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Doppstadt 620 for sale

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2-axle trailer Weight: 17.000 kg Oebed Length: 11,810 Discharge belt: hydraulically foldable GPS module Screening drum included: 15mm and 80 mm more
The screening solutions of the Doppstadt SM series screen waste and raw materials such as compost, soil, construction waste, domestic waste, Blfc9rrffy industrial waste, plastic, glass, paper, wood, biomass, sand, gravel, scrap or slag. The screens are perfectly suited for combined applications e. g. together with Doppstadt shredders or windsifters. Used DOPPSTADT SM 620 A Screener. more
Hello I have a Doppstadt SM 620 drum sifter for sale. The machine is freshly brought in after oil and filter change, ready to work. The machine is ready to work, original lacquer, perfect for screening sawdust, soil, bark, sand, debris, rubbish. Liquid electric control. Drum and feeder belt control, Gdcq73hso Mercedes Benz 170 hp engine more
Manufacturer of Drumscreen. We can build all of drumscreens, All models available on the market. Many in stock ! Fh7eerd Doppstadt SM518 SM620 SM720 oraz pozostałe modele Komptech PRIMUS MAXX MUSTANG NEMUS CRIBUS Eggersmann Terra Select T4 T5 T6 T7. more
Segmental drum (covering drums) suitable for all common screening machines such as Doppstadt SM518 / SM618 / SM620 / SM720 / Terra Select T5-T7, Komptech Maxx, Mustang, Nemus, Cribus and others - Manufactured according to your specifications: Clq9xiv - Segments with perforation from 2 mm possible - easy changing of the screen segments - different segments within one drum possible - smallest bridges - welded coils - in various wire gauges - short delivery periods We deliver our drums free of char... more
Screening drums suitable for all common screening machines such as Doppstadt SM314/ SM414/ SM518 / SM618 / SM620 / SM 718 / SM720 / SM 725 Terra Select T4-T7, Komptech Maxx, Mustang Nemus Cribus , Pronar and others - Manufactured according to your specifications: - Perforation (also variable within the drum) - square or round perforation - staggered or straight - smallest webs - welded spiral - in various material thicknesses - new in the range of tensioning drums - sharp-edged perforated plates... more
Operating hours: approx. 220 Screening drum (like Doppstadt SM620) Length: 5,5 m Bitxoidorx Diameter 2.0 m Cleaning brush Ø 600 mm Mesh 20x20mm Options - Radio remote controlled folding grate more
I offer the following used screening drums: Fliwug0wg - Screening drum for Komptech Mustang grain size 30mmx30mm thickness 8mm - Screening drum for Komptech Mustang grain size 20mmx20mm thickness 6mm - Screening drum for Komptech Mustang grain size 24mmx24mm thickness 6mm - Screening drum for Doppstadt SM 620 grain size 20mmx20mm thickness 6mm - screening drum for Doppstadt SM 620 grain size 24mmx24mm thickness 6mm - Screening drum for Terra Select T6 grain size 10mmx10mm thickness 8mm - Screeni... more
Drum for Doppstadt screener SM 518 and SM 620 on stock. CHECK AVAILABLE PERFORATIONS. We manufacture and provide drums for mobile and stationary screeners, for : - Doppstadt SM 414 - Doppstadt SM 518 - Doppstadt SM 618 - Doppstadt SM 620 Biqqxb0ibb - Doppstadt SM 718 - Doppstadt SM 720 - Doppstadt SM 725 also Terra Select, Eggersmann, Pronar, Komptech , Mc Closkey... Bespoke maded drums are our specjality. In case of any question, please contact me by mobile or e-mail. more
Doppstadt AK 530 Compact - Year of manufacture 2011 - Operating hours 2991 - Engine overhauled - Three-axle chassis with 80 km/h road legal - Dual line air brake system with ABV according to EEC directive - Tyres 385/65 R22.5 - Permissible total weight 25,000 kg - Hydraulic drive ( self drive ) - Mercedes Benz diesel engine OM502LA, 530 hp at 2,000 rpm, meets EUROMOT IIIA emission standard - Load-dependent control of the material feed incl. automatic scraper floor reversal Blvroqeuaj - Separate ... more
screening drum mesh size 10mm x 10mm used - chain must be renewed Zkgvrfvt more
Diesel engine: 395HP Foldable rear discharge conveyor Blkypntmgy more
Doppstadt AK560 A machine used to shred pieces of wood or branches. It has a rotating disc with knives, which shreds the inserted material by turning it into chips. The material obtained from the chipper is used to produce paper, it can also be used as bedding or fuel. Expertise Dekra in PDF attachment Mileage 940 mtg Technical parameters: Kerb weight 17680 kg Dimensions: - length 9.04 m - width 2.09 m - height 3.30 m Motor power 390 [kW] Date of first registration 09.10.2019 Permissible total w... more
Knife chipper in very good condition . Bku2mrbokj Engine 610 hp, V8 Number of cutting knives 5 Production year 01/11 Machine in original factory paint. All information on the phone number 536 716 716 more
AK230 Shredder Doppstadt Doppstadt Original Basket/Kurb 40mm 70mm Green Waste Basket 3143 Hours Original and Genuine Nyv0z Magnet Roller Remote Control more
ready for use, 5000 hours, 600 PS Mercedes engine, new chain 02ufanu more
Length of the drum: 7.10 m Diameter of the drum: 2.00 m Hole-size of the drum: can be agreed Side discharge conveyor, length= 4.75 m Yoe2rla Rear discharge conveyor, length= 4.75 m more
Mortara (PV) - Italy Italy
18139 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Doppstadt DW2860E DUPLEX Year:2010 Working hours: 600 Znu72ckf Power: 2x210 kW with electric motors DC more
I have a very good chopper AK 630 for sale. -built on the chassis of a 3-axle semi-trailer. - Merceses 630 hp engine - 2010 production year Excellent for shredding trees, wood, trunks, roots, compost, etc. Bkqmig0mwa I invite you to buy. more
Doppstadt DW 3060K Buffalo Type C - year of construction 07/2014 - Operating hours 5222 - Engine Mercedes Benz 430 PS - AD BLUE - Crawler chassis - Weight 30.000 Kg Bes92hzhkv - Remote control - Central lubrication - Comb extension - Humidification system - Tailgate 7m - Overband magnet Machine is overhauled. Top condition immediately available more
Duderstadt, Germany Germany
dealership location
17831 km
ready for operation (used)
Doppstadt DW2560 Shredder conveyor belts renewed last year Ca 7000h read off Machine in use until the end Bzqeezj8 more
Diesel engine: 430 HP Fine shredding basket Cnihswah Rear discharge conveyor with magnet roll Hydr. selef-propelled drive Radio emote control more
Scale Measuring length 620 mm Bcp2x3hcg0 Beak length 150 mm GES. Length 750 mm more
Hello Cs7xn07y I have a freshly imported Doppstadt DW3060 Büffel shredder for sale - Machine in original factory paint - production year 2008 - Mercedes Benz 430 hp internal combustion engine - shredding shaft 3m long, 0.6m diameter - number of teeth 21 (new teeth) - 8560Mtg - hydro-pull-out - new rear feeder belt The machine is easy to operate and ready to use more
Doppstadt DW 3060K Biopower Type C - Year of manufacture 10/2014 - Operating hours 6843 - Engine Mercedes Benz 490 PS - AD BLUE - Crawler chassis - Weight 30.000 Kg - Remote control - Humidification system - Tailgate 7m Bi8hyyrroi - Overband magnet Machine is overhauled. Top condition immediately available more
518 Drum 2rf73e 12mm x 12mm x8mm Thick 518 SiebTrommel 12mm x12mm x 8mm Wabe more
Motor: MERCEDES BENZ diesel engine OM 501 LA, mallet drum dimensions: 1750x1100mm, rotational speed: 850-1000/min, number of mallets: 36, mallet weight: 14.5kg, max. inlet height: 650mm, outlet conveyor dimensions: 4000x1800mm, conveyor speed: 2.25m/s, ejector height: 3000mm, length: 11630mm, width: 2500mm, height: 3000mm. Gvmjv8 more
For sale, the Doppstadt AK430 Profi high-speed shredder. Machine ready for operation. Condition according to the pictures. Mercedes Benz 430 hp engine, hydraulic self-propelled drive, machine in continuous use. Can be checked on site and tested during operation. You are welcome to purchase. For more information, call 536 716 716 The price of 345000 PLN applies to export sales Strsuo more
3-axle trailer, ABS Engine power: KW 360 Weight: 25.000 kg Length 13,245 mm Discharge belt foldable Hmmukcpgw Magnetic tape Telekomand GPS module Cutting system: M800 / 125 teeth more
Doppstadt DW 3060 Biopower - Year of manufacture 2010 - Operating hours 5317 - Engine Mercedes Benz 490PS Bi23vzy9gj - hydraulic drive ( self drive ) - Overband magnet - electric pump to operate the hydraulic functions without starting the engine - Remote control - 42 teeth - Roller length 3000mm diameter 600mm Machine is overhauled and immediately ready for use more
Doppstadt DW 306 Ceron, constructed in 2011, 18.500 operating hours Machine setup: • BioPower shaft • Comb basket system with inlay type medium • Machine legs • Hopper • without conveyor Stnkdw • DSD system • Signal stack • ProfiBus • Paint Blue • Manuals and labels in German language* Repairs made by former customer: • New planetary gear box 2018 • Rectifier replaced June 2017 Repairs made by manufacturer: • Coupling refurbished • Motor refurbished • Comb basket system refurbished • Drum c... more
Windsifter for separating lightweight impurities. Eavka8yx more
For sale single-shaft slow-moving shredder in good condition. Machine ready to go. Bixpg0umtt Condition according to the photos. Possibility to send more photos to email. DW 2560 can be adapted to different shredding tasks. A video of the chopper operation is attached. For more information, please call 536 716 716. The price of 179000 PLN concerns export sales. more
Doppstadt DW 2560B Buffalo - year of construction 07/2008 - Operating hours 4910 - Engine Mercedes-Benz 358PS - Weight 19 t - Mounted on a 2-axle trailer chassis - Hydraulically extendable support leg - Remote control - Roll length 2500mm Diameter 600mm - Number of teeth: 17 - Tailgate 5m Machine is overhauled and immediately available. N0iun more
Manufacturer Werner Doppstadt Umwelttechnik Type AK235E Year of construction 2016 Motor 160 kW Ixqdpvgjo Feed opening 2.940 x 1.800 mm (LxW) In-feed volume 2,6 m³ Width of drum 1.430 mm Diameter of drum 600 mm Total number of flails 16 Drum rotational speed 1.150 rpm Sieve basked mesh width Selectable Machine dimension 6.400 x 2.050 x 1.770 mm (LxWxH) Weight 15000 kg more
Starscreen insert for drum screen DOPPSTADT SM 620 Profi; can be used when needed instead of the drum. Bdtf0aycgw Screen size: 0-15 mm more
For sale Doppstadt shredder DZ 750 This is a unique combination of preshredder and recycler in one machine. Preshredding is carried out by means of a single-shaft system known from DW series machines. The primary shredding is carried out by the high-speed hammer recycler of AK cheese. Easily accessible coolers. Large fan with reversing function. Low fan speed keeps noise level low. Replaceable shredding basket. Mesh size (30 - 280 mm). The material shredding tines are controlled by a hydraulical... more
Doppstadt DW 3080 K Mammoth - Year of manufacture 1998 - Operating hours 4100 - Exchange engine Mercedes OM 442 LA (450 kW) only 100 operating hours - Roller 3000mm length 800mm width - new tooth system Bes90uw3ct - Weight 40.000Kg - 7 m folding tailgate - Overband magnet - Cable remote control - Crawler chassis Very good condition Immediately available more
Electric drive: 210 kW Bh7yqliwxc Fine shredding basket Rear discharge conveyor more
Doppstadt DW 3060 Buffalo - Built 12/2009 89frlan0 - Operating hours 4163 - Engine Mercedes Benz 430PS - Overband magnet - Remote control - 21 teeth Machine is overhauled and ready for immediate use more
Screening drums suitable for all common screening machines such as Doppstadt SM314/ SM414/ SM518 / SM618 / SM620 / SM720 / SM725Terra Select T4-T7, Komptech Max, Mustang Nemus Cribus Pronar and others - Manufactured according to your specifications: - Perforation (also variable within the drum) - square or round perforation - staggered or straight - smallest webs - welded spiral - in various material thicknesses - sharp-edged perforated plates of the highest quality - perforated plates made of s... more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
17892 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: Suitable for regrinding and new production of wood and metal working tools of all kinds. Technical data: Diameter range 0.1 - 16 mm, X-axis: 320 mm, Y-axis 220 mm, Z-axis 180 mm Resolution : 0.0001 [mm] Travel speed 12 m/min, rulers glass scales, grinding spindle power 7 kW, spindle speed : 2000 - 7200 rpm, grinding wheel diameter 150mm, connected load 18 kW (400 V / 50 Hz), dimensions L x W x H) 2160 x 1600 x 2151 mm, weight 3200 kg, colour blue RAL 5002 / white RAL 9010. Accessori... more
Mönchengladbach, Germany Germany
dealership location
18084 km
measuring range X-axis:600 mm measuring range Y-axis:300 mm Ibu7rx7r Table dimensions:d. 400 mm tool taper:ISO 40/50 total power requirement:1,5 kW weight:0,4 t dimensions of the machine ca.:2,2 x 1,1 x 1,7 m Machine complete with Computer, turntable, screens, label printer and various tapers more