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Dairy Machinery Stock

Dairy Machinery Stock from Corfu:

DMS (Dairy Machinery Stock) with fifteen years experience in the dairy machinery trade. Our customers and collaborators are from all around the world. Our mission is to give our customers quality dairy equipment of their need at reasonable prices.
We have a range of used and new dairy machines in our inventory. All our stock has gone through a deep audit, so we ensure you for quality and also good prices

Ms Nevin Bushati
Ath.Kavvada 21
49100 Corfu

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1800 liter stainless steel jacketed cooking vessel, with homogeniser
1800 liter stainless steel jacketed cooking vessel, with homogeniser APV APV stainless steel Jacketed cooking vessel, with homogeniser

1800 liter APV stainless steel jacketed cooking vessel, with homogeniser. Approx. diameter 1.5 m. Approx. tank height 1.2 m. Overall height approx. 1.6 m. Bl9r8vvwekl... ...

Lactoscan SP Milk analyser
Lactoscan SP Milk analyser Lactoscan SP

Milk analyser for sale in mint condition as shown in the pictures Dllgkoakv... ...

Milk analyser system
Milk analyser system Lactoscope FT-B

For sale is the milk analysis system shown in the pictures, with computer and software. Doc2j7... ...

Milk Filling Line
Milk Filling Line Elopak PS 50

Format: 0.5-1l, max. output: 5000 cartons/h, with cap applicator and EURO-LINE cartoning machine, an on-site inspection is possible. Blkqabjknvz... ...

Vacuum generator made of V2A
Vacuum generator made of V2A

General Manufacturer GEA Location Bremen Condition used Blgdjacs8w0... ...

Cheese wire cutter
Cheese wire cutter Cavecchi Tagliatrice

Cavecchi Tagliatrice Cheese wire cutting machine Stainless, twin push button for start up, two speeds, with food pedal, 3Ph Rb0vqh9... ...

Ultrafiltration Plant
Ultrafiltration Plant Alpma

Was used for the production of double cream cheese, low-fat quark, as well as 20/40% quark and skyr, milk with 3.7% fat was also concentrated to 37% dry matter, throughput capacity... ...

Direct Heating
Direct Heating DHE

Throughput capacity: 600 litres/h, in the process the product (milk, cream, liquid egg, ice cream mix, etc.), which has been heated to 65° C in the counterflow, is heated to 130° C... ...

Cheese Cutting Machine
Cheese Cutting Machine FAM Centris 400C

Max. product dimensions: 130x100m, max. strip thickness: 3.2mm, motor power: 7.5kW, length: 1510mm, width: 730mm, height: 930mm, weight: 310kg, with documentation and accessories, ... ...

Homogeniser APV Gaulin 5-8B

APV Gaulin 5-8 B homogeniser Serial: 97L35085 Oeerw2elw7 Stainless, 5.5Kw motor, output of 230 l/h, working pressure 550Bar... ...

Milk & dairy product
Milk & dairy product APV-Schröder MC18 3TPSX

Manufacturer: APV - Schröder Type: MC18 3TPSX Capacity: 4200 l/h Beguu8e Pressure: 200 bar Stages: 2 Motor: 30 kW Condition: very good... ...

Mixing tank
Mixing tank Kenplaat mixing tank

Kenplaat mixing tank Fdlyv890 Stainless 1500l mixing tank, top mounted motor, level detection, side bottom discharge... ...

UHT system
UHT system Gemrit UHT System

This UHT system is a continuous installation for sterilizing by heating, to ensure that a prepared liquid mixture is free from bacterial endospores, the mixture is passed through a... ...

Steam boiler
Steam boiler ATTSU RL 400/12

ATTSU steam boiler, only used for laboratory tests. C3szbp2s Perfect condition with dosing pumps.... ...

Cheese portioner
Cheese portioner Arcall Wright Pugson C21

C21 cheese portioner to process whole cheese blocks and create retail size portions or to cube prior to going for further processing. Bg3jpgdoxq3... ...

Cheese portioner
Cheese portioner Marchant Schmidt EC23

Cheese portioner, portions cheese from whole blocks into retail pieces, lovely condition. Bought new in 2014 and came out a few years later when a contract changed. Large selection... ...

Cheese VAT 100l
Cheese VAT 100l C.vant Riet Cheese VAT 100l

C.vant Riet 100l Cheese VAT Serial: 14019703 2014, stainless, 100l cheese VAT, jacketed vessel, top mounted agitator, adjustable temperature control and mixing speed, side bottom d... ...

dairy plant equipment
dairy plant equipment Arcall cheese grating line various

Complete cheese grating line Arcall Cheese cutter, transfer conveyor, Urschel CC grater, incline conveyor and tumble mixing drum Bguuahloxvg... ...

ALMAC snail container food
ALMAC snail container food ALMAC

2 pieces ALMAC snail container for storage/grinding of curd cheese and curd Order number: 4177 Outer dimensions: 3.926 mm length 1.320 mm width Bf8puyubkpi 2.784 mm Height Year ... ...

Bottle filling machine
Bottle filling machine

For sale the bottle filling machine shown in the pictures. Gzmq0y0ah... ...

6 double-walled tanks of 10 m3 each
6 double-walled tanks of 10 m3 each

For sale 6 pcs of 10 m3 double walled tanks as shown in the pictures. The above price is for 6 tanks. Be3c7j8xi3h... ...

High speed carton filler
High speed carton filler Elopak Shikoku Kakoki U-S120

Elopak carton machine, stated by manufacturer to run at up to 12,000 cartons per hour. Built in 1997 but totally rebuilt by manufacturer in approx 2004 and used for less than two ... ...

Rotary pot filler and sealer
Rotary pot filler and sealer Regal Trepko 12000

Regal Trepko rotary pot filler and sealer. Was previously used in a UK factory packing dairy products like yoghurts, cream, sauces etc. Fqisevkxv... ...

Egg Cracker/Breaker
Egg Cracker/Breaker Ovoconcept

1 x Ovoconcept Egg Cracker/Breaker Rbyhfnh Type: OVO 20 Serial Number: 248 Year: 2009... ...

Dairy plant
Dairy plant custom built 2007

RECEPTION, PROCESSING & STORAGE OF RAW MILK This line consists of: 1. Blower with digital counter with touch panel; exchanger for milk cooling type APV with associated pumps an... ...