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Omnidirektionaler barcode scanner X Manufacturer: ACCU-SORT Featured: The Omni-directional barcode scanner product family mini-X are used for the reading of arbitrarily oriented bar codes. This is made possible by an optical arrangement of several arranged crosswise to each other scanning, which is integrated in a compact housing. Bar codes can be identified at a distance of 500 up to 1800 mm. A total of six configurations to satisfy a wide range of read. With the DRX de fragmentierung...
Remscheid, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18553 km
ready for operation (used)
Accu-Sort-Systems 45L Laser Barcode Scanner, serial no. as per photo, used, normal signs of wear, 100% functional, scope of delivery as per photos Nn9gn
The following article is for sale: - Our offer number: 72/112 - barcode scanner, scanner, laser scanner - Manufacturer: Symbol Ev9zx3gj - Type:LS3578-ER20005WR - with USB connection cable - with charging station - Weight 0,8 Kg - 5 pcs. available ( 1 pcs. per auction ) - used - functional - Shipping Germany-wide 7,90€ Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with tail lift) and freight forwarding. You can request all information about your purchase during our business hours fr...
The following article is for sale: - Our offer number: 85/112 - Barcode scanner, scanner, mobile data acquisition device - Manufacturer: Motorola Symbol - Type: LS3578-FZ20005WR - Bluetooth - Weight 0,5 kg - 5 pcs. available ( 1 pcs. per auction ) - used - functional - Shipping Germany-wide 7,90€ Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with tail lift) and freight forwarding. You can request all information about your purchase during our business hours from Mon-Thu from 07:30 ...
The following article is for sale: - Our offer number: 71/112 - barcode scanner, scanner, laser scanner - Manufacturer: Symbol - Type: LS3578-FZ20005WR - with USB - with charging station Eqebtd0t - Weight 1 Kg - 27 pcs. available ( quantity sold per auction 1 pcs.) - used - functional - Shipping Germany-wide 7,90€ Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with tail lift) and freight forwarding. You can request all information about your purchase during our business hours from M...
The following article is for sale: - Our offer number: 56/112 - Barcode scanner, scanner, mobile data acquisition device Gqf37pbju - Manufacturer: Motorola - Type: MC9190-GA0SWAYA6WR - with 1 battery - with Bluetooth - 480 pixels horizontal 640 pixels vertical - CPU Speed 806.00 MHZ - Flash Size 1024 MB - Ram Size 256 MB /1 GB - 28 Key - Weight 750 g - further information and optical condition according to photos - used - functional - 7 pcs. available ( 1 pcs. per auction ) - Shipping Germany-wi...
The following article is for sale: - Our offer number: 84/112 - Barcode scanner, scanner, mobile data acquisition device - Charging station without power supply unit - Manufacturer: Motorola symbol - Type: LS3578-FZ20005WR - Weight 0,7 kg - Sales quantity per auction 1 pc - used - functional - Shipping Germany-wide 7,90€ Shipping on request. We ship daily with DHL, general cargo (with tail lift) and freight forwarding. You can request all information about your purchase during our business hours...
Lasers, barcode scanners, position scanners Bn8qhdhg -Type: CLV620-3300 -Price: per piece -Number: 4x available -Weight: 0.3 kg
Lasers, barcode scanners, position scanners -Manufacturer: RoHS -Type: USB/KBW/RS232 Ihhbjh2 -Number: 1x scanner available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 235/115/H65 mm -Weight: 0.26 kg
Cercon EYE Scanner with CERCON Art 3.3.3 incl. XP computer, screen, keyboard, mouse and with Cercon Move, scanning template, calibration ball and accessories Condition: The device can be started. No error message appears. The buyer of course has the possibility to check the device extensively before picking it up. The article is used! Manufacturer information: The scan module Cercon® eye extends the CAM-supported system Cercon® smart ceramics to a CAD/CAM system. The high-quality measuring...
Reflective light barrier, light barrier, reflection light scanner, reflex scanner Tnhzvkgr -Manufacturer: Wenglor, reflex sensor with background suppression unused OVP -Type: HN55PA3 -Scanning range: 500 mm -Supply voltage: 10 ... 30 V -Number: 4x buttons available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 100/55/H30 mm -Weight: 0.1 kg/piece
As good as new (no 30 operating hours) 3 D measuring scanner from Keyence. Incl PC and license key for comparison module calibration plate etc.. Measurable range up to 700 mm part length Buigkop002 PC: Lenovo ThinkStation P340 30DH - Tower - 1 x Core i9 10900K / 3.7 GHz - RAM 32 GB - SSD 512 GB - TCG Opal Encryption, NVMe - DVD Writer - Quadro P2200 / UHD Graphics 630 - GigE - Win 10 Pro 64-bit - vPro
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18579 km
New machine Year of construction: 2020 Equipment and technical data: Bmw3iyuv98 Scope of functions - Room geometry acquisition through laser measurements - Tachymeter function: Standard measuring points can be replaced by individual Measuring points can be extended - Complex 360° panoramic recording of any room scan - Image and measurement functions for every detail - Complete photo documentation - Display of preliminary panoramas via the HottScan app - Data transfer via USB stick or WiFi with ...
The FreeScan X5 is a portable 3D scanner designed by Shining 3D. 6 months warranty. Mu7a8g The Shining 3D FreeScan X5 is light and portable with a weight of only 0.8 kg. It replaces the FreeScan X3 and offers a higher performance; being faster and more precise. The Shining 3D FreeScan X5 uses a line laser array (10 line laser array, Class II eye safe) and high speed 3D scan technology. This professional portable 3D scanner is suited for uses cases without external positioning system, tripod or ...
FAROBlu HD - Accuracy: ±25 μm (±0.001 in) - Repeatability: 25 μm, 2σ (0.001 in) - Spacer: 115 mm (4.5 in) - Depth of field: 115 mm (4.5 in) - Actual scan width: Near field 80 mm (3.1 in); Far field 150 mm (5.9 in) Dots per line 4,000 dots/line (maximum) - Minimum dot spacing: 20 μm (0.00079 in) - Scan Rate: 600 Hz (Maximum) - Data acquisition rate: Dots per second Up to 1.2 Dan0yzt - Laser: Class 2 - Weight: 485 g (1.1 lb) Warranty Faro until 01/10/21
Schijndel, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
18596 km
ready for operation (used)
Standard equipped Bfjajxdugn
Position scanners, lasers, barcode scanners Qlkfwll02 -10-30 V DC -DS2100 -PG220 -Weight: 2 kg
Leuze BPS 34 S M 100 50038007 Barcode positioning system, as good as new ! , 100 % functional B7kkhzii
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
18794 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition Used This listing is for a Axon GenePix Personal 4100A Microarray scanner Jbqyow7hm
Freiberg am Neckar Germany
18600 km
good condition (used)
Dear interested parties, We offer here a 3D scanner from Photoneo. This was purchased for an experiment, but the project was discarded. Btlg7tbvxa It is suitable for capturing objects that are the size of a football usually from containers of 40 x 60 centimeters. Another use of this device is inspection as well as the creation of of 3D models. With its size and scanning range, it is ideally suited for mounting on a small robot or a collaborative robot. robot. Resolution (3D points): Up to 3.2 mi...
VOLVO FM 380 HP 6*4 Double drive air all round 46000 km new tyres front and rear truck like new Qe8egkg
Schijndel, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
18596 km
ready for operation (used)
Standard equipped 32fvsnfv
Position scanners, lasers, barcode scanners -Type: LS50HR3 -Voltage: 4.75-28 VDC -Price: per piece -Number: 2x available -Weight: 0.7 kg Qlxv0ujqf
Developed for 3D scanning of small objects such as a coin up to large components with a very high level of detail. 3 lasermodes The Prince 3D scanner has a red laser mode with which up to 480,000 measurements / s can be recorded very quickly. The blue laser mode provides highly precise details with an accuracy of up to 0.03mm. With the deep hole lasermode you can better scan holes. Possible applications Precise industrial 3D measurements, quality controls, 3D digitization of archaeological fi...
Achern-Gamshurst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18690 km
good (used)
4-side colour scanner with supply roller conveyor 9.800 EUR Okhaoqeu7
In this offer you buy a used dental scanner "3Shape D850 3D Scanner ". Object of sale: 1x 3Shape D850 3D Scanner with the following equipment: incl. HP Z240 Tower Workstation C7nnlmr incl. monitor ilyama ProLite X2783HSU incl. accessories case incl. dongle, expired. Condition: This offer is a used device, which may have traces of use (minor scratches or yellowing). The device has been tested for function. To use it, the dongle must be recharged by the software man...
Microtec GoldenEye 702 Multisensor Scanner for the quality determination of sawn timber in longitudinal transport Application: cross-cutting Wood species: spruce, pine Bhlkeb9u0c
3D scanner EVATRONIX EVIXSCAN HEAVY DUTY QUADRO was manufactured in 2015 in Poland. The 3D scanner is used to measure the accuracy of made details. The scanner is offered with a rotary table and software for analyzing the accuracy of the workpiece (with a control computer), which is used instead of the CMM and measuring arm. It is a 3D scanner that is widely used. It can be used on production lines, in steel mills, foundries and even underground, etc. The scanner works perfectly with the EVERRIC...
Label printer, barcode printer, printer, logistics labeling system -Labeller Anvos Model PB 101 FlagTag Type: HA101FTS -Barcode printer manufacturer SATO type: CL408e-2A 20owfn -Dimensions: 880/560/H1365 mm -Weight: 104 kg
Schwarzenfeld, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18389 km
good (used)
2 x used QUAD-X LASER BAR CODE SCANNER 2 X used model 6000 ACCU-SORT SYSTEMS Bjehb2xrmd From current production (fully functional)
The Typhoon 9410 is a variable mode imaging device that generates digital images of radioactive, fluorescent or chemiluminescent samples. Automated four-color fluorescence scanning allows the Typhoon 9410 to multiplex multiple targets in the same sample, ensuring accuracy of analysis, increasing throughput and saving time. Zdee8gk2 The Typhoon instrument scans and processes samples in the following order: Place an exposed storage phosphor, fluorescent sample, or chemiluminescent sample on th...
Freiberg am Neckar Germany
18600 km
good (used)
Dear interested parties, We offer here one of several available SICK laser scanners. In total we have 12 pieces in stock. All were until recently still in use and are functional. Br0xqsvy7l We also have light barriers from SICK in stock in different lengths.
Handheld 3D laser scanner with a resolution of 0.02 mm and a speed of 480,000 measurements / s. Used only in the laboratory. Including ScanViewer software and lifetime licenses. Bg2vi882bq
Jyväskylä Finland
16899 km
ready for operation (used)
Mikropuu Oy 2D log scanner with computer and electrics Bptu2v0wa3
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
18341 km
Label printer, barcode printer, printer, logistics labeling system -Manufacturer: BIZERBA -Type: GLI -Housing: made of stainless steel -Dimensions: 880/590/H1385 mm Cvrfafza -Weight: 65 kg
REA ScanCheck 3 Verify your bar codes and be sure of a high first scan rate REA ScanCheck 3 A bar code quality control device The REA ScanCheck 3 is a universal, battery-operated, high-performance barcode verification device which operates in accordance with current standards . The verifications document compliance with quality goals in production and monitoring of barcodes on data storage devices and products of all kinds. Product Details Contactless inspection with a specifically optimized las...
Hitachi Picker LS 2400 Digital Ultrasonic Linear Scanner Hitachi Picker LS 2400 Digital Ultrasonic Linear Scanner Mitsubishi Video Copy processor P67E Bfgo8qnk Further articles - new and used - you will find in our shop! International shipping costs on request!
Microtec GoldenEye 501 / 502 X-ray Multisensor scanner for determining the quality of sawn timber in the inline transport Scope: Capping Type of wood: Spruce, pine Length of the slat: 2000mm - 6000mm The slat width: 45mm - 190mm Thickness of the plate: 18mm - 80mm Wood surface: Rough (circular saw cut, clean surface) Moisture content: 8% - 18% Wood temperature: up to + 40 ° C Maximum feed rate GOLDENEYE: from 80 m / min. up to 150 m / min (depending on the cross section) Bd82u9gkrd Board gap in ...
Manufacturer: wenglor sensoric gmbh Herstellernummer: FIS-0003-0106 Typenbezeichnung: FIS-0003-0106 Condition: Stock Bpgp3xo0il Original price: 850 EUR
1 x Canon iR Advance 6265i included - Duplex Color Scanner G-1 - Staple finisher P1 + punch unit - OCR (Text Searchable) Counter reading: Total approx. 817,427 Features: - 65 DIN A4 pages / minute B/W - Paper formats: DIN A5R - DIN A4 - Grammages: 52 - 220 g/m² - Paper capacity: up to 7,700 sheets Manufacturer information: Dynamics for business Business with less resources and time is a recurring theme in management meetings. This is also what Canon thought about when developing the imageR...
Articolated Arm FARO functional with axis defect Gi92xec Technical data: Measuring range (mm) : Ø 2.700 Volumetric accuracy with probe (mm): ± 0.041 Volumetric accuracy with scanner (mm): ± 0.065
XEROX WorkCentre perfect used XEROX WorkCentre MC, top used, serviced Machine. Pyixu3tf7 We have 400 Machines in different configuration in stock. You can choose! Ask for an offer for your company!
ATALOGIC DS6300 + CBX100 Laser Barcode Scanner System The DS6300 Datalogic scanner offers a complete and modular solution with scalable performance, communication options and easy operation and maintenance. maintenance. A new hardware and software platform combined with an innovative mechanical design gives the scanner unparalleled flexibility. Beluuwcq Product features - Step-a-Head™ functionality - "2-stage" optics - Integrated communication via Ethernet / Devicenet / Profibus > Working dist...
Item type: VistaScan further data on request! Condition: used Scope of delivery: Bpbfo7bo3p 1x Dürr Dental VistaScan + accessories * Invoice including VAT. Customs notice: When shipping to non-EU countries, additional taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties) are incurred in the context of your order, which are not paid by us or billed by us, but by you directly to the responsible person Customs or tax authorities are payable. Please contact these authorities for details. The buyer is exp...
Kern 3500 inserter with a speed of 22.000 env/h K7fsd envelope sizes: DL,C6/5, C6, C5 Feeder K971 barcode reading + OMR 4 enclosure stations ZSEG+ZSMS 2 check bins, vertical stacker available imm ex site Germany was under Kern maintenance option cutter merger K990/940 as either/or channel HSW post box system 50 Hz + 60hz possible
Weilheim Germany
18600 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Based on the Strip light projection and an optimized housing (IP 62) guarantees Heavy duty Quadro precise measurements in harsh environments. For reverse engineering. non-contact inspection and rapid prototyping in many industries. Advantages Two measuring ranges for parts of different sizes, without that recalibration is required Precision certified according to VDI / VDE guidelines Laser counters for easy positioning Carbon fiber carrier Temperature and shock resistance High resistance agains...
Weesp, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
18552 km
The Xerox D95 Copier/Printer is a monochrome production printer with industry-leading speeds of up to 95 pages per minute. This device offers production print, copy, scan, and advanced finishing capabilities that allow you to produce innovative, diverse, and professional output. Use it to expand your offerings to your customers, build your customer base and boost your revenues. Ugpjc9fha
With this handy structured light desktop scanning system Shining-3D EinScan-SE you can create high-quality 360 degree-scans of 3d-objects, which are directly put out in a CNC file. Furthermore, the handling is very simple and quick and also very precise. With the turntable included, you will be able to scan small to medium size objects, and for larger objects, you can perform easily a free scan manually. The scan speed is about 8 seconds to 2 minutes. The white light emitted by the light sourc...