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Optimization Cross Cut lines for sale

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Katowice, Poland Poland
17284 km
ready for operation (used)
Salvador Super Push 200 year 2008 good condition Ylpfzxvp more
saw-blade dia. 1 mm Cutting height 160 mm Benqghihzi Motor output 7,5 kW Control ja SALVADOR SUPERANGLE 600 OPTIMUS from our demonstration room in Oberkochen ----- Automatic sliding saw for angle cutting, wood optimization and Defects capping. Material length before cutting max = 6,100 mm, min = 1000 mm Cross sections max. at 0 degrees: 100 x 380 - 160 x 310 mm at +/- 45 degrees: 100 x 260 - 160 x 220 mm at +/- 70 degrees: 100 x 120 - 160 x 100 mm For a detailed description, see the adja... more
Cutting out defects - RECORDING KRESKASILNICS 11 KWPIŁA 500 mm Bfxsxazoxo more
DIMTER optimizing cross-cut unit/line Model OptiCut 204 R consisting of: Infeed and marking table with lateral supports Length measuring unit with fluorescence camera Conveyor belt to the crosscut saw Optimizing crosscut saw type OptiCut 204 R with built-in blow-off device for waste External computer for programming cutting orders from the office (computer screen not included) Input terminal SCS with complete software package for optimization and plant control Automatic length sorting station LS... more
Saw diameter 600 mm Maximum cross-section at 0 ° - 380 x 100 mm Maximum cross-section at 45 ° - 260 x 100 mm Maximum cross-section at 70 ° - 120 x 100 mm Compressed air pressure - 6 atm Ntuhr working height - 900 + -20mm Year of manufacture: 2016 Perfect condition. more
Maximum length of workpiece 6.3 m The minimum length is 40cm Inlet widths min 40mm max 300mm Cprrt797o Min. Height 15 mm maximum 100 mm Max cutting size 100 x 300 mm Cutting with 0.2 mm accuracy Feed speed max 90 m / min more
Wróblik Szlachecki, Poland Poland
17093 km
ready for operation (used)
Complete system scaner microtec goldeneye 702 year 2007 with optimization system viny grecon quantum 450/2 year 2016 2ronr3 more
saw-blade dia. 550 mm Cutting height 150 mm Motor output 7,5 kW Dimensions (L/W/H) 11300x1800x1800 mm Ntnyv SALVADOR SUPERPUSH 200 OPTIMUS, out of out exhibition room ----- Pusher saw with optimizing and failure recognizing and cutting Maximum entrance length: 6.200 mm Maximum thickness150 mm Maximum width 300 mm Detailed description in german see pdf-file. Machine can be seen producing in our showroom! (technical details according to manufacturer - wihout guarantee!) more
Input length 500 - 6300 mm Input width 50 -300 mm Wood cross section 300x40 mm Feed speed max 230 m/min Input station Length 5 m Input belt Optimisation cross-cut saw 304 L Input terminal with software Length sorting with 9 ejectors P3lxf2pz more
DIMTER optimizing cross-cut unit/line Model OptiCut 204 R consisting of: Infeed and marking table with lateral supports Length measuring unit with fluorescence camera Conveyor belt to the crosscut saw Optimizing crosscut saw type OptiCut 204 R with built-in blow-off device for waste External computer for programming cutting orders from the office (computer screen not included) Input terminal SCS with complete software package for optimization and plant control Automatic length sorting station LS... more
GRECON OPTICUT 204-R OPTIMIZATION SAW Grecon opticut 204-R optimized saw Optimization line The device works in passage at a speed of 180 m / min Real performance for 8 hours about 7500 mb Producer: Grecon Model: OPTICUT 204-R Cfbq8gwv8 Machine control: DIMTER OPTICOM ASSIST! - new Saw motor rated power: 7.5 kW Rated feed power: 7.5 kW Total connection power: 18 kW Saw diameter - 500 mm Material widths: min. 30 mm; max. 250 mm Maximum batch length: 6300 mm Material thicknesses: min. 12 mm; ma... more
max cutting width 300mm max cutting height 100mm infeed material length 6m automatic pusher waste cutting Bfxe09bqa3 infeed table length 7m cutting unit length 1m outfeed table length 1,7m max blade diameter 500mm motor power 8,9kw more
Wróblik Szlachecki, Poland Poland
17093 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Optimization gain Dimter Opticut450 Quantum 2 Complete small operating state like new Kiq3o0sl more
saw-blade dia. 500,550 mm Cutting height 120,150 mm Motor output 5,5-7,5 kW SALVADOR SUPERPUSH 200 OPTIMUS ----- Pusher saw with optimizing and failure recognizing and cutting Maximum entrance length: 6.200 mm Maximum thickness 120 mm, optional 150 mm Maximum width 300 mm Benqmzcdr8 Detailed description in german see pdf-file. !!!! We have showroom machine available - see stock number 1305-2332 !!!! Inspection in showroom Oberkochen always possible. (technical details according to manufa... more
Șicula, Romania Romania
dealership location
17123 km
good condition (used)
Have been developed for the CNC- controlled cutting of large cross sections of waney or square-edged solid wood or glue-laminated sections. Bgo0l3i2kx Segmented top and continuous bottom feed rollers of a large diameter ensure precise guidance of even dificult timber- a prerequisite to the millimeter-accurate timpber positioning and the resulting high cut to length accuracy. Movable measuring carriage for the non-contact cutting point and defect marking Modern CNC control with touch screen O... more
18098 km
excellent (used)
Automatic crosscut saw type OMEC TA 185 Second hand machine Bjbhf8swo volt. 380/50 more
WEINIG DIMTER OPTICUT 200 ELITE OPTIMIZER - 2007 production year - In a warehouse TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Bgrfhwfgr8 - Input length of the element min / mx 400-3000 mm - Element input width max 230mm - Input thickness of the element min / max 20-65 mm - Hard / soft wood type - 7.5 kW saw motor - 3 kW feed motor - Feed speed Max. 180 m / min - Acceleration 10m / s - Saw diameter fi. 520 mm - Saw hole diameter 30 mm - Number of saw spindle revolutions 4600 U / min - Duration of 1 cycle 0... more
max cutting dimensions (width,height) - 240x160mm or 360x30mm minimum material length 140mm infeed table length 8m outfeed table length 8m waste cutting 5 pneumatic pushers band feeding 60m/min Bfu9qzb73j optimizing software motor power 12kW year of manufacture 2002 more
New Optimizing saw SALVAPUSH 2000 by SALVAMAC Bfxulyzsq9 The Salvapush 2000 comes with a brand new version of software that allows anyone to manage it in a simple and complete way like a smartphone, with a website graphic and all the practicality of setting data of a large touch screen, in digital communication between all the electronic components. New exclusive mechanical solutions are also present both for the cutting system and for that of the pusher, solutions that are demonstrating all t... more
saw-blade dia. 600 mm Cutting height 160 mm Benqmf9yj3 Motor output 5,5 kW SALVADOR SUPER ANGLE 600 OPTIMUS Automatic pushfeed for angle cutting, wood and optimization Defects capping. Detailed description see accompanying PDF. (Technical data according to manufacturer - without guarantee!) more
Wróblik Szlachecki, Poland Poland
17093 km
excellent (used)
Tending machine BG85 read through 850mm motor 25kw comlet round wood task block train rear Bewtcc2gji more
- machine in stock - after the technical review Dwpnjy - very good condition Capacity: 3000-6500 mb / 8h Control: Controller with color touch display   Functions: - year of production 2009 - Full optimization of 30 dimensions and grade - 30 dimensions of the 2nd grade + extra-class dimension - Recipes - 1000 sets of dimensions - Cut into a fluorescent crayon - cut at the point of selection - Margin clipping - board start and end - Cutting with packages - several elements at once - Meters- To... more
LUBLIN 6, Poland Poland
17015 km
excellent (used)
Cursal trv 2200 Production year 2014 Jvd77u First start of the machine 2016 Perfect technical condition Saw diameter 500mm Optimization speed - up to 280mb / min number of ejectors - 6 more
Saue vald Harjumaa, Estonia Estonia
16657 km
reconditioned (used)
Good condition, reconditioned Weinig Dimter S75 pushsaw. In everyday use. Bfrm0a9oxm more
heavy optimizing crosscut saw for unedged goods, system consists of board separation with stacking sorting, digital laser measurement with pneumatic board transfer, optimizing crosscut saw with 11KW saw motor and ejection station with 5 sorting positions. The plant is well maintained (like new) Bfphvzxndn more
An optimizing GRECON OPTICUT 200-4R - machine in stock - after the technical review - full optimization - German production - year of production 2002 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: - 7.5 kW main engine - feed speed up to 180 m / min - acceleration 10 m / s - five throwers - max / min length of element - 6500 mm / 400 mm - element width max 260 mm - element height max 120 mm - minimum cutting length 150 mm - blade diameter 500 mm - full optimization according to dimension priorities or element values Im... more
GREAT OPPORTUNITY PUSH FEED OPTIMIZING SAW WITH AUTOMATIC LOADING SYSTEM BY CHAIN BRAND SALVADOR MOD. SUPERPUSH 250 OPTIMUS MACHINE LIKE NEW Bfok93r7df MIRROR MACHINE VERSION work direction from LEFT TO RIGHT EXTRASTRONG XL VERSION with the possibility of cutting up to 150 mm with a width of 240 mm Loading area 5100 mm standard cutting section 270x120-300x95-30x15 CHAIN ​​LOADER L = 5100 loading area 1500 mm with 3 pneumatic cylinders for each chain Infeed push conveyor table with pneumatic p... more
OptiCut 450 Left Saw fro year 2002 generel reconditioned 2015 Infeed for 6,3 m long NEW Mesuring station NEW Outlet with 4 puschers NEW 2 Marksations Posible to make longer outlet and more puschers Npelf more
Optimizing saw by Cursal model TRVE 500 with length selector of 15 mt and 10 ejectors. Jvdgza more
Krieglach, Austria Austria
17583 km
excellent (used)
Input length 500 - 6300 mmInput width 50 -300 mmWood cross section 300x40 mmFeed speed max 230 m/minInput station Length 5 mInput beltOptimisation cross-cut saw 304 LEInput terminal with softwareLength sorting with 9 ejectorsBreakdown tables Bfmhm022yl more
Automatic cut-off saw for sawing pre-programmed fixed lengths and fault removal after chalk marking Operation: right to left Workpiece feed in the saw by means of rollers (feed 120 m / min) Max. Wood cross section: 340 x 50 mm, 100 x 150 mm. Saw motor: 11,00 kW Iu02b0d7 Saw blade diameter: 550 mm. Equipment: Kreidemarkierstation chop saw Separate control panel Sorting machine with workpiece conveyor pneumatically actuated ejector (7 pieces) Year of construction: 1996 Consists of: Foerderband 4 ... more
WEINIG DIMTER OPTICUT S50 optimizer - machine in stock - after the technical review - very good condition - year of production 2003 - German production - CE, DTR - OptiCom Assist system TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: - input material length min / max 400 - 2500 mm - cutting width min / max 20 - 300 mm - cutting height min / max 10 - 100 mm - minimum cutting length 10 mm - hard / soft wood type - maximum blade diameter of 500 mm - total power 7 kW - pipe diameter 150 mm - demand for 1300 m3 / h extracti... more
Main motor: 5,5 kw Infeed length : 6000 max Number of ejectors :7 Speed : 100 m/min max Cycle time 0,5 m Programing. 100 Optimizaton: length , quality or combinations Chalk line scanner: yes CE mark. yes cutting width : 300 max B0e9ki9e Cutting height : 150 max Saw blade diameter : 550 max more
Microtec GoldenEye 501 / 502 X-ray Multisensor scanner for determining the quality of sawn timber in the inline transport Scope: Capping Type of wood: Spruce, pine Length of the slat: 2000mm - 6000mm The slat width: 45mm - 190mm Thickness of the plate: 18mm - 80mm Wood surface: Rough (circular saw cut, clean surface) Moisture content: 8% - 18% Wood temperature: up to + 40 ° C Maximum feed rate GOLDENEYE: from 80 m / min. up to 150 m / min (depending on the cross section) Board gap in the scanner... more
Optimization cross-cut saw GreCon Dimter Type - OptiCut 704/1 Year of construction - 1998 Cutting height - 15-100 mm, cutting width - 25-250 mm Entrance length - 400-5000 mm Infeed with chain, feed - up to 200 m / min Spout with 6 boxes full optimization Bbyl9ewlyj Fully functional more
Machine functional For capping fault points according to chalk marking and fixed lengths Long inlet belt 5,000 mm 2 ejectors approx. 2500 mm conveyor belt length Wood cross-sections max 260x 30 mm max 80 x 80 mm Eeevd3t Feed 170 m/min more
Miechucino, Poland Poland
17232 km
excellent (used)
- machine in stock - after a technical review - documentation - 2007   TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: - cutting length 6000 mm - 280 mm cutting width - cutting height 120 mm - blade diameter 450, 500 mm - five ejectors - waste blasting system Beq0fn2zy2 - 5.5 kW main engine - 0.75 kW feeding table feed motor - feed motor for the 0.75 kW pre-feeder - 0.44 kW feed table feed motor - measuring station - computer control - Control Panel - Wedge stub pipe 200 mm - length of the feeding table 7600 mm - ... more


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