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Video camera -aus: warehouse liquidation -Color camera Biiyvb7e -Dimensions: Ø 24 x 75 mm -Weight: 120 g
Sorting accuracy, %, not less than: Impurity of input material not more than 10%- 99,9% Capacity, kg /hour, up to: 2,000-4,000 kg/h Viewing width, mm 1,800 mm Sorting type: Slide type Number of ejectors: 600 Number of chutes: 10 Lighting: LED RGB lighting Detection type (defect identification): Sorting by 1) color 2) size 3)shape Number of color ССD cameras: 20 pcs (10 front and 10 rear) Camera: 90 - COMPUTAR® Matrix / Sensor: HD RGB TOSHIBA® CCD camera resolution, pixels: 5400 Control pane...
Camera Cognex In-Sight 5401 / 3 pieces at approx. 400,00€ each Camera Cognex In-Sight 5403 / 1 piece at approx. 400,00€ each Lens Pentax TV Lens 75mm 1:2.8 C7528-M / 2 pieces at approx. 150,00€ each Lens Pentax TV Lens 16mm 1:1.4 C1614-M / 1 each approx. 150,00€ Lens Pentax TV Lens 35mm 1:1.6 C3516-M / 1 piece approx. 150,00€ Camera aperture heliopan ES 52 / 1 piece approx. 50,00€ extension module inputs and outputs Cognex / 3 pieces each approx. 200,00€ Bvqzhygjzj coaxial illumination Polytec S...
Video camera Bebyvugkzh -from: warehouse liquidation -Color camera -Dimensions: Ø 24 x 75 mm -Weight: 100 g
Compact Camera System / Intelligent Compact Vision System Manufacturer: Festo Type: SBOC-M / SBOC-M-R1B-H integrated components: -Compact camera system SBOC-M-R1B-H -zoom lens, focal length 10 ... 40 mm -Stand for camera and lighting -Ethernet diagnostic cable -Crossover patch cable -System light incl. plug 4-folding frame -Replacement lamp, U-halogen lamp -Trigger with button and extension cable Bcsuvws3vh -power supply camera/power supply 220Volt -CD-ROM with configuration package FCT and docu...
Dynamic measuring system from Nikon Krypton Type: K600 Data: Year of construction: 2003 Noise (1σ): 0.01 mm Field of view: 13.1 m³ (distributed over three accuracy zones) Description: K-Scan (Krypton K600) is ideal for digitizing 3D geometries Hand probe (Krypton SpaceProbe) for conventional switching or analog scanning measurements Scope of delivery: 1x Krypton K600 laser scanner 1x Krypton SpaceProbe hand scanner 3x measuring probes 1x license dongle 1x krypton Invoice with selected VAT ...
-Camera-based code readers -Manufacturer: SICK -Type: ICR845-2E1020 -LED incident light illuminations -Manufacturer: CCS -Type: LDL2-74x30RD-M12 -Control box with control - Manufacturer: SICK -Type: CMC 400 -Cameras and controls come from a large conveyor system -Several cameras available -Price: per piece Ql7gr7rww -Weight: 3.5 kg
C/o Bahco cameraset BE210 including 1 rigid-type lens-cable, manual and box & 2 separate lens-cables in 1 box Pc29z
Metzingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18620 km
table length 0 mm table width 0 mm daylight mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t This mobile system is based on two CCD cameras with high resolution, which record the manual probing of an object, and on the basis of the known geometry of the lightpen (a measuring probe equipped with light emitting diodes) 3D nodes are automatically assessed and evaluated. H9jq0x3wm Typical uses are for the geometrical examination of devices, adjustment of pressing and stamping tools, ...
Surveillance camera, video surveillance Lm8nd -Line camera lens optical industry 3 550 450 -Come: from a warehouse liquidation -is sold unchecked with no guarantee -Dimensions box: 80/185/H120 mm -Weight: 1.2 kg
Kern 3500 inserter with a speed of 22.000 env/h envelope sizes: DL,C6/5, C6, C5 Feeder K971 2D Datalogic reading + OMR 4 enclosure stations ZSEG+ZSMS 2 check bins, vertical stacker available imm ex site Germany was under Kern maintenance option cutter merger K990/940 as either/or channel + pinless HSW post box system 50 Hz + 60hz possible K7fsd
Surveillance camera, video surveillance -1x: camera in housing -with: night vision -on: 2x movable axes -1x: camera replacement -Come: from a warehouse liquidation -is sold unchecked with no guarantee -Dimensions box: 600/400/H500 mm Qkprlirrp -Weight: 28 kg
Für weitere technische Daten wenden Sie sich bitte an den Verkäufer. Bsnajo099r
Used from plant dismantling Bupnnjxigi 1 x Sick IVC-3D31111 Smart Camera The machine is electrically tested before sale and receives a DIN VDE 0113 test certificate.
The printer consists of a print head connected to a stainless steel cabinet with a flexible cable. The cabinet contains an ink system and an electronic control system controlled by a panel on the cabinet door. Each printed form consists of a series of dots made of lines or strokes of ink drops. The ink droplets in each section are separated from each other by an electronic deflection, and the movements are distant from the movement of the printing surface under the head. Command, maintenance and...
Please give us your quoted price Fk8awkf Sales only within Europe, incl. Turkey ----- Already dismantled; without packaging; Technical data please see handout in attachment. German text leading language. Without any guaranty and warranty, including completeness of tools & accessories as well as environmental and safety regulations.
Surveillance camera, video surveillance S3qgwx -comes from a warehouse liquidation: and are unused -Number: 2x cameras in weatherproof housing (300 mm) with heating/thermostat, 230 V. -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 395/130/H130 mm -Weight: 3 kg/piece
Here we offer you Lenses/Camera/Lens Set. Manufacturers include : Gtmlgtptm V&C Pictor,computar,Sony,Asahi,Limab,Schneider Kreuznach Condition: Used Scope of supply: (See pictures) Further questions we can answer on the phone for you. Written order possible by email or fax
Dear interested parties, We offer here an industrial camera from Ximea. the camera was purchased for a project and was hardly used. With lens Piezo Drive Tampon 28-300mm F/3.5-6.3. Part Number CB500CG-CM Resolution 47.5 MP 7920 x 6004 Frame rates 26 Fps (10 bit) Sensor model AMS CMOSIS CMV50000 Sensor type CMOS RGB Color Sensor size Bigger than Full frame 35mm Sensor active area 36.4 x 27.6 mm (Diagonal 45mm) S8gmdp Readout method Global shutter Pixel size 4.6 μm Digitization 12 Data interface P...
Kern 3500 inserter with a speed of 22.000 env/h envelope sizes: DL,C6/5, C6, C5 cutter pinfed K940 / K990 with 2x Cognex camera + Barcode Sick from above, 2 enclosures ZSEG+ZSMS for 4 stations 2 check bins, conveyor with VST vertical stacker (vertical stacker seen on pictures only as option) Bjnfxaxa79 available imm ex showroom GE (50Hz) de-installed by Kern Germany option cutter merger pinless K995/945, unwinder HSW post box system, double knife cassette 1/6" or 2/6" 50 Hz
The surface inspection system is used for 100% inspection of foils. It detects, classifies and logs optical defects with a reflected light illumination (top side plus bottom side). - Modular architecture - Optimal illumination technology - Process synchronization Bt0l0uqm - Real time defect analysis - Automatic defect marking / label control - Different defect views Scope: - 2 inspection stations 2 x high speed 80 MHz CCD line scan cameras with 4096 pixels (18.000 scans/sec.) lens adapter, lens,...
The camera has been used very rarely. Producer's warranty until 2023. Main features: > High sensitivity up to 3.0 × 10-18watt / cm2 > Noise interference is small, using all-day blind detector > Accurate superposition and positioning of the whole area of ultraviolet and visible light > Hand-held inspection, easy to complete the inspection > Synchronous focusing of ultraviolet and visible light > SD card online upgrade function > High integration and low power consumption > Professional report ana...
MASIIN SPC-D93 + Painting camera with additional side lighting. Specification: External camera dimensions: Length 8.75m, Width 5.85m, Height 4.3m Internal camera dimensions: Length 8.6m, Width 4.5m, Height 3.5m Entrance door size: Width 3.0m, Height 3.5m Operator door size: Width 0.8m, Height 2.0m Total power of the device: 22kW Be0kxll Noise level: 80dB Voltage: 380V / 3hp / 50hz Wall panels: EPS 75mm Base: 300mm high metal construction. Heating: Rielio Diesel burner RG5Sx1, 4-6 min. heats u...
Vácegres, Hungary Hungary
(dealership location)
17957 km
good (used)
Operating instructions: in Slovakian L9d9x