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Folder gluers for sale

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Technical specification: - straight line gluing (disk on the left side) - lock bottom - gluing system HHS (4 canals) - HHS Xtend – code reader - HHS kicker with Bobst steering - additional: Bobst Handypack delivery Sizes (blanks open): - Maximum width: 100 cm Bl87ejp3v2 - Minimum width, standard equipment: 12,6 cm - Maximum length: 60 cm - Minimum length: 6 cm - Continuous run up to: 300 m/min Materials: - Solid Cardboard: 100-600 g/m2 - Corrugated board: E-flute - Maximum thickness of fo... more
Kohmann Starlet CD folder gluer machine, with 2 HHS guns. Bl8cs7y0uz more
/ new - CE-conform / stock type: cardboard, E-flute corrugated and decorated board / folding capability: standard folding boxes, double sides boxes, crash-lock bottom boxes / max. machine speed: 300 m/min (according to SBL) / max. blank width: 800 mm / pre-folding: no.1 creasing line 180o, no.3 creasing line 135o / feeding: automatic and continuous feeding / glue type (for glue pot): water based glue / main machine power required: 15kW / total weight: approx. 6500 kg Scs0nsvn more
Jagenberg DIANA 70-1 Year of man.1986 3 gluing points with lock bottom Camvulis HHS Hot glue System with 2 Guns EMS - Inline code reading and ejecting Vibrator on Feeder Pre Fold Side Glue Tank Kicker Counter Conveyor Delivery Max Carton size : 700 mm Max Speed : 450 m/min Tickness: 250 gsm – 800 gsm more
Size: 650 x 1020 mm Equipments: Min. film size: 60 x 80 mm Cardboard thickness: 200 - 400 g/SM Max. paper size: 650 x 1020 mm Corrugated paper thickness: 6 mm Max. working speed: 10.000 sheets / hour Bcngltlhik Min. paper size: 140 x 140 mm Film thickness: 0,05 - 0,2 mm Max. film size: 300 x 410 mm more
Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer JAGENBERG DIANA 145-2: Manufactured: 1977 Max sheet format: 1200 x 1425 mm Max gluing area: 1410 x 1000 mm Bwvxdax Min gluing area: 210 x 120 mm Type of Gluer: ERO/Valco Cold Glue, 3 glue spray guns. Type of boxes: straight line, 1 or 3-point and crash lock bottom Materials: Corrugated E, B, C and Double Wall. Updates: new motor. more
Max Size: 720mm Min Size: 126mm Straight Line Counter Feeder Prebreakers Left+ Right Folding of packages ensured by left and right hand folders. Controlled Press Station Press Station Extension Bfvwl0wgm8 Transport Belts more
Reliable folding box gluer / cold glue with several gluing units for immediate sale. Equipment: 1 bottom gluing unit (glue disc), 4 top gluing units (glue disc), device for 3-point gluing, counter and press belt. Circuit diagrams, technical drawings, operating instructions and numerous spare parts are available. Price is only valid until 30.09.2020. To be picked up ex works - price not negotiable. Can be exchanged for manual punching platen size 900 x 1300 mm. Bkqpy2w2j0 more
VEGA 67 max 67 min 6 3 POINT GLUE Lipstick box about 25000/30000 box/hour can do tickness 5/6 mm overhauling in progress Cuonhyl more
Folding and gluing machine from Kama Basic machine including standard equipment: . Suction belt feeder, top loader . 2x transport module (2.80 m) with roller drive       - Running hours 1st module: 4764 hrs. | Number of Pieces: 26.649.089       - Running hours 2nd module: 1620 hrs. | Number of Pieces: 4.205.503 . Delivery (1.00 m) with press roller . PLC with 8 control channels (Omron), colored touch panel . Interfaces to the hot glue systems mentioned . Pressure rollers (2x 10 rollers, 4x6.2x3... more
1612 Bulgaria
16973 km
good condition (used)
KAMA FKM 1000 Folder gluer Age 1985 Maximum sheet size 900 × 1,000 mm Minimum sheet size 40 × 88 mm Working width 1,000 mm Machine dimensions 12,300 × 2,200 × 1,560 mm Bjvp9qhptn Automatic gluers glue on 1, 2, 3 points ◊ format: 1000 mm ◊ max. format: 900 x 1000 mm ◊ min. format: 40 x 88 mm ◊ lower ligament feeder ◊ thickness of material: cardboard: 200 – 900 g/2 can be used on 1, 2, 3 point ◊ of this cardboard on 1 point ◊ applying glue on rolls /1x lower, 2 x upper/ ◊ with ligament off-... more
Folder Gluer EMBA, Model UVZ-RTZ fully automatic Max size: max. 2970 x 1250 mm Min size: max. 470 x 200 mm -1 point gluing system ERO -Feeding section with hopper -Creaser rollers -Folding section and transmission beam Bk3sslyvlw -Drive section -Squaring section -Counting and stacking section Good working condition! With all documentation, description and operating instructions. Ready for loading. more
HHS Gluing System, with 4 Gluing Guns Equipment for processing Straight Line Bhgmvcxazw Crash Lock 4 Corner Style Cartons Kicker Counter Compression Belt Delivery more
Folding-gluing line. Hvnb98x The number of gluing points is 3. The machine is restored and understaffed with glue molds and the Norson glue feed system. more
Producer: RIAS Model: RI-600 Production year: 2014 Hgxvbaoh Machine for the production of cardboard boxes. Gluing cardboard boxes from the template into the finished product. more
Folding and gluing machine from Kama Biuool2ww7 Basic machine including standard equipment: . Suction belt feeder, top loader . 2x transport module (2.80 m) with roller drive       - Running hours 1st module: 4764 hrs. | Number of Pieces: 26.649.089       - Running hours 2nd module: 1620 hrs. | Number of Pieces: 4.205.503 . Delivery (1.00 m) with press roller . PLC with 8 control channels (Omron), colored touch panel . Interfaces to the hot glue systems mentioned . Pressure rollers (2x 10 rolle... more
1450 max width Straight line, double wall, lock bottom, 4 corner Age 2015 Gx39b2u Paper Material Cardboard 250-700g Max. Liner speed 220m/min Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding Pre Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180° Glue Water-base cold glue Power Supply 3P 380V 50HZ Main motor power 11KW Total power 15kw Weight 17T Overall dimension 22X2.3X1.4 more
Schwalmtal Germany
18091 km
reconditioned (used)
Fittings: Size ( open blank ) min 4,5 – max. 20 cm Size ( box folded flat ) min 2 – max. 9,5 cm Thickness of folded box max. 2 mm Board quality processable solid board min. 100 g/m² solid board max. 350 g/m² Used machine, cleaned, painted and reconditioned Biunuofnig more
Refurbished and repainted. Changed all the bearing and belts. Bczr9kwrdz Maximum size open box 75 cm 2 lower disks for straight gluing 3 cold glue guns with control unit Crash lock bottom device more
Folding and gluing machine Disc glue application. Bjhhe22sgr Longitudinal seam boxes with a preliminary fracture of the 1st 2nd and 3rd longitudinal seam. Boxes with a self-locking bottom for 3 gluing points. more
- feeder - straight line - conveyor delivery - generally refurbished - max. Size: 200 mm x 200 mm - min. size: 65 mm x 65 mm - machine length 2,30 m + 2,35 m = 4,65 m Dz9epecqy more
Configuration: Wxyixkwkp Pressing belt Gluing with jet Delivery more
DELUXE BOSTICH Folder gluer for carton boxes Straight line only Suitable for 3,5,7 ply Maximum width 2300mm Dwzux3 more
Easy-Gluer 2500 - the cost-efficient solution for longitudinal gluing. The Easy-Gluer 2500 is characterized by its especially easy handling, with short set up times and convenient working forming the base for its economic feasibility. ● For all common cold glue types ● Machine setting by a few handles ● Variable transport speed ● automatic start/stop function ● easy cleaning because of removable stainless steel tank ● Holder system for fi xing the cartons keeps the pile in shape and restrain... more
Diana Jagenberg 115-3 - Year 1992 - Hunting set - Longitudinal seam bonding - Folding floor gluing - 4/6 point bonding - Valco electronic top gluing unit with glue control system - Double inverted box- multi-chamber boxing device Eaeyq0zx3 - Vibrator - Kicker - Counter more
Wassenberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
18106 km
Carton board max. 800 gsm corrugated fluted type: N, E, F speed max. 400 m / min. Nahzz inching speed 10 m / min. thickness of folded box. max. 20 mm blank width: 1100 mm Dimensions 15 x 1,70 x 1,90 m Net weight 7,6 T Electrical connected load 15 kW compressed air 6 bar air tank capacity 60 L more
Hoofddorp, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
18118 km
good (used)
Equipped with: friction feeder; Sy7l79htc delivery table, tipper plate; 3x bridge for support of tools; hotmelt system; more
● simple, logical operation ● short set-up times because of quick-release fasteners ● Proven, maintenance-free adhesive system from Baumer hhs low-pressure or high-pressure system (optional) ● 15 liter hhs Baumer pressure vessel made of stainless steel, incl. Pre-filter and fine sieve, connections detachable by hand (optional level sensor) ● Beckhoff control system with touch screen on swivel arm (multilingual) ● The hold-down system prevents the raising of the flaps in the pile ● 2 i... more
Diana Jagenberg 350 Straight-line Disc gluing Yqbqe8w0 press station more
Machine in very good condition, reconditioned J3hjfki0w machine for production of pocket wallets, sleeves etc. Format 52x 100cm Flat pile feeder Buckle plate folder Plough folds l+r for glue flaps Hot melt glue system MHGraphics is Fidia dealer, we can offer installation/instruction more
Folder-Gluer 1800 - Adjustable gluing head to fit multi-type boxes saves time and increases the efficiency when handling different orders - The mechanical pusher behind the adhesion facility guarantees correct boxes without distortion and fishtailing 2wpkdbbu7 - The automatic feeding table keeps the stack of sheets on operating height - Motorized adjustment of the stop of the alignment station depending on the carton size - With the sheet counter, the stack height and the required quantity can b... more
Heiber & Schroeder Model: WP 1100/D Year 5: 1997 The machine is overhauld in 2016 year in Germany Machine for patching transparent film windows on cardboard boxes Main technical specifications: Thickness of film: 30 mkm-100mkm Wide of film : 35mm-300mm Max film's roll diameter: 600 mm Max film's roll weight: 25 kg 1line: Min box size: 80х100 mm Max box size: 1100x1020 mm Min window size: 30х50 mm Max window size: 840х720 mm Productivity: 495 box/min Bia93dtbn7 2line: Min box size: 80х100 mm ... more
Folder-Gluer-Stitcher 2500 - The maximum stitching speed is 600 stitches/min. - Servomotors enable a low-wear drive and a reliable regulation - The especially designed belt feeder makes changing the driving belts easy and simple - Short set-up times through movable stitching heads and belt drive - The folding aid helps to erect the sheets when inserting them, leading to a smooth box flow with low effort - The alignment station with a pusher brings your folding box in the right shape Technical d... more
Bobst Domino 110M straight line crash-lock bottom 4- and 6 Corner possible hhs-Gluesystem with 3 guns Disc gluer Year 21984 Max.speed: 400 m/min Bijhch9prb more
Technical data TÜNKERS FAS 480 Packer Iejz0rb Brand: Tünkers Type FAS 480 Suitable box materials: folding carton, E flute, B flute Suitable types of boxes: Straight-line boxes, 4-corner boxes, 6-corner boxes, lock bottom boxes Box sizes in mm: W x L min. 40 x 40 max. 420 x 480 Height of the box flow in mm: max. 50 Electric connected load 1kVA Net weight in kg approx. 600 more
Diana Jagenberg 104-1 Year 1998 - Straight line - lock bottom - Pre breaker left - Control press station Bimjtkxslv - hhs- xtend gluesystem - Lower disc gluesystem left - Speed: 450 m/min more

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