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Glass grinding machines for sale

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Identified location: New Zealand (Edit)
Glass washingmachine open top 1500 mm Btujnrftfy
2006, BOTTERO 810 BCS Oy7sd Glass Edging Machine – vertical, 0 – 45 degree Year: 2006 Speed: 0,4 – 6 m/min. Glass thickness: 3 – 55 mm 400 V, 3~, 50 Hz, 21,6 kW Dimensions: 8500 x 1800 x 2700 mm Weight: 4600 kg In very good condition.
Straight-line edger and polisher in excellent condition - Wheels: 10 - Speed: 0.6-6 meters - Glass thickness: 4-30 mm - Machine dimensions: 8100x1400x2700mm Btsj7assau - Machine weight: 3500 kg - Bevel angles - 45 degree - Minimum dimensions of the glass: 40x40 mm Machine will be available in May( 5-10)
Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania
17529 km
excellent (used)
For sale Zafferani FLAT8 BS60 glass grinding machine with 8 spindles and variable angle. Extra length and tall inlet and outlet conveyors. Very good condition!!! Yuersnu
Data: - Type: Futura 2.18 - Serial number: 5556 - Year of construction: 2010 - Dimension: 5665 x 3909 x 2354 mm (LxWxH) - Glass thickness: 2 - 60 mm - Max. glass dimension: 3665 x 1610 mm - CNC-control OSAI 10/510i/digital - Weight: 7260 kg Fubbffje0 - Power: 32 kW, 400V, 50Hz Price on request
BOVONE ELB 17/45 - Year 1993 Straight Line Edging Machine 17 Wheels Flat Edge Variable Angle 0-45 Btoabvwgkc Arrises All Cerium Polished Min. dim. 70x70 mm Thickness 3-50 mm Arris Width: front 10 mm back 5 mm Speed 0,35-5,4 m/min. Power 40 kW *** WORKING CONDITION***
In excellent working condtion glass beveling machine from Bovone type mini maxi 361+1 BOVONE MINI MAXI 361+1 - Year 1997 Bevel Angle 3-45° Thickness 3-25 mm Min workable 35 x 35 mm Max Bevel Width 60 mm Speed 0.4-5.4 mt/min Btmisbywx3 Power 22 Kw For more info and movies in working order please contact us
Glass thickness: up to 50 mm Feed speed adjustable via CNC control 20 kW 380 V 45 A 50 Hz Pneumatic supply: 7 bar Hydraulic supply: 2.5 bar Air consumption (liter/min): 400 Water consumption (liter/min): 6.5 Weight: 8.100 kg incl. programming station and programming software I-Cam incl. tool kit incl. Zanetti water sediment tank 400 Suvaek
Good working order. Replaced bearings on the three engines, rubber on the rear belt and the front introductory belt. I will add for free new rubbers for the engine cover - 4 pcs and a new diamond disc. - 8 spindles - glass thickness: 3 - 31 mm Gdcn9o93e - dimensions min. glass: 50 x 50 mm - glass speed: 0 - 5 m / min World wide delivery possible
Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania
17529 km
refurbished (used)
For sale Bavelloni SB10 glass beveling and grinding machine. Technical parameter: Minimum machining dimension: 100 mm. Maximum machinable dimension: 2100 mm. Glass thickness: 3-40 mm. Maximum bevel: 40 mm. Total installed power: 3.5 kW. Btmilzqath
can also grind or polish residual edge Data: - Type: TB 64 - Machine dimension: 7000 x 2200 x 2300 mm - Working height: 840 mm - Glass thickness: 3 - 15 mm D2iaml7 - 6 Spindles - Weight: 3500 kg - Number of discs: o 1x peripheral wheel edge (C- or F-edge) o 1x polishing wheel for edge o 1x diamond wheel for bevel or miter o 2x resin wheel bevel or miter o 1x felt polishing wheel bevel or miter - Facet or Miter: 3 - 45 ° - Machine is in very good condition, comes from company that has always m...
Paxalvägen, 66140 Malax, Finnland Finland
17020 km
good (used)
Zafferani Straight line edging machine with peripheral wheels ( 2 wheels ) manufacture Zafferani Glas S.r.L. Italy Type Junior 2M/ 12 Zafferani’s line of peripheral wheel straightline edgers provides a superb answer to thedemands of straight line edging::- for pencil edge work- for flat edge work- for OG work- for decorative profile work (waterfall, etc.)in accordance with the type of profile wheelsused. Our line of edgers reflects the Zafferanitrademark of simplified construction and ease of ...
For sale glass Edging machine Bovone Mini Maxi 361+1 Btf7zzkdtr good condition
Cross belt grinding machine, BELTEX 111, manufacturer Vitrododi, stainless steel version B3gsckja
Good working order. World wide delivery possible. Btsihl87la
Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania
17529 km
as good as new (ex-display)
For sale Bavelloni VE350-11 glass grinding machine with 11 spindle in excellent condition. Total worked meter: only 110.000 meter. LIKE NEW!!! Btkg39xhts
The machine is going to be completely overhauled by us Data: - Year of construction: 2000 - Type: PR88 - 8 Spindles - from running production - Glass thickness: 3 - 31 mm - Min. Glass dimension: 50 x 50 mm - Glass speed: 0 - 5 m/min Brg0tl0luh - Power: 16,7 kW - Weight: 2500 kg - Machine dimension: 7100 x 1200 x 2300 mm Price on request
GENERAL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Two-sided grinder with straight conveyor (for grinding parallel edges!) Min. glass dimensions 90 x 90 mm Max. glass dimensions 1000, 1600, 2000, 2600, 3000 mm Thickness of glass 3 – 12 mm Degree of shine Good industrial shine Number of wheels (6 peripherals) 2 + 2 diamond wheels (200 mm) 1 + 1 polishing wheels (200 mm) Edge breakers 1 + 1 tangential wheels (optional) Forward speed 0.5 – 20 m/min Installed power 23.7 KVA (19 KW) Absorbed current 34.2 A Compres...
Molenstede-Diest, Belgium Belgium
(dealership location)
18668 km
unexamined (used)
8 cup wheels edging machine with vafriable angle 0-45 ° fully reconditioned in 2018 Bqedxe9rex condition as new . glass thikness : 3- 25 mm min. glass height size : 60 mm
Facet grinding machine in good working condition Thickness 3-20 mm Min. Workable 40 x 40 mm Brm07ibwnq Maximum bevel 50 mm
Pleystein Germany
18362 km
good (used)
Data: - Type: 2-02 - Serial number: 3638 - Year of manufacture: 1980 - Belt size: 1830 x 1000 mm - With roller table Price on request Fk72sif
Wiewiórczyn Poland
17875 km
defective spare-parts repository (used)
I have to offer spare parts for Bovone. Motors, staves, rollers, drives, gears, electrical parts, etc. Details on the phone, email. Hjqqvdx
Glass seaming tool with 2 grinding wheels ( K - shape ) on each side and 90 degrees turning station for seaming of all 4 edges. Max glass dimension ( L x W ) 2600 x 2600 mm 3u2ajwrn Min glass dimension ( L x W ) 450 x 600 mm
This is a vertical washing machine suitable for every type of glass panels. Made exclusively in “open top” version, it allows to wash over-sized glasses. Glass washable minimum dimensions L = 300mm H =150mm. It is composed by a washing / rinsing section completely in stainless steel followed by a large drying section. Both sections of the machine are accessible through removable casing, soundproof in drying area. The mechanical movement is placed at the bottom, below the crankcase. At the same ...
Geleen Netherlands
18637 km
repair required (used)
Machine need to be checked before working, but he is complete and direct available. Ask me for more details Ytf3b0
For sale glass grinding machine with 8 spindle. Good working order "as it is". Dxtd9m
Grinding of round angles with different radius without template. Data: O2axz - Serial number: 2488 - Total dimension: 2000 x 1800 x 1600 mm - Rolling surface: 700 x 700 mm - Glass thickness: 3 - 19 mm - in good condition - works properly - Radius: 0 - 100 mm - Weight: 1000 kg Price on request
Lengerich Germany
18442 km
ready for operation (used)
Glass thickness up to 30 mm, smallest glass size 50 x 50 mm, 10 cup wheels (5 diamond + 5 polishing), mitre edge angles 0 - 50°, transport speed 0 - 6,0 m/minute Bqh2hc8mbw
The machine is in very good condition. One of the good models of the brand, with 10 motors and an option for edging at 45 degrees. Sold together with a water purification system. Loofqcps
Bolsward Netherlands
18465 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Washing machine for all kind of bevellers and edgers, manual or automatic. Orej2
The machine is currently in our warehouse in Turkey and can be delivered withiin 40 days. Bnhrgig9ue - SEDG-9 is suitable for processing straight-line edge - Rough grinding, fine grinding, and polishing can be processed at one time, and the speed can be adjusted by stepless variable speed motor, or the frequency conversion motor can be adjusted and adjusted conveniently. - The glass thickness is adjusted by an inverter and showed on a digital display/ monitor. - A special design of the in-feed...
For sale shaped form glass grinding and polishing machine, in working condition. Adapter for small pieces of glass processing. Bsluubbtza
The machin eis for grinding an polishing facets and edges. Its similat to the Bavelloni SB 10. Data: - Type: Bilux 3FP - Year of manufacture: 2001 - Serial number: 92237 - completely with water tub (2000 x 2000 mm) - working height: 1000 mm - Glass thickness: 3 - 25 mm - Max. diameter of the glass: 2000 mm Bstzdoh3xb - Max. facet width: 40 mm - Facet angle: 0 - 45 ° - weight: 650 kg Price on request
Molenstede-Diest, Belgium Belgium
(dealership location)
18668 km
good (used)
10 cup wheels vertical edging machine with variable angle 0-45° min. glass size : 70 mm speed : 0,5 - 5 m/min. glass thikness : 3-50 mm total power : 35 kw Boinv2vphw machine dimensions : 9,8 x 2,1 x 2,3 m weigth : 5100 kg complete with in- and outlet racks
The machine is in very good condition. We have done automation, which can be seen in the photos. Cea7hfci
Bolsward Netherlands
18465 km
ready for operation (used)
straight line bevelling machine in good working condition Thickness 3-20mm Bpvprhkjvy Min workable 40 x 40 mm Max bevel 50 mm
Zafferani glass edge grinding machine manufacture: Savam S.R. L. Italy Year of manufacture 2000 suitable for the use of Abrasive belts 2400mm Bysklhyk Solid construction Simple centring of the belts CE marked Central roller with rubber cover Motor 1.1 Kw, 380 V 50 Hz Dimensions (L x W x H ) 950 x 900 x 1500mm Weight 130 Kg
The following items are for sale: - Glass/plate grinding machine from Richard Spatzier - used, optical condition according to photos - functional Details: - with Demanders cross table, multi-sided adjustable - Engine 1400rpm - Dimensions Total approx: 120cm W 60cm D 180cm H - the grinding plate approx. 26cm - the clamping plate with two quick-release clamps approx. 40cm - Water connection on the side - Grinding plate can be adjusted several times by Kreutisch (high down, sharp, forward/return) ...
Data: - Glass thickness: 2 - 12 mm - Dimension working table: 2000 x 1200 mm - Working height: 780 mm - Machine dimension: L4000 x W3400 x H1700 mm - Weight: 3300kg - New tools can be purchased seperately - Power: 400V, 50Hz, 59A, 22kW, 55A Price on request Bs9rocjc
Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania
17529 km
good (used)
For sale glass grinding machine with 2 spindle. Good condition, excellent price! Bkeb7kafs0
Dear Madam/Sir, The CE Glass Industry (One of the biggest glass-processors in Middle-East-Europe) would likes to attract your attention for the following possibility: CE Glass Industry is selling huge amount of tools. Name of items, amount data, product photos, technical and status info are available via attached pdf database. Urfortunately the machineseekers does not allow to paste any web link, but for your request, the product photos are available from us. Regarding to the prices, they ar...
Bavelloni SB/1L shape bevel polishing machine. Cgjjrb8fm Machine is in good working order and is little used
Glass grinding and polishing machine – vertical BOTTERO – Italy | 110 FC, 3 – 50 mm 10 Spindle | Scheiben | Tarcze garnkowe Year / Baujahr / Rok budowy: 2008 Vertikale Glasschleif- und Poliermaschine N2ddt Pionowa szlifierko-polerka do szkła In good working condition | In gutem technischen Zustand | W dobrym stanie technicznym. Available / Verfügbar / Dostępna: now / jetzt / od zaraz Technische Daten / Details: Weight / Gewicht / Waga = 3600 kg Glass size / Glasmasse: / Wymiary szkła: Min. =...
GranitoGrav photoengraving system for granite/gravestones and glass (also suitable for glasses and bottles) The CNC photo engraving unit in glass and stone. The CNC milling machine series High-Z/S-400T with CNC GranitoGrav module includes the software for an incredible price. Whether on memorial plaques, tombstones, tile, mirror glass, glass... Just simply load your black and white or colour photography into the specially developed module of the ConstruCAM-3D software, then only enter the si...
Data: - can grind and polish edges - with suction plate Bsnvhqxg Price on request
- 4 spindle on each side (2 diamond + 2 polish) - minimum glass dimension: 80*80 mm. - maximum working length: 2000 mm. Odk2l30 - adjustable working speed: 1-10 m/min. - glass thickness: 3-12 mm.
In excellent working condition Ada glass edging machine type 2006FI Glastype: 3 - 15 mm Type: Flat polishing Motors: 6 spindle Gutzsrj Power: 380/50
Data: - Year of construction: 2004 - Type: PR88 - Serial number: 112030 - from running production - Dimension: 7100 x 1200 x 2300 mm - Glass thickness: 3 – 31 mm - Min. Glass dimension: 50 x 50 mm - In very good condition - 8 Spindles - Glass speed: 0 - 5 m/min - Weight: 2500 kg - the video has been made about two weeks befor edismantling the machine - Power: 400V, 17kW, 43A, 50Hz Price on request Bsi7uzmwzf