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Glass grinding machines for sale

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Data: Bjpfj7tpdl - serial number: 87027 - Connected load: 380/50 V - 4 spindles - Inlet / outlet both 1400 mm - height: 2100 mm - depth 900 mm price on request more
For sale, straight line bevelling and polishing machine. Condition as you can see in the photos. The machine can be seen in operation in Budapest. 2rxg7a more
BOVINE ANIMAL ELB 14-45 - YEAR 2004 Straight grinder 14 grinding wheels Straight line edging machine 14 wheels Variable angle 0-45° Bjnsju2rug Speed 0.35-5.4 m/min Min dim : 85x85 mm Thickness 3-60 mm Arris width 5 mm Working height 895 mm Power 38 kw more
Bavelloni SB/1L shape bevel polishing machine. Kojvxc8x Machine is in good working order and is little used more
Vertical glass edging machine with 11 cup wheels total working meters 276000 min. glass size : 50 mm Bjnc7kfdqs glass thikness: 3 - 40 mm total power : 19,5 Kw 400 V 50 Hz machine dimesions : 7,03 x 1,7 x 2,3 m weight : 3330 Kg more
Vertical grinding and edger machine 2500mm Bjkg9q8vqd more
Machine is as good as new! Data: - Type: BTS 02 BETA junior division - Year of construction: 2010 - Construction: vertical - Glass thickness: 3 - 20 mm - Minimum glass size: 200 x 200 mm - Feed: Semi-automatic (via glass transport) - Direction of travel: right - left - Edge grinding: flat, hem and C-edge - Number of discs/spindle: 1/1D + 1/1P - No form grinding possible - With cooling water circuit - Speed: 1.35 m/min - Power consumption: 3,3 kW - machine dimensions: 3400 x 850 x 1720 mm - We... more
For sale 2 spindles glass grinding machine It is adecvate to process C and I (flat) edges. Good condition. Bjhfyynrr7 more
Double edge grinding line for glass BENTELER 1.700 mm x 2.800 mm (photo 1-6) Glass sheet thickness 2-25mm Max. glass sheet width 1700mm Min. glass sheet width 250mm Stogxk Max. glass sheet lenght 2800mm Min. glass sheet lenght 250mm Double-sided grinding machines Lenght of each grinding machine 4100mm Diameter of diamond cup wheels 175mm Diameter of cup polishing wheels 170mm Diameter of peripheral-diamond wheels for standard corner dubbing 50mm Horizontal flat glass washing machine Type 452... more
BOVONE MINI MAXI 11 Spindle straight line bevelling machine for cerium polished bevel and pencil edge polishing of flat glass. Beveling, smoothing and polishing wheel spindles are mounted on a separate swiveling beam which is adjustable for angle variation in seconds. This allows a quick change of angle from 3° up to 45° without adjusting each spindle. E0ab70fh0 Specifications: Glass thickness: 3 - 25 mm Working speed: 0,4 - 5,4 meter / min Glass thickness minimum: 35 x 35 mm Beveling angle: 3... more
Glass grinding and polishing machine – vertical BOTTERO – Italy | 110 FC, 3 – 50 mm 10 Spindle | Scheiben | Tarcze garnkowe Year / Baujahr / Rok budowy: 2008 Vertikale Glasschleif- und Poliermaschine Pionowa szlifierko-polerka do szkła In good working condition | In gutem technischen Zustand | W dobrym stanie technicznym. Available / Verfügbar / Dostępna: now / jetzt / od zaraz Technische Daten / Details: Weight / Gewicht / Waga = 3600 kg Glass size / Glasmasse: / Wymiary szkła: Min. = 40 x ... more
For sale, straight line edging and polishing machine, with 10 wheels, condition as you can see in the photos. The machine has been completely refurbished in last months years, and is still in operation. Cguk89wq more
Data: 2rvz9q - Type: PR88 - Year of construction: 2000 - 8 Spindles - In very good condition - Glass thickness: 3 - 31 mm - Min. Glass dimension: 50 x 50 mm - Power: 16,7 kW - Weight: 3550 kg - Dimension: 7100 x 1200 x 2300 mm Price on request more
Straight line edger Bavelloni GEMY 9-C with 9 spindel--motors Glass thickness=3-40 mm Speed=0,5--5 ml/min Dimensions=7x1,6x2,3 m Instalated power=20 kw Weight=2700 kg H8lesi7 year-2007 worked linear meter=344508 good working order more
- glass drilling machine with 8 spindle. - very good condition. - min. glass dimension: 80*80. Haroanz - working speed: 0,4-4,5 m/min. more
Bohle 8 spindel vertical glass edging machine in good working order. Machine is little used. Machine will be deliverd with watertanks, all available parts and documents. Bjdx8pembn more
COVESA – Italy | ALFA 16 Special, 3 – 16 mm 5 Spindle | Umfangscheiben | Tarcze obwodowe Year / Baujahr / Rok budowy: 2004 Glass grinding and polishing machine – vertical Vertikale Glasschleif- und Poliermaschine Pionowa szlifierko-polerka do szkła Very good condition | In sehr gutem technischen Zustand | W bardzo dobrym stanie technicznym. Available / Verfügbar / Dostępna: now / jetzt / od zaraz Technische Daten / Details: Length / Gesamtlänge / Długość = 6500 mm Height / Gesamthöhe / Wyso... more
For sale, straight line edging and polishing machine, with 10 wheels, in very good condition as you can see in the photos. 50.000 working meter. Yski8o more
Currently we are overhauling the same machine, year of construction: 2007, pictures will follow in 3 - 4 weeks Extremely stable and heavy-duty sanding machine suitable for daily and permanent production. Due to robust and first-class materials the machine is designed for durability and precision. The machine is reconditioned. 00xlwabn Data - 11 spindles - Running direction from right to left - Sanding profile: flat edge with hem - Glass thickness: 3 - 50 mm - Min. dimension 40 x 40 mm - Feed... more
For glass thickness 3 - 19 mm, bevel-angle 0 - 15 °, different edge profil types Nvfpp more
SB 10 is definitely the most sold horizontal shaped semi-automatic machine for edge grinding, polishing and bevelling in the glass field. Specifications: Bdxbwse2 - Working height: 1000 mm - Total height: 1640 mm - Glass thickness: 3 – 25 mm - Facet angle: 0 – 45° - Weight: 650 Kg more
10 cup wheels machine for flat edge and arrises Glass thikness : 2-30 mm min. glass size : 40 x 40 mm Bhjyv2niqf including 10 new diamond tools more
For sale, straight line edging and polishing machine, with 2 wheels, in good condition as you can see in the photos. The machine can be viewed and tested in Hungary at a pre-agreed date. N2bkn more
Currently we are overhauling the same machine, year of construction: 2004, pictures will follow in 3 - 4 weeks Data: - Year of construction: 2001 - 8 spindles - Direction of travel: right - left - Glass thickness 3 - 30 mm - Min. dimension: 40 x 40 mm - Feed speed: 0,6 - 6 mtr./min. - placement: o 2 diamond wheels flat edge o 1 diamond disc rear hem o 1 polishing wheel rear hem o 1 diamond disc front hem o 1 polishing wheel front hem o 2 polishing wheels flat edge - speed diamond spindle: 2800 ... more
Busetti double edger Pencil edge grinding line with loader and Triulzi washing machine. Dimensions: 1600X2600 Biqrgigg8u Year: 1999 more
BOTTERO Fully automatic horizontal double edger line for small glass units, consists of: 1. Robot FANUC R-2000iA 165F 2. Inlet roller conveyor M102 3. Edger 1: TWO-B12 with 12 spindles 4. Tipper M105 with conveyors M 104, M106 5. Roller conveyor M107 6. Edger 2: TWO-B12 with 12 spindles 7. Roller conveyors M109, M111, M112 8. Tranfer conveyor M113 Vs3hfa 9. Double edger TWO-B10 with 10 spindles yeach side 10. Outlet belt conveyor M115 11. 4-cups vacuum suction conveyor Model: TWO-B12/TWO-B10/Ro... more
In good working order little used beveling machine. Machine specifications: Glass thickness: 3-20 mm Max height bevel: 45 mm Min. dimension:80 x 80 mm Ejtns3vx Machine weight: 2400 kg Instal power: 8.5 kw Machine dimension: L 4700 mm x W 1300 mm x H 2300 mm more
- 4 spindle on each side (2 diamond + 2 polish) - minimum glass dimension: 80*80 mm. - maximum working length: 2000 mm. - adjustable working speed: 1-10 m/min. - glass thickness: 3-12 mm. Odk2l30 more
For sale, straight line edging and polishing machine, with 6 wheels, in good condition as you can see in the photos. The machine can be viewed and tested in Hungary at a pre-agreed date. Bjczh3pxgm more
Data: - Year of construction: 2011 - Type: Pratica GLP - Serial number: 33.800-0615 - Machine dimension: 5220 x 3681 x 1991 mm - Working heigth: 4158 mm - max. Glass Weight: 500 Kg - Power: 400 V, 50 Hz, 25 kW, 38 A Weight: 6000 Kg Price on request Blrehhbss more
It's only used for a few days. The machine is currently in our warehouse and can be delivered in 30 days at the earliest. - ZM9 is suitable for processing straight-line edge - Rough grinding, fine grinding, and polishing can be processed at one time, and the speed can be adjusted by stepless variable speed motor, or the frequency conversion motor can be adjusted and adjusted conveniently. - The glass thickness is adjusted by an inverter and showed on a digital display/ monitor. - A special des... more
Zafferani glass edge grinding machine manufacture: Savam S.R. L. Italy Bysklhyk Year of manufacture 2000 suitable for the use of Abrasive belts 2400mm Solid construction Simple centring of the belts CE marked Central roller with rubber cover Motor 1.1 Kw, 380 V 50 Hz Dimensions (L x W x H ) 950 x 900 x 1500mm Weight 130 Kg more
In excellent condition Bavelloni straight line edging machine. Small for number of 5 spindles, but big for loading capacity and reliability, Bie2xhg9vp these machine adopt the same technical solutions of the models with more spindles. The machine is compact. Easy to maintain and has a guaranteed production quality more
- glass grinding machine with 8 spindle. - glass thickness: 3-30 mm. - min. glass dimension: 50*50 mm. - working speed: 0,4-4 meter/min. - very good condition!!! Bihzwi87yz more
For sale, straight line bevelling and polishing machine. Condition as you can see in the photos. The machine has been dismantled due to relocation, it is no longer possible to assemble it. As it is, disassembled for sale! Bjczhjnl8k more
Type: MINI-MAXI 361+1 N: 79124504 Year: 1997 Weight: 4400kg Kw: 22 V: 400 Ufbxbie Machine is in good used condition, spindel bearings and glass track in good condition. For more info please contact us. more
Intermac master bevel 2300 Year: 09/1997 Maximum dimensions: 3000x2220mm, minimum dimensions: 250x300mm. Bib97j90zn Max. Power: 20 KW Feed-in / Hz: 380/50 Aux voltage: 24/24 more
the machine has run very little incl. rotating discs for 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm glass Bgrrtyp2pp Width 460 cm Depth 80 cm Height 250 cm more
This machine has 6 motors which can process glass bottom edge and front arris(0-45 degree), with 2 motors for front seaming and 2 motor for rear seaming. Bhz2t2rcma Machine will be delivered with extra parts Specifications: * Grinding Speed : 0.4-3.8m/min * Variable Angle: 0°-45° * Grinding Depth: 3mm * Max. arris width: 2.5mm * Min.glass Size : 30*30mm*8mm * Glass thickness: 3mm-25mm * Total power: 20KW * Overall Dimension: 9.0m*1.0m*2.5m * Total Weight: 5000Kg more
Edge processing and mitre grinding (45°) Bh8nc9piee more
DELTA – Italy | Master Long 11 CNC 11 Spindel / Wrzecion, 3 – 28 mm Year / Baujahr / Rok budowy: 2003 Glass beveling machine – vertical Vertikale Facettenschleifmaschine für Glas Pionowa fazowarka do szkła Good working condition | In gutem technischen Zustand | W dobrym stanie technicznym. Available / Verfügbar / Dostępna: now / jetzt / od zaraz Technische Daten / Details: Bhytpmfknk Length / Gesamtlänge / Długość = 7400 mm Height / Gesamthöhe / Wysokość = 2300 mm Weight / Gewicht / Waga = 45... more
DOUBLE EDGE GRINDING LINE BOTTERO GEMINI 309N-L technical data: - we do not use the first spindle - one of four spindles disassembled, incomplete minimum glass size: 80x80mm maximum glass size: 1000, 1600, 2000, 2600, 3000mm glass thickness : 3-12mm profile of a processed glass pane: half-round pencil cut, industrial polishing dulling of corners (option): 1+1 peripheral shields (HP=high speed) 12m/min Bhysq9nmse installed power: 47,5 KVA (38kW) power consumption: 69A – line 25mm2 working heig... more
Glass seaming tool with 2 grinding wheels ( K - shape ) on each side and 90 degrees turning station for seaming of all 4 edges. Max glass dimension ( L x W ) 2600 x 2600 mm 3u2ajwrn Min glass dimension ( L x W ) 450 x 600 mm more
Dear Madam/Sir, The CE Glass Industry (One of the biggest glass-processors in Middle-East-Europe) would likes to attract your attention for the following possibility: CE Glass Industry is selling huge amount of tools. Name of items, amount data, product photos, technical and status info are available via attached pdf database. Urfortunately the machineseekers does not allow to paste any web link, but for your request, the product photos are available from us. Bfvgb92lkh Regarding to the pric... more
Bolsward, Netherlands Netherlands
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excellent (used)
In excellent working condition Ada glass edging machine type 2006FI Gutzsrj Glastype: 3 - 15 mm Type: Flat polishing Motors: 6 spindle Power: 380/50 more
Working area: Bevelling and faced cut Csf3na8y more
The following items are for sale: - Glass/plate grinding machine from Richard Spatzier - used, optical condition according to photos - functional Details: - with Demanders cross table, multi-sided adjustable - Engine 1400rpm - Dimensions Total approx: 120cm W 60cm D 180cm H - the grinding plate approx. 26cm - the clamping plate with two quick-release clamps approx. 40cm - Water connection on the side - Grinding plate can be adjusted several times by Kreutisch (high down, sharp, forward/return) ... more
Used CNC LOH SPS50 SL polishing machine, please inspect and check for function, later complaints will not be considered, because of the age under exclusion of any warranty. Machine is sold ex works Bischoffen-Oberweidbach, collection is the responsibility of the buyer. The collection and/or inspection must be agreed in advance Bhelcm88vu more
Glass processing line incl. Turning unit, is still in production until April. Cuxzk0hti A fast and machine, min glass size 160x200, max glass size 1500x2600 and delivers nice quality. Polishing brake mechanics has had a further electrical and mechanical in original condition. more