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Double end tenoner for sale

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Pollenzo, Italy Italy
(dealership location)
18895 km
Squaring: First Pass Svb09g Max Panel Length: 90 mm Max feed speed: 40 m/min
Tenoning and drilling machine Balestrini mia plus maximum working width about 1500mm angle on horizontal axis adjustable from -10° to +45° angle on vertical axis adjustable from -10° to +45° 2 tenoning units 2 drilling units Byjy9hbzqw The machine is available on request
Longitudinal double-end tenoner CELASCHI TSA 440 - A year 1994 min / max width 40/200 mm B3vm7id8i min / max length 230/2900 mm min / max height 30/80 mm
* MAR-MASZ company guarantees the quality of your purchase, but is not an authorized representative of the manufacturer. We use all trademarks and names only for informational purposes, enabling the identification of the goods. We only resell the goods that the manufacturer previously introduced to the market. We have no business relationship with the manufacturer. Catalog number 6283 TECHNICAL DATA Circular Saw: - max saw diameter 300mm - 30mm spindle - spindle lock - front / rear adjustable ...
I sell the double end tenoner HOMAG FLO22 reconditioned in Kuper. Fully working with tools. Aggregates per side: 1 Saw without scoring 1,5kW 1 Small milling head 1,0kW Pvrdk3 1 Main milling head 4,4kW. Total power 35kW Working width 190-2600mm Feeding speed 5-25 m/min. Automatic feeding device in the front. 6755 Motohours worked. Fully working with tools. Available immediately.
Double end tenoner IMA COMBIMA with feeding unit MEINERT year of manufacture 2007 Double side automatic IMA – Formatizing automat for formatizing and post processing of panel size workpieces Pcsjp with feeding unit Meinert with turning station -2 solid and heavy machine stands, left side fixed, right side moveable over the complete machine width -chain track with chain covers 80 mm wide and 85 mm long, with cams, distance 1080mm, pneumatic controlled cams on 3 heights (6,12,18 mm) -middle ...
HOMAG, double end tenoner for longitudinal and cross processing Fully automatic loading and unloading cross saw, angle transfer, star turner, cleaning brush, various switch cabinets Machine is ready for operation and can be inspected by appointment if interested in buying. Bxz0pvqa2z Disassembly by buyer
Machine has been running in craft shop, few operating hours Plztz Very good condition scribing ,chipping, milling, 180degrees turnable aut. Width adjustment up to 3000 mm Line control additional pre-saw On request: many tools.
Catalog number 6282 TECHNICAL DATA Circular Saw: - max saw diameter 350mm - 30mm spindle - adjustable disc front / back, up / down - shield cover - 1.7kW engine - diameter of the extraction connector 60mm Milling machine: tenoning spindle: - spindle diameter 40mm - spindle height 170mm - spindle locking - max diameter of the cutter 400mm - 5.5kW engine - adjustable side trolley up / down - side cart - manual shift - dimensions of the trolley length / width 810x510mm - angular ruler - pneumatic ...
I sell the double end tenoner HOMAG FL 69/03/10. Year 2008. Aggregates per side: Bryfblf0m 4 pcs. tilting millin spindle -90 bis + 90° 1+1 pcs. pair aggregate radius milling top + bottom 3 pcs. sanding unit Working width 220-1000mm Feeding speed 10-40 m/min. Automatic feeding device in the front. Fully working. Available immediately.
Squaring: First and Second Pass Max Panel Length: 100 mm Max feed speed: 30 m/min Distance between dogs: 500 mm Bxdyjfiskf
VERTONGEN tenoning machine levelling saw 2,2KW 2 horizontal heads with up-down, right-left adjustment, motors 2 x 2,2KW heads with 4 knives 2 x vertical spindle 1-fi40mm 2-fi40mm 2 x 2,2KW vertical spindles also adjustable up-down, left-right 380V power supply trolley also has adjustable machine checked, in good condition, all the spindles and adjustments work Btn2y3kp9x
SPARE PARTS FOR CELASCHI DOUBLE END TENONER, second-hand and brand new. Bhh9txbw
Catalog number 6270 TECHNICAL DATA Cross saw: - max saw diameter 350mm - 30mm spindle - adjustable disc right / left, up / down - 2.2kW engine Milling machine: tenoning spindle: - spindle diameter 40mm - working height of the spindle 170mm - max diameter of the milling cutter 400mm - 7.5 kW engine - side trolley adjustable up / down - pneumatic pressure on the trolley - runner - diameter of the extraction ports 140mm - dimensions length / width / height 1730x1500x1300mm, - weight 548kg - unpai...
Marano Vicentino Italy
18597 km
refurbished (used)
Machine for the processing of solid wood and prefinished strips Max opening shoulder 3300 mm 1+1 Scoring unit 1 KW 1+1 Trimming unit 4 KW 1+1 Toupies unit 4 KW Vs8mpy Refurbished condition
Max saw blade diameter: 350 mm Saw spindle diameter: 30 mm Milling spindle diameter: 35 mm Milling spindle height: 120 mm Manual adjustment of the spindle and saw travel Truck Manual pressure Extraction connectors from the spindle 120 mm, from the saw 90 mm spindle and saw on a separate motor Power supply: 400V Overall dimensions Length: 2200 mm Width: 1960 mm Height: 1500 mm O7liz
Celaschi TSA 2 B - 440 M - Nr. 4569 - year 1995 double end tenoner in original noise cabinet and complete interior exhaust system. Configuration on fixed and movable side: - Automatic independent jump scorer / programmable - Hogger / programmable - Tenoning spindle Ø 50 x 610 mm / programmable - Tenoning spindle Ø 50 x 610 mm / programmable - Rounding unit / manual - Motorized width adjustment, 3000 mm / programmable - Motorized thickness / programmable - Feeding speed / programmable Separate...
Type T 27 Working width 3500 mm Total number of spindles 4 Spindles diameter 40mm Adjustable feed speed Made in Germany 2000m./y. /г. Transport dimensions 6200x2700x2600 Weight 4500kg Bw0o0ad9aa
Roreto di Cherasco, Italy Italy
(dealership location)
18901 km
excellent (used)
Independent machine (standing alone) and/or Universal machine (First & Second in a line) Electronic Programmer With separate electric and command panel Safety and sound-proof enclosure No. 1 Vertical column to support the working units Min. useful working width (mm) 220 Max. useful working width (mm) 3000 Min. useful working tickness (mm) 6 Max. useful working tickness (mm) 60 Distance between center-axes of the disappearing dogs (mm) 400 Adjustable (min/max) feeding speed (m/min) 4-24 Tot...
Catalog number 6213 TECHNICAL DATA Saw: - hole diameter 30mm - max diameter of the disc 400mm - engine about 2.2kW Gczfhnv Drill: - number of drills 6 pcs - max drilling depth 60mm - 360-degree rotating head - 2.2kW engine Milling machine: - 30mm spindle diameter - spindle height 130mm - max tool diameter 180mm - 5.5kW engine - sidecar - dimensions of the top 405x605mm - adjustment of the trolley top up / down and at an angle - two side and top pneumatic clamps - automatic machine - number of p...
-Machine able to process solid wood parquet -Opening mobile shoulder 1700 mm -N. 3 operator motors: P9hehv 1+1 Scoring unit 1 KW 1+1 Hogging unit 4 KW 1+1 Toupie unit 4 KW -Entry belt conveyor A.Costa mod. Anteo included -Waste chip evacuation conveyor included
Double Mitre Saw SCM, 3200mm fence, composed of scoring unit + spindle moulder + fixed spindle moulder + automatic spindle moulder Bwixpax2yk
2 set = 4 pieces Feed chains for Torwegge double end tenoners - floor machines L = 10.980 mm Ced7no8c Rollers cam pitch 305 mm new - unused in stock - immediately available price on request
DOUBLE END TENONER LINE for wood flooring consisting of: - JB feeding plant, double-sided - Roller conveyor - Splitting saw, integrated - Roller conveyor with transverse fence - Double end tenoner PROFI FL 20/09/25/PW/L/V - Longitudinal processing Technical specifications: - Feed 15 - 60 m / min - Work piece overhang 2 mm (Note tread depth) - Work piece thickness 10 - 23 mm - Work piece width on both sides at least 136 mm - Work piece width double-sided max. 1000 mm - W...
Barntrup Germany
18395 km
ready for operation (used)
Double end tenoner Schwabedissen type: DAa 200 Bsbav3lkal working width 1000 mm 3 motors per side: saw 8,3 kW tiltable router 4,5 kW tiltable router 4,5 kW tiltable chain track with cams distance between the cams 380 mm lower chaintrack 500 mm extended to the front without converter
Catalog number 6212 TECHNICAL DATA Saw: - 30mm spindle diameter - max saw diameter 400mm - 30mm locking spindle - spindle height 130mm - front / rear adjustable disc - 2.2kW engine Milling machine: - diameter of spindles 50mm - spindle height 200mm - adjustable spindle up / down, front / back - spindle locking - 4.5kW engine Saw: - 35mm spindle diameter - disc diameter 300mm Bwcnf8vhrs - adjustable disc up / down, front / back - engine about 1.5kW - manual side car - pneumatic pressure - diamet...
Independent machine (standing alone) and/or Universal machine (First & Second in a line) Electronic Programmer LTTS Safety and sound-proof enclosure No. 2+2 Vertical columns to support the working units Min. useful working width (mm) 115 (SPECIAL) Max. useful working width (mm) 3000 Min. useful working thickness (mm) 10 Max. useful working thickness (mm) 80 Pcsad Distance between center-axes of the disappearing dogs (mm) 400 (ca.) Adjustable (min/max) feeding speed (m/min) 4-24 Total install...
Naujieji Elmininkai Lithuania
17303 km
ready for operation (used)
Tenoning machine brand BACCI, mod. TSD H7kskfple
Code: 0351 Brand: CABO - ITALIA Model: 3200 Double end tenoner with tilting blade and scoring unit for panels, furniture, custom-made furniture, kitchens Technical data Maximum cutting width mm 3200 Maximum cutting length mm 3200 Minimum distance between blades mm 300 Maximum cutting height mm 100 Maximum diameter of blades mm 300 Maximum diameter of scoring unit mm 200 Blades inclination 0-45° Blade motor power Hp 5 each Fiiefef3e Manual feed carriage Automatic opening between blades Scori...
Envelope tenoning machine PADE Dx7jym -Machine model TSU -two tables -angle adjustment of tables -possibility to make longitudinal and round tenon
300 pcs. Guide rollers for transport V-belts PW 25 Double end tenoner DAM : PMA / Michalski Xgcfallu - V-belt 25 x 14 mm, H = 17 mm. - Diameter 50 mm - width 29,5 mm - Bore 10,2 mm. Price per piece: EUR 3,00 Partial quantities can be purchased.
3 motors per side Machine dimensions: 5000 x 2500mm Mwdmgc Max element length: 3200mm 6000 rpm motors speed
Friulmac Double End Tenoner Model Contouramat 96” Opening 7” Minimum Opening 10-50 mm Thickness Capacity 30-50 Work Piece Width 2 X 3 H.P. Scoring Unit Bu8usjxty3 2 X 3 H.P. Trimming Units 2 X 7.5 H.P. Shaping Units Hopper Feed Underneath Return Conveyor Year 2001
Workpiece length 2000 mm Pin width 0-100 mm Pin thickness of 0-40 mm Pin length of 50-107 mm End diameter max. 60 mm Spindle speed 6400 rpm 3 speeds milling cycle 2.5 - 4 - 6.5 Main power 6.5 kW Good working condition, all main bearings replaced. 20sus8nj
Peripheral tenoning machine Balestrini Iblxopx motor 3KW head for indexable inserts pneumatic clamps 2 adjustable tables Full pivot dimension adjustment Makes elongated, round and angled tenons machine technically in very good condition
Hardinxveld-Giessendam Netherlands
18602 km
good (used)
CATTELAN double end tenoner, type D 80 Manufacture year 2000 Machine specifications: - Max. working width 3000 mm Bmr7fqia - Min. working width 140 mm - Max. thickness 180 mm - 4 aggregates per side - Variable feed speed - Digital controller for width adjustment - Electric cabinet - Sound cabin - Accessories
CATALOG NUMBER 6024 TECHNICAL DATA - 2.9kW main engine - 0.75kW spindle motor - 0.75kW trolley feed motor - 380V power supply - dimensions length / width / height 1600x1100x1200mm - weight 891 kg Machine equipped with: - 2 tables with dimensions of 300x340mm - pneumatic clamps - angularly adjustable tables in two planes - the possibility of making long and round tenons on the tables - table speed and spindle speed regulated mechanically - adjustable up / down tables - pin width adjustment Net ...
Drawer joint milling machine OMEC 750 The machine is designed to perform connections, among others drawers, boxes the operator gives two elements to be joined at the same time, then the machine automatically mills the entire length power of milling engine 1.1 kw spindle speed 18000 RPM Hvn9avp two working speeds 25 and 35 n/-1 processing parameters front wall thickness: min/max: 7/60 mm side wall thickness: min/max: 10/30 mm keyway height: min/max: 6/18 mm machine dimensions: 1300x700x1200h mm m...