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Material testing for sale

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Sample gas cooler -Measuring gas cooler with: protective lining 97bdzaouz -Connection: 240 volts -Dimensions: 335/560/H390 mm -Weight: 32 kg
Espec Temperature Shock Chamber Here we offer you an Espec temperature shock chamber. Thermal shock environmental chamber (cold load: -65° to 0°C). Conventional thermal shock chambers with three zones can be quite large because three separate chambers are used. The TSA series has only one chamber, significantly reducing its size. Instead, it circulates cold, hot or ambient air as needed. The conditioned air can be precooled or preheated beyond the set point, allowing for faster recovery to the d...
Weiss temperature test cabinet KWP 64/75 Cold-warm operation: -70 ° C ... + 130 ° C Cooling down: 2.5 approx. K / min. Heating: 3.0 approx. K / min Temperature constancy: + -0.5 ... + - 1.0K Installation dimensions: height 1360 mm, width 880 mm, depth 1000 mm External dimensions: height 1215 mm, width 800 mm, depth 960 mm Test room dimensions height 400, width 500mm, depth 325mm The connection voltage is: 230V / 1Ph + N + PE / 50 Hz (+6% / - 10%) Connected load: 1.4 kVA Plug: Schuko 16A ...
Phoenix 4000, two spindles 400VAC / 50Hz, 3 phases, 3.2A 0.5kW, variable speeds 50-600 rpm, Sux20w Basic unit with carrier disc, without sample holder
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18584 km
Throat depth: 150 mm Lin02 Test height: 200 mm Space: 350 x 600 x 1410 mm
Travel of the crosshead: 1700mm Max working length: 10000mm Q8xpss0d Total length: 14000mm Force: 40 to
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
Baltographe, Baltograph -Dimensions: 715/270/H410 mm -Weight: 6500 kg 28zablsm
Weiss climatic test chamber with humidity Here we offer a Weiss climatic test chamber with humidity. Weiss WK1/1500 40 Sn: 59226007850010 air cooled humidity Test chamber dimensions: Height: 950 mm, Width: 1100 mm, Depth: 1475 mm. External dimensions: Height: 2005 mm, Width: 1300 mm, Depth: 2450 mm test chamber capacity: approx.1540 litres Test room lighting: halogen bulb 12V, 50W Rated voltage: 3/NPEAC 400V ±10% 50Hz Rated power: 11,5 kW Rated current: 22,0 A Fuse on site 32A slow blow Protecti...
Weiss temperature test cabinet WT 450/70 -70 ° C to + 180 ° C 450 liters The temperature cabinet is like new and only from the year of construction 2016 with a few hours, it was tested in-house with calibrated test devices from TESTO! Test room dimensions: height 800 mm, width 800 mm, depth 705 mm External dimensions: height 1947 mm, width 1100 mm, depth 1312 mm Temperature range: -70 ° C to +180 ° C Temperature fluctuation over time in the middle of the usable space ± 0.2 to ± 0.7 K Spatial t...
Phoenix 4000, single spindle 400VAC / 50Hz, 3 phases, 3.2A 0.5kW, variable speeds 33-400 rpm, Paewb Basic unit with carrier disc, without sample holder
Magnaflux bench in full operating condition. Bwqezanym
Sell this fully functional height gauge from Mitutoyo, Bphwd3fmm LH 600. I have attached technical data as a photo. Shipping unfortunately not possible, or if absolutely necessary, then only at your own risk!!! Pickup preferred. There are also a lot of information material with it. Charging cable / power supply incl. Device is practically not used! Device was purchased in 2012. Value added tax can be shown on request!
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
Measurement data acquisition device, test device, telemetry system -Telemetry Division: Microdac B1A -Frequency: 10.7 MHz -Price: per piece -Number: 2 pieces -Dimensions: 220/105/H85 mm -Weight: 1.0 kg/piece Bh2ywtbhe9
CTS Temperature test chamber Here we offer you a CTS temperature test chamber. Temperature test chamber type: T-65/50 air cooled Control system: 32 bit controller LDC control panel Digital display of set and actual values Numerical input of the setpoints Error messages in plain text Interface RS 232 Free switching channels for on-site test material control Test chamber volume: 65 litres Test chamber dimensions: height approx. 400 mm, width approx. 400 mm, depth approx. 320 mm Overall dimensions ...
Q-FOG CCT 1100 Corrosion test chamber Salt chamber tester Conventional salt spray, prohesion tests and 100 % relative humidity, 1103 litre chamber volume Test volume 1100 litres Test chamber dimensions: Length approx. 1458mm / Width approx. 815mm Height approx. 457mm (775mm) Outer dimensions: Length approx. 2245mm / Width approx. 1149mm Height approx. 1265mm Power 4,2kW, 20A The corrosion alternating test represents the best possible laboratory simulation of natural corrosion. Recent investi...
Specification and technical data Working method: • Electro-hydraulic power application 2hjx7hit Automatic program: • 4 predefined Buehler methods • Automatic adjustment of the parameters on the die diameter • 25 free program memories Control elements: • Membrane keyboard with the following elements: On off Heating and cooling time Pressure and temperature Die diameter Stamp up / down manual cooling begin Advertisement: • Backlit LCD display Other specifications: • Detection of the die diameter •...
Universal testing machine PM5 Force: 5 kN crosshead stroke: 520 mm working chamber depth: 66 mm total height: 1036 mm Weight: approx.48 Kg travel resolution: 0,01 mm test speed: 1-500 mm / min Return speed: 700 mm / min Force transducer: 5 kN incl. evaluation electronics and basic software. Our testing machines can be operated in stand-alone mode via a numeric keypad, so that a "quick test" can also be carried out without a PC. For tests that require data storage and recording of the curve progr...
Hardness tester with base cabinet and accessories as shown on photos Plzkn
Measurement data acquisition device, test device, communication system, data acquisition system -DSM: Nanoserver 96M1566L -suitable for: mobile applications Pq0fw38b -Input: 8-30 V DC, 15 A -Dimensions: 245/220/H120 mm -Weight: 2.8 kg
Here we offer you a Zwick Dartec materials testing machine. Dartec Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Type: Static-dynamic Capacity: 100 kN Capabilities: Fatigue, tensile, compression, flexure and fracture toughness testing. Type: Zwick Dartec UTM SA100 Condition: used / used Scope of delivery: (See picture) Byiuubetkx (Changes and errors in the technical data, details are reserved!) Further questions we can answer on the phone for you.
Haiger Germany
18536 km
as good as new (ex-display)
WIKI 90 is the "Top-of-the-line" in Vickers and Knoop automatic Hardness Testing: - it is fully motorized - it is a fully automatic, so that the operator can do ther things - Load forces are applied directly to the measuring axis by load cells applied and electronically controlled in "closed loop" Test Load Range: 0,01 - 50kg Test Method: Vickers & Knoop Standard Delivery: - Hardness Tester - Indenter 136° Vickers - Software (Fully Automatic System) - Camera - motorized Revolver (6 Positi...
Spark spectrometer Manufacturer: Arun Model: Polyspek Jr NRX Range wavelength: 170 a 410 nm Connection: USB for PC Dimensions: 560 mm x 395 mm x 537 mm Weight: 30 kg Applications: Spectrometer analysis for the following metals and its alloys iron, aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel, cobalt, titanium, magnesium, lead, tin Manufacturing year: 2017 Ckcvbk9s
Set of 4 compression force machines. Ranges are. 1-2-3-4 MN. Fwtheciw All 400 VAC. Mass per machine varies from 1800 till 2500 kg.
Motorized pendulum for resilience test Charpy 300J - PIC-300 Capacity or Impact Energy: 300 J Impact Velocity: 5.42 m / s Reading Type: Digital (PT-DUR Processor) Scales: 300-303 J ± 151-153 Reading resolution: 0.3 J /0.2º Standards used: EN 10045, ASTM E23 Bws0eukg9b Activation -Elevation: Motorized -Brake: Drum, acc. By pedal Accessories included: -Impact blade (installed) -Blade and support centering tester. Pliers for placing the specimen between supports -Integral transparent polycarbona...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
Measurement data acquisition device, test device, telemetry system -Axon: J1-CS10 Torque Telemeter -Dimensions: 205/60/H110 mm -Weight: 0.8 kg Bh2yw3smza
Here we offer you a Zwick Dartec materials testing machine. Dartec Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Pn9sr Type: Static-dynamic Capacity: 250 kN Capabilities: Fatigue, tensile, compression, flexure and fracture toughness testing. Type: Zwick Dartec UTM SA250 Condition: used / used Scope of delivery: (see picture) (Changes and errors in technical data, specifications are reserved!) Further questions we can answer on the phone for you.
We offer a climatic test chamber from Weiss with Feucht! The climatic test chamber was only serviced by Weiss / Vötsch in December 2020 and was still in use until December. 2021 the test sticker! All tests were carried out, another test run was carried out in our house, the humidity and temperature were checked with calibrated test equipment. The climatic test chamber has been serviced once a year and is in perfect condition! The logbook is attached WHITE 1500SB / 010JU / 40DU Temperature range...
The machine serves for static compression tests of construction materials and other tests of this type. Cubes and cylinders with a maximum edge length of 150 mm can be tested. The second-hand machine is in very good state (maintained and refurbished). - 4 columns with testing cylinder mounted in the base part, with ground piston - Free height compression room: 155 mm (can be extended by removing the intermediate pieces to up to 255 mm) - Piston stroke: 30 mm - Compression plate diameter: 255 mm ...
High-performance microscope from Zeiss Item type: Axioplan Furnishing: 5x Epiplan-Neofluar 2.5x0.075 HD / 5x0.15 HD / 10x0.30 HD / 20x0.50 HD / 50x0.75 HD Metallic preparation table continuously adjustable lighting Electric / manually usable XY table (control unit is not included in the scope of delivery) Light source with power supply Status: used, good condition Bv2ilq2rjy Scope of delivery: 1xZeiss Axioplan microscope 5x Zeiss Epiplan Neofluar lenses + Zeiss light source with power sup...
Spectrometer - Mobile metal analyzer SPECTROTEST TXC25 Electrical connection: 100 - 240V, ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz (according to DIN EN 61010-1) Power during the test process: 400 W Power in standby mode: 100 W Fuse protection - power line: 16 A (slow action) Storage conditions: -20 - 50ºC; -5 -120ºF Temperature range: 5-40 ° C; 40 -105ºF (according to DIN EN 61010-1) Bwsztuxgji Air humidity: max. 80% (according to DIN EN 61010-1) Argon connection Inlet pressure: 5 bar ± 10%; 72 psi Quality: ≥ 4.8 (9...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
Measurement data acquisition device, test device, telemetry system, Can-Bus monitoring -Gemac: CANobserver .: 22550-00 -Price: per piece -Number: 2 pieces Yjzrjeu2 -Dimensions: 115/50/H125 mm -Weight: 0.5 kg/piece
Here we offer you a Zwick materials testing machine. Type Z030 TH Test load Fmax 30 kN Test area Height lower test area 1355 mm Upper test area (additional crosshead required) 1380 mm Width 440 mm Dimensions Height 1714 mm Height with stands 1829 ... 2694 mm Width 760 mm Width with pedestals 936 mm Width with pedestals and machine electronics 1124 mm Depth with machine electronics 618 mm Pn0cj Depth with pedestals and machine electronics 765 mm Weight: with machine electronics, approx. 240 kg wi...
For sale 2 pieces Mettler Toledo, InPro 2000/120 / PT100 / 9848, Ph sensor probe, Ph sensor, 52001434, 6227035. Dvjnthb Measuring range: Ph 0-14, Operating temperature: 0-140 C ° Availability: 2 pieces Net price: 120.- euros / piece Additional discounts if you buy more than one piece. Parcel delivery by appointment. Please send me your questions by email.
Product size, leakage tester with graviering unit. After the test mark the good product Bikv9wdhgp Dimension (mm): 2500x950/1550-2300 Gravier: 322-WRDM, Borries Leakage tester, DLP 30, Bayer Vacuum pump, RA 0040 F 503, Fezer
Item type: compact port BCPO Data: Measuring pistol with air probe quick mix-up check (PMI) with the air probe Measurable units (see picture, mix-up check) Cip9homy Year of manufacture 12.2013 Status: second hand Scope of delivery: 1x Belec compact port BCPO Invoice with selected 19% VAT. Forwarding delivery is only free to the curb Customs notice: When shipping to non-EU countries, additional taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties) are incurred as part of your order, which are not paid b...
Universal testing machine - Tensile testing LR150K PLUS Iwhqfmn Maximum Force: 150 kN (33,721 lbf) Overall Force Range Using Interchangeable Load Cells: 0.1N - 150kN (0.02 - 33,721 lbf) Force Measuring Accuracy Better than 0.5% Crosshead Speed Range: Full Load 0.001 - 254mm/min (0.0004 - 10in/ min) Maximum Working Width Between Columns: 620mm (24.4in) Crosshead Vertical Travel: 1050mm (41.34in) Height: 2508 mm (98.74 inches) Depth: 733 mm (28.86 inches) Width: 1204 mm (47.4 inches) Mass (wi...
Pore finder, pore finder, surface tester -portable high-voltage pore detector -Pore locator is an ideal device for detecting pores and imperfections -in dielectric (electrically insulating) coatings -such as paints, enamels, plastic layers on all metals and concrete. -Dimensions: 390/220/H260 mm Lqmdn -Weight: 7 kg
Here we offer a Zwick / Roell hardness tester. Zwick Hardness Tester 8150SK Byg9l8bkab Universal Rockwell (8150) according to ISO 6508 and ASTM E 18 Preload: 3, 10 kg Test load: 15, 30, 45, 60, 100, 150 kg Rockwell hardness tester 8150 Indentor fixtures allow hardness testing at hard-to-reach measuring points: Measurement of the inner contact surface of a cardan shaft driver Measurement of the inner running surface of a bearing ́Outer ring with 23 mm diameter. Measurement of the contact surface ...
The following item is for sale: Brsb7dnfz2 - Our offer number: 10/114 - coating thickness gauge 4-point gauge - Manufacturer: Nagy - Type: SD-510 - serial number: 107445 - with accessories in case - with operating instructions - weight : ca 4 kg all together - optical condition according to photos - used - functional - Shipping Germany 7,90€ Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with tail lift) and forwarding agency. You can ask for all information about your purchase durin...
Ultrasonic Thickness Test - new - not used Original Invoice for rest warrentay given too Newprice ex vat £ 3,730.00 PCE-USC 20 is a portable or benchtop ultrasonic tester or ultrasonic thickness gauge with a 5.7" TFT color LCD screen. This ultrasound-based thickness meter uses one or two contact transducers (four different probes included; 90 °, 70 °, 60 °, 45 °) to measure material or wall thickness, detect flaws or defects in welds, and monitor the effects of corrosion on pipes and tanks. C...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18139 km
The plant consists of the following parts: (1) X-ray emitter Yxlon [...] 160-D04, field size: 200x200mm. (2) Conveyor system, distance lifting stations: 5.3m, total length: 7m, total width: 0.9m, with head drive as pallet conveyor system, including 8 workpiece carriers and two lifting stations. (3) Radiation-shielded cabinet, lead equivalents: 3-5mm. (4) Robot ABB IRB 2400 M 2000. (5) Control cabinet. (6) Control panel, operating system: Windows® NT 4.0 with PXV 5000. Bamqm8tjww
Pore finder, pore finder, surface tester -portable high-voltage pore detector -to locate: pores, cracks and other imperfections Clovwef -Dimensions: 365/220/H260 mm -Weight: 7.5 kg
Weiss temperature chamber Here we offer a Weiss temperature chamber. Weiss temperature chamber water cooled with temperature change rate of 10 K/min Temperature range: from - 70°C to 180°C Temperature change rate cooling 14.5 K/min Temperature change rate heating 10.0 K/min Temperature deviation in time ± 0.1 to ± 0.5 K Temperature homogeneity spatial ± 0.5 to ± 2.0 K Test chamber dimensions: Width 580 mm x depth 615 mm x height 750 mm Housing dimensions: Width 895 mm x depth 2080 mm x height 19...