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Filter housing Welded construction made of 3 mm steel sheet St 37.1, untreated gas inlet side with directional airflow to produce a case flow. Filter elements Highly effective filter elements for a high filtration efficiency. Compressed air pulse cleaning built-in Diaphragm valves with compressed air tank for continuous cleaning during operation, this constant air flow rate. Fan unit Centrifugal fan with direct coupled motor and integrated PTC Thermistors. Dust disposal 2 x 30 litre disposab... more
Electronic cable, extension cable, electronics line Manufacturers Helukabel Type TRONIC-CY 4X0,25 QMM Length 1030 m -4 x veins a 0.25 mm² Price complete Yq7xr8 Dimensions 495/495/H320 mm Weight 40 kg more
Lifting height: 90-800 mm lifting capacity in kg: 500 kg table length: 1415 mm table width: 860 mm total power requirement: 1,1 kW weight of the machine ca.: - t dimensions L x W x H: 1,45x0,9x0,9 m transport dimensions LxWxH: 1,45x0,9x0,2 m control via panel up-and down and emergency stop 7nlew8auq hydraulic make HAWE connected via bayonet connection, volume flow 1,14 l/min with 400 bar pressure more
Field of application: Internal logistics Lifting capacity: 18.000 kg Technical condition: very good Blwec2fns0 more
High Level Order Picker Cmzxioc8y Serial N°: 6037710 Capacity: 1000kg Lift height: 10050mm Closed height: 4320mm Overall weight: 4350kg Mast type: Standard YOM: 2008 Condition: very good Batterie Baujahr: 48 Description: BT OP 1000 HSE Nr.: G0338 Baujahr: 2008 Betriebsstunden: k.A. Ladegerät auf Anfrage. Das Gerät befindet sich dem Alter entsprechend optisch in einem guten und technisch in einem sehr guten Zustand. Irrtümer und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten. Sollten Sie Ihren Stapler nic... more
mobile device table for pasting machine, wallpapering table Width 900 mm Depth 970 mm Adjustable work height 890 mm -2 x shelves - 2 x tables available Award pieces Transport dimensions 900/970/H90 mm 8t7rkco0o Weight 16 kg / piece more
Göppingen, Germany Germany
dealership location
17982 km
Eching, Germany Germany
dealership location
17823 km
ready for operation (used)
400 €
Offer not including VAT
Another 23 days
Welding device ESS 220 TG Hlcoiubre 1 piece welding device ESS 220 TG, and plasma device Sparcon 9 SPT Plasmateknik AB ESS 220 TG Schweißtechnik Nr 331001, BJ unknown ESS 220 TG from location Wilhelm-Bergner-Straße 11, 21509 Glinde Item number: 000072484 Location: Wilhelm-Bergner-Straße 11, 21509 Glinde more
Field of application: Internal logistics Bgo8dc9fxh Empty weight: 1.825 kg Lifting capacity: 5.600 kg Technical condition: average more
Equipment for tire retreading: 2015 AKAR MAKINA TEMPLATE CONTROLLED BUFFING MACHINE– AKR 240T, Dust collector and tire inspection machine included in price. Equipment was purchased new in 2016, the project failed to complete, therefore the machines are being sold. They were stored inside, they were never used. We sold the building and took them outside for storage under tarps in March. Equipment is fully functional, a little dusty but will clean thoroughly. Bl8bqb9ine more
Low Level Order Picker Serial N°: 6200949 Capacity: 2500kg Closed height: 1450mm Overall weight: 1510kg Fork length: 1150mm 7k3u9ii7e YOM: 2012 Condition: very good Transmission: elektrisch Engine: elektrisch Bereifung vorne Typ: Polyurethane Bereifung hinten Typ: Polyurethane Batterie Volt: 24V Batterie Ah: 465Ah Batterie Baujahr: 2012 Description: BT OSE 250P Nr.: C0102 Baujahr 2012 Betriebsstd 3.453 Ladegerät auf Anfrage Das Gerät befindet sich optisch und technisch in einem sehr guten ... more
Lens set, camera Baa8i7kgey -3.6 / 8 / 16 and 25 mm focal length -for vision sensors CKR-xxx and CxG Dimensions cardboard 100/60/H60 mm Weight 70 g more
Ennepetal Germany
18023 km
Another 24 days
900W angle grinder Make: Black Decker including case and contents Blxbmxjwrf more
Safety device consisting of Efaflex high-speed gate EFA-SRT-S MS and approx. 5m safety fence made of metal profiles / polycarbonate Colour of the door foil: Yellow/ transparent Clear width door: 3500mm Clearance height door: 2500mm Height elements security fence: 2250mm The door has very few operating hours and is as good as new Dismantling and collection by buyers by the end of September 2020 Stx9w8 more
Pick & Carry Crane Capacity: 4000kg Lift height: 7500mm Bexejn0olc Overall Length: 2900mm Overall width: 1625mm Closed height: 2020mm Overall weight: 3700kg Mast type: Teleskop YOM: 1987 Condition: very good Engine: Elektro Bereifung vorne Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung hinten Typ: Super Elastic Arbeitsscheinwerfer vorn, Weatherproof cover, more
weighing range up to 500 kg max. 750 kg division of display 1 kg platformm 800 x 800 mm space requirements length - 1,200 x width - 800 x height - Bijypifcpo 2,000 mm weight approx. 265 kg more
Bright cold light lighting system for macroscopic applications, lamps, luminaires, lighting -for ultra high speed films N7nceajr -Extrem high light output of up to 2.3 million lux per capita (20 cm working distance) -No thermal stress of illuminated objects more
Sweepers and vacuum cleaning machine Serial N°: 19102 Overall Length: 1110mm Overall width: 765mm 2tkeqbj7 Closed height: 1200mm Overall weight: 110kg YOM: 2019 Condition: good Batterie Volt: 24V Batterie Ah: 157Ah Batterie Baujahr: 2019 more
Ennepetal Germany
18023 km
Another 24 days
Platform trucks Capacity: 755kg Overall Length: 3160mm Overall width: 1680mm Closed height: 2020mm Gwmcc8 Overall weight: 1620kg YOM: 2018 Condition: very good + Servolenkung, + Einzelradaufhängung vo.+hi., + Zuschaltbarer Allradantrieb, + Vorderachse mit Selbstsperrdifferential, + Ladepritsche hydraulisch kippbar mit Schutzeinlage für Ladefläche + Frontschutzbügel + Heizung + Radiovorbereitung + Die Frontscheibe nach vorne hoch kippbar + Werkzeuglos demontierbare Seitentüren + Beifahr... more
lifting and turning of two components load capacity 2,400 kg stepless motoric turnings of 360° stepless hydraulic height adjustment Bbi039v7a height adjustment shaft centre 550 to 950 mm shaft diameter 90 mm working light deposit table for material connection for compressed-air electrical data 400 V space requirements without module holder width - 900 x depth - 1,300 x height - 1,300 mm weight approx. 1,130 kg     more
Measuring device for air conditioning units, air conditioners, Kühlaggreate Type bike meters H3gh88y7i -with various hoses -1 x measuring devices with cases available Award pieces Masterbar 410/210/H120 mm Weight 3.5 kg more
This is a Müller Martini compensation stacker for web offset use. It is located behind a KBA 818 Compacta. Dwsv3u more
scrubber/dryers Serial N°: 13697 Overall Length: 1940mm Overall width: 800mm Overall weight: 716kg YOM: 2006 Condition: average Muuon0 Bereifung vorne Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung hinten Typ: Super Elastic Batterie Volt: 24V Batterie Ah: 280Ah more
Kaiserslautern, Germany Germany
dealership location
18085 km
ready for operation (used)
General Data Measurements width 1038 mm Bstthrjk Measurements depth 726 mm Measurements height 937 mm This Ingersoll Rand UP6-15cTAS-125 Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressor was made in the year 2012. It has a capacity 55 cfm, and a discharge pressure compressor package 119 psig. Application Types Other (MT) more
Pick & Carry Crane Capacity: 16000kg Overall Length: 5550mm Overall width: 2140mm Closed height: 2065mm Overall weight: 20030kg YOM: 2020 Condition: New Bereifung vorne Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung vorne Grösse: 355/50-20 weiß Bereifung hinten Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung hinten Grösse: 355/50-20 weiß 8007px Diverse Anbaugeräte gegen Aufpreis more
pipe diameter 1/8 to 2" / 10 to 60 mm steel -, copper -, plastic -, composite pipes Bbmhnxua refrigerant carbon  dioxide more
Measuring device for air conditioning units, air conditioners, Kühlaggreate Type-with various hoses Footer pressure pump -1 x measuring devices with cases available Award pieces Bdjzslgh9i Masterbar 340/130/H260 mm Weight 5.3 kg more
In a perfectly good condition , size: 1200x 1500 mm 1200 Celsius is the maximum temperature. Bl2pfht7e2 more
scrubber/dryers Serial N°: 11322 Overall Length: 1910mm Overall width: 930mm Closed height: 1370mm Overall weight: 760kg YOM: 2006 Condition: average Bndycrv3 Bereifung vorne Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung hinten Typ: Super Elastic Batterie Volt: 24V Batterie Ah: 210Ah Batterie Baujahr: 2018 Description: Gegen Mehrpreis auch mit Vorkehreinrichtung lieferbar. more
Heizraumausstattung (Herd, Brenner, Ausdehnungsgefäß, Pumpen, Ventile ...) Buderus Mod. R4212 Weishaupt Mod. WG40N / 1-A ZM-LN CIMM ERE CE Liter 400 d. 650 Die technischen Daten sind auf den beigefügten Fotos der Platten zu sehen. Bl2njkxsks more
Platform trucks Capacity: 454kg Overall Length: 3300mm Overall width: 1620mm Closed height: 1980mm Overall weight: 1013kg YOM: 2019 Condition: very good Bfbstsksa2 Description: John Deere Gator XUV 865M - Diesel, 854 cm³, - - Tankvolumen 42,4l, - Leistung 17 kW (23PS), - Maximale Geschwindigkeit 50 km/h, - Bei Bedarf zuschaltbarer Vierradantrieb - Anhängelast 907kg, , - stufenloses 2-Gang Getriebe mit voll integrierter Kupplung, - - Elektronische Servolenkung (EPAS) - KABINE MIT TÜREN UND HEI... more
With this suction unit you can easily and cleanly suck off oils as well as other pumping media. The flow rate varies depending on the medium to be pumped and is approx. 1 litre per minute for hydraulic oil. The flow indicator is without function, but this does not affect the functionality of the pump in any way. In addition, the suction system has an oil filter as well as an ON-OFF switch. The suction unit is driven by a 0.75 kW electric motor and the complete unit is installed on a sack truck r... more
Floor heating clip type-setter, clip master 17 -in the case Dimensions 930/250/H80 mm weight 5.8 kg Bdfj8rcbzl more
Emmerich am Rhein, Germany Germany
dealership location
18056 km
Boge compressors Eqcwjal - Permissible pressure: 16/20 bar - admissible temperature: 60°C - Operating voltage :230 V - Protection class: IP 20 - Weight ca: 100 Kg more
Electric platform trucks Serial N°: 19142 Capacity: 788kg Overall Length: 3629mm Overall width: 1313mm Closed height: 1863mm Overall weight: 1500kg YOM: 2019 Condition: very good Bereifung vorne Typ: Pneumatic tires C2ey0r2lc Bereifung hinten Typ: Pneumatic tires more
total stroke 100 mm thereof press lift 48 mm pressing force at 6 bar compressed air 44.4KN pressing force at 10 bar compressed air 77KN rapid force at 10 bar COMPRESSED AIR 544daN Fe7wj2z reset force at 10 bar compressed air 544daN weight approx. 84 kg *- unused -* *4 units on stock* more
Pick & Carry Crane Capacity: 2000kg Lift height: 4710mm Overall Length: 2670mm Overall width: 955mm Closed height: 1920mm Overall weight: 2120kg Mast type: Teleskop YOM: 1999 Condition: good Engine: Elektro Gvsmqk Arbeitsscheinwerfer vorn, more
Security camera, video surveillance S3qgwx every from a Commons resolution and are unused -2 x camera in weatherproof housing (300 mm) with heater/thermostat, 230V Award pieces Dimensions 395/130/H130 mm Weight 3 kg / piece more
Type of fuel: Electric Field of application: Internal logistics Battery: 48 V Lifting capacity: 6.000 kg Serial number: W4X126C00907 EPA Marked: yes Neat electric tractor - Brand: Still - Type: R06 - Towing weight: 6000 kg. - Year of construction: 2012 Xizdo - Fuel: Electric - 48 volts - Road lighting - Rotating beacon - Bluespot - Mirrors - Trade-in and transport possible = More information = Type: Tow tractor Year of manufacture: Jan 2012 Colour: Orange Technical condition: good Visual a... more
Deinze, Belgium Belgium
dealership location
18268 km
Orion puls 50 CNC Nuuyz more
Kaiserslautern, Germany Germany
dealership location
18085 km
ready for operation (used)
General Data Machine weight 8300 kg Main Drive Pressing force 1200 kN Bending length 3100 mm Additional Equipment Trumpf quick clamp 2 support brackets linearly movable, height adjustable Safety device bend guard ethernet network card with RJ45 connection This Trumpf TruBend 3120 Press Brake was manufactured in Taiwan in 2007 and has been working for 21428 hours. This reliable machine can work with a pressing force of 1200 kN and a bending length of 3100 mm. Machine will be delivered without ... more
Field of application: Internal logistics Lifting capacity: 8.000 kg Bgqaxxvglp more
Minikran Capacity: 3200kg Lift height: 6860mm Overall Length: 2785mm Overall width: 980mm Closed height: 1695mm Overall weight: 3220kg Mast type: Teleskop YOM: 2019 Condition: very good Engine: Elektro 6kW Bereifung vorne Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung vorne Grösse: 200/50-10 Bereifung hinten Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung hinten Grösse: 16x6-8 Batterie Volt: 48V Batterie Ah: 500Ah Hmosgzj Optional gegen Aufpreis: - Hydraulisches Jib 1000 kg Arbeitsscheinwerfer hinten, CE certificate, - Funkfern... more
Powder fire extinguisher fire extinguisher fire extinguisher Cabinet Fire extinguisher Cabinet -3 x cabinets available Award pieces Dimensions 340/220/H750 mm H7qoangs0 Weight 8.8 kg more

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