ex-display)
SALVAPUSH_2000 Innovative automatic and optimizing cross-cutting saw A technological evolution of wood cutting systems. The automatic optimizing saw SalvaPush_2000 is born from over twenty years of experience in wood optimizing saws. The machine is the ideal solution to increase the yield of wood, to reduce the worked hours, facilitate staff activity, cut costs and increase profits. The operator has just to mark the quality of the wood and the presence of defects, the optimizing saw will do th...
Microtec GoldenEye 501 / 502 X-ray Multisensor scanner for determining the quality of sawn timber in the inline transport Scope: Capping Type of wood: Spruce, pine Length of the slat: 2000mm - 6000mm The slat width: 45mm - 190mm Thickness of the plate: 18mm - 80mm Wood surface: Rough (circular saw cut, clean surface) Moisture content: 8% - 18% Wood temperature: up to + 40 ° C Maximum feed rate GOLDENEYE: from 80 m / min. up to 150 m / min (depending on the cross section) Board gap in the scanner...
San Giovanni Al Natisone Italy
17768 km
SECOND-HAND CROSS CUTTING SAW AGAZZANI T17A - infeed and outfeed rollers C3qwkyi8 - CE rules year 2002
Through-feed optimizing saw controlled by numeric control and personal computer for the optimization of the wood and the elimination of the defects. COSTCUTTING OPTIMIZING SAW Supercut 300 is an extremely fast optimizer able to revolutionize your firm's production system. Really Fast: an exclusive dual workpiece feed system combined with an ultra-rapid cutting unit make Supercut 300 unique. EXTREMELY ROBUST Very robust and reinforced steel structure. The in-feed belt conveyor is synchronized a...
MONOBLOCK INCORPORATED PUSH-SYSTEM: THE MOST SOLD IN EUROPE AND WORLWIDE AUTOMATIC, CHEAP, SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE TECHNOLOGY (skilled staff is not needed). Depending on your need, TRSI can be provided for programmed cutting or optimization, and can be used in many SECTORS such as: > PACKAGING: Cutting to size for single plank or in packages, also perfect for cutting squares. > DOORS/WINDOWS: Optimizing and selecting qualities and defects. > FURNITURE: The precision allows it to cut semi-finished...
Optimization cross-cut saw GreCon Dimter Bbyl9ewlyj Type - OptiCut 704/1 Year of construction - 1998 Cutting height - 15-100 mm, cutting width - 25-250 mm Entrance length - 400-5000 mm Infeed with chain, feed - up to 200 m / min Spout with 6 boxes full optimization Fully functional
Through-feed optimizing saw controlled by numeric control and personal computer with Brushless cutting system for the optimization of the wood and the elimination of the defects. COSTCUTTING OPTIMIZING SAW Supercut 500 is a high-speed optimizer able to meet the highest production capacities with utmost reliability. Muxpzo EXTREMELY ROBUST Very robust and reinforced steel structure. The in-feed belt conveyor is synchronized and managed by the same motor of the advancing rollers. Exclusive syste...
TROA: CUT TO MEASURE TROE: DEFECTS ELIMINATION Work autonomously. Cursal has studied this parting line with the aim of automating all board handling operations including the collection of separator strips. The TROA-TROE cross-cut saw has been specially designed for parting off twisted and cracked unedged boards. THE LOWER TOW KNOWS NO INTERRUPTIONS AND HAS A SELF-LIMITED SPEED OF 120 ML/MIN. (Towing characteristics: 5 rollers with toothed and nitrided sectors; 26 independent upper pressure whe...
Push feed optimizing saw with automatic loading chain system for the complete optimization of the wood and the elimination of the defects. COSTCUTTING OPTIMIZING SAW Superpush 250 is a true technological evolution of traditional cutting methods. It is able to increase productivity considerably, reduce staff usage to a minimum, and improve wood yield. EXTREMELY ROBUST Very robust and reinforced steel structure. Group to move up and down all the loading chain system. The chain system is of high ...
Sawmill optimizing cross-cut saw with rollers feeding Boea02pvtd
Push feed angles cutting optimizing saw for the complete optimization of the wood and the elimination of the defects PUSHER ANGULAR OPTIMIZING COST CUTTING SAW Bh9ugcxj9k Superangle 600 is the ideal cutting centre for angles optimized cutting. Direct technological evolution of traditional cutting methods, Superangle 600 is able to increase productivity, to guarantee the maximum precision and keep. EXTREMELY ROBUST Very robust and reinforced steel structure. Pusher carriage dimensions mm. 300x3...
HIGH SPEED OPTIMIZATION IN A SAWMILL? WITH TRV 2000 NOW YOU CAN TRV 2000, it’s a trimmed/no trimmed boards optimizer, that includes – high precision – big cutting section – working speed. Available in optimizing version (it uses the Cursal’s tested software used by the other set of optimizing saws) and it is the ideal ally to speed up the work cycle in sawmills. It optimizes the external side of trunks from the defects – that with traditional machines should not be recovered – in line with t...
Push feed optimizing saw for the complete optimization of the wood and the elimination of the defects. COSTCUTTING OPTIMIZING SAW Superpush 200 is a true technological evolution of traditional cutting methods. It is able to increase productivity considerably, reduce staff usage to a minimum, and improve wood yield. 0m2j09v2 EXTREMELY ROBUST Very robust and reinforced steel structure. Special 30° inclined plane to favour the loading and keep the work piece squared. Pusher carriage dimensions mm...
MAXIMUM SPEED FOR LEADING COMPANIES IN THE WOOD MARKET We present you the jewel of high speed made by Cursal, TRV 2700EB, where experience, passion and know how are all included. TRV 2700EB is the perfect solution for the company – THAT MUST optimize big quantities of timber with varied qualities. – THAT MUST definitively eliminate the indirect costs, to get a maximum profit from the precious wood raw material. > Advanced brushless handling systems (blade included) , the maximum quality compon...
THE IDEAL OPTIMIZING SAW FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZES. – Full optimizing with quality defects selection – Defecting – Fixed measures sequences. • Optimized in an ultra – fast and intelligent way, and you will process the most various orders without any stress for the operators. TRV 1200 permits you to cut single rude/painted boards with continuous cycle in a practical and fuctional way. U0hrjovq • Once inserted the cutting lists by the touch-screen (or from the office) and selected the type of ...

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