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Material testing for sale

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Measurement data acquisition device, test device, communication system, data acquisition system Pq0fw38b -DSM Nanoserver 96M1566L -suitable for mobile applications -Input 8-30V DC, 15A -Dimensions 245/220 / H120 mm -Weight 2.8 kg more
Manufacturer: White Type: KWP 64/75 Designation: Temperature test chamber Temperature range: -75...+130°C Temperature change rate: Cooling 2.5 Heating K/min max. total load: 100 kg max. load test chamber floor: 50 kg max. load on insert grate: 35 kg Nominal power: 1,4 kW Rated current: 9.2 A Voltage: 1/N/PE AC 230V 50Hz Changeover to new refrigerant: 29.04.20 by specialist company Leak test: 29.04.20 by specialist company (protocols are enclosed) Outer dimensions without table: 83 x 90 x 121cm... more
voltage 200-240 V total power requirement 2,8 kW weight of the machine ca. 200 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 2,0 x 1,0 x 1,5 m Control PC Cso0mkzg We quote an ICP Optical Emmission Spectrometer of type PERKIN ELMER OPTIMA 5300 DV. This tester from 2005 is in good running condition and was used until end of 2019 at German aeropace company. With the machine are: - basic tester OPTIMA 5300 DV Spectrometer with serial No. 077N5100402 - Controller AS90/A91 with ID-NR. 507910 and serial No.... more
diameter:xxx mm workpiece length:xxx mm total power requirement:100 kVA Crack detection line for axle stubs in good condition. Bk7pmwcyu more
Plant number 701-246 ; medium used Radionuclide Krypton 85 Type:X1114; Technical data: Supply voltage: 40V +/-10%, 3 Ph, 50 Hz+/-1%, N, PE Basis weight measurement: Measuring range 30-600 µm PA, measuring accuracy +/- 2 sigma range, (+/- 0.4% but not better than +/- 0.4 µm), measuring gap 10 mm traverse: maximum useful measuring width 1970 mm, traversing speed 0-10 m/min Ambient temperature: sensors 0-50°C, cross beam 0-50°C, switch cabinet (control) 10-35 °C W7028lwl Air humidity: max. 90% with... more
Pore finder, pore finder, surface tester, surface pore detector, precise testing devices, Poroscope Lqmdn -transportable high-voltage pore detector -Pore detection device is an ideal device for the detection of pores and imperfections -in dielectric (electrically insulating) coatings -such as lacquers, enamels, plastic layers on all metals and concrete. -Dimensions 390/220 / H260 mm -Weight 7 kg more
Here we offer you a Ceast case study. Energy range 0.6 to 1800 J Impact velocity: max. 24 m/s Drop weight: 2 to 70 kg (in 1 kg steps) Drop height: 30 to 1100 mm Test software: CEAST Fracture Mechanics Fn3b9gp tempering chamber (-70°C to 150°C), anti-rebound device, automatic oil spray device, up to 22 KN drop bolt Accessories: Clamping set for CAI plates, rotating sample loader (for 10 samples), Data analyser and software Type: 7526 condition: used / used Scope of delivery: (see picture) (Change... more
Langenfeld, Germany Germany
dealership location
18057 km
New universal hardness testing machine with excellent European quality (Netherlands) and a price-quality ratio approx. 1/3 cheaper than the established suppliers. One of the most flexible universal hardness testers / hardness testing machines available on the market with an integrated turret head for holding several penetrators and lenses Standard accessories (included in the price): * Machine body with mot. turret * Linear actuator (lowering test head) * Load cell, closed loop Ee2mhliz * Opti... more
Manufacturer: Veeco Biqnsa2u0o Type: NT9080 Title: Profilometer more
Universal testing machine PM3 Force: 3 kN cross beam stroke: 520 mm Working area depth: 66 mm Cc7d2rmq total height: 1036 mm Weight: ca.40 Kg Travel resolution: 0.01 mm testing speed: 1-500 mm / min Return speed: 700 mm / min Force transducer: 3 kN incl. evaluation electronics and basic software. Our testing machines can be operated in stand-alone mode via a numeric keyboard, so that a "quick test" can be carried out without a PC. For tests that require data storage and recording of the curve pr... more
Product size, leakage tester with graviering unit. After the test mark the good product Dimension (mm): 2500x950/1550-2300 Bikv9wdhgp Gravier: 322-WRDM, Borries Leakage tester, DLP 30, Bayer Vacuum pump, RA 0040 F 503, Fezer more
Measurement data acquisition device, Tester -8 x digital inputs Foot switch Lh9w9 Delivery as is as seen Masterbar 400/350/H225 mm Weight 13 kg more
Here we offer a Mecmesin friction tester. tear tester / peel force / friction / for packaging Mecmesin FPT-H1 horizontal testing system Friction, peel and tear propagation testing Bwvpuxx Tested product: for packaging Further features: PC controllable The FPT-H1 is a fully equipped test system controlled by software running on a PC. Accurate and easy to use, it has been specially designed to measure the coefficient of friction, to test the peel and tear strength of a wide range of materials Main... more
The METACUT 302 is the best value quality wet cutting machine available on the market for abrasive cuts. The cutting process is purely manual by operating the hand lever on the right side. The type METACUT 302 is able to cut solid materials with a diameter up to 90 / 110 mm (round) or 65 x 130 (square). In order to enable the cutting of extremely long workpieces, a lateral opening was created on the left side of the machine. The machines are equipped with a powerful motor that drives the abra... more
Leica S8 APO microscope + EC3 camera The Leica S8 APO offers an 8:1 zoom and with a standard magnification of 10x - 80x. It features a fully apochromatic corrected 1.0x objective and zoom lens system. Apochromatic built-in 1.0x objective Apochromatic 8:1 zoom lens system Apochromatic auxilliary objectives Maximum resolution 600 lp/mm 10x - 80x standard magnification Working distance: 75mm Integrated video/photo output (0% / 100%) Ergonomic 38° viewing angle Adjustable upper and lower zoom magni... more
Universal testing machine PM10 Force: 10 kN cross beam stroke: 700 mm Installation space: 400 mm total height: 1230 mm Weight: ca.85 Kg Travel resolution: 0.01 mm testing speed: 1-500 mm / min Return speed: 700 mm / min Force transducer: 10kN incl. evaluation electronics and basic software. Our testing machines can be operated in stand-alone mode via a numeric keyboard, so that a "quick test" can be carried out without a PC. For tests that require data storage and recording of the curve progress... more
Procured in 2017, hardly used, few operating hours, some consumables included. technical data see pictures (picture 2) Bigf72xytd more
Inductive conductivity transmitter Type 2AMLid-184 D78ptf -Sensoreitauchtiefe 1115 mm -Gesamtlänge 1337 mm Weight 3 kg more
Vötsch climate test cabinet VT 3050-M. Chamber volume: 500L. Temperature range: -30 to + 100 ° C. Temperature fluctuation over time: K ± 0.5 Spatial temperature fluctuation: K ± 1.5 Temperature gradient: K 3 Rate of change heating: K / min 2.0 Rate of change: cooling K / min 1.4 Heat compensation: max.W 650 Calibration values: + 23 ° C + 80 ° C Usable interior HxWxD: 120x72x58 cm. External dimensions Hxwxd: 196x90x105 cm. Sound pressure level: db (A) ᐸ60 Interior lighting, digital display. On ro... more
Manufacturer: Olympus Nyacr Type: MX61-F Title: Microscope for semiconductor inspection Condition: presentable, ready for use, without defects more
Belec Compact Port HLC MH-110-0006 Fe base + UV3m argon probe + additional basic module "Al" Mobile spectrometer high precision and reliability -easy to use - competent customer service -expensive maintenance Ntuip I am happy to provide you with further information. The brand name and description are the property of the rights holder and are used because they are part of the product and characterize the quality. The sale takes place under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee and return. more
Universal testing machine PM5-1200 Force: 5 kN Truss stroke: 1200 mm Working space depth: 66 mm Total height: 1677 mm Weight: approx.56 Kg Path resolution: 0.01 mm Test speed: 1-500 mm / min Return speed: 700 mm / min Force transducer: 5kN incl. evaluation electronics and basic software. Our test machines can be operated in stand-alone operation via a numeric keypad, so that a "fast test" can also be carried out without a PC. For checks that require data storage and a recording of the curve cu... more
Type of machines: Electrodynamical Table Testing Machine Type LFV-E 1.5 kN, no. 1861 - Design System Table with integrated electric installation - Fatigue rated Load Cell Type GTM Serie KS 2.5 kN, no. 59114 - Accessories for Fatigue Testing of Dental-Implant and their Prosthetic Counterparts in Saline Medium according to ISO 14801 Mxtdtsnv - Implantat specimen holder with customized bore ø8 and depth of - 14mm Control cabinet NS-AC with Digital Regulation System Type PCS 5000, no. 00085 - Handw... more
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
dealership location
17866 km
Baltographers, Baltographers 28zablsm -Dimensions 715/270 / H410 mm -Weight 6500 kg more
World product innovation testing machine i3D ᐳᐳ Fast and non-destructive determination of mechanical properties according to DIN SPEC 4864 More info: imprintec. de Three reasons for the audit: - Cost reduction by reducing inspection costs, inspection time, waiting time for external service providers, and possibly rejects - Assurance of product quality even with moderate surface quality or small samples / components - Facilitation of quality assurance in daily operations (production, incomi... more
The Enhanced UL Adapter, shown in Figure 1, is a kit consisting of a spindle with coupling nut attached, sample chamber, mounting channel, and water jacket with mounting collar. It is available in two versions: (1) with type 304 stainless steel suitable for most general-purpose applications; (2) with type 316 stainless steel for use with corrosive/acidic applications. All versions are shipped with the water jacket (ULA-49EAY) mounted on the sample chamber. The type 304 s/s UL Adapter (Part No. U... more
Universal testing machine PM50 Force: 50 kN cross beam stroke: 1200 mm Installation space: 400 mm Overall height: 1817 mm Weight: ca.380 Kg Travel resolution: 0.01 mm Testing speed: 0.03-1000 mm / min Return speed: 1000 mm / min Force transducer: 50 kN incl. evaluation electronics and basic software. Our testing machines can be operated in stand-alone mode via a numeric keyboard, so that a "quick test" can be carried out without a PC. For tests that require data storage and recording of the curv... more
Low-priced quality hardness tester for the Rockwell C , B , A methods Analogue dial indicator, manual operation, weight loading system, conform to ISO6506, warranty 2 years Rockwell scales: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, V Test loads: preload 10kgf, main loads 60 | 100 | 150 kgf adjustable hydraulic damping of the weight loading system Adjustable dial indicator, graduation 0.5 HR - Readability 0.1 HR Units Throat 150 mm Test chamber height 240 mm Ohg3rys8m Standard-compliant Rockwell... more
Porosity Detector, Pore searcher, pore finder, surface tester -transportable high voltage pore detector Clovwef -to locate pores, cracks, and other imperfections -Dimensions 365/220 / H260 mm -Weight 7.5 kg more
Bähr Two-sample dilatometer DIL803. Sample length max. 50mm. Room temperature up to + 1100°C. With additional exchangeable oven. WinTA 7 software. D0nvmolbq more
Jomesa Microscope HFD4 Stereomicroscope -Pristine condition. Purchased brand new but was used only twice within 6 months! Still in Pristine condition. Complete with Operating Software and other accessories See pictures. Bgwh2pibxt more
Fine probe (lever) measuring range 0.2mm, scale division 0.002mm Bha8nchsza more
- Our offer number: 11/91 - Material / material testing machine, material testing machine, material test device - consisting of the tester 50 kN and control cabinet - Manufacturer: Wolpert Amsler - Type: Testor Z 771 - built in 1980 - Machine No.: 347 - Comm.-No.: 921/3184 - Power connection 380 V /16 A - Power 2 kW - Dimensions tester 800 mm x 550 mm x 2000 mm (WxDxH) - Dimensions control cabinet 570 mm x 740 mm x 2000 mm (WxDxH) - Cable collection hose from the device to the control cabinet ... more
Langenfeld, Germany Germany
dealership location
18057 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Impact tester with motoric hammer lifting and protection housing L3s9a7gs - ready equipet for testing according CHARPY ISO148 (EN10045) - Demo-Machine (as new) - potential energy: 300 Joule - alternate models: 150 / 300 / 450 / 600 / 750 J. - warrenty period 24 month - see also the photos of optinonal items more
Measuring gas cooler, measuring gas cooler with protective lining 97bdzaouz Connector 240 volts Dimensions of 335/560/H390 mm Weight 32 kg more
Gerhardt fiber analyzers Fibretherm FT12. Slides panel with digital display. Infrared glass ceramic heating field 1800 W. 2 interfaces RS 485. Bigsssuqvr Carousel with insert frame for 12 cooling glasses. Cooling water consumption approx. 3 L/min. Cooling water pressure min. 0.5 bar. Compressed air supply 4.5 bar. 230 V. 50 Hz. 1900 W. more
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
17876 km
Hagen - Hohenlimburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
18006 km
good (used)
SPECTROMETER with 9 Ports for Analysis Analysis individual Values Matrix/Prog: FE / FE 1 Concentration in Weight Percent Coil-No.: Example 8888 Elements: I-FE / C / SI / MN / P / S / AL / TI / NB Bnvsujzi Required Space app. 1,35 x 0,90 x 1,15 m Machine Weigth app. 0,5 t more
Single-column table-top machine max. testing force 2.5 kN, most modern WINDOWS software (freely programmable test sequences), over 600 finished test results, Machine price WITHOUT clamping device as the final equipment is based on your requirements: included in the price: - Machine in working order - incl. load cell 2,5 kN (grade 05 from 25 - 2500 N / grade 1 from 5 - 25 N - Warranty 24 months - Software LabTest - unsurpassed flexibility, complete software - without clamping tool - without d... more
Ultrasound machine, crack test, ultrasonic tester -Ultrasound device for checking cracks -without test head -Weight including packaging 10 kg Hhyxtxbao more
Stable Micro Systems Texture Analyzer TA.XT plus. To determine the physical properties of various materials. Various connections for external measuring devices. With 30kg and 50kg loadcell. In the carrying case. Bigss3fwjs 230 V. 50/60 Hz. 120 W. more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
17594 km
ready for operation (used)
Accuracy: ᐸ0.000001mbar l/s, testing cycle: 15s, ambient temperature: 10-40°C. Fzzdlw9 more
- Our offer number: 5/99 - Ultrasonic meter, PDA penetration dynamics analyzer (Surface + Sizing Tester) - Manufacturer: Emtec & Mütek - Type: PDA.c 02 Meter - Serial number: S-Nr90-03-19-16-0032 - Module S Serial number: 0102-04-22-16 - With PC and software, keyboard, monitor and home - With hand roller 200 mm wide - Incl. user manual / software description - Test liquids: coating paint, water, water isopropylacohol mixture, mineral oil, inorganic and organic liquids of low to medium viscosity.... more
Here we offer you a Zwick material testing machine.Load frame: Max. Test force FN in compression: 50 kNThe machine was used to test springs and shock absorbers, for which it was retrofitted. The machine was used in the measuring range from 40 N to 20 kN and last tested in June 2019.type: Z050condition: used / usedscope of delivery: (Zwick incl. accessories as shown)We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have on the phone.Written order possible via email or fax Bgor3cyqoh more
Max. testing force 10 kN, actual WINDOWS software (free programmable testing procedure) more than 600 ready prepared testing results - demo machine for special price 7fe9ls7m0 The machine state is as new. Price of machine is without clamping heads (shown on the photo) because this equipment will be delivered as option according to your requirements. Price includes: - Machine 100 % functional - incl. load cell 10 kN (quality class 0.5 from 100 - 10000 N) - warranty 24 month - Software LabTest ... more
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
dealership location
17866 km
Measurement data acquisition device, test device, telemetry system, Can-Bus monitoring Yjzrjeu2 -Gemac CANobserver [...] .: 22550-00 -Price per piece -Number of 2 pieces -Dimension 115/50 / H125 mm -Weight 0.5 kg / pc. more
BTG Mütek measuring system DFS-03. For retention and drainage measurements. Complete with: Stirring cone, stirring bar and stirring chamber, outlet valve and balance. 5 sieves: 18 / 0.35, 25 / 0.30, 40 / 0.22, 50 / 0.20 and 60 / 0.17. Interface RS232, serial connection cable. Operating software on CD. Lockable carry-on suitcase with wheels HxWxD: 45x64x32 cm. 230 V. 50/60 Hz. 100 W. Nycvv more


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